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James Xuereb

2 years ago

Idk anything about them tbh. But they really missed a golden opportunity to name their organization Puglife.


2 years ago

Thanks for the work you do!

Paris Laba

2 years ago

Unfortunately, we had to surrender our pug. The folks at pug luv were very understanding and took in our beloved fur baby. Since then they have taken excellent care of him and keep us updated about his status. These guys are great at what they do!

The Dude

2 years ago

Great place to adopt a Pug.

SingtoKids with Jennifer Bailey

2 years ago

This is our second time adopting from the Michigan Pug Rescue. The entire adoption process was easy and we loved having the opportunity to meet the pug beforehand to know that he would be a great fit for our family. We're so grateful to the Michigan Pug Rescue for all they do to help rescue pugs and ensure they are placed with loving families!

Heather L

2 years ago

Michigan Pug Rescue goes into detail to make sure all of their pugs go to the best forever home. They take the time out of their lives to give these pugs the best medical and social care while in their rescue. Because of my own experience with the rescue, I know that they are doing good work to find the right home for the pugs in their care.

Bballboss Madden Maulers

2 years ago

We have fostered and adopted pugs from Michigan Pug Rescue in the past. They take incredible care of the pugs that they rescue, getting extensive surgeries and vet care to help their dogs live long, happy lives. Their adoption procedures are similar to other, legitimate rescues, and are built on experience. Operating a rescue is difficult, but they do a wonderful job balancing the needs of the pugs with the desires of the adoptive families.

Leanne Lawrence

2 years ago

Wonderful service provided to us during our last day with our pug Milo. I wish I had known about them earlier. I will be using their services much earlier for next pug when the time is near.

Ian Scheffler

2 years ago

Great organization, thorough adoption process to ensure each pug finds the best home. I have been lucky enough to rescue two generations of pug from the Michigan Pug Rescue—thank you for what you do!!

Rylie Joachim

3 years ago

Pug Luv has the best intentions for each and every one of their pugs! They take their time with a detailed application process to ensure that their pugs will go to the best fit home and will be well taken care of for the remainder of their lives. Very thankful for the owners that have dedicated 20+ years to rehoming pugs. Highly recommended and I will absolutely adopt again from Pug Luv! Thank you!!

Joe Gammie

3 years ago

Very efficient. Everything done with the Pug in mind. All it took was one phone call. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to surrender their Pug, for any reason...no questions asked.

Dawn Cluchey

3 years ago

We’re adopted 2 pugs from MPR, and both experiences have been very positive. The organization does a great job of making sure that the pugs are placed in the right homes. Thank you for everything you do, and giving pugs the best start in their furever homes!


3 years ago

I submitted an adoption application that was rejected, and I was given no reason why. I adopted a pug from the Central Florida Pug Rescue in 2010 when I was living in Florida. She was 6 years old at the time, and she was my baby. My veterinarian recommended soft palate surgery, stating it would greatly improve her quality of life, so of course, I had it done. She ended up with a growth on her eye, which required another costly surgery, but I never questioned it. She required expensive prescription food due to a history of bladder stones as well as expensive eye drops due to chronic dry eye. I never thought twice about providing the care she needed because, again, she was my baby. She passed suddenly 4 days after Christmas in 2016, from what the vet believed to be a stroke. She was 12 years old. It has taken me 4 years to feel ready to give that love to another pug. I have owned pugs, I know the care they require and am prepared to give that and all the love in the world. I think it is crazy that anyone would see all of this and decide that I am not fit to own a pug. This is heartbreaking and maddening to me, and the fact that I was not given a reason or an explanation is very unprofessional. I have donated to the organization, and I will no longer be doing so. I do not feel that this organization has the best interest of the animals in mind, and that is very upsetting. Please support your local humane society, as I have volunteered at mine and know first hand that the staff there actually care about the animals, unlike this organization. Also to anyone having to surrender an animal, please take it somewhere else. Highly disappointing. EDIT: in response to the “owner’s response” I have adopted a pug from another organization, so I have no reason to change my answers with another organizaion. You indicating that my home would be harmful to an animal is laughable. There is nothing on there to indicate that an animal would be in danger in my home. There was a question about rehoming on the application, and I did indicate that ONLY if an animal was aggressive toward my children, and we had exhausted every option, then I would have no option but to consider it. I was applying to adopt a pug, not a pit bull, so I didn’t really see it being an issue, but I still answered honestly. Again, this would only be considered after every attempt to correct the behavior was made, and I indicated that. The only other option would be to keep the animal away from the child/family and isolated, and I don’t think that is fair to the animal either. I think I have found the real reason you reject people and give no reason: money. Your response about donating validates that you are a completely unprofessional organization. Why did you even take the time to look that up? How would your response have changed if you had found that I frequently donate? Do you only adopt to people who frequently donate? This is concerning and supports posts that I have seen from others.

Kelly Kerner

3 years ago

Very rude staff & the website is not user friendly. I feel bad for the poor pups there. Reading these comments it seems like all others have the same experience. The owners do not know how to interact with the public and go out of their way to shame others. Update: Expected nothing less than the rude response I received. Continue to prove my point :) The owner is “unable to read” emails because I asked questions regarding sending in an application and they answered none of them. Please send your pugs elsewhere if you need the extra support. No one is going to be willing to work with them. They 100% lack empathy and social skills.

Heidi Keller

3 years ago

We adopted our pug in 2009, he has been a valued member of our family for the past 12 years. The process was exhaustive which made me feel they really care about what they do and making sure the pug is a good fit for the home. Many of these dogs have been passed around (at a tender 9 months old, our pug had been born with a breeder, sold, surrendered and fostered by the time he came to us) and they do their very best to ensure the new home will be their forever home. During our home visit, we had a couple of items identified that would be a possible danger to the dog, so we gladly fixed them and thanked them for the information. It didn’t exclude us from adoption and it Turns out they were right, the dog seemed to be magnetized to those areas and “pug proofing” them saved us all a lot of unnecessary expenses and suffering. Turns out the professionals know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about... For all of these disappointed people leaving terrible reviews, I want to tell the owners of MPR that the amount of love and joy through our adoption you have provided us should more than compensate for the abuse you’re enduring here. I would and have recommended Michigan Pug Rescue to everyone who cares more about finding a good home for these animals than their own selfish needs being fulfilled. And as sad as I am that people surrender their animals I am so glad they do it to you guys. Thank you isn’t enough for how much I appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work

Elizabeth Scala

3 years ago

Just read the rant against the persom who had to rent. I can't understand why you think it us easy to find rental housing with a dog. Unrealistic. Also to be so sensitive to the criticism of a grieving dog owner is cruel.

Debbie Thanks for video-very informative

3 years ago

I’m sick of people like this lady who act like their doing the rescue groups a BIG “favor” when they dump their animals on them. If you go out of your way to adopt an animal, the least you can do is make a big effort to find it a new home! We always give our animals a forever home-they’re family! I’m sure she could have found an apt that allows dogs but too much effort I guess. I used to rescue cats & was always amazed that the people who wanted to “dump” their animals (or strays) on me NEVER offered 1 red cent towards the vet bill & other expenses that I would incur. Yep, they acted like I should be “honored“ to take these animals on. Even though I wouldn’t have taken the money, it would have been heartwarming to receive an offer! I do it for the innocent & helpless animals-not for the people. You purchased your pug & deprived it of a good home & now want to get rid of it! Unbelievable! People who rescue animals are angels! MOST people who want to get rid of their pets are NOT! I also like the saying “Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die!”

Anita Jensen

3 years ago

LOVE this organization! I have 3 rescue pugs who LIVE their Pug Eggs!!

Stacy Oliver

3 years ago

I only visited the website but they seem very kind

A Dubs UK

3 years ago

We are still planning on it. Things are kind of hectic at the moment. We have a bunch of dog bowls to donate.

Jaclyn Douglas

4 years ago

Super unprofessional customer service. Whoever answered the phone “Hello?” Instead of greeting you by the companies name, their name, and “how can I help you” ... so anyways, being thrown off completely I said “hey how are you?!” Hoping that my attitude would change her dryness, she replied “I’m fine, what can I help you with” ... didn’t even say “I’m great and you? What can I do for you?” that was my first Red Flag. #2 I asked if they had any small animals or puppies for adoption , in a super DRY voice she replied “No, but you can go online to the website and look, ok? Bye” and hangs up. Didn’t even give me a chance to ask about shots, fees, or anything.... just hung up on me. So no, I’m not even going to give that website traffic! Lol I will not be visiting. And I would never recommend anyone to this place bc of the unprofessionalism from get go. I’ve been on the phone with many adoption agencies all day. And none of them were as rude as this woman. Take your business elsewhere! If you are spending money, you deserve respect and nothing less. So sorry, hate to break it to you all. But this company is NOT the one to go with lol. Keep searching ❤️ And if you scroll down you will see jeff had the same complaint. So it’s true ????????‍♀️. And look at her response back to him ????????‍♀️. I run a business and even accommodate celebrities, so if any client of mine has questions, yes they can call me during my opening hours and ask, whether it’s in the website or not. This rude lady needs to answer questions appropriately regardless if it’s on the site especially if we are willing to give her business. ????????‍♀️

Hope McDermott

4 years ago

These comments are correct. I called to relinquish my Puggle due to we were moving out of state and into an apartment that did not allow dogs. I wanted to find him a good home and not have to take him to the Humane society. These decisions to give up your family pet are not easy. I would have thought they would be compassionate and understanding. Insted the man on the phone was very cold and rude. Said Hello 3 times then said what do you want. Crying I said I need to relinquish my dog. He said we have no fosters right now and hung up on me. If you have no fosters maybe you should put that on your website. If your tired of dealing with dogs and people maybe you should retire. After that brief conversation I would not trust my dog with these people. If they are not nice and friendly imagine how your pet will be treated.

Al Dumas

4 years ago

Don't think much of these people, 1st, they dont answer ?s, 2nd, they had an event at medilodge on Apr 4th n never showed up nor notified anybody if it was on or not, very unprofessional

Khai Le

6 years ago

I've been following Michigan Pug Rescue for quite some time now and they are great at what they do. We hope to rescue a pug from them someday when the timing is right!

Jeff Knight

7 years ago

Called to ask a question and the employee was very rude and would only tell me to go to the website. Thanks for nothing.

Henry Pinkney

7 years ago

We adopted a wonderful pug from Michigan Pug Rescue over 7 years ago and have been to various functions since then. They are a dedicated, wonderful group of people who have brought much joy into the lucky people who have adopted pugs from them. They are very careful to evaluate each placement to insure success. Can't say enough good things about everyone connected with the organization.

Beth Delaire

7 years ago

I appreciate that Michigan Pug Rescue does a thourough review of vet records and a home visit to ensure that their pugs go to great homes. When you adopt a pug from them the dog is up to date on all shots, spayed/neutered, teeth cleaned and microchiped. Also, any medical issues are resolved before the pug is available for adoption. This is a rescue that genuinely loves the dogs and wants the best for them.

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