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Yvonne Alexander

2 years ago

My husband and I recently took in a stray kitten who was having a lot of health issues and we suspected he had tape worms. We brought him in and brought a stool sample, which came back negative for worms. The vet told us that he would likely have to be on medication for the rest of his life due to his gut problems. I figured out on my own that he did in fact have tape worms and I used over the counter medication to treat it- no more gut issues. Also, the staff mentioned that the inside of his ears looked dirty and failed to mention that he had ear mites, which I also came to find out myself. Saved a fortune by doing my own research and brining him elsewhere.

Zoe Webking

2 years ago

Such a positive experience! Dr. Nowlin was extremely kind and helpful. The rest of the staff was also very polite and accommodating.

nancy mabbitt

2 years ago

Very nice kennel. People are friendly. My dog has to adjust to other people taking care of her.

Christopher Johnson

2 years ago

They were great, took wonderful care of my dog when he was recovering from an automotive accident. They really care about the animals they're treating.

Sherry Bond

2 years ago

I love the separate room for cat boarding.

Elizabeth West

2 years ago

They were super friendly. Great service. The office was clean and had a great atmosphere.


2 years ago

The Vet knew my cat was dying but pretended that my cat needed further procedure, and made me get a procedure that cost $600 and told me they need to do it again. I told them that’s a lot of money and then she suggested I get a loan ????. I took my cat to a different vet because he was suffering a lot and lost a lot of weight, the vet questioned why were they even doing these procedures. This is so unethical and I can’t believe what they would do to animals just to get money. My cat ended up being put down, but I feel horrible because he had to suffer for a month because the vet kept on dragging this and making feel guilty that I couldn’t pay another +$600 to get the procedure again. This experience was traumatizing, and I feel disgusted that places like this exists, Vets should be there to help animals not fill their pockets at the expense of animals that can’t talk or fend for themselves. I wish I could give a 0 star. Please save your pet and don’t go here. At first this place seemed really good and attentive and professional, I’ve been going there for check ups for years until my cat got sick then I saw their sick twisted side.

Shane Mills

2 years ago

Amazing care for our Frenchies!!

Robin Songer

2 years ago

Thankful for this place. We were new to the area with company who had a sick dog. We were able to get an urgent appointment. Staff was friendly, professional and thorough resulting in a good outcome.


2 years ago

I'm a new client with a 5 month old puppy. Very clean place. Drs who give you all the time you need. So far, so good with this place.

Charly Henry

2 years ago

Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic & Pet Resort is our go-to place for boarding our dog, Bubbles. Bubbles has stayed over many times and they take great care of him. It is nice that they are a veterinary clinic if he needs any updates on care or there is an emergency while he is boarded. He loves extra walks and smells so fresh after his baths. They are always there to answer your questions. I highly recommend Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic for boarding and care.

Brad Bethea

2 years ago

Great place to go. Buddy already has made friend s with the entire staff. Price right, they call you to ask how your pet is doing after visit

Barbara Kohls

2 years ago

Outstanding as always!!! I've been taking my cats here since 1997.


2 years ago

My first visit. Puppy check up. Because of COVID many vets either retired or took USDA jobs because keeping a clinic open and retaining skilled staff was a challenge. LLR Animal Clinic is great. Took me two weeks to get the appt but worth the wait. I can tell the vet and staff are animal lovers.

Krystal Hladysh

2 years ago

Staff is always friendly and great with my 2 dogs. However, the parking lot is terrible. You have to wait for a spot to open so you can park. That makes you late for your appointment.

Christopher Moore

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and helpful. Explain things to help my pet before and after surgeries. And things just to improve my pets life in general, such as slight changes to food or water. Only 2 things I'm not impressed by is leaving a call back number. Took just over 24 hrs to call me back for an important question I had about my cats medication. But if you do get ahold of someone(which happens 95% of the time) they are very helpful. The other is the price, but my cat seems ok with how well they take care of her.

Kim Klepper

2 years ago

New to this clinic with an older dog. Professional and attentive staff, prices seem comparable to my previous vet (no problems there, just looking for a place closer to my house). Clean, inviting reception area. Very nice!

Anita Lloyd

2 years ago

FYI if you want to kennel your pets here: dogs must have flu vaccines. This shot requires a booster several weeks after the first dose. Both doses must be given before they can be kenneled. I called June 1 to book my dog there starting July 9. They told me if my dog gets routine care at a vet, the only extra requirement they have is a fecal sample test, which only takes a day or two. So I took a fecal sample to our regular vet in late June and they sent over my dog's medical records. Then I get a call saying they were canceling the reservation because the records don't show she had a flu shot, and there wasn't enough time for her to get the shot and booster before July 10. They were nice about it, but it was still a huge hassle. I had never kenneled my dog before, so I had no idea about this. Maybe this info will help someone else who wants to kennel there.

Shelby D

2 years ago

Great experience. The staff was very kind to me and my dog. Will recommend to all my friends and family.


2 years ago

My cat had a real bad case of chin acne and with one appointment, some prescription cream they had in stock, and 10 days of time he’s all better! Couldn’t be happier. They had great deals on kitten vaccines when my SO got her kitten as well

Adam Joy

2 years ago

Very kind and extremely knowledgeable veterinarians! I've been a customer for over 5 years and have only had fantastic experiences. The pet resort is also fantastic, with the same knowledgeable veterinarians onhand if anything goes wrong. In the pandemic they've been doing curbside service, and it's been as fantastic as it used to be before the pandemic. The veterinarian tells you everything they checked and how it all went, via phone. I'd recommend this place for anyone who lives in the area.

Leigh D

2 years ago

The doctors and vet techs have been great. The service from office staff is inconsistent, a best. One example...Our dog started a daily prescription. It was originally called into a pharmacy we chose. The next time this was ready to order, they had it available for pick up at the clinic - which is less convenient because of their hours and the time it takes with curbside pickup and payment. When I asked if it could be called into the pharmacy, the receptionist asked me for the pharmacy number, which I didn't have handy. When I pointed out that this was originally called into the pharmacy; or suggested they Google the number, she said, "We're too busy." She actually refused to get the number on her own and suggested I get it and call them back. I don't think I need to elaborate further as to the absurdity.

Douglas Mason

2 years ago

Awesome staff. Vet answered all of my questions and was very kind.

Terry Tyronce

2 years ago

My daughter loat her cat and they held on to the body untill we could come up with the money to cremate the body they even put it on a little biodegradable ern.

Connie Cabrera

2 years ago

Great,, happy with the serivce

Amy Bauman-Dontje

2 years ago

We could not be happier with Dr. Reiss and the wonderful staff. Our dogs and cats are happy and healthy. The staff have done everything from spay surgery to flea/tick/heartworm and answering simple questions over the phone - everything has been professional and the fees are very reasonable. Dr. Reiss cares about each of our animals, appreciates their personalities, and ensures that each gets excellent care. Thank you!

Adam Boynton

2 years ago

They are always gentle and patient with my very anxious dog.

christopher alward

3 years ago

I called to see if we could get our kitten boarded there while she healed from her spay surgery, got told "we dont do stuff like that", I thought this was an animal clinic and boarding?

A Gunn

3 years ago

I’ve never gone to another clinic but I do like this clinic

Mona Hart

3 years ago

Made my dog get unnecessary testing just to upcharge me. Been going here for a while and only found out after spending over a week requesting that my dogs records be sent to her vet in time for her yearly check and my vet questioning most of the testing they “required”. They required some sort of test almost every time I used their boarding service. Also good luck getting ahold of them most of the time.

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