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Brenda Graham

5 years ago

We love Paramount Grooming! My two dogs always look and smell fabulous after their time with the ladies. Opie is my rescue dog who doesn’t always do well with people - the ladies take such care with him. He’s full of wags and energy after spending time getting clean. Also the convenience of have the groomers come to you means no longer waiting for hours to pick up your pet. I would highly recommend this service.

Susan Dalton-Akers

5 years ago

The Paramount ladies have ALWAYS done an amazing job with Indy. And the convenience of having them come to the house ... priceless!!

Sarah Lyman

5 years ago

LOVE the ladies and love this service! We will always use them for bathing our two dogs!

Rob Cummings

5 years ago

We love this service because of the level of care our dogs get and the quality of the service provided. The dogs look great, the team is fast, and our dogs aren't stressed out being at a grooming salon for hours.

Patti Olivares

5 years ago

We began using Paramount Mobile Grooming for the convenience. Our first session was with Jessica and her sister. They asked lots of questions about the way we liked our fur babies groomed. We shared plenty of pictures of previous groomings that we particularly liked. Jessica and her sister did an awesome job with our girls and were very professional. We were so happy to have found them and were excited about our future appointments. Well, when they came for the second appointment, we were asked again how we wanted them groomed which we found odd that this information was not recorded in "the books". We said we wanted them groomed as they had been at the previous session. We were also informed that approximately 6 months out of the year they are not mobile and we would have to bring them to Jessica's house on the west side of town. Each time the groomers arrived we were asked how we wanted them groomed. Our babies cuts were inconsistent and when we addressed this with the groomers we were told that they were stressed and that we were the ones being inconsistent about our expectations. After our first few appointments, we no longer saw Jessica (the owner and primary groomer, the one whom we had had all communication with). We were told that Jessica would be on vacation for one appointment, yet we didn't see her for over a year. When we asked where she was we were told she was busy with school and was doing very little grooming due to her schooling. We were disappointed about the fact that this was never communicated to us and would not have been notified about this change had we not inquired. It was like our babies had new groomers again but we continued to use the service due to convenience. Several times our appointment dates and times were changed and when we asked about this we were told that the had a new scheduling program and they were working out the kinks. We were told about another new scheduling program several times. Then recently we were told that they had grown to a size that we were no longer going to be able to choose the day of the week or a specific time but instead be given an appointment block on a day when they would be in our area. We weren't happy about this but told them due to our work schedules we would still need to have our appointments on Saturdays. They seemed to be fine with this and told us even though they could not commit to a time we were in the books for Saturday, October 20th. This last week, we received a message from their scheduling system telling us our appointment block would be on next Friday between 10 and noon. Several times we were verbally given a time and date and when their system would notify us we had a different day and time. And on more than one occasion, we were sent messages by 2 different programs with totally different dates and times and would have to contact Jessica to straighten this out. We contacted Jessica about the day change for our next appointment and she said due to the communication issues we were having they were no longer going to groom our girls. What? Really? How is this our fault that you and your tools have a problem recording good information? We received this less than a week before the girls appointment. We feel we have dealt with a lot and been reasonable clients. We also feel that being a "mobile" grooming service, it is the nature of the business that you would spend gas money to visit your clients when they are available and it is convenient for them not when it is convenient for the business. We payed a premium for this service. I am sorry to say that if this is the way you choose to operate your business, you will lose more clients than just us. We understand you are fairly new to operating a business but we feel that you are making a huge mistake. Hopefully, you will recognize the mistakes you are making before it costs you your entire business. Sincerely, Renea and Patti

Martha Nicholson

5 years ago

Jessica, Anita, and Bailey are fantastic! Beyond being knowledgeable and experienced groomers, they are kind, patient, and overall great people. This coming from the owner of a 140+ lb furball who hates to be touched. They treat Louis with love, patience, and respect, making sure he is comfortable throughout his groom.

Jamie Kavanaugh

5 years ago

Love Paramount. More importantly, my Berner does too!

Heather White

5 years ago

Excellent! Love the care and attention

G Burnette

5 years ago

Donte and Maddie really love you ladies. You do an excellent job waxing and buffing them out and they look and smell very fresh. If you folks out there in Google Land are looking for the perfect Groomer, these ladies are it. Thank you Paramount Mobile Pet Grooming. Other than the affordable prices, when our dogs are brought back into our home, we can't hear them walking across our hardwood floors.

Chris Nicholson

5 years ago

Absolutely amazing job and wonderful staff!!!

Alyssa Woodwyk

5 years ago

Anita and Jessica are great! I can tell they love what they do, and they always do a great job grooming my babies. Having them come to our house is so convenient, and they are always either early or right on time. I can not recommend them enough!


6 years ago

They do an amazing job . My little Luna is still a puppy and they worked with her very well. They know how to be calming for her . This was her first groom ever . I definitely recommend this business they are a good price and come directly to your home and you can watch them the entire time if you want . Definitely call and schedule an appointment

Chrissie R

6 years ago

I love that they come here to the house with the trailer, so convenient for us. The puppies always look great, prices are awesome and best of all, no more sick puppies after coming back from the store groomers (not saying any names, but it's not such a "smart" choice). Thanks again ladies, you rock!!!

jennifer parks

6 years ago

We LOVE Paramount Grooming!! Anita and Bailey do such a wonderful job. I love that they come to our home. As soon as our Cavapoo, Pavel sees coming down the road, he gets so excited. He greats them with love, hugs and kisses. When Pavel is finished, he looks wonderful and seems relaxed. Even though we've only been using them for a couple of years, I feel like we've known them Forever. They are trustworthy and they truly love our fur baby. You can NOT go wrong with this grooming service!!!

Lindsay Cleary

6 years ago

The best dog grooming service hands down! They make our Golden Retriever feel so loved and comfortable during the entire experience. It's so obvious how much they love all of these fur babies. Simply the best!

Lisa Moore

6 years ago

Considering I have a very hairy bff who considers being put in a crate post-grooming to wait for me to be her worst nightmare, Paramount Mobile Pet Grooming is our ideal solution. Plus she comes out feeling like a bunny, smelling like a dream, and looking like Beyonce. The ladies are great with and adore the animals too so you know they're treated well. Try them out if you haven't already! Tucky the Bear Dog condones this message.

Rachel B

6 years ago

Jessica and her crew LOVE what they do and it shows! They are patient and loving with my two pups who could test any ounce of patience you may have. They do an amazing job with the cut and I couldn't be happier and more confident in leaving my fur babies with them. I will never go anywhere else.

Robert Roglic

6 years ago

Unfortunately I did not have the same good experience as most has with Paramount Grooming. When we started out with this grooming Jessica was great and I liked how she had taken care of Dexter but that was short and new people came in and took over the grooming and doesn't understand how to do their job! Dexter came back to me once still with a dirty smelly order. One time he came back completely uncut. Dexter did not like the dryer so coming back wet was never a problem. They crew are nice but when I addressed these issues they always put it off on the dog that he was difficult. I give Dexter a bath in between cuts and I NEVER have had a problem and he has been groomed twice by another groomer and never any problems. In fact they were able to even dry him. Good people bad service!

Susan Carter

6 years ago

The grooming experience has gone significantly downhill since recent ownership change. We were unhappy with the quality of the grooming, but most offended by the tone of the owner when honest feedback was provided.

Brian Stieber

7 years ago

I don't know about you but my life pretty recently has gotten to be very busy. That means that I don't have the time to do some of the things that are necessary when it comes to caring for my girls. Such as getting them to the groomer. Luckily Jessica is here to save the day! She comes right to you with her awesome grooming trailer and takes care of your pets while you can do whatever it is you need to do! It is very obvious that she loves what she does and it reflects upon the job that she does. I love the service, my girls love the service and we couldn't be happier! Great service, great prices, and awesome people that love what they do! What more could you ask for?!

Nydia Roehr

7 years ago

I have used Paramount's home services twice and have been very pleased. Jessica and her sister do a very nice job, and the extra cost to have them come to my house is totally worth it. My only suggestion would be to check with her on rates for grooming done at her house, I just did this last week since she doesn't travel during part of the winter. The charge was $60 for my small daisy dog and $60 for my Bijon ... This to me seemed a bit pricy considering that I did the driving and they were in her care less than two hours. The daisy got a complete shave because she was so badly matted so there wasn't much in the way of styling , and the Bijon got a nice shampoo and trim. Had I known the rates ahead of time I would have taken them to a groomer closer and less expensive, my fault for not asking when I scheduled.

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