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Alison Lutke

2 years ago

They really care for your pet. They take extra steps to ensure your pet is comfortable and calm. Love!

Alyssa McElheny

2 years ago

Just called about my pet ingesting a chemical and the tech on the phone was so kind, quick, calm, and helpful. Thanks!

Catherine Hoven

2 years ago

I have only had wonderful experiences, it's completely devastating when you lose a pet and have to have it put down, in the past 2 years I've had to put two of my elderly pets down and they have handled it with such care, compassion and in a peaceful way for the pet and for me. The staff is amazing and really cared during these difficult times.

Michelle Conklin

2 years ago

Staff was friendly. They don't do any type of surgery or dental so we were referred elsewhere.

Rebecca Johnson

2 years ago

Brought my dog in as critical emergency (according to them). Never once called me with updates and when I called was told they would call me back amd never did. Took them 12 hours to even start my dogs surgery (yes they were paid beforehand). Then used the excuse theyre the only er available. Id be really satisfied if the hometown vets were given back their er positions. Say what you may but 12 hours to start a surgery to repair a dogs esophagus and windpipe is ridiculous and thats only because I was calling complaining. My dog still isn't done nor have they called one time. But was more then helpful to take thousands of dollars from me before touching my dog. Overpriced, poor management skills, lack of communications. Disgusting and shame on you guys

Helen Omlor

2 years ago

Dr never check my dog.teeth thoroughly I lifted up by her nose and the girl looked at her teeth closer Never check her side for lumps or bumps or asked about trimming her toe nails. Paid in the room and.left Gave her treata for fearful dogs she was not fearful pretty laid back actually He checked her ears eyes little bit of teeth gave her distemper shot and that was it

Edin Coralic

2 years ago

Great staff, appointments always on time. Very friendly atmosphere and very convenient location on NE side of GR.

Melissa Maciejewski

2 years ago

My family brought a rescue cat into our home, and wanted to make sure she was treated properly. This place was unhelpful with our attempts to make her healthy again. They completely gave up on her and us. This was completely wrong, and when she got ring worm form their establishment, they did not even want to treat her for it. They are completely disgusting and horrific. Do not take your pet here if you want them to get the best help possible.

Carri Bowerman

2 years ago

Doctor was great with my dog and was able to figure out what was wrong with him for a reasonable cost...

Andrea Krise

2 years ago

Friendly and helpful vet and get techs.

Sarah J.

2 years ago

If you can actually get in to have them see your pet, they are typically wonderful and knowledgable. That is why I’m being kind and giving two stars instead of one. However getting an appointment with them, even if your animal is in deep need of seeing the vet, is near impossible. Our previous pets probably started being patients thirty years. My cat that needed to be seen recently was a patient for over a decade. This isn’t the first time they blew off when my cat needed to be seen. A couple of years ago we tried to make an appointment for him too, and they instead said, “we’re booked, here is a list of other vets that might be able to see him.” So them being impossible to be a vet to their patients isn’t just due to COVID. Well, seeing how my cat passed away today, the cat they couldn’t fit into their busy schedules, that is one less animal to try to get seen. So anyone that actually tries to have them as vets, I wish you the best of luck.

Marc Vernick

3 years ago

Been going to Dr. Faber for years, wonderful friendly service

Michelle Hale

3 years ago

Although I was worried for my poor doggy to be picked up curbside and go by herself they were wonderful and when Dr Tracy called me to discuss it she was very thorough did not make me feel rushed at all and answered every question we have gone there since my dog was a baby and she's 14 love them!

Jon Ginop

3 years ago

Unbelievable. I've been taking my pup here for over 10 years. He has not been eating right for over 2 weeks and now yelps when I pick him up. I explain this to the receptionist and her reply... "Sounds like something that should be taken care of sooner rather than later. Sorry, we're booked out until September so..." This is how they treat their most loyal customers. My advice, go somewhere else.

Joyce Wideman

3 years ago

I went for my first time last week. I met a very patient and caring staff, who were all experts at what they do. Best experience I have ever had at the vet; would recommend highly!!

Kathy Steiner

3 years ago

Very friendly staff and clinicians, they don't try to push what is not needed

Kristie Rozelle

3 years ago

Wonderful staff and kind compassionate service! Great TLC for our dog and her overall health!

Donald Feutz

3 years ago

Awesome. Our GD was bloating, they got him in and tacked up. He's returned home and is slowly recovering. I cannot express my gratitude to every person there, words can't even come close to how I feel about my recent experience with Plainfield Pet Hospital. Oh thank you so very much.

PJ Holser

4 years ago

Dr. Faber and his team including Jasmine do a great job making my puppy comfortable during his first Vet visit.

Andrea Gunnett

4 years ago

They were so patient with my nervous dog

Alyssa Kay

4 years ago

Plainfield pet hospital has been a wonderful vet for our first pup! My family has been using them for years for their dogs and love them. Highly recommend.

Alice Blight

4 years ago

I absolutely loved this place. It's small and slightly misleading by it's appearance. But the staff are beyond friendly and super knowledgeable. I recently moved to the area and have been looking for a new vet for my cat who is the most important person in my life, and I feel very comfortable having them as her veterinarians!

Erin Harris

4 years ago

Absolutely horrible experience each time I’ve given this office a try. They once told me to put my dog to sleep due to slight behavioral issues. A one year old dog for crying out loud. Horrible service and rude staff.

jordan faber

4 years ago

Honest owner and quality work.

Joshua Christensen

4 years ago

Plainfield Pet Hospital is knowledgeable and they're very good at making sure my dog is comfortable during his visits! I would recommend them!

Kerry Muller

4 years ago

Great staff and excellent pet care!

Kris Nylaan

4 years ago

Great Vets and Vet techs. Everyone takes great care of our fur babies.

Linda Crain

4 years ago

All the staff were very nice. I am grateful for the care they gave my cat it saved her life. I would highly recommend this vet office

Lynn Riley

4 years ago

Let me start by saying I have an absolute nervous wreck of a dog, she is a loving girl at home, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. When we go into public areas she is very scared. She crouches, drools, and tries to hide. I switched to Plainfield Pet Hospital and the staff worked great with my scared little girl. She was fed so many treats to make her experience better, she did not even notice that she was getting poked with a needle. They also allowed her to stand on the ground without being held down and they took their time with her, trying to make her more comfortable during her visit, which made our experience even better. Staff is very compassionate and they were able to help me get into contact with a trainer to help make her less fearful when she is away from home. We have been working with the clinic and a trainer now for a little over 6 months and I can finally take her into public and she acts like a normal, happy dog!

Jennifer Chapple

4 years ago

Super great people who love animals!

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