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Alisha Stevenson

2 years ago

Had a good experience taking my dog in to get a couple teeth extracted. As sad as it was leaving my dog there alone, I felt comfortable doing so. I asked the doctor and nurse a ton of questions without feeling like I was being annoying and felt confident that my dog was left in good hands. They had a dog run and blankets for him while waiting for surgery and a couple ladies loving on him while coming out of anesthesia. I missed a call from the doctor while in surgery but she left a voicemail explaining a small change, exactly what she was going to do, and that it was still within the price she quoted me. Thank you, Dr. Happel and Marissa!

Jenny Klein

2 years ago

We rescued a very anxious cattle dog last July and have been here for care 3 times since. Being first time dog owners we were unsure of how to best care for our new family member. We were treated with compassion, patience and were given great answers to our many questions. Our dog was very anxious her first time there and they did not force anything on her, and our vet gave us meds and instructions on helping her adjust and associate the office with positive things like praise and treats. She does so much better there now. They are upfront on cost on everything before it is done. Vet care is expensive but we know our dog is getting the best care and that is what we want for our family. I would recommend this office to anyone.

pauline Sandoval

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable, personable staff; explain procedures, processes clearly. ♡

Natalia Czarnota

2 years ago

We have been to Eastown Vet Clinic on two occasions now and have been very happy with our experiences. All of the staff members are friendly and more than happy to answer any questions and concerns. We were nervous about taking our newly adopted dog to the vet for the first time, as we did not know what to expect from him or the staff. He had a great experience though and I have to thank the staff for that. They use a very gentle non-aggressive approach and use lots of treats! Dr. Happel seems to be very knowledgeable and is lovely to talk to. All in all we are happy so far with our decision to choose this establishment for our Vet team. My only reason for 4/5 stars is they are a little on the pricey side of things from what Ive seen so far, but Luca is well taken care of and you can't really put a price on that.

Audrey Trevino

2 years ago

What I loved about Eastown veterinary clinic was how at ease they put me. Because I was relaxed Mr. Garcia was relaxed. I say good value, because it really isn't about the money. We all know going to the vet is never cheap. But the service was exception and I can not put a value on that. Everything was clearly explained. I was at no time uncomfortable with saying no, let's pass on that for now, or yes, let's get that done today. Everyone was gentle with Mr. Garcia and I knew were in the presence of people who truly care about animals.

Cazamera Cranmer

2 years ago

They have made scary situations very smooth by comforting both pet and parent thru the whole process. I adore this place!

Sascha Drewlo

2 years ago

The social media management asked me kindly to elaborate on my 1star rating. Here you go I brought my dog in with a single mild ear infection noticeable by slight foul smell. I got talked into getting his ears a cytology (looking on a microscopy slide after a cotton swab of the ear for bacteria and or yeast) I was surprised, but trusted that this would be common and reasonable practice (it is not I have learned after consulting with 3 different veterinarians - who go as well far and beyond in the treatment of animals and love them as well..). If you haven't heard about this before me neither. Its only really used if there is a concern about acute infections and or potential resistance to an antibiotic. None of that was present. The technician tried to take a swab and my dog screamed in pain from the deep insertion to the swab into the ear channel. She said to me that she doesn’t see anything on the second swab and I had to tell her again that only one ear was infected. BTW, I am a trained microbiologist. I asked the Doc why this is needed and would the visual finding change the treatment protocol to either treat against yeast or bacteria. She had no answer, the reality is u cannot distinguish resistance to the antibiotics just by looking at it. So you need to treat broadly against bacteria and yeast using the simplest antibiotics, monitor and change treatment as needed to manage resistance against antibiotics (same in humans). No culture was taken from the ear, just a swab for presence of bacteria and yeast some of which commonly live in the pets ears. I asked to see the microscopic slides and then I was told nothing was seen on them. Yet I had to pay for it which significantly increased the costs of a simple treatment. (btw, I don’t care about the money, charge me what the work reasonably costs, but don’t deploy over the top unreasonable and potentially harmful actions to move prices). I want the best for my pet as anybody else does. I want to trust my vet, that the deployed treatment protocols are reasonable (by that i mean appropriate for the condition to be treated) and fair, and people are not taken advantage off. On the flip side, in this case there is an actual risk driving bacteria deeper into the channel and physically damaging the drums. I shared my concerns and asked if this is necessary, and I felt pressured that this would be the best cause of action. Being unsure if I should have spoken up, I called a variety of vets after and no one of the three uses this approach as standard treatment protocol, which is considered only under special circumstances. For exact the reasons I lined out before. We ended up receiving ear drops and as we arrived home, I noticed that the antibiotic was the one my dog is highly allergic against which was in the chart. I called the vet and requested to get this resolved. I was told the doctor saw this in the chart and decided to prescribe it anyway. I could give my dog the antibiotics anyway if I would be comfortable to do so “it should be fine”. Why would I be comfortable with that solution??? If you are allergic against eating peanuts, would you rub it on your skin? – If I wasn’t comfortable, I could return the medicine and they would the next day post a new prescription in the online portal where I could pay for it again. This medicine was significantly more expensive in the vets portal compared to other retailers and standard shipping was 2-5 days. Btw – the actual treatment for an ear infection is about 35 dollars I paid over 180, had to come back to return the original medicine for refund and so on... Medical/Sick Pet 1Each $ 79.09 – > just to look at your furry friend - you have no choice this is a fixed cost even though it was very clear that his ear was the issue and i specifically asked to look at that - (it takes less than 5 minutes, quick physical exam vet did not double check lumps and their development that were previously noted) Compliance Fee 1 $ 6.77, Cytology 1Each $ 40.13,Ear Cleaning 1Each $ 22.93, Treatment - Tresaderm 7.5ml 1Bottle $ 35.21

Shian Yu

2 years ago

Friendly staff and experienced doctors who explain the recommended procedures and associated costs. Their care comes through and we appreciate it!

Laura Jordan

2 years ago

We are new to this office and while I really like the staff and doctors, they have a significant problem with appt times. In 2 of my 3 visits, I’ve had to wait in a room for over an hour to even see the vet. Maybe it’s normal here, but that’s not normal for us that’s for sure. And, it’s very hot and sticky in the rooms. Possible AC problem maybe. I only really noticed it because of the very long wait times. Sigh

Brenna Piersma

2 years ago

We've taken our dog here for over 2 years and always have a great experience!

Alyssa DeGood

2 years ago

Just visited and had a great experience! Went in for a first visit wellness check and the whole staff was very friendly and professional. Their main goal was to make sure we got what we wanted out of the appointment. It was a little more expensive than what we had expected, but they really did a lot for us and wanted us to be as comfortable as possible! Highly recommend!

Alejandra Brevé

2 years ago

I won't rate on prices. I will just rate on service. Everyone should know that veterinary care is expensive no matter where you go. You should do your research and get insurance or find a place that you trust the team of people caring for your pet. At Eastown they make sure to inform you beforehand of the treatment plan and costs associated with it. My dog is anxious and they were very professional with how they handled him. I'm grateful to have found such a great place to take our sweet pup.

Oscar Zoraldo

2 years ago

I hate the pushy buy this, buy that stuff they do. I could never recommend them.

Jimi Arizola

2 years ago

Profits over pets. That simple. I was so hesitant to leave this review but can see so many others have had similar experiences.

Alicia G

2 years ago

I wish I could give a better rating, or give one based on the actual services provided. However, I sent a message inquiring about an appointment for my cat and was told to fill out and send in new client paperwork for a call back within 48 hours. That was over two weeks ago. I understand everyone is busy, but since I’m in their system (I’m getting the emails), I would think they would have gotten back to me to set up my first appointment by now. I chose to go somewhere else.

Tim Creamer

2 years ago

The lobby is comfortable and inviting. The people are warm and friendly. I feel very comfortable putting the well being of my pup in their very capable hands.

Tricia Boot

2 years ago

I have three cats, two of which are “frequent flyer” seniors with somewhat complex medical issues (one has hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, early kidney disease, arthritis and has had two cancerous tumors successfully removed; the other has kidney disease and has had two surgeries to remove urinary stones—this required a lot of research on the doctors’ part to find the very specific dietary solution). I appreciate that the doctors work with me to manage these conditions while ensuring the focus is ALWAYS on the cats’ quality of life (and not just longevity). They respect our perspective on our cats’ health and offer the appropriate treatment approaches, carefully explaining all of our options so I can make an informed decision. We have worked with every doctor and many of the wonderful techs and front desk staff, particularly in the last year. My cats and I are treated with kindness and respect, and everyone I’ve encountered is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I completely understand that budget/pricing is a concern for some of the reviewers, but in my experience, the level of expertise and results have been well worth it. Care Credit has been VERY helpful in that regard. Highly recommend exploring that option.

Wendy Botts

2 years ago

We have been clients of Eastown Vet since opening its doors. We've always known that Eastown Vet was a bit more costly compared to other vets in the area. The personalized care, warmth of staff and knowing our animals were being well cared for made the extra cost worth it. I was made aware of price hikes before our visit today but didn't expect the sticker shock from today's visit. A wellness visit with the price tag of nearly $600 for bloodwork and vaccinations? We use to pay $400 for wellness visit, additional shots for influenza and lyme disease and a years worth of flea/tick medication. Learning that the nail trim was an additional cost and no longer complimentary for wellness visits (while not some massive charge, it was one of those little touches that made us huge fans of Eastown) but "discounted" to $11 due to a wellness visit was off putting as well. Being told it would be closer to $1k for the same services we use to pay $400 for was unreal. Expecting anyone to pay that kind of money for a wellness check is mind blowing.

mandy campbell

2 years ago

Wonderful vet! My dog doesn't like other dogs and they are always very accommodating.

Mandalyn Rienstra

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog Oaken here for a year now since I first got him. He’s a sweetie but has had so many weird medical problems in his short little life. The staff and doctors at Eastown have been so caring and very helpful in figuring out what has been wrong with my puppy. He’s had a grass seed imbedded in his mouth that traveled through his face, he has had a few stomach problems, routine neutering, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. The team at Eastown have worked with us to manage his pain, perform surgeries on his face to find the grass seed, and made referrals to specialists for treatment of his disease. Their care is a little pricey but I’ve found you get what you pay for and most of it has been reimbursed by our pet insurance company (I would highly recommend pet insurance as well). We love the staff here and they love our little guy. Now we have two dogs and they will both continue to be patients at Eastown Vet.

Josh Wall

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here since they opened with our cats. Their new phone system took over an hour (waiting in the car) for one cat with a standard check up. I don’t want to come back, until they go back to their old system. This was frustrating, there was lots of waiting, no responses. And when I called (‘hi, yes it’s been 20 minutes since the doctor was done with my cat, can I get him please?’) still more waiting, with no update, content, or info. We all have bad days (mine hasn’t been great either) but this left me with a sour taste and frustrated.

Tim R

2 years ago

Until very recently, we lived in and close to Eastown since 1993. A lot has changed but the amazing Eastown community spirit remains. Unfortunately, some of the newer businesses don’t understand what this means. This Vet office is more interested in their money than they are your pet or developing a trusting relationship with you as a customer & neighborhood friend. Highly encourage you to find an alternative for your pet. Find a place that cares about your pet, your family, and your community.

Justin Kyllo

2 years ago

2-star (2020) - About a year ago I had an appointment for my puppy, they were 45 minutes late for. After 15 minutes in the lobby, they stuck me in a room for 30 minutes. No one came to check up or anything. After they did finally come, the vet had an attitude with me and offered no sort of courtesy or appology. I couldn't reschedule because I was leaving the next day for three (3) weeks. I waited this long to review because i thought maybe I would just get over it, but never did. Found a new vet. 4-star (2021) - I had an issue with my dog coughing and throwing up, I couldn't get into the emergency vet on Sunday due to it not being life threatening. I called Eastown the following Monday and they got me in within two (2) hours. They were very upfront about pricing, and did not push me to do anything they simply gave me options to choose from. I will likely come back for routine check ups after going away for a year.

Cait Green

2 years ago

I wanted to revisit this review since I've been going here for about a year now. The staff is always amazing. Easy to work with, understanding, caring, and flexible. They have always put my pet's health as a top priority even when it means changing plans mid appointment. Excellent and knowledgeable staff. All the techs/nurses are kind and happy to help. The vets do an amazing job communicating options and costs. I will keep bringing my pets here!

random Mom

2 years ago

Awesome care. When my dog was only 6 months, he was referred to a vet who specialized in oral surgery. I was told by this vet Riley needed surgery and it would cost me over $2000 I opted to take him to Easttown Veterinary for a second opinion. Thankfully I did as they recommended to wait until he was at least 8 months until all of his teeth were grown in. I decided to wait and I'm glad I did since no surgery was necessary a few months later. Not only did I save thousands of dollars but an unnecessary surgery as well. I've been going there ever since. Riley just had nurturing surgery and it couldn't have gone better! Thanks Easttown for such wonderful care.

Amanda Reed

2 years ago

Very friendly staff over the phone.

Ken Harn

3 years ago

I just brought my cat in and they did a marvelous job the doctor the staff everybody was real nice courteous polite it took good care of Lily today and I am so happy and pleased so now I got to veterinarian to go to I just want to thank you all so much for taking good care of Lily I thought I had to put down my cat but they saved her thank you so much and God bless they're wonderful people

Charlie T

3 years ago

The care was good, but they're really quick to throw every medical test available at you. I'm sure the Vet is trying to do right by the customer and the animal. If they don't offer all available testing/treatment, customers would turn on them quickly in the event that a serious illness were missed. That said, the cat wasn't even in the building yet and I'd already been quoted $500 in bloodwork, chest scans, & redundant immunizations. How about a physical first so you at least have an observation to go off of? My recommendation: give people a few testing/treatment options and clearly explain the risks of opting out. Ask them if cost is a concern. It was time consuming and a bit frustrating to evaluate and whittle off all of the procedures that I deemed unnecessary based on the risks explained to me by the vet. It felt as though my concern for my pet and my ignorance were being leveraged against me. "Agree to pay $500 before entering, and we'll explain why it's necessary later if you even ask." I'm not saying this was truly the case, but if you don't want people to feel this way explain your plan and alternatives before quoting the double-grande pet experience supreme.

Jamie R

3 years ago

Overpriced by far, when compared to other vets in the surrounding area. Also, my dog had to go in once a month for severe allergies, and every time we went, it was like they never read her chart or knew why she was there; and, would suggest pricy options that never healed anything just treated symptoms.

Alison Hester

3 years ago

I thought for a few weeks whether I should write a review because I do not like to put negative energy out into the world, but I think it is important for potential future vet-seekers to be aware of this clinic and their professionalism. I took my puppy here for his last booster shot and to have an exam. That appointment went great and the staff was very welcoming and friendly. I took him for a second appointment a month later and was told by the veterinarian my puppy needed oral surgery because his deciduous (baby teeth) were not falling out naturally and would need to be extracted. My puppy was 5 1/2 months at that time. I felt a sense of urgency communicated by the vet and scheduled, at their suggestion, for the following Wednesday. I took him home and began looking and touching his teeth to realize all the baby teeth that were left were loose. Long story short, his baby teeth continued to fall out naturally and I cancelled the surgery. I feel this was deceptive, greedy and completely appalling that this vet clinic was going to perform unnecessary surgery on a young puppy. His teeth are perfectly fine now and it was a completely premature diagnosis purely based on accumulating money for the clinic. Please search elsewhere for trustworthy pet care.

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