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2 years ago

I called just devistated that the time had come to say goodbye to my dog of nearly 17 years. It was a very painful and difficult decision to make the call that day but I knew I needed to let go and accept that it was his time and that none of my efforts were going to help him. They were kind and understanding and were able to offer us an appointment time that day. I couldn't bring myself to take him to that appointment but my husband met the staff and said they were great. We are newer to this area, but if we decide to get another pet in the future, I'd definitely go back for routine care. Thank you again for your kindness during a really hard time. My Charlie will be missed greatly.

Rachel Mickelson

2 years ago

Very personable, very knowledgeable, and you don't have to go in for every little scratch.

daniel emery

2 years ago

High pressure sales dominated my actual concern of injury

Darnell Knopps

2 years ago

Everyone here is so pet friendly AND people friendly!!!

Nadia Hajdaj

2 years ago

Thank you!!! You have given Sadie and I peace!!

Travis Skora

2 years ago

Dr. Jill and her staff are fantastic. Our dog isn't skittish but is definitely shy. Dr. Jill isn't shy about sitting on the ground, asking us what's going on and making our dog feel comfortable . They now exactly how to help out and diagnose symptoms correctly and make sure that we feel good about the entire experience. Prices are always fair for our fur child and we continue to go back. Thank you for all you and the team do for us.

Nancy Listenberger

2 years ago

Most caring Vets and Techs. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Diana Soltwedel

2 years ago

We love Noahs! They show us such kindness and just adore our big farm dog. Easy and friendly service!

Jessica Payne

2 years ago

This is an amazing place to care for your beloved family pets with an excellent staff! Their pricing is among the most reasonable in the Michiana area. They do not try to convince you to get unnecessary treatments &/or medications for your aging fur babies, that would not actually make the quality of life and time that they do have left with the family any better. They also follow Covid-19 precautions to keep everyone safe. Just cannot reccomend enough!

Mary Camp

2 years ago

The staff and Vets are GREAT!

Betsy Butler

2 years ago

They were great for my puppy's shots and wellness check. Friendly staff and Doctors.

scott ross

2 years ago

Phenomenal staff, caring , attentive, knowledgeable. Extremely coordinated and caring from reception to vet techs to exotic vet. Reviews below are absurd most likly disgruntled people who had not researched thier pet care or just bad days idk. But I do know I was very happy with time exotic vet took looking at my bay and even talking me through things many pet owners neglect and miss. Will definitely be returning and cant wait see thier smiling faces again. Was very pleasurable vist.

Terry Gonyon

2 years ago

Great place for animal care. Great experience with our pets.

Vanessa Ochoa

2 years ago

Will always trust them with my pets! Moved to South Bend but I still make the drive over to them.

Anthony’s Safe and Lock Service

2 years ago

Great service and fair price

Cassandra Bemiller

2 years ago

great people to have your pet go to

Tasha Sims

2 years ago

Great staff, really cool vet Dr who gives very detailed information about what's actually going on with your pet/loved one. Would definitely recommend

Janis Elli

2 years ago

My dog has received excellent care here. The doctors and staff are helpful, caring and patient.

Joshua Klosinski

2 years ago

Love this Veterinarian so much! They are incredibly knowledgeable and truly love animals and it shows in their work. Good prices too. I definitely recommend using them!

Maddie Briere

2 years ago

The staff at Noah’s was incredibly professional and empathetic. I felt that they truly cared about our pet when we brought him in. Unfortunately, our hedgehog passed during a diagnostic procedure, but Dr. Manoloff very gently explained to us the severity of our pet’s illness and showed us blood samples to explain his symptoms (likely cancer or highly aggressive infection). It was unlikely he would’ve made it more than a couple days if we hadn’t done the procedure, and he was in a great deal of pain. It was clear even from a layman’s perspective that his blood sample was irregular (basically white), and his health had indeed been incredibly poor for the past month. When we came in to say goodbye, the entire staff came to the front to greet us and Dr. Manoloff took us in immediately to explain what had happened. He made an incredibly difficult time a little bit easier. We were able to sit for as long as we wanted with our pet and say goodbye. Dr. Manoloff helped us make a clay imprint of our little guy’s feet to take home, and helped us set up the cremation. He later let us know that they had waived all payment for the diagnostic procedure and admit, which gave us one less thing to worry about. I am so thankful to have had this team of animal care specialists during this hard time, and will definitely take any future pets back.

My Reviews

2 years ago

I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. The ladies at the desk who greet you and answer the phone are not friendly AT ALL. They are not courteous and not helpful or kind in their greetings and responses to you.They really need some training on how to treat customers with respect and to say some nice and kind things once in a while or talk to you with a smile. They make you feel more like you are a bother to them. And some of the girls at the front desk don't even know what they are doing when you check out or when you have questions about the various payment and reward programs that the doctors tell you about. The doctors that we have seen are just plain weird. Just bizarre. And instead of treating the root cause of a problem that your pet is having, they like to prescribe medicines and pills and solutions to cover up the symptoms. Then your pet is on these all their life. Of course, it helps them make more money. Our pet has allergies and skin and scent problems and we have found that changing their diet has helped tremendously. Eliminated grains and chicken from their food (this was helpful in our particular situation). But never once was this mentioned as something we could try during any of our exams. This place seems very over priced when you could probably go elsewhere or even to Pet Smart to get treatments at a MUCH CHEAPER price. And get treated better! The whole environment is just not welcoming AT ALL. No one greets you with a smile. I'm not sure if this behavior is trickling down from the owners and management and that's why they just have terrible customer service or what? Last apt we had to sit in our car and wait for someone to escort us into a room and we just did not feel welcomed at all. Even the person who came out to the car to get us did not smile and was not friendly or helpful. The techs are not friendly and of course they only pamper and talk to your pet when you are around. They barely look you in the eye and acknowledge you when you are in the room with your pet. Granted they are vets and should treat the "patient" well but they can't even treat the owner of the "patient" decently. We've been going to this place for far too long and I have felt this way since day ONE. I should have stopped going here a long time ago. I wish I wouldn't have given them so much of our hard-earned money for the lack of good customer service at this place. Definitely would NEVER recommend anyone go here with their pet unless they would make some MAJOR changes.

Amy Towns

2 years ago

Very friendly and informative. Absolutely loved our visit. They were great with my dog Bruno. I highly recommend this vet.

Billy Scrape

2 years ago

Our first puppy checkup. Great experience. Detail oriented, safety protocol strictly followed. You can tell the experience and care from the way the animal clients are treated. Definitely pleased.

Chere Engstrom

2 years ago

Fantastic experience. My cat is skittish and she did so good with the vet and the tech! The vet was so good to her and made her feel comfortable. It was always about what made her comfortable while getting the exam shots and nail trim

Sam Ericson

2 years ago

A great place so far haven't had no issues Employees there are very nice

Angela Otto

3 years ago

First time here and I cannot say enough about how amazing Noah’s Landing is!! The entire staff is so kind and helpful! Dr. Manoloff was very thorough in explaining things and was more than happy to take the time to answer all questions...the whole team really takes the time you need and shows so much care for both pet and owner. Pricing is very fair and fully disclosed so no surprises. I highly recommend!

Van Galder Murals

3 years ago

Overcharging patients for medical exams when they are check ups during trying times is not professional make sure to count you're pennies working with these people.

Devyn Decker

3 years ago

Very nice people, affordable, they made me feel like they were actually trying to make sure I knew what was going on.

Mary Rhoades

3 years ago

I love this place! They really care about your animals. We started going here about 7 years ago. My son had bought a puppy from a breeder in Ohio that when he got it home discovered it had Parvovirus. Unfortunately it was discovered too late and that dog passed away but before did infected to other 12 week old puppies that other sons had just gotten. When we discover they were sick we called another veterinarian office, that was closer to the house, but they refused to see them saying they were closing in 20 minutes. We then called Noah's Landing and even though they were getting ready to close they had us bring them in. Gracie and Jax had to stay there a few days, but both fully recovered. I honestly believe that if they hadn't seen them that night they might not of lived. We have been going there every since and at all of our visits the staff have been very friendly and caring.

Andrea Underwood

3 years ago

They are so compassionate and caring! They really do the best to help inform you of your pets health and care!

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