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Kellee Cochran

2 years ago

Awful! Not the same since they forced Dr Davis and his staff out! Go elsewhere

Sam Hubenet

2 years ago

Cancels appointments, does not answer phone, horribly expensive. Just go somewhere else.

Jennel Oubre

2 years ago

I started coming to this Clinic after purchasing my Yorkshire Terroir from Petland in Novi. I was told that my puppy had to be seen by a VCA Vet Clinic and this one was the closest to my home. It took 2 months to get my first appointment, I arrived 9 Minutes late, I was in the parking spot and about to go in when I received a text message telling me that THEISEN had Missed his first appointment and I will need to reschedule. I immediately called to let them know that I was here and I was still told I would have to reschedule. I so he was seen the following week. During 1st visit I was told by one of the Technicians that I should only be feeding puppy (3 months old) once per day and that The brand of food doesn’t really matter. Veterinarian corrected that information when he came in so I just overlooked this. 2nd appointment was yesterday. I walked inside this time just inside the door to let them know that we were there and then went back outside. I was walking around the parking lot with Theisen just outside front door. I waited about 10 minutes before going back to the door to ask if they attempted to call me to let me know they were ready for us and this Technician told me “I waved to you 3 times to let you know to come in”. Well Why not just come to the door to let me know, obviously I didn’t see you wave at us if I didn’t come in. The Veterinarian is very pleasant but the Staff is rude, unprofessional and not very knowledgeable.

Carpe Noctem

2 years ago

There's a female veterinarian who is very nice. However, most of the staff has been rude and incompetent (every visit for over a year now). They don't allow you to come in unless it's something big, but when they call to have us bring pets to the door, they leave you waiting outside for 5 minutes in the pouring rain (with my very scared cat, mind you). Always starting appointments late, even when it's the first one of the day! They've also tricked me, by telling me they were giving me something, then turning around and charging insane amounts for what I thought was just them being nice. They've returned my pets to me covered in some kind of oily substance, which means giving a cat a bath, always awful. Also, the old lady at the front desk is rarely able to answer questions and has messed up my billing many times. Im moving soon, so thankfully I won't have to deal with them for much longer, but I recommend finding a vet that actually cares about both the animal patients, they clearly don't here.

Chelsea Rockwell

2 years ago

Refused to help us with our pregnant dog that we were having issues with

Bailley Jarzemba

2 years ago

Update : I am removing a star and would most certainly no longer recommend these guys. I emailed the email they left me below to discuss my concerns and then never responded to said email. I really like the doctors here, the one my pup had seen is just amazing, which is the only reason for 2 stars. If you’re looking for just a clinic where you don’t need to be seen in any kind of timeline then I would recommend them, such as for vaccines or prevention but if you’re looking for an all around vet I would look elsewhere. I tried to make an appointment for my pet to be seen for a UTI which I understand is not a life or death emergency so thought I may have to wait a few days, maybe even a week, but their next availability for me was 4 weeks out. They simply aren’t able to see sick pets within the time sick pets need to be seen. Was able to get my pup into her other vet next day.

Hassan Hammoud

2 years ago

Something has changed with this place - either new ownership or new management, but it's just not the same. I've been bringing my dogs here for over a decade for all their care and I've always highly recommended VCA. Over the last 2 years or so (nothing to do with COVID) the level of care and customer service has deteriorated substantially. They don't have appointments available when I need to come in and every time I go to refill a prescription, it takes them a week or longer to get the medicine ready. They are also charging a whole lot of money for medications. My dog takes Proin and I pay $46 at VCA. 1800PetMeds has the exact same medicine for $21, with shipping!!!! I understand they need to mark up the costs to account for expenses but that's more than twice as much. And to add insult to injury, they won't validate a prescription for 1800PetMeds - so I have to go to the VCA to pick up a written prescription to send in to 1800PetMeds. When I called to ask why they wouldn't verify the prescription, the receptionist's response was "I don't know" that was it. I asked her if it was possible to put a rush on it and she didn't seem too concerned about helping. Now I'll have to probably wait a week or so to get the written prescription and my dog is going to end up without her medicine for a week or so. Terrible approach to customer service. I'm likely going to find another vet and would recommend the same to anyone reading this.

Gail Adams

3 years ago

Very good always a pleasure visit

Branden Wheeler

3 years ago

Great service and great staff, super friendly staff

Nouhad Nassereddine

3 years ago

I asked for them not to give my dog the lepto shot because it is said to have bad reactions in poodles but they insisted and gave her the shot and now my dog is on oxygen because she had a bad reaction and started having seizures. I still don’t know if she’s okay.

Rachel Pomerico

3 years ago

I needed to take my cat to have an ultrasound of his kidneys and bladder, he had been to his regular vet 3 times already and been on medicine for a urinary tract infection, so my regular vet said ultrasound was the next step to figure out what was wrong with him. I called VCA almost three weeks ago and scheduled an appointment with them for the ultrasound no problem. They even called me a few days ago to confirm my upcoming appointment in 4 days. Then all of a sudden a woman leaves a voicemail on my phone saying the need to cancel my cat’s appointment, giving no reason as to why besides saying “we r not a specialty hospital” . I called the woman back to see why it was being canceled just 4 days before my appointment, and all she kept saying was “we r not a specialty hospital”. I really wish someone would have told me this sooner I could have made an appointment somewhere else and not wasted almost three weeks, now I have to get on a waitlist somewhere else for an ultrasound, meanwhile my poor cat is suffering with urinary issues for three weeks for no reason, all due to this place for wasting our time. EXTREMELY unprofessional.

Diane Munoz

3 years ago

My Little dog poncho half Chihuahua Jack Russell I’ve been taking to him there since he’s been born he’s 11 1/2 years old we love it there they’ve always helped us and whenever we needed them they’re very good. I would recommend they highly. Thank you VCA

William Smith

3 years ago

I couldn't get my dog in and have not had a follow up appointment m

Sue Degiorgio

3 years ago

Samantha very rude on the phone and they do not update their records.definitely gone down hill after dr Davis left.

Steve Valenti

3 years ago

A lots changed since Dr. Davis left. Didnt seem like the same happy place as it once did.

Ron Brunelle

3 years ago

Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable about their jobs and your animals. Doctor's are very good with our dog's

Amber Pennington

3 years ago

Been coming here with all my animals for over 20 years

Bonnie Thomas

3 years ago

They were very helpful in referring me to an emergency vet..

Brian Timpf

3 years ago

Very nice people , seemed to be efficient, friendly, my first experience here

Brittnay Dorsey

3 years ago

Very nice place for your animals. I've been going here for years. Will continue to take my dogs.

David Julian

3 years ago

Caring and professional staff but quite pricy


3 years ago

I will never take my pet there again. I believe their main focus is not quality care.

Nick Sabaitis

3 years ago

Pretty awesome animal hospital with great customer service.

Melissa Allen

3 years ago

We brought home a baby kitten who was born in a barn. We noticed he had booger eyes he wasn't eating and hadn't went potty. He overall wasn't seemi g too feel good. He would cry and cry and wipe his eyes constantly. We usually go to vca Allen park but they couldn't squeeze us in. This is my first experience with vca garden city. They were very nice and able to get us in the same day. After a antibiotic shot and some ointment out sweet baby boy is already feeling better. He ate for the first time and he already is starting too act like a happy healthy kitten. Thank you for taking us fast and helping our sukah feel better.

Martha Porter

3 years ago

Awesome staff-from the moment I walked in with my little guy...they got us in the same day...and were awesome with my puppy...I think I was more nervous than he was...especially when they took him out of the room for a few minutes...he came back as happy as before he left...which is rare for him. Everything is explained, and questions are answered...they understood my financial situation, and helped me out there. Most of all...they treated my little guy with love and compassion...which is what you want for those taking a part in his care. Thank you all...for the wonderful experience.

Mark Glenn

3 years ago

Very friendly and accommodating staff!

Mark Bennett

3 years ago

When I originally posted years ago I gave a 5 star review but I have decided to come back and update it. The current management at this facility has ruined the environment and experience of this location. It used to be a loving location with doctors who bonded with clients and gave a personal touch to the community and animals they truly cared for, now it is entirely sterile and void of personality. When they came in they removed staff and doctors who were amazing at their job, stripped me of a free puppy class that I was offering here, and tore down everything unique about the building in order to make it "uniform". When I took my dog in for the last time the new doctor referred to her as a male multiple times despite her being a female and me correcting him, quickly brushed off questions I had, and then tried to line her up for an immunization she already had until I informed him and he double checked the file. That didn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. As a certified dog trainer I went in twice since the change of staff with clients dogs and while the medical information was legitimate some of their staff was way off on dog body language and behavior. One of the vet techs handled a dog she never met before awkwardly (perhaps she was new?) and when the dog pulled away from her she informed the owner that it was showing aggressive behavior. This is a very dangerous term to just throw around and label a dog as when they did nothing more than pull their head away. No growl, teeth, snap, bite, etc. I believe they really could use some training in that area. I assure whoever is reading this that since the changes I have done everything in my power to steer people away from your business. I average 24 local dogs every week in training and have sent every single one of them to other locations and when I work with current clients of yours I have them transfer to other locations that will give them a more personal and less corporate experience with people who genuinely care.

Jill Megiveron

3 years ago

Very good, great service and great experience!! We love all the people there.. Doctor's are great with our dogs..

Heather E

3 years ago

I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Nath and the staff! When our normal VCA was unable to see Stanley for his breathing troubles till September, they got us into the office in 24hrs. He explained everything in great detail and was so wonderful! We will be switching offices for sure!

Holly Hayes

3 years ago

Little over priced but the staff are awesome

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