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Margo Butler

a year ago

My primary vet referred me to VCA after my dog began coughing up blood. VCA got her in right away and completed a series of diagnostic tests throughout the day, including a CT scan. I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonably priced everything was - the entire visit cost less than I’ve been quoted for a CT alone by other vets. The vet called me multiple times throughout the day to give me updates, was very thorough in the information that she shared, and took the time to talk through multiple options. Between the vet, techs, and admin staff, I talked to at least 5 or 6 people throughout the day, and every single one was patient, kind, and helpful. I never felt like I was being a nuisance or that whoever I was speaking to was trying to rush through the call, which is rare for such a large and busy practice. My sweet girl is doing much better than I expected today, and I’m very grateful to finally have actionable information on what’s going on after six months of a mystery illness.

Monique Nguyen

a year ago

At 1am, I called this VCA location to ask if they had space for my dog (which they didn't) but Rachel was amazing. I phoned other emergency places prior whom were also booked but they were rude or insensitive; some even said "Sorry but good luck" without asking what's wrong with my dog. Some places didn't even know what sand impaction was. Rachel said they were full & instead of hanging up, she asked what happened & my dog's symptoms. She was patient, caring, knowledgeable, & eased my nerves. As a dog-owner, it's hard watching my dog sick. So it doesn't help when ER places go straight to worse case scenario with a crazy expense or say zero, unless you come in & pay $200 for answers. Rachel was rational, reasonable, caring, & that's all I'll say. Thank you, Rachel! Happy you're here for animal owners like us. UPDATE: My dog turned out exactly as she said the next day. She's all good now.

Caitlin Pullen

a year ago

Our pup swallowed a scrunchie the night before a holiday (Thanksgiving). We called the Mission Valley/Hotel Circle VCA first because it’s closer to us. We were on hold for 10 min and looked at online reviews in the process (not the best). My husband then found this location and saw that it had better reviews. He called and they answered right away and advised us to come in quickly due to the nature of the incident. I hung up on the other location while still being on hold and off we went. We were seen right away and were in and out in about an hour. We appreciated the promptness and the service needed was successful (they injected him with something that made him throw up the scrunchie). Overall we are pleased with our experience and will return if needed in the future (but hopefully we won’t need to haha).

alexandra field

a year ago

Paisley and I are so grateful. Thank you for squeezing us in when you weren’t accepting new patients. Thank you for being kind on the phone when I first called and was obviously trying not to cry too loud. For listening to me. And taking care of paisley quickly. Really stand up work at this ER vet. What was done. Paisley had a TPLO surgery a week ago. Her bandage out of nowhere started bleeding. All day my regular vet said it was normal. Then right before bed time it started bleeding more. Called VCA immediately, I didn’t know it was this location I was calling. I thought I was calling hotel circle lol. But so glad I called this one they are way nicer. She had me send a photo. Called me back 10 mins later and said I could come in that it didn’t look safe to keep a bloody bandage on. She had a loose staple. They fixed it patched her up. And sent me back a sleepy dog, which is nice. Now I can go to bed faster. Go here! If you are looking up late night ERs this is the place to be.

Spencer Cottam

a year ago

Firstly, administered an ultrasound for $515 that I explicitly asked not to have. Secondly, prices are outrageous, over double the national average (an already inflated average above fair cost because of scammers who... you know: charge more than double everyone else). Thirdly, cost estimates are fraudulent. While the national average for chemotherapy is just over $4K, they estimated $5K - $7K. Halfway through treatment, this got revised to $8.4K, at which point I decided to stop allowing these people to rob me. Common sense dictates that this revised estimate was still a lie, and linearly extrapolated from the midpoint of $6K at the start, the true final cost that they would try to extract, assuming the same degree of deception from start to midpoint, would have been $10.8K, approaching triple the national average. Fourthly, when fielding my concerns with the outrageous pricing and with the refusal to credit a wildly expensive diagnostic test that I suspect might outright be illegal since it was unnecessary and I explicitly asked it not be given, a request for a prescription for pain medications for my dying pet was simply ignored. I am astounded that this business has a 3.9 rating, which isn't low enough to reflect a plurality of people realizing they are being ripped off. I think that's profoundly unfortunate. Buyer beware: but if you do decide to take your chances on these people, compare how much they charge you to the national average. You'll be unpleasantly surprised at the triple figure percent disparity.

Liz Nowell

a year ago

I honestly wish I could give this hospital and staff a 10 star review. Our two rescue dogs have had fairly serious and complicated emergencies and I honestly don't know if any other hospital could have given us the positive outcome that VCA ASG did. Charges are always clearly communicated and any changes...even minor ones less than $50...are communicated immediately and a breakdown of the charges are emailed to you any time there's a change. ER department is amazing. Caring doctors. Vet techs who surpass expectations. Vet assistants who I can tell worked hard to keep our dogs comfortable, clean, and loved during their stay. Surgical department is amazing. Dr. Jackson and his surgical team is pretty much the only one I trust now. Front desk guessed it...amazing. They work efficiently and constantly during busy times to make sure you're never on hold very long and you get the help you need or your question answered. Hell, even the financial department is amazing!! That's not usually a department you enjoy hearing from, LOL, but the two girls who have worked with us have been so nice and transparent about all charges. Dealing with your dog being sick, needing surgeries, and multiple day and night stay in the hospital is tough...but the fact that they were in such a clean, advanced facility and being cared for by the staff at VCA ASG was a huge comfort. We will not take our dogs anywhere else for emergencies, surgeries, and any other complicated health concern. Because we know there's no way any other place could provide the level of care, skillset, and compassion that VCA ASG can. To everyone there...THANK YOU. Keep up the great work. You are seen. You are appreciated!

L Mnop

a year ago

Honest, clean, kind! My Malinois ate a large stuffing-less penguin squeaky toy… ugh! My attempt at swiftly removing it from his mouth failed. Into the belly of the beast it went. I called VCA and they got me in right away. Vomit inducing is worth the small cost vs worrying all night/day and having a blockage… and paying a hefty bill, as well as the potential of loosing your dog! Lucked out on an less busy night for them, but was in and out in less then an hour! Dog came in with a toy in his tummy, left without it! He also showed zero distress when they brought him out after his appt, happy as can be! The nicest staff. Highly recommend them! Thanks so much!

Kimberly Estra

a year ago

On May 3, 2021 I brought my beloved pet to be euthanized. I used VCA in Oct., when another one of my elderly pets needed to be euthanized. The weekend prior (May 1st & 2nd) my pet became ill. Due to covid I was having a hard time finding a vet who would see her. I finally found one who simply medicated her and alleviated her seizures with medication as well. Although my pet was declining I still was not convinced it needed to be done despite making the appointment. Nonetheless, I brought her to the scheduled appt. and was planning on asking the vet a question or two in order to ensure I indeed made the right decision. But, when I arrived they took my pet to the back and said they would wheel her to me in the room. When the Vet entered the room she said,” I went ahead and sedated her because she was getting a little anxious... I hope that’s ok”. 1. She did not have my consent to do so. 2 It was NOT ok. My pet was my baby. No vet has a right to do what they wish without consent. I recently sent them an email letting them know that her actions were wrong. They have not bothered to respond. I will be filing a complaint with the VMB, so that this is on record. Just because you have the power does not mean you get to make decisions for pet owners REGARDLESS of the nature of the appointment.

Katie Mayberry

2 years ago

Truly not enough words or time to explain my gratitude towards VCA Kearney Mesa. My cat, Puma, recently spent 5 nights in their care undergoing 3 extensive surgeries to help his diabetic ketoacidiosis, urethra blockage and stone removal. Dr. Andujal, Dr. Chin, Dr. Gordon, and all helping staff saved his life. They kept my husband and I regularly updated and gave extensive updates with compassion. Yes, it was expensive, I am grateful to be in a financial situation in which this was all possible. However, compassionate options and financial breakdowns were given daily. You may wait at times too, but please be patient, these workers are juggling many dire situations while remaining kind and professional. I waited an hour to pick up Puma but guess what, I saw multiple people running in with clear major emergencies. I think it's important to remind people to lead with kindness, practice compassion, and lean into patience because this profession is being hit hard right now.

Megan Hedger

2 years ago

I do not have enough words to say how thankful I am for the staff at this VCA. Our pup was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had to have his leg amputated, followed by chemo treatments. Dr. Garnett and Dr. Jones were extremely kind, informative, and helpful during the whole entire process of our pup’s care. It wasn’t easy making the decisions we had to, but knowing he was/is in great hands while receiving treatment has brought us some peace about the whole situation. We greatly appreciate how much everyone there spoils and loves on our Tucker. We are so thankful we initially brought him here for his treatment and are still so grateful for the care he receives as we continue his treatment.

Roberta O'Neill

2 years ago

Very friendly and honest staff. In a difficult situation they were calm, understanding, and caring.

Lau ra

2 years ago

Said my pets case didn’t sound like enough of an emergency to treat her, and turned me away, despite being the only car in the parking lot. (Severe lethargy, dehydration, constipation, eye discharge, URI flare up, kidney enzymes 2X as high as they should be, barely eating or drinking). Told me to see my regular doc even though her health was worsening and my regular doc doesn’t have any appointments for another week. Went to urgent care 2 days ago and she’s dealing with multiple issues but because of the holiday weekend, they had to send her home with me. This isn’t a case of the sniffles. Was so angry that I started to cry and now I’m leaving this review.

Jason Smith

2 years ago

So had an appt for several months trying to get a consult for my dog that has a liver shunt. They did not even bother to look at her paperwork until the day of and canceled the morning of our appt as the Dr does not do this type of surgey. They had the imaging they knew what she needed. This is unacceptable my dog is very ill and has been waiting months for a qualified professional. We have already done all the imaging and they couldn't bother to look at her chart for months until the day of. Save your dog and your time don't bother with these people. THEY ARE HORRIBLE

emma megens

2 years ago

My cat was very sick. Called early Saturday morning to say that we were coming. The lady on the phone said we only see animals that are not breathing or are run over by a car. Super rude and unprofessional. Had to drive all the way to La Mesa emergency hospital. Got great care there, they saw him first because he was in critical condition. Sadly he passed away. But apparently he wasn’t sick enough to be seen by the VCA because he was still breathing. As far as my knowledge goes, an animal that is not breathing is dead already. Will never contact that place again!

Brian Imoto

2 years ago

Sadly, it was our boy's time to go to the rainbow????. But this VCA was great, upfront about the expense of our options, and supportive of our decision to humanely let him go. This place was excellent with our cat, as well as my husband and myself. Thank you.

Morgan Nyberg

2 years ago

I had to come here a few years ago on emergency with my dog and Dr. Jackson, Dr. Slusser and their teams were amazing. Everyone from the reception team to the treatment team were outstanding. Returning a few years later the standard of care for the patients and the clients is just once again top of the line. Thank you Dr. Biegan and Natalie for the compassion and caring while working with my dog and I. Thank you agin to the reception team you are all so caring, comforting and helpful. Thank you thank you thank you VCA ASG <3 Colt and his mommy ( fellow VCA team member)

Eduardo Juarez

2 years ago

They are unprofessional, they make diagnosis that they are not sure of, the way they answer the calls from clients . They should take responsibility of the diagnosis they give to the peoples pets .

Heather Petersen

2 years ago

First thing I want to say is thank you so much for actually taking the time and listening to us in a time when no other vet or vet er hospital would. Our cat was extremely sick, i had no idea how hard it would be to get our regular vet, or any ER vet hospital to even see our cat during covid. Not VCA in kearny mesa, they actually listen to all our cats symptoms and said come in immediately, even though they had a 6 hour wait in the parking lot. Even though our cat was far past being saved, they were able to make her passing bearable. The staff was professional and they were compassionate, something we really needed. I just received a handwritten condolence card, so thoughtful. thank you again for being compassionate at a really hard time, it a meant the world to us.

Finn Armacost

2 years ago

INCOMPITENCE AND GREED They diagnosed our puppy with parvo and said he might have distemper but said they couldn't test for distemper because it would take a week or more for the result to come back from the lab. They told us he needed to stay in their ward for the night and possible up to a week and were going to charge $2,300 to 2,800 for ONE NIGHT of supportive care. We couldn't afford that so we opted to take him home. We still went home with a bill over $300. The rescue we adopted our puppy from ended up offering to get him another test and treatment because they were sure the puppy couldn't have parvo as he was vaccinated and had been tested before we adopted him and hadn't come into contact with any unvaccinated dogs. They treated and tested him and found that he DIDNT HAVE PARVO OR DISTEMPER. We also noticed that the paper work this vet gave us said our dog was an entirely different breed and a weight that was far less than what he actually was. We called them to ask what that was about and they first said the test was negative but then when we said they told us it was positive they corrected themselves and said it was positive. Jokes on them because we knew at that point that they were lying. OUR DOG NEVER HAD PARVO OR DISTMEPER but they tried to make us believe he did so they could get thousands of dollars out of us. That or they are so incompetent that they can't perform a simple parvo test. I don't know which is worse but NEVER GO HERE. If I had the time and money to sue them, I would.

Hersh Fukazawa

2 years ago

I love the vets on this place they really take care of my dog and they make sure to give me update.. I will definitely recommend this place they will going to take care of your loving pets

Lynda Reed

2 years ago

VCA Animal Specialty hospital is the most caring quality care for animals in San Diego. During a recent move out our home my dog started behaving very strangely. She was twitching around and not responding to us. We were worried she might have ingested some type of poison like mineral spirits from our garage. We brought her to VCA and Dr. Ann Benco checked her out and assured us that our little baby girl Sasha was fine. I expected to get hit with a bill for hundreds of dollars. Much to my surprise we were told there would be no charge. Superb care! No charge. I would highly recommend this facility to any pet owner.

Marlene Buckley

2 years ago

If you are looking for an excellent, caring, capable oncologist . . . I highly recommend Dr. Garnett. After having a melanoma lump between my dog's rear toes surgically removed, my vet wanted her to see an oncologist. Because of how well my 'kiddo' was treated at VCA Animal Specialty Group during a CT scan for adrenal cancer in February, I decided to take her to see Dr. Garnett. Dr. Garnett is amazing! She took so much time explaining everything and was so kind and helpful. I can't say enough of how wonderful I think she is and how very thankful I am to have chosen her. Last year my other dog saw an incompetent oncologist at a different specialty hospital (to her detriment) so I feel qualified confirming Dr. Garnett is THE BEST! The staff here also need to be commended for how caring and helpful they are too.

Mary Hinthorne

2 years ago

Very impressed, recommended by my regular Vet who couldn’t see. Dr Brown was wonderful & techs super helpful- paw infection procedure went well! Big thanks to VCA Animal Specialty Hospital. ????

Nicole Hinton

2 years ago

We rushed our golden retriever in on Saturday Jan 9. I was a skeptic bc of some of the negative reviews but I’m glad I didn’t let them sway me. My experience was positive, the female vet was detailed and talked me through each step and made me aware of the costs for each test and treatment before performing them. I was impressed with the compassion and care from the front desk staff, the vet techs and the Vet. I’m highly impressed and although I never want to use their services again because I love my pet so much, I will return here for any pet emergency my vet can not handle.

Renel Duvall

2 years ago

The staff here is very kind and caring. The doctors are very detailed and really want the best for the animals. I highly recommend VCA. The specialty clinic rocks! Thank you to all the staff. Clover loves you all too I'm sure.

Shawn Banks

2 years ago

Our 15 year old dog was injured after normal vet hours. Brought her to this hospital and they made a very stress-filled time much easier. They were able to get our pet right in, offered what turned out to be the correct diagnosis, and sent her home with medications. Dr. Julie Brown was caring, compassionate and professional. It was a great experience in a bad situation. I hope we never have to use them again, but if the situation warrants it, we're definitely going back.


2 years ago

My cat suffered from terrible constipation after a long road trip and I was very stressed when I was unable to get an appointment with a vet in San Diego. The staff at VCA took great care of my cat, listen to me and collaborated with me, and fixed her right up. She is doing great now! Thank you so much!

Wayne Grayson

2 years ago

Had a horrific experience with Dr. John Nichols. He was very quick in explaining and unclear. He told us he would report us to the humane society, when we just needed more clarification. The rest of the staff was nice, just not him. A few hours later we went to another clinic where we decided to euthanize per the vet's recommendation our. Dr. Nichols made the situation very difficult.

Zev Dutta

2 years ago

My dog was breathing heavily and I was extremely worried. They were so quick getting my information and seeing my dog. The doctor spoke with me and explained everything clearly and detailed possible causes, treatment etc. I am beyond thankful knowing there is a place in my community which shows such a high level of commitment and compassion. I wouldn't think to go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Nichols and staff, so very much.

Ljiljana Chase

2 years ago

I just can't say enough great things about Dr. Slusser and everyone at VCA Animal Specialty - Kearney Mesa. Dr. Slusser saved my then-16 year old cat Monster from dying from intestinal lymphoma right then, and he has helped Monster live a quality life since then. Dr. Slusser saved Monster two more times again in August, and he and his staff have helped Monster adjust to his new chemo program. Monster is doing so good that he just made it to his 19th birthday month today!!! Monster is my heart and soul and everything good in this world to me. Thank you so much, beyond words Thank you, to Dr. Slusser and his staff for being so good to us both, for giving him a quality life for the past over 3 years, and for being Monster's Guardian Angels. <3

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