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Catherine Hall

2 years ago

Very loving and caring Dr as well as all of his staff. ,he does a complete check on all of the animal and is very arcuate on his diagnosis.. He is a awesome vet and wouldn't bring my pets any place else


2 years ago

Love this office, they really love what they do and you can tell.

Gordon Reyers

2 years ago

Stay away from this place at all cost!! Dr. Holt did nothing for my newly rescued dog who was here because he swallowed something and was stuck in his intestines... My dog ended up going back to rescue lady in Flint to have emergency surgery performed on him and ended up losing 18 inches of intestines because Dr. Holt refused to help him...Dr. Holt charged me $600.00 for doing absolutely nothing. My dog is doing great today thanks to another veterinarian work. I cringe everytime I drive by this place today. Stay away from this place if you love your animal..

Drew Dygert

2 years ago

Very professional and friendly staff. No long waits for appointments. Would highly recommend.

Jon Fillmore

2 years ago

Dr. Holt has saved more than a few of my animals from death. One of my puppy pitbulls that almost died at Animal Clinic Inc. on 28th St after getting parvo was severely bitten by another animal when she was a pup. They never admitted what happened, so I took her and brought her to Holt who saved her life. I've never been to another vet since.

Karen Moore

2 years ago

Very gentle and caring Reasonable pricing

Jean Crum

2 years ago

Had trip planned and had to leave early to get away from Ida hurricane, they fit my Ranger in to give shot so we could board him while on our trip. So thankful for this.

Adam Wateman

2 years ago

The ladies up front were very helpful and nice. The building was clean and it looked like they were taking care of many animals. The vet is a bit older, but knows hi stuff. I will be coming back with my dog!

Ken Wasco

2 years ago

The team at JAH are both caring and responsive!

Michelle Zimmerman

2 years ago

Great staff. Nice experience when bringing my litter of puppies in for a wellness check and immunizations.

Amy Piatt-Knight

2 years ago

Dr Leon Holt holds the highest regards in animal welfare and truly cares for your pets health and not the dollars spent! HIGHLY Recommended!!!

Courtney Ritsema

2 years ago

They were really good with my dog. Super friendly staff. Was in and out pretty quick. The vet was extremely nice and very patient with all my questions. We are definitely going to be bringing our dogs there again.

David Hume

2 years ago

Pricing is the only good thing about this vet. I have been taking my 2 dogs here for 7 years. Dr. Holt mishandled my first dogs surgery when I brought him in for neutering and a prolapsed eyelid. The neutering went ok but the eye surgery did not look good when I picked him up. He had no cone on his head and when i asked specifically if he should wear one cause he likes to rub his face in carpet he said no, it's not needed. 1 week later his eye is not healing up and I take him back in. Now Dr. Holt is worried and says he needs immediate surgery. 2 anesthesia in 2 weeks is never good for a dog. He and the staff did not check on him after surgery close enough and he went into a heart arrhythmia. He tried to stabilize BUT MY DOG DIED! He did feel bad and gave us $350 or $400 towards a new dog and 1 year of free service including neutering. We were reluctant but heartbroken without a dog and agreed. I have had a very healthy dog for 6 years now and on Friday, June 11th he started throwing up. He was looking like he was getting better by Sunday. He hadn't eaten Friday or Saturday and was starting to take small bites on Sunday and Monday. Monday night he started puking and not eating so I called the vet Tuesday morning and got in at 11. Dr. Holt gave him a quick exam only looking in eyes and mouth, taking his temp and weight. Said he would draw some blood 'if he can' and gave a shot of penicillin and a steroid. He got the blood draw and gave me a script for antibiotic and peptobismo. He the promised me he would call with results the next day. So here it is Wednesday now, my dog is still not eating and I call at 5:30 to see if blood work is in. They are open till 6. It was but Dr. Holt was out for the day. Staff did not offer to get a hold of him. No one was there that can read my results. I also asked to get my files in order because I would be finding another vet. The office girl did not care, just said 'ok'. I was crying when I brought him while trying to go over the events leading up to today. My ShihTzu as many others is my best friend and I was extremely worried. You would think that he would be extra attentive with me but he was not. I will find another vet. I cannot trust Dr. Holt any longer. He is to old and needs to retire. The office leaves little to be desired, I never smell any disinfectant and I know the place is old and a little run down (saves on cost) but at least keep it clean. I would never admit my dog to this hospital. You will be taking a huge chance that they will leave it unattended. Read some of the other low reviews, they lost someones dog!

Hills (Hillary S.)

2 years ago

Nice office staff, quick to respond and very helpful.

Matthew's Garden

2 years ago

Everyone that works there is so kind. Very friendly. Fair prices. Top quality care.

Stephan Mitchell

2 years ago

They did a fantastic job on my dogs ears.

Country Tough

2 years ago

Dr. Holt is a great vet who cares about your pets. My only complaint is my family brought in our 1 year old Male cat because he wasn't walking on his back right leg. The first time the vet cleaned out a bunch of "stuff" from his foot and she prescribed antibiotics. Two weeks later he was still not walking on it, so we brought him back in. This time we had Dr. Holt and there were no notes about what the other vet did. If we hadn't pointed the problem out we would've had to come back. So he admitted him overnight to put him under and get a closer look. He said he would keep the cost down, but it cost $325. Thats ridiculous because the first vet didn't treat it right. A week later and he's still not walking on it! We paid them to fix it and they didn't.

Destiny Pryor

2 years ago

Had my doberman's ears cropped here and they did a great job!

Naomi Price

2 years ago

Love this clinic and the staff!!!

Monique Higbee

3 years ago

Bring all of my pets here. Doctors are friendly. Staff is very kind. Not a super fancy place, just focused on the animals.

Cooper The Gun Dog

3 years ago

I would give 5 stars but only giving 4 due to outdated building, service was phenomenal, and staff was great, very cute ladies working here too ????

Andy Herbst

3 years ago

Amazing service. After calling 6 different bets and they all telling me they are booked up for weeks and can’t make an exception for my 16yr old cat she is having a hard time breathing they told me to bring him right in and take good care of him. They are also better prices than other vets in the area. They are my new vet for all my pets.

Makenzy Dick

3 years ago

I took my cat here to get fixed and it was a great experience. They kept him overnight which was great for my piece of mind. The pick up and drop off times are flexible. They also trimmed his nails! It’s a great value and everybody there is so friendly.

Pen Ra

3 years ago

I have been going to this animal hospital for over 25 years. Since then I have had one cat, that lived for 15 years. Four dogs, one lived 14 years, the other died of cancer at 9 years old and the other two still go, they are both over 10. I adopt my dogs from local shelters and they all love their yearly check ups. I put my trust and faith in these veterinarians along with their staff. They have always been terrific with my life long friends. I would recommend them to anyone that has an animal. My children also bring their pets.

Timothy Hord

3 years ago

Great service at an amazing price. Best place in the area.

Jesse Nichols

3 years ago

Great team here of veterinarians! They took care of my boy and did it with a great amount of respect to the animal (My cat) and me. I was even able to just see him once more before I left the drop off I might have a little separation anxiety. They were very nice about the whole ordeal and made it smooth and made sure he would be great. The cost is of course higher then a discount location like C-Snip, but worth the cost for the tender care the staff puts into their job. This is now my favorite vet, by far, even compared to a discount location. All in all, they have my business and will in the future as well and any time I am in need of a vet; so if it is not apparent enough, I HIGHLY suggest them. Love and compassion is nice in this field.

Kim Little

3 years ago

They take good care of our animals, we have a cat and a dog

Lisa LaVoie

3 years ago

Always impressed with the care my dogs receive here. The staff is amazing and it's affordable.

Liz Tallent

3 years ago

Brought my cat in with what I thought was a uti. Front desk lady was kind and got my kitty in quickly and said they might have to keep her in order to do a urinalysis. The place is outdated and dirty. Dr holt spent 5 mins looking over my cat, said he should probably get a fecal and urine test done I said ok. Next thing I know he prescribed her a medicine withoutdoing any tests, said he'd like to see her in a week. And told me it probably wasn't a UTI and she has manx disease and needs to be put down. Needless to say after I paid them $55 for the exam and medicine I realized she needed to be seen by an actual vet. They found she had a horrible bladder infection and the medicine he gave me was a mild antibiotic used more commonly for deworming then anything. when I called to ask him about this he said the other vet I took her to must be young and inexperienced and probably gave me an inaccurate diagnosis. Because the vet that didn't even give my cat a urinalysis must have better judgement. Be careful if you choose this hospital for your animal. And be prepared to waste your money and have to go somewhere else to have your animal taken care of.

Jennifer VanKampen

3 years ago

Have used this vet for a decade now. They are GREAT with my nervous GSD. Would not go anywhere else. Dr Holt is the best ????

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