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Kori Spencer

a year ago

This is such a cute store. The associates are very friendly and there are items there that are rather unique.

Eric Harris

a year ago

Service here is Amazing. They treat everyone like family. Very knowledgeable. I will not buy pet food from anyone else

Alice Hunt-Lounges

a year ago

We stopped into Barks 5th Ave by accident while we were traveling. Awesome store! Owner and employee were super friendly. Very knowledgeable! We talked about our rescue dogs and got some great joint supplements as well as toys, hats, doggie treats, and more. We even went to the boutique Kalamazoo Kitty Mall and got a great deal from the owner on a fabulous dog bed . A must see! Tom and Alice Lounges

Vallerie Noel

a year ago

After taking my puppy to Barks for over a year I finally realized what a terrible job they done on her last groom was in July when I tried to make an appointment when I picked her up they told me I had to do it through the owner she did call me a week later and I had to return her call when I did she told me I couldn’t get my puppy back in for a groom until next year so I got on Google and found a groomer near me took her in and wow what a difference I was told however my dog is not the best to groom I also discovered that they were not cutting my dogs nails they are way overpriced and the owner is quite rude I am very unhappy with their service as I took my dog to get groomed every other month and paid a good price for a bad chrome beware folks! I also have discovered if the groomer has to have a storefront to sell lots of extras maybe the groom might not be so well my new groomer does not have a store front and only concentrate on doing a good job on the puppy

Maureen Willoughby

a year ago

My dog Scout has been groomed at Barks for years. Brittney is terrific. Scout is perfectly groomed every time. Barks is a gem of a local business. I highly recommend them all the time. I’m not one to write public reviews but in this case when so many people are looking for dog services and products, I felt I should let you know my experiences with Barks. Highly recommend.

Katherine Long

a year ago

The whole custom service was horrible! I was not greeted at all when I came in, no one even cared to ask for my dogs name the entire visit, and staff's tone was very condescending. I wanted nothing more than to pay and leave. I had to get lectured in the middle of the store for 10 minutes on how to raise my puppy! Imagine having a stranger tell you how horrible of a pet owner you are while your dog is politely sitting there in the middle of a store with other people watching. This is all because she was scared of getting her nails trimmed for the first time. It was so frustrating and embarrassing! I understand my puppy is still learning and needs to work on things, but clearly they do not. Also the sly comments about "pandemic puppies" is totally unprofessional. Will not be coming back.

Gwen De Young

2 years ago

A wonderful experience. I have a very nervous pup, she is four and hasn’t really had time around people besides family and a couple of trips to the vet. The two ladies that were at the store were awesome and were super sweet to my nervous pup. Just stopped in to get her nails clipped and it was super easy. Called the night before and asked for a good time and called in the parking lot and she went right in. Would highly suggest taking you pup in here!

Kandy Kane

2 years ago

I’ve had many a good experience here but over the past few years and visits, my impression has changed. The staff are typically helpful and friendly and that’s why I gave two stars. I don’t want them to get dinged. But my interactions (and several I’ve witnessed) with the owner have been less than pleasant. Yes it’s a local store and we are in a pandemic; we are ALL in a pandemic. If I want to shop on Amazon or at Walmart or anywhere else I’m free to do so. I do not need the lecture about shopping local. I shop local often but at times it is not the best option. Sometimes things aren’t available locally. And sometimes I can not afford to pay double or triple the price just to buy local. I was impacted by the pandemic with the rest of the world. It was not just local stores, which she seems to think is the case. The way she speaks to customers in her store is very off putting, often rude. My last visits there may in fact be my last. I do not want to be too detailed because I do not want people to stop shopping there. Maybe she will read this and realize that being rude to people isn’t the way to acquire or keep customers. Also, just a suggestion, make sure you’ve hung up the phone before you start talking negatively about the person on the other end of the line. You just never know when they’ll be nudged over the edge into writing an online review. Again, great and kind staff. The owner could use some classes in treating customers with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Jennie Elizabeth Hendriksen

2 years ago

Nice selection of treats and toys, great staff and fantastic grooming!

Amy Melvin

2 years ago

We have enjoyed this fun neighborhood store for all our pets. Going up to Barks and picking out a something for our cats/dogs was a favorite treat for my kids growing up,

Joyce James

2 years ago

Everything positive Great atmosphere, great advice and assistance

Trina Clark

2 years ago

I used to take my dog here before I moved to Indiana. I just recently moved back so I thought I would try taking her back to Barks. There is a new groomer and when I got home I still had to "trim" her up. And a few weeks later I'm noticing a lot of areas the new groomer missed. guess it's on me I should have called right away. But needless to say I'll be finding a new groomer again

hailey hinds

2 years ago

They were very kind and understanding not to mention my dog looked and smelled amazing.

Ghost Me

2 years ago

Having trouble finding a groomer for your fur babies. Then I recommend you try this place out. You let the groomer know how you like there haircut. When you return you will see they are rocking a new look. Looking younger and how they feel good about themselves. They also have many toys, cards treats; etc. Just a gander.

Elizabeth Martin

2 years ago

Brittany does a wonderful job on our Doodle. He never looks shaved but very nicely trimmed. It is obvious that her passion is dogs. Thank you!

Ahnissah Myles

2 years ago

I really loved going here to get a dog grooming and other treats for my pupper. With that being said, the first time I walked in there, I placed approximately $50+ worth of merchandise on the counter and the lady with honestly not the best attitude asked me if the coat that my dog was wearing was from their store. Which is wasn’t. We walked in with it. When we walked in she didn’t greet us, we had to say hello to her. The interaction was very unpleasant and this experience has stuck with me for two-ish years. I proceeded to go here to get grooming services and regular visits for my dog and every time I walked in for an appointment they could literally NEVER remember my dog who had been a regular every 6 weeks for 2-ish years. This isn’t a chain, it’s local so I found that to be a little off setting. Their grooming services are AMAZING though. My dog always looked and smelled amazing. If customer service isn’t a big deal to you, I recommend this place.


3 years ago

Upon walking into this location I had to force a hello out of the staff. During the forced interaction, the attendant told me they were booked for an entire year. Which was definitely a lie. Simply due to the fact of the staff being on their phone. During the forced exchange, the less than friendly attendant never requested information about my Yorkshire Terrier. She simply jumped to pricing, as if it was out of my price range. I was as Advised to call back in a “few months”. Which was mind boggling after being told they were booked a year out. Needless to say the customer service was less than desirable. Obviously, I wouldn’t allow anyone to touch my pet at this place after this interaction. Two thumbs down.

Carisa Farrer

3 years ago

Our little Chewy has been getting groomed here for over a year now. Brittany listens to what we want and does a great job even when we may switch things up. Chewy gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot and I can’t get him out of the vehicle quick enough. The store has so many things for pups including cute little baked treats and different dog foods and lots of toys!!! Deb is very knowledgeable about dogs and I feel Chewy is very safe being dropped off for him grooming appointments! He is well cared for.

Evergreen MJB

3 years ago

Barks is a great place to go. The staff get to know you and are very knowledgeable. The groomers are awesome. Carmen loves her spa days with Brittany

Jeffrey Skonecki

3 years ago

Decent selection for the size of the shop. If they don't have it they can order it for you.

katelyn osburn

3 years ago

This is the best dog groomers in town.. they do amazing with my dogs everytime.

Martin Schabes

3 years ago

Good variety of supplies and food.

Hermalinda Beeman

3 years ago

I just had my rescue pup groomed at this establishment. They treated her very kindly and she smelled wonderful afterwards! Since she is a rescue she is pretty frightened of everything but they said she did awesome. Would highly recommend this place for your pups.

Tina T.

4 years ago

Brit is so good n kind. I have a needy dog, and she takes extra care to make him comfortable.

Amy Gurske

4 years ago

I called to see if I could get my dog in for a quick bath and they very kindly fit me into their busy schedule! My senior dog is shy and nervous but she loved Tammi! Super friendly and accommodating; above and beyond. We will absolutely be back! =)

Ann Wiszniewski

4 years ago

Deb and Tammi are always so polite and accommodating. Thank you for always going the extra mile! We will be back.

Carrie Sands

4 years ago

Deb is always so accommodating at getting our dogs in. Both our dogs love in here, one is very social and the other has stranger anxiety. They have slowly worked with Al, he is now comfortable going in to the groomer. Thanks so much for helping us expand his circle of trust and taking such good care of our babies !

kenneth kish

4 years ago

We have had our Caviler king charles spaniel groomed here 3 times and never had he been groomed correctly or the same on any of the 3 times he was groomed. Very unhappy and won't return. Not cheap either .

lisa forrest

4 years ago

I just took my long haired cat here for grooming. She had gotten very matted and there was no way I could handle it myself. Deb and Tammy worked on her for an hour, got her all cleaned up, and then got us on a care program to keep it from happening in the future. They were both as kind and helpful as they could be. We will be regulars here from now on.

Molly Billman

4 years ago

This is the cutest little pet store with amazing prices!! Highly recommend!

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