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Rachel Dobson

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff with a focus on cats only. I have been very happy with Carousel Cat clinic's servicing, you can see how much the vet enjoys talking with you about your pets and is very thorough in her examinations.

Alan Demir

2 years ago

They specialize in cats so we have been bringing our princess jere for more than 5 years now.

Kelsey G.

2 years ago

Love! Highly Recommend. Dr Houghton. Thank You For All You Do!

Phyllis Adelsberg

2 years ago

not taking new patients. Please post something online so people know before they call.

Heidi Smith

2 years ago

We had an emergency visit for a stray kitten, that was in the worse state imaginable....the veterinarian, was fantastic. She took him in and treated him, like he was her own....with her expert care and compassion, he lived.....SHE IS THE GREATEST VETERINARIAN I HAVE EVER MET....EXCELLENT!!!!!

Danielle Reilly

2 years ago

Love coming here! They answered all of my questions in great detail. Super sweet and caring when examining my cat. Would highly recommend!!!

brian maxwell

2 years ago

My cat got a big growth and they helped remove it. Very informative and the aftercare was fantastic. Caring and professional clinic.

Mike Grinter

3 years ago

Very accommodating. Knowledgeable and friendly staff who are very professional. Also located in a convenient area.

Margaret Peraino

3 years ago

Cats only, my vet for a long time....

Ka'Trenna Jones

3 years ago

A great place to take your adorable loving pet for treatment or check-ups. They always take care of our cat Lynxie Cseke. She was seen a couple days ago for a kidney infection & Carousel Cat Clinic always has the perfect remedy to get Lynxie back to her playful self.

Elizabeth Fatur

3 years ago

The vet, once she arrived was very competent. However I had to wait with my nervous Kitty 35 minutes past my appointment time while we could hear kittens being treated in the back and loudly protesting which only made my cat more anxious. My recommendation to anybody coming here is to call from the parking lot and arrange for them to come and get you when they're truly ready. This was a busy place and with Covid-19 it felt a little disconcerting the amount of people allowed in the lobby. Like I said the vet was very competent gave me a solid second opinion and good advice on how to travel with my kitty.

Brian Maxwell

3 years ago

Warm environment and carrying staff

Brad Horton

4 years ago

I've been taking my cat Bella to Carousel Cat Clinic for about 7 years, ever since I adopted her. Service has always been friendly and helpful, and care for the cats is top-notch. Dr. Houghton is extremely knowledgeable and caring for the cats, and her staff is very friendly, especially Meredith. Dr. Houghton performed surgery on my Bella shortly after I got her and she did wonderfully. Overall I would highly recommend this vet for your kitty cat.

Cat Mandu

4 years ago

Dr. Houghton is wonderful and treats my cat's disease, FELINE HYPERESTHESIA SYNDROME, as well as another occasional bladder disorder that's also rare. She's ever concerned with teeth and plaque. Always checking for bits she scales off! Most would charge you for this, mind you. Never having any worries or concerns I highly recommend this cat clinic for your little one.

Judy Ann Kohl

4 years ago

The very best clinic to take your cat. Dr. Houghton really understands cats and gives them the best care.

Kimberly Taube

4 years ago

We've been going to Carousel Cat Clinic for 10 years. Dr. Houghton is very personable and truly loves cats. There are several that roam around the clinic as well. I appreciate a vet that specializes in cats. I don't have to worry about stressing out my cat going to a vet where there may be not cat friendly animals with us in the waiting room as well.

Mary Holt

4 years ago

Love all the office kitties

Renea Cislo

4 years ago

Excellent Dr! Truly cares from the heart. Have gone here for many years and I wouldn't change for anyplace else.

Robert McCormick

4 years ago

Had an appointment there to have a very sick, elderly cat euthanized. The assistant took the animal from me and then returned with a contract for a $450 pet burial service. When I declined it, the assistant started literally screaming at me "you have to sign this or she can't do the procedure" When I asked on what basis I "had" to pay $450 for disposal of the animal. The assistant just yelled again "You have to sign this" and shook the papers in my face. When I said this is a disgusting attempt to take advantage of an emotionally trying situation and I need the cat back so I can take the animal to another vet who will perform the service without this attempt at highway robbery the assistant left the room in a huff. The vet then came in and tried to pretend that this was all just some sort of misunderstanding and assured me that she "doesn't make a penny on these pet burial contracts. It is just a service we offer". ( if you believe that, please contact me about some excellent investment opportunities that I would like to tell you about) She did perform the euthanasia quite competently and the cat is now buried in my back yard next to my late dog. This all occurred when there were no other customers in the clinic. I assume they wouldn't behave so terribly in front of witnesses. But I will never go near such a totally unethical professional again.

shelly mathieu

4 years ago

This vet is the best. Helped me with my Puck kitty's diabetes shots for as long as we could. And my other kitties things for the last 10 years. She is the best cat vet around.

Kate Avery

5 years ago

Carousel Cat Clinic has caring staff and provides quality care. My cats feel very comfortable there, and that's something that's never happened before. I highly recommend them!

Derek Paquette

5 years ago

Extremely nice and considerate staff!! Highly recommended!

Gene Kumeisha

5 years ago

Best cat clinic in the metro area. They love and cherish cats. 5+ rating ...

Jason Putnam

5 years ago

This is by far my favorite cat veterinary clinic. Nice staff, well trained vet, always helpful, and professional.

Jason R

5 years ago

Dr. Houghton is the best when it comes to caring and going the extra mile for cats. One of our fur babies had lost a lot of weight and our previous vet said he was just skinny. When we brought him to Dr. Houghton, she took the time to figure out what was wrong, through listening to us, running various blood work, and analyzing the results. She found out what was wrong with him, determined the correct course of action, and now he is doing great. We are so glad we found her and will never have our cats see anyone else.

Paul Czarnecki

5 years ago

Took great care of our new addition. Very welcoming atmosphere!

Mackintosh “Tosh” Beltane

5 years ago

So far I'm loving this place. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and dealt with my scaredy-kitten in a gentle and quick manner. They've got a little area for the cats who live there to chill, and most of those cats are quite friendly as well. They get you in and out pretty quickly too.

Lisa Bartolone

5 years ago

Took good care of my hellion of a cat!

Johnny H

5 years ago

I have three cats, and after deciding that I am no longer happy with my current vet, I decided to try our Carousel after reading many positive reviews, and also because they only treat cats. It was my first visit with them, however so far I am very happy with their service and feel confident with bringing my other cats there in the future. My patient cat is a total lover and sweetheart at home, but turns into angry and mean kitty at the vet. From our first interaction with the tech I could see a difference in my cats behavior. Yes she was making growling type and other unhappy noises, but she remained calm and let the tech take her weight and other things without issue. When the vet came in to examine her, she actually listened to my explanation of what was going on and addressed my concerns. She was very good with my cat, and again I noticed that she was acting completely different and much more calm than usual. In fact when I attempted to pick her up from the floor to bring her to the table for medicine, she actually ran away from me and went to the DR. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the fact that there are not any dogs or smells there other than cats, or just the demeanor of the staff but my cat responded much better and without issue with the entire process. Something else that was pretty foriegn to me, and very satisfying is that at no point during the visit did anyone attempt to upsell any expensive tests or procedures while using an owners emotions as a sales tactic. The reason I left my previous vet is because they would constantly suggest the worst case scenario and use your emotional connection to your pet as a sales aide. When I took same cat for same problem to my old vet, they basically ignored my original complaint and reason for the visit and instead recommended hundreds of dollars worth of tests while attempting to instill fear into the owner by suggesting possible other health issues with the cat. I understand that these vet clinics are businesses, but the business and profit side should not come before what is right for the customer or patient. Long story short, I am very happy with Carousel Cat Clinic, and even after my first visit I would definitely recommend them to other cat owners. My other two cats will be visiting them soon also.

Wendy Johnson

7 years ago

I love this vet! She takes very good care of my fur-babies!

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