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Deb Lecato

2 years ago

The staff was exceptional professional and caring I had to put my cat down

Tiffany Miller

2 years ago

I've brought my cat, and now our newly adopted dog to Waverly, and they are exceptional!! The vet we saw, Jennifer, was so very caring. She did everything she could to make our rescue dog feel comfortable and safe. Will definitely continue going there for all our pets visits!

Rachel Barker

2 years ago

Waverly Animal Hospital was great! The office staff were very friendly and personable, the vet tech and vet were also very friendly. They were quick, but also answered all my questions and any concerns I had, asked questions about my pet, and were gentle with her the whole time. The pricing is reasonable as well. We will be back!

Brian Steele

2 years ago

Everyone was respectful & caring as we had to deal with a difficult time!! First time there & will make this place our new place for our animals!! Well done everyone!!

Monique Noel

2 years ago

Jeanine is a passive aggressive manager. She wants to be the owner so bad she completly disregards the customers. They cancelled my services w/o explanation stating that a email will follow. I was putting in a new food order for my cat and a first time appt for my new kittens. They cancelled my services KNOWING my cat needs special hypoallergenic food. Cruel!

Stephen Mitchell

2 years ago

If you are not a existing patient at Waverly, don’t even bother. So, I will be 100% honest and say the vet techs and the doctor were great. I felt way better when I left than when I got there. So your probably wondering, well that sounds pretty good, why the 1 star rating. Dr. Stooler told me at least 3 different times that If Bosco is not doing any better than to call them because they would be there all weekend. When we got up he was actually doing a little worse than the day they saw him. You guessed it, I immediately called Waverly so I could get him up there and maybe get him some relief. After a brief wait I was told they were completely booked and go to MSU or Williamston. Take into mind that I live less than 1/2 mile from Waverly. My dog is throwing up and they want me to drive 25. I’m sure he just loved that. I totally understand that Bosco is not the only dog on the planet but don’t tell me I can count on you for help and the say you won’t even see him. We would have waited. We waited 5 hours in Williamston anyway. The worst part is when I left the Friday they were able to see him I complimented all the employees as to how kind and compassionate they all were. I just cannot believe they did that. I obviously spoke a little too soon when we were leaving. Thanks to this business I will definitely be a lot more guarded when dishing out compliments. Seriously guys, just try to go somewhere else. Chances are you are already in the dumps because of your pets situation and the last thing you need is to have to deal with a scenario similar to what I just described. Sorry Waverly employees but unfortunately it’s lookin like y’all might want to find a line of work that better suits your values of having no compassion. Really sad and I hope this post will help!

Terry Fezatte

2 years ago

One of the finest gentleman you'll ever meet

Tiffany English

2 years ago

Staff is very kind and considerate. And so friendly with the pets!

Audrey Cowan

2 years ago

I am not upset about not getting an exact estimate, I do understand that. However, your receptionist seemed very annoyed with me and she hung up on me and I had to call back 2 times to make sure she set my appointment then had an attitude when I asked why she hung up on me. I have been coming to you guys for over 5 years and I feel the professionalism and knowledge from staff has decreased over the past.

Chelsea Vela

2 years ago

Clean and up to date. Seemed to not be comfortable with my pitbull (which seems to be the case for a few other reviews). I expect my vet to have a love of animals like I do and to be compassionate. It's almost like being in pediatrics and not liking kids...it's a little werid. The vet we had was a blonde with glasses. She definitely seemed knowledgeable and knew what she was doing but lacked compassion. Can't decide if I will return or not. My dog is literally my baby and I kinda get offended when my vet doesn't even really say hi or bye to her....couple other things but don't want to completely blow my cover because you guys seem to attack your clients. Again clean up to date office. They know what they are doing..but just don't seem very "in love" with animals. I've heard really good things about the boarding side...but reading these reviews about it on here have me a little scared. Always read reviews. Edit:as the owner of this facility the first sentence of that response should have been I am so sorry you felt that way and how can we fix this? Instead I got a defensive response. I don't need to attach details to validate my feelings. I have been around animals my whole life and I can tell when 2 women are uncomfortable around my dog. This is how I felt and I don't need to say anything more. Please work on your customer service skills. Again, y'all are knowledgeable I am not saying you guys don't know what you are doing. Maybe just do some training on not judging dogs. Sorry that's how I felt. Have a great day.

Joshua McAlpine

2 years ago

This is one of those good places you need when you need them. Otherwise you complain about how much they cost. They really should be five stars. Good service

Maureen Marshall

2 years ago

The ladies at Waverly Animal Hospital were super friendly and caring for my baby Salem. Thank you ladies!!!

Anji Spialek

2 years ago

We've been happy with the vet and boarding here. I do wish they could take a little more time to make my skittish dog comfortable, but I understand that it's a busy place.

Mike Smalley

2 years ago

Very clean and thorough. Nice staff! Clean facilities!

Regina Howard

2 years ago

They were very friendly and informative

william Brockmon

2 years ago

Had my cat spayed and neuter was quoted a high and low. Then after having the operation I was giving a bill over the high quoted amount. In my opinion it's unprofessional to qoute someone a high price then proceed to charger them more then the high end.

Mia Sandler

2 years ago

I've never left a review before but goodness this was the world’s worst customer service. I have been taking my animals here for over 10 years. Over this past decade I've watched it go from a reliable practice that cared about its patients to one that increases prices while reducing their reliability and patient care. They have instated the most ridiculous policy where 'new' patients must pay 100% up front for the exam fee when they book an appointment, according to them it's to reduce no-shows. Unfortunately, it's going to reduce their number of patients. It didn't matter that my cat was peeing blood, what mattered was that he had never gone there before. It didn't matter that they have been treating my other cat for his entire life or that I have reliably shown up for each appointment. The BEST they could do was book 2 weeks out with full payment or to go to MSU emergency.

Julia Tominski

2 years ago

My friend has been taking her cat to this hospital since he was a kitten. We recently moved into an apartment together and she needed to wait to bring her cat for money reasons. The apartment complex needed all his vaccination records before he could move in. My friend called this hospital and was informed that the hospital that she has been taking her cat to for 6 years does not have ANY records of her cat getting vaccinated there. How can you not have any of those records when he has quite literally only been to this hospital? Now my friend has to cough up even more money to bring her cat here, causing more freaking problems. Honestly so unprofessional.

Katie Thompson

2 years ago

Dr. Stuhler is amazing! She did such a great job with my pitbulls today. Octavia usually has anxiety at the vet, but it went so smoothly! Thank you so much!! - Octavia + Kilo

Kris Chessin

2 years ago

Always kind and so helpful!

Kristine Searles

2 years ago

Very friendly staff! Professional and my pup loved them.

Lisa Wallace

2 years ago

Dr Hubbard is an awesome veterinarian. I highly recommend her. She explains things so u are able to understand them.

tamara walker

2 years ago

Today we had to put our precious family pet to sleep. I just need to say that all of the staff was warm, kind and very accommodating. They made us feel comfortable and took great care in how they handled the process. As painful as it was, I couldn't have asked for a smother transition. ????

James Hile

2 years ago

The entire Waverly Veterinary Hospital team has always been Very Knowledgeable, Professional and Completely Caring for both our dogs, Sugar and Spice as well as for us. They are truly "The Best!"

Brandy Oliver

2 years ago

The staff is great with my animals and are very polite and professional. We're very happy with them!

Brenda Marshall

2 years ago

I love them always explains things takes the time to talk to you

Ashley Klemanski

2 years ago

We boarded our dogs here while we were gone for the weekend only because our vet was full. The day we picked them up, they both had constant sneezing, and gunky eyes. Turns out they have kennel cough, and after looking at reviews they are not the only one. The only thing offered was to come in and get them an exam which we would still have to PAY for. We just paid $500 for boarding where they got sick and you want to charge me again for an exam that is needed because of the boarding facilities negligence, I think not.... It is also in their policy that they CAN be vaccinated day of drop off. They WERE notified of one vaccination one of the dogs needed at the time of booking the reservation days before, NOT THE DAY OF LIKE THEY MAKE IT SEEM, that is a very false statement by them. We even confirmed with the office that they had received the vacination forms days before. When they were dropped off, they couldnt find them and we had to wait on them to locate the lost paperwork. These are all faults of the office, not us. Maybe same day vaccinations should not be allowed if you are going to blame the customer over it. Again, we did not get the ONE vaccination ahead of time because they said they would just do it at time of drop off. Very dissapointed that they cant even accept responsibility and point blame anywhere else. We PAY for your servive and TRUST our babies will be safe and taken care of. Not return from vacation to sick pets that were left in their care.

Bruce Meyers

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly. Super clean reception and training area.

Kelly Clark

2 years ago

Tootsie is always happy to visit! Staff really care to make my pets happy and safe - doesn’t matter if it’s for daycare, boarding, or vet visits!

Aaron Merickel

2 years ago

I brought my dog in specifically to establish care and get his long-term maintenance medications refilled. During the appointment-making call, I specifically mentioned that it was for refills for his medications. During the office visit intake, I also mentioned that he needed his medications refilled. I was asked how much medication he had left, and I indicated around a week's worth. When he was down to a few days left, I called the vet's office and asked them to send the prescription to my pharmacy of choice, 1-800-pedmeds. They flatly REFUSED. They trotted out blatantly false claims about the quality of medication received from online pharmacies, and kept trying to steer me to pick up the prescription at their clinic. This occurred at both the receptionist level and the managerial level. I informed them that this behavior was obstructing my dog's care, and that his medication therapy was going to be interrupted because of their refusal to pick up the phone and call the prescription in. They didn't seem to care, AT ALL. The only thing they offered was for me to pick up the prescription at their clinic or send through the mail, which would take DAYS. After their failure to supply a prescription during the visit as requested multiple times, they refused to show the slightest flexibility in their "policy", knowing full well that my dog would suffer as a result. I filed a charge back with my credit card company for the consultation fee, and I will never, EVER take my pet to this clinic again.

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