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Tatia Fordham

2 years ago

My husband took our rotti there she was absolutely beautiful

Tyrone Bennett

2 years ago

Paul and his crew always do a GR8 job when grooming my dog.. They take pride in thier work and it shows.. I would highly recommend his services.. Also he is very accommodating..

Batoul saad

2 years ago

I took my cat in to get groomed and they told me he was “ungroomable” because he moved too much. He said he couldn’t even cut his nails but my cat has been groomed before and i’ve cut his nails myself. Don’t recommend.

Carianna Holloway

2 years ago

I love this place ! He took my dog late notice & did a wonderful job I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else ! My dog was so matted & he did it ! Me & diamond can’t thank you enough ♥️

Faick Alhazali

2 years ago

When we got home she was still wet her nails had blood and I won’t come hear any more

Half Blood TV Series

2 years ago

Hello I am new master groomer now for 1 month now. I have already made many positive changes to the shop which will make you and your fur babies experience better. Monday thru Saturday

Nora Jaafar

2 years ago

Where do I start? First off,I absolutely DO not recommend this place at all!!!! The owner acts as if he is very nice person to the customers. I took both of my persian cats to get groomed. They came back home not acting like themselves. Cats meowed the entire night. My cats had cuts and blood allll over them. I suspected that it may have been by accident. However that was not the case. I took them back another time and noticed cuts and blood again. This guy obviously has no shame whatsoever. These animals are being ABUSED!!!!! I tried to give him another chance for whatever reason. Once again, I decidedd to take my dog. He then came back home crying with blood all over his nails. Something needs to be done. Please whatever you do, I do NOT recommend bringing your pets here whatsoever!!!!!!!! Dont be fooled. He may seem nice and all, but he sure enough is not kind with these animals. These cuts and blood are definitely evidence. I am also recognizing that people in the reviews have also written about a terrible experience here. How tje heck does this place have 4 reviews? This business should be shut down for good!!!!

Chanise Turner

2 years ago

I called in the morning and asked if there was any availability to groom my 2 year old Siberian husky and was told to bring him in before noon. I arrived at 11ish. 1st impression on walking in the business, (the smell was offensive)just being honest but the owner was nice and greeted me as soon as I walked through the door. He did notify me that he had a couple dogs ahead of me, then ran down the services and what he would be doing to my fur baby. He assured me that my baby was in good hands. I left feeling like I made the right decision. I popped back in around 3pm but he hadn’t started on my boy yet, he told me to give him an hour and half tops. I waited an hour and a half and got a phone call that my baby was ready. I arrived and picked and my dog up and was pleased with his work. My dog’s fur was super soft, nails clipped, and he looked overall happy ???? not to mention he smelled wonderful all for $50 I’m satisfied!

Alicia Lomas

2 years ago

The groomer is extra nice and he always fixes his mistakes with a discount!!!

Perry Cosme

2 years ago

They did a great job grooming my dog. And called me when she was ready. Staff was very professional. I will definitely be back

Pam Scott

2 years ago

They were very friendly and professional. I will not take my Miracle any where else. The prices were very affordable.

China Mitchell

2 years ago

Horrible Smell inside was unbearable...Nasty Floors I took both my Fur Babies in there they put them both inside a filthy cage together I walked to my car thought about it and went right back in to get my Babies they both had other dogs hair on them falling all my car.. they may do good work as the Reviews but 1st impressions are everything Manager was Nice but he was even dirty looking I'm sorry but it's the truth I must tell the truth!!!

Greg Brackett

2 years ago

1st time there nice people, my dog looks well groomed thanks to them.

Sunshine Tang

2 years ago

My dog little foot got nipped. Wait too long

Kristen B

2 years ago

Great price and did a good job with my dog who isn't really use to bring groomed.

Regina Wright

2 years ago

Great Grooming job for my dog Sadie!

Batol Alizairij

2 years ago

Great service. They even offer my cat free nail clipping. Very sweet owner.

Jordan Stone

2 years ago

First of all this place smells disgusting. I brought in my mini golden doodle to get a haircut, he was shaved to nothing and left with an open wound on his arm that I discovered once got home, man didn’t bother to tell me when I was at the shop but when I called regarding it he said oh yeah I know and brushed it off. If you care about your animal don’t bring it here.

Diana Pizana-Gallegos

2 years ago

I had so much trouble finding a groomer who would take my little one as she was mistreated in her first home and gives a hard time when someone cuts her hair. I called to ask if they took difficult dogs and they told me they would work with her. I stayed for the first haircut and he was just amazing! Super patient and loving. I just took her for her second bath and trim and I can’t be more happy.

Samantha Weems

2 years ago

I love how much the man that owns this shop cares for animals. He gets over booked because he truly cares about people’s animals and try’s to help everyone, I did have to wait a while for my dogs cut to be over with, but I didn’t mind at all. I had a great experience and my rosco loved it as well. I was mainly worried about my dog and him being comfortable, and all my worries were put at ease once I saw how well they took care of him.


3 years ago

Very caring Gentleman. Priced very reasonable. Ive taken my yorkie Pomeranian to him twice now with matts and he does a wonderfu

Claude Albert

3 years ago

Brutus loved his time with you guys!!! Thanks again

Ingrid Feliciano

3 years ago

Love this place, clean and great service.

Jaime Dorsey

3 years ago

Extremely friendly very warming family atmosphere.

Kaiden Stoldt

3 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE. IT IS NOT SAFE. We took our dog here for a grooming appointment yesterday. After 3 hours in an 80+ degree shop with no water, he got to come home, but his bath was left unfinished and there was a relatively deep cut on his leg from their clippers. We got our dog into the vet, he is fine, they just had to locally numb it and put 4 staples in. The groomer did own up to his mistake and pay for it. He even offered a free next grooming. When we went to collect the reimbursement for vet bills (this was my first time seeing the shop), the conditions inside were appalling. There were 5-6 larger size dogs running around, unattended. One starts growling and barking at us the moment we walk in the door. No one made any attempt to restrain it even though this same one bit my partner yesterday when he came to pick up our dog here. There were two dogs restrained up on grooming tables, and the loose dogs were jumping up and messing with them. There was a doodle in the back that no one working on him and was being overwhelmed by a couple shepherds jumping up on the table, the doodle was snarling and showing teeth. There were two adults and a child present in the shop, but they were not watching these dogs. It's clear that these circumstances, plus their rushing his grooming, caused an easily avoidable injury to our dog. Everything about this is awful. First, having a loose dog that bites customers- what if that had been a child instead of a grown man? Second, how and why is it ok for them to have so many dogs running loose in a place like that? I know I've driven by and seen signs for their 'dog daycare'- but who knows if that's what that is. Third, the place is filthy. Completely unsanitary. The loose dogs go to the bathroom wherever and it's not cleaned up. I have called Dearborn Animal Control, but had to leave a message, they're out until Monday.

Tala Itani

3 years ago

I brought my cat in for the first time to have his hair cut like a lion and Paul did an amazing job! My cat usually gets bad anxiety whenever I take him to the groomers but my cat was so comfortable with Paul and his assistant. The service I received was absolutely amazing and will be coming back for both my cat and dogs!

Rosalynn B

3 years ago

I took my chihuahua two heads and tails to get a flea bath they did a good job smell real good and no fleas.

Oxi Fresh

3 years ago

Nice and friendly will always take my pets to get grown here when we tell family and friends.


3 years ago


Karen Kruz

3 years ago

PLEASE don't go there!!!!!! The one groomer takes on FAR too many animals in a day. I waited 9 hours and still wasn't done! Brought dog back another day to finish, supposed to be hour and a half, gave him 2 1/2 and she hadn't even been touched. Sat in the kennel all that time! I am sick to my stomach just thinking about it! And the place is filthy!!! PLEASE find another place!!!!! And didn't even ask for vaccinations! What if another dog had something and passed it to mine?? Horrible!

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