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Rafael Marmol

2 years ago

This emergency hospital the Dr. Veterinarian are good, I was there last Friday, and today 5 days after they text me and ask for my dog, how his doing, they want pictures and everything, love the place and attentions. Thanks!!!

Emily Wallin-Kale

2 years ago

The staff were flexible and about to get schedule my cat for a consult and tumor removal. The consult and exam were thorough, and the surgery was well done. Chester has recovered well. We returned in a week for a suture removal and that went well as well. Friendly and empathetic staff. Very knowledgeable doctors. Thank you for caring for my Chester.

Alyx England

2 years ago

Made an appointment and had to reschedule. They scheduled me for the same time but the actual appointment wasn't for that time and now I have to re-reschedule and my rabbits won't get the care they need. *EDIT* Finally got an appointment and they were really good with my pets and their needs. I was surprised with how clean it was too.

Brian Flippin

2 years ago

Great place to have your pet cared for. Been taking my dogs here for years. Very pleased.

Johnna Hetrick

2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about this vet! They are helpful, kind and caring. They will make sure your pet can receive an appointment as soon as possible and give them the best care. When we had to put our oldest cat down, they not only were compassionate but also send a card & plant to our home. Daniel, who usually answers the phone, is not only an amazing employee but an all around great, respectful and dependable person. Prices are decent as well. Thank you!

Jose Nunez

2 years ago

I trust them with my loves enough said

Kristy Tiller

2 years ago

The front desk lady needs to retire... not being rude in anyway I just can never get answers when I'm put on hold the you drop the calls,no referral for emergency care just never had answers to my questions

Cindy Minnema

2 years ago

First time here,.hard to rate effectively at this point. It was just an okay experience although I feel the vet could listen more to the dogs owner as most owners know their pets best.

Micala Mckeage

2 years ago

Wonderful "pet people" at this Animal Hospital! Expertise, experience and customer care rolled into one.

Sydney Alvarez

2 years ago

All the staff are so kind, and I am very thankful they were able to see my pet as a new patient because no one else could for several weeks. I appreciate that they take the time to explain everything and that they have taken great care of my cat. They even sent an adorable welcome card in the mail :)

Jamie Tickle

2 years ago

Great veterinarian hospital. Everyone was so nice and explained everything in detail. They took such great care of our fur baby ❤ would recommend this hospital to everyone.

Jamie Simons

2 years ago

The staff are so thoughtful and kind. I would highly recommend bringing your animal to the animal hospital of kentwood! I had to put my cat down and just 3 hours afterwards there was flowers being delivered to me and the next day a very nice card. A small kind gesture that really was heartfelt after such a heartbreaking experience.

Cassidy Server

2 years ago

The staff were all knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with. The constant follow ups after surgery, especially, made me feel like they genuinely cared about my pet’s well-being.

Anna Cantu

2 years ago

I will come back to post a review after my pup gets seen on May 13. 4 days from today. However I just wanted to post about my experience with female who answered the phone. I did get set up with an appointment and did her best to try and answer questions. I wasn’t disrespected but she didn’t make me feel welcomed.

Angie McPherson

2 years ago

I have been going to this clinic for approximately 8 years since I adopted my first dog. I continued seeing them with my second dog as well even though we had moved to the NE side of the city. They used to be great. Recently the customer service from this vet has been poor to put it politely. Like most vets, we were not allowed to go in with our animals due to COVID. We were 15 minutes early for an appointment. They took our dog in upon our arrival. After 45 minutes of no communication we called and were told the previous appointment was taking longer than anticipated so we would have to continue to wait. In total the appointment was two hours, and my dog was alone in the clinic for at least an hour. We were given a $10 customer inconvenience credit. During a follow up visit, I was running 13 minutes late. I called them to let them know. Initially I was told this was ok, but 5 minutes later they called back to say they would not see me and I would have to reschedule. At that point I was 7 minutes away, and they still refused. My husband called back a few minutes later to see if he could talk to them. They put him on hold immediately, and he hung up after 10 minutes of waiting. After 8 years, I am dropping this vet. Clearly they have a double standard of how they value their own time over the customers time. The nature of the follow up appointment was to test a potentially cancerous mass. It is highly unacceptable to leave an owner waiting like this. Our pets are our kids, and we need to ensure they are cared for properly. We have already made appointments to start a relationship with a new vet.

nicole raphael

3 years ago

They were fantastic and very courteous and thorough with my Chihuahua The prices for dental were a little steep but I don't really have much to compare them to.

Amy Gross

3 years ago

Super nice and got my ferret in on the same day. ????

alyssa jansma

3 years ago

Great place. No hidden fees. Great care and compassionate veterinary staff.

Kay E

3 years ago

If you care about your pets DO NOT GO HERE!!! They are so unprofessional! Charged me for services that they never did and then acted so surprised about why my dog was missing shots although my receipt showed it but their records did not and all they had to say was it was baffling and strange! Charged me for a poop sample before I ever dropped it off and I won’t be back to even bring it. Also they do not care about what time your appointment is scheduled at, they will leave you in the car outside with your pets for over 35 mins after your scheduled appointment time. One lady can barely hear who answers the phone I had to hang up and call back just to get someone with actual ears. I will never bring my pets here again! They do not care!

Kelsee Brozek

3 years ago

I absolutely love Dr. Emig,she is a fantastic vet and is great with our dogs, especially one of our dogs that we adopted that came from an abused home and needs a little extra patience but the front desk person is SO rude and just plain not that great at the job. Every time I call to make an appointment, it's never easy, to the point that I usually hang up and attempt to make an appointment through their online portal. You ask questions and there is usually a rude interaction or literally dead silence on the other line. It's very frustrating...and it happens almost every time I call. Its to the point where we are considering switching vets, which is unfortunate because we really do love Dr. Emig and its not her fault that the front desk is not crushing it.

Nalini Suganandam-VanDenBosch

3 years ago

The care has been wonderful - very personal. We have heard of other places that offer same services for less that would be my only disclaimer when making a recommendation. But our experience has been great.

Renee Grant

3 years ago

They treat my pets as one as their own their great

Spedrock W

3 years ago

This animal Hospital is amazing! Staff is very friendly. This is definitely where you want to go for care of your pet. I'm so glad I found them! Dr. Saldivia has great compassion for our 18 year old cat.

Veronica Drumm

3 years ago

Never any openings. Won't even see you in an emergency.

Jessica VanderPloeg

4 years ago

Have be going with my pets for years .. Great place and wonderful people

Eric Bogerd

4 years ago

A great office with friendly staff and helpful, knowledgeable vets.

Hayden Miedema

4 years ago

I have started bringing my pet here and I could not recommend them any more! Every vet and vet tech I've worked with here has been friendly and very professional.

Jasper Flikkema

4 years ago

We have a cat who we adopted through the Animal Hospital of Kentwood. She was nurtured through bottle feedings and care by their staff until she was well enough for us to adopt. She has been a wonderful addition to our 12 year old Pug and 9 year old Morkie. All three pets are kept healthy through their monitoring and excellent health care. Very friendly atmosphere by all levels of providers.

Morgan Holyszko

4 years ago

the doctors were great. however, the receptionists dont know anything and are extremely rude. my cat has been coming here since I got her at 4 weeks old, and I came here to get her checked for fleas/to get flea meds applied. and was told she was being too ‘’mean” they didnt even offer for me to come in the room and help ‘tame’ my 6 month old kitten.. so they sent her away without being checked and sent me home with flea meds without giving me any directions. so helpful?! I obviously respect and understand that the staff needs to be kept safe, but bringing an animal in a room with strangers and without their owner is common sense that it might not go so smooth? Im not one to ever complain/have problems.. but this really upset me. not going back.

Steph Fare

4 years ago

I have 2 guinea pigs and one puppy. All have been seen here. Shots ect.... Very friendly. Very clean. Reasonable prices. I would highly recommend.

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