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Liz Jean

2 years ago

My dog got a bit more chubby there but he seems to have done well there

Chuck Whetstone

2 years ago

Very affordable Day Care and boarding. Staff is very friendly and professional. Accommodations are clean and do not have a doggie smell.

Kate Sergeant

2 years ago

They are so kind to my dog who is special needs. I always know that he will be well cared for!

Naomi Hall

2 years ago

Amazing animal boarding experience. I had multiple dogs and cats that needed boarding. We had to extend their stay due to unforeseen circumstances. Kryder Kritter Hotel accommodated our sudden change in plans and took fantastic care of our fur babies. Can't recommend them enough!

Omar Rivera

2 years ago

Always takes care of our dog while we travel. My dog leaves happy, and doesn't seem uneasy. Definitely a great spot to leave your pet for the day or overnight.

GREG Siberry

2 years ago

We are doing daycare, right now, getting our dog use to it. We are boarding him there over spring break. The staff seams great and our dog loves going.

Jack Frost

3 years ago

Nice clean and we'll maintained.

Thomas Swizek

3 years ago

The employees take great care of our dog. A wonderful place for your pet!


3 years ago

We did not choose Kryder for our dog's boarding when we had to leave for 11 days. While shopping for a facility, we did go into Kryder to request a tour for us and our dog. Upon entry it wasn't very clean. We were not welcomed. The receptionist seemed annoyed by our request. Our dog was not allowed beyond the reception area. We were told that it would cause a ruckus with the other dogs. So, only one of the two of us were allowed to visit the kennel area. It Stunk!! There were only crates and smaller than needed. The animals seemed stressed. Such an awful place to leave our sweet Max during our first separation. So we went elsewhere. Your response is insulting and filled with excuses.. Our visit was in May of 2019. And yes, we were fully cognizant of our surroundings and fully oriented to time and space. It WAS your facility. And yes, it was fully open. The two staff, one behind the counter and there was a pet piddle on the floor. They were not with anyone else or any animal. Your insinuation that our dog wasn't vaccinated is extremely insulting. Our dog has always been completely vaccinated. He always wears his tags. Your staff would not have known because they never asked. They didn't even greet our dog. They apparently, from what you are saying, are unable to be flexible enough to deal with the unplanned. Although we had called prior to our visit. If your staff can't handle the unexpected, improve their training. If they lack such skills, that is an additional reason to board elsewhere. And by the pet owners, we understand that pets can have"accidents". There is a difference between the temporary smell of an accident and the permeated odor of uncleanliness which was present in the kennel area. The bottom line is that we are incredibly grateful that our dog wasn't in your facility.

natacia rodriguez

3 years ago

Overall horrible experience. Went to them because my other place was closed due to covid. Never again

Cathy Taylor

3 years ago

We left our 4 month old Old English Sheep Dog for his first play date. He was happy when we picked him up, great first experience for Teddy. He’s going back for boarding and we will feel confident leaving him.

Caleb Smith

3 years ago

My bunny was taken there to be cremated yesterday, and can’t help but say I’m not okay with the end result. His ashes could be compared to thick clumps of chalk/ gravel, all in all his remains looks unfinished and rushed. To top it off they put the remains in an oversized zip lock bag, seeing this made me a bit distraught. It hurt me to look at this...

Amber Sallee

3 years ago

The staff is so welcoming and loving with my 2 boys. I feel like I am dropping them off with family! They are excited to go to daycare or to go for boarding! If you need a place to board or want a daycare this is it!

Sheila Crowley

4 years ago

The boys liked the staff, came back healthy, happy.

Joane C

4 years ago

We've only been to two kennels, this being the second, the first being the now closed San Mar Kennel. This was a good experience. They got us in on short notice and I knew they had interacted with him because they talked about our dog's personality traits. He came home healthy and normal. Reasonable rates, too.

Jeff Trzeciak

4 years ago

The service is great! We were in town for a few days and did not want to leave our dog in a camper all day. I called and they had room in the doggy daycare program. Our dog is not good around other dogs and they were able to work with her separately. We know she was well cared for, because every evening she would fall asleep before we did. The entire staff was so nice and friendly and the cost extremely reasonable. Great place!!! We will definitely use the Kryder Kritter services when we are here again.


4 years ago

Took great care of my pups

duane flaig

4 years ago

DO NOT USE! CANNOT COUNT ON THESE PEOPLE! We made a reservation two weeks prior over the phone, we showed up with our dogs and they claimed we never made the reservation AND now they are full They totally screwed us over just before we left town, left scrambling to find someone else last minute.

Chris Sautter

4 years ago

For several years we have taken our two dogs to the Kritter Hotel and they have always done an excellent job taking great care of our dogs while we are away. We ran into problems with several other locations not keeping our two dogs in the same kennel and that created issues for our dogs being separated. Kryder was completely understanding and kept our dogs together at all times. We will continue to exclusively use Kryder Kritter Hotel for our family and recommend that you do the same.

Jeff Durrell

6 years ago

They have taken care of our dogs molly and roxy for several years now. We have never had a problem. The dogs enjoy going there, and I do enjoy the Facebook photos showing them playing out side.

John Motyl Jr

6 years ago

Staff was very accommodating and friendly. This place came recommended by a few of my girlfriend's co-workers, our puppers came out of there as happy as can be. No signs of fleas or spots/soars on the puppers. I am happy with the service and will continue to use it. I am not a robot.

Katie Luther

6 years ago

Our year and half old dog stayed here for 3 days and came home with a severe respiratory infection (form of kennel cough) despite being healthy and having all the correct vaccines. He is currently on antibiotics, steroids and an anti-histamine because of this. The owner of my company also boarded his dog here for a week and is currently on the way to the vet for the same issue. I called and they essentially said it happens quite often and there is nothing they can do. Not a good enough response, if you ask me.

Loader Parts Source

6 years ago

They are a great boarding facility. Our 3 dogs stay there 3-4 times a year, usually 5-7 days at a time. The dogs are always healthy and happy when we pick them up. Our Chihuahua/pug mix, Lola hates everyone but us. They somehow have a special place in her heart, she loves them. They even commented that she gives the best kisses. Thanks for the wonderful service!

Stacy Brunette

6 years ago

I take my black and tan coon hound to Kryder's 3-4 times a week and every time the staff make my dog and I feel welcome. He is always very happy when going into the building and when he leaves. He crashes from exhaustion due to all of the fun he must be having when he is there. I love this place and will continue to take him there. :-)

Ellen Kline

6 years ago

Kitty spent four days at Kryder Kritter Hotel and returned home calm, happy, and well adjusted. She seemed to have a pretty good time. I'm very pleased with Kryder and will be using them again.

Robert Hall

8 years ago

We are leaving our 3 dogs, today at Kryder Kritter. This will be our 3rd experience. We feel completely comfortable leaving them here. The staff is friendly and well informed. The rooms are clean and do not have any foul odors like some other facilites. Our dogs do not hesitate to walk into the door, which speaks volumes.

Sandy Mortenson

9 years ago

I boarded my dog here for the first time during the holidays and it's the first time I've walked away feeling totally O.K. about boarding him. I'm picky because I love my pets. Everything was handled professionally, it was clean and loved all the kritters that apparently have permanent residence there. While my dog is microchipped I also liked that the first thing done was to take a photo of Rowdy for their use and this way they know exactly which dog it is and if in doubt, could easily check. I've boarded other places where there is no option of outdoor time and my dog doesn't want to go on concrete so he has come home miserable and with digestive upset for a few days. He was happy when I picked him up which is also good--happy in general, not just to see me. I will board here again whenever I need to do that with peace of mind. A friend recommended you and it was a good recommendation!

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