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Liv Conaty

2 years ago

Always great service and care, and I appreciate being able to go in with my cat instead of waiting in the car like a lot of vets make you do now. But I do wish the staff wore masks. I don’t think they ever have since the pandemic started.

Maddie Quinn

2 years ago

My two cats are patients here and I love the work they do. Very fast compared to offices I’ve been to in the past where you have to wait forever to get back to the room. Nearly the minute I sign in they’re there to bring me back. They do what needs to be done and don’t push unnecessary services. Overall a no frill vet clinic that gets the job done.

Troy Lawson

2 years ago

Highly recommend them. Dr Kelley is great.

Jeanne McCandlish

2 years ago

They are taking very good care of our IZZY.

Pat Chapin

2 years ago

Got to meet several perspective new kittens and spend some time with each. Very friendly and pleasant place to visit.

Ron Perrin

2 years ago

Very Friendly staff. We rescued a dog Named DOG. What an assume dog. He is very well mannered. Staff has answered alot of questions we had after the rescue adoption. I highly recommend them.

Brooke johnson

2 years ago

They always answer my questions when I over react about things with my pets and calm me down. When I took my kitten here to get spayed they were amazing.

Andrew Hoekstra

2 years ago

Dr. Sara is great with our dog, really knows her stuff, and is always really nice.

Brian “ShotSki” Miller

2 years ago

Great local vet who is a military vet as well. Great service, extremely friendly and helpful.

L arthur

2 years ago

They are overpriced for such shoddy service..they are so ill informed. The staff acts like they are on says one thing, another says something else. I wouldn't trust my pet alone with any of them. Stay away....

cassidy devos

2 years ago

I am a first time puppy owner and let me tell you every move Our puppy makes I think…was that normal, is she okay? We went to our first vet appointment, and Kelly’s was recommended to me by a friend who’s heard good things. We walked in and the staff was very kind, Dr. Kelly was very informative and put all my nerves to rest. We have a healthy puppy, and gained some knowledge. It was also important to me that she had a positive experience and if she could talk she would say it was a walk in the park! Makes me excited for our next appointment

Shelly Smalligan

2 years ago

I recently adopted a dog, Hammi, through Kelley’s. He was a very sweet dog, but he had extreme separation anxiety and showed signs of aggression with other dogs. After trying to work through this with him with treats, toys, anxiety chews, and prescription medication, he was still struggling being left alone for even twenty minutes. He broke the door off of his crate, even after being medicated. He then attacked my roommate’s dog out of nowhere, causing her to need stitches, and a hefty vet bill. I ended up contacting Kelley’s to bring him back, which was absolutely heartbreaking. Upon returning him, I was told that they informed me about his separation anxiety ahead of time, which they did not, and they indicated that I didn’t try hard enough for him. They said I never tried the prescription meds, even though I definitely did. They withheld the information about his separation anxiety from me, which ultimately set us both up for failure. They also belittled the fact that my roommate’s dog was injured. I asked that they add info about his separation anxiety and needing to be the only animal in the home to his PetFinder ad, so the next owner is prepared and so he can find a home that is a good fit. He was posted on PetFinder that same day, without any of this information added, and with his adoption fee raised by $75. My roommate and I both contacted Kelley’s a second and third time to request that they add this information to his PetFinder ad. They did finally add that he has “some” separation anxiety, which is still not the whole truth. This whole situation was heartbreaking for me and I just hope he is able to find a home that is prepared for him.

Linda Popiel

2 years ago

Kelley's Animal Clinic has admirably served all of our pets for at least 30 years. They have nursed our beautiful and through them, we have adopted three kittens that we absolutely adore.!

Lee Newland

2 years ago

Wonderful place to adopt a dog. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Barbara Rozema

2 years ago

This animal clinic is top notch ! We brought our cat in and Dr.Kelly diagnosed her with liver problems.I was so thankful for Dr.Kelly and his excellent staff. We couldn't have asked for a more caring team.????????

Liz Cramblet

2 years ago

There were a few kind employees, but communication was incredibly poor. They neglected to tell us the kitten we adopted had tested positive for worms. They told us he was 2 pounds, so they vaccinated him and we brought him home. He was still less than a pound and a half. Vaccinated, but not yet the right weight for doing so. When they sent him home with us, he was eating dry adult cat food. At 7 weeks old. I am incredibly thankful for our little boy, but I would not recommend this clinic to anyone.

Nathan Cramblet

2 years ago

We recently adopted a kitten from Kelley's Animal Clinic, and while the adoption fee was quite high, we were assured that it also covered his vaccinations, healthcare, and neutering, once he was old enough. We were told we could bring him home once he was vaccinated, the prerequisite for that being that he weighed 2 pounds. Upon bringing him home, we weighed him ourselves, and he was only 1 pound 9 ounces. Additionally, after a week he failed to gain any weight at all, so we called Kelley's Animal Clinic to see if he'd be dewormed, and they told us at that point that he'd tested positive for worms, and apparently decided it wasn't important to tell us before we brought him home. We'll go back only to have him fixed solely because we already paid for it, but we'll take him to our own vet afterward, as I don't trust this clinic to do the job correctly, or to inform us of any concerns or problems. We don't know which staff member it was, but most of our calls were answered in a very terse and unpleasant manner, and only one of the staff wore a mask during our visits, despite a sign on the door requiring them. Save yourself the frustration go to a different clinic, this one has proven to be unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Vom Platzhirsch

2 years ago

Thank you to Kelleys Animal Clinic. The care we recieve here is excellent and the entire staff is so friendly and caring!

Katelyn Janovsky

2 years ago

I have a large, slightly disobedient dog the staff here are great with him and super friendly.

John Steponski

2 years ago

Friendly staff and very helpful.

Chloe Kleindl

2 years ago

Adopted a kitten, you can tell they really care for the animals. I disagree with declawing cats though, and had to opt out of having that done.

kenneth rossing

3 years ago

We have been bringing our furry friends to dr. Kelly for 20 the staff is great and so is a doctor Kelly I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else

Annie lynn-le

3 years ago

I've took my cat Connie Springer here because she was scratching herself to death, throwing up & just miserable. We seen Dr Sarah. She gave Connie a thorough ckup & found her to be allergic to certain cat foods. She gave her a allergy shot & told me to change her diet to hydrolosized cat food. Upon doing so Connie is now doing way better! Unfortunately she will have to be on allergy meds monthly maybe for the rest of her life but I was so happy to take her to a place that was as caring and concerned about her as Iam. Its hard sometimes to find a good vet with those qualities. The fees for her visit and shot were not bad at all. Actually the visit .here is less expensive than most.I love Dr Sarah shes the best. So if you have need for animal care give her a try you won't be disappointed. Shes a caring loving veterinarian. Ty Dr Sarah for everything ❤ a happy cat and happy pet owner .

Mark Robinson

3 years ago

We've been dealing with Kelley's for many years, highly recommended

Esther Davenport

3 years ago

They are more expensive than other vets - but it's 100% worth it. Dr. Kelley amd the other young woman bet have both been amazing to my two dogs. My 3 year old has pretty bad hip dysplasia. Not only have they helped her woth pain management and advised me on treatment options available, they've helped me find places to get my dogs medication cheaper than wjat they are able to provide, but they've also been emotionally suppirtive to me being tjat my heart breaks seeing my baby girl in so much pain when she is only 3. They really do seem to love amd care for my dogs amd their physical well being, but they also seem to make sure vet visots are not traumatic on my dogs amd don't force anything my dogs feel unconfortable about. They truly want to make sure the experience at the vet is positive both for me and my dogs.

Jack Kooyman

3 years ago

Excellent and friendly service all-around. We have been taking our pets here for many years and have always been very satisfied with the service and treatment they provided.

Jessica Karbon

3 years ago

Great experience! We adopted our kitten there and it was nothing but the best experience! Staff is very informative and knew the exact kitten that would be the best fit for my daughter! Who is now named Blake. :) Would highly recommend this place!

Patricia Meyering

3 years ago

Amazing staff and service, my dog needed to be seen in an emergency and even during covid-19 the emergency hospital wasn't open but Kelley's got my dog in within minutes.

Mary VanWyk

3 years ago

Very nice staff. Very kind and gentle with my fur baby

molly Runyon

3 years ago

Good place regular vet experience. Quick to get appointments. They like animals and direct good care. Waiting room is clean. Moderately Expensive.

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