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Kevin & Trent Stephens

a year ago

Very good training program, so far my pup is learning alot!

Mary MacKenzie

a year ago

Before I brought my Rottweiler puppy, Jimbo, home for the first time, I immediately started researching dog trainers near me. I knew I wanted a well behaved dog, especially since he will grow to be so big. I reached out to a few places, but Dogology stuck out to me due to their promptness and ideology. They offer so many different options based on what your particular dog may need. The puppy training so far has been nothing but helpful for me as a new dog mom. Jimbo is learning basic commands, but more importantly, is learning to focus on me, his owner. Dogology has also helped me out immensely when I was in a pinch for dog care. I sent them an email at 9pm needing doggy daycare for the next day. I didn’t expect them to be able to respond, but they responded five minutes later, telling me to definitely bring him in the next day. I cannot tell you how much stress this relieves, knowing my dog has somewhere to go, with people I trust, and in a spacious, clean environment! I’m so happy Dogology exists and that I took a gamble on them. I will not be looking anywhere else for future dog care.

Trent Stephens

a year ago

This place is pretty, awsome the training had really helped my dog!

Daniel Winslow

a year ago

We adopted our energetic and loveable puppy Laika at about 2 months old, and after trying to train her on our own for a few months we decided that we needed to invest in a more professional training method. We wanted to find somewhere that would help make her the best dog she can be, but also train gently and with care. After several initial interviews / first sessions we came to Dogology. From our very first time meeting Matthew, Ashaleena, and the rest of the team it was clear that this was exactly the spot for our dog. Dogology not only helps train your dog, but are also completely transparent about the training process, tools, and techniques they use to do so. Learning their techniques enables you to continue the training process at home and even after the boot camp wraps. Upon picking up our puppy on the last Friday, I wasn’t sure that they had even given us the correct dog. Laika went from being a manic ball of energy to listening and following instructions incredibly well (still a ball of energy). This is a family run business starting from taking dogs into their own home for training, to now opening their own retail location. We could not be more excited to see this business grow and can’t wait to continue our, and Laika’s, relationship with this company. If you are looking for a great training for your puppy from knowledgeable, kind, and smart people, look no further – Dogology is the spot for you.

Frances Monroe

a year ago

My excitable Yorkie was transformed into a "focused on me" pup. I didn't that was possible but Dogology trainers did the trick, (and Ben learned a few of his own).

Elise Harcek

a year ago

I can not begin to express how thankful I am for Dogology! After noticing some early signs of separation anxiety from my 3 month old frenchie I contacted Dogology and right from the start they went above and beyond to care for my dog. They took the time to carefully go over everything and I started noticing improvements right away after she started the 4 week boot camp. I could tell that Mia loved going there and that they treated her like one of their own! Dogology provided the tools and a safe learning space for my puppy to thrive. I will forever be so grateful for them taking the time to not only teach Mia but show her so much love and kindness. We will continue using their services because I know my pup will be safe and well cared for in their hands!

Kathleen Larson

a year ago

Dogology was the best possible choice for training our sweet 4yr old Australian Cattle Dog, Wylie. The whole team makes sure the skills that are taught during the week can be generalized to the home. We participated in the 6-week program and it was well worth it. Wylie is better at focusing on us, listens when redirected, and has generally calmed down inside of our home/around guests. My dog was kept safe, bonded with the staff, and is walking on a loose-leash without a harness for the first time in her life! So grateful for Dogology, and I plan to seek out their advice for years to come!

Gabriella Bruno

a year ago

The 6-week program helped us to address my dog’s anxiety and fine tune her obedience. Dogology’s wonderful trainers helped our dog and also taught us how to effectively train our dog and reinforce the things they taught during the program, so that we do not go back to the same old habits. The training is high quality, the staff is professional, and the training knowledge and support provided is priceless.

Rob Fonville

2 years ago

Dogology was absolutely wonderful with our Pup! We did the 4 week program and have seen such great improvements. The whole staff is very knowledgable, personable and you can tell they are a close group and bring a family atmosphere to their practice.They were super accommodating to our needs and schedule and even work with my wife and I to get a spot last minute! Each and every staff member truly cares about their craft and ever dog that they work with. From Matt and his wife, April and Maddy and the rest of the staff. They are truly great people and we highly recommend using Dogology! We are so happy we found a reliable place like dogology and we will definitely be back :) Thank you again team!

Paul Armstrong

2 years ago

Dogology and their team was absolutely amazing with our sweet but sassy Arlo! We can see the changes in Arlo in just four weeks and we are really looking forward to joining future Alumni classes. Thank you Dogology for all of your support!

Jacki Bearden

2 years ago

We can’t thank Dogology University enough for all they have done for our sweet Luna and us. We will forever be grateful for their services. We participated in the 6-week boarding program. When we came to Matt and his wonderful team we were at our wits end. Our girl is 5 years old and we have had her since a puppy. She took basic obedience classes as a puppy and we had other training sessions with trainers but they all relied heavily on treats and training collars and never placed emphasis on focus. We have had issues with her jumping on guests, pulling on a leash, selective hearing, barking, lack of focus, and random unpredictable dog aggression.. you name it.. to the point we couldn’t enjoy taking her on trips, on walks, and out of the house. We did our research thoroughly and met with other trainers but after meeting with Dogology University, I felt that we were right where we were supposed to be. Boy am I glad I went with my gut. They exceeded our expectations and left us feeling confident and in control. We now have a dog that we can take places, that focuses, and has manners with people and other dogs. I am sitting here writing this at our lake house and she’s sitting on the deck with me (not barking at other dogs/running off/ or jumping on guests when they greet her). This would have never happened without The Dogology team. If you are looking for a program that will care for your dog as their own, empower you to have control, and to make drastic changes in your dogs behavior look no further. The trainers are so knowledgeable and help you understand your dog better. Thank you Matt, Ashaleena, and Maddy for your friendship, expertise, and for taking such great care of our girl. Jacki & Tim Bearden oh and Luna too!

Greg Halloran

2 years ago

Matt & Ashaleena, as well as all of their staff were great! We chose to do the 4 week board and train for both of our dogs. Zena, a 3.5yr old shepherd mix, and Carter, a 1.5yr old pit mix (maybe??), both had different behaviors that we wanted to correct. We quickly were taught that although the dogs were boarded and training throughout the 4 week period that it was truly our behaviors as owners that bring the results. Dogology University truly gives you all the tools necessary to be a successful dog parent. Both Zena and Carter are living happier healthier lives because of everything we learned to exercise and practice with them. We recommend Dogology University to dog owners of all ages and experiences. The team is very personable and patient. They even helped with teaching my 7 year old daughter how to gain the attention from our pups and use it affectively to train them. Now, it is all that she wants to do, because it is enjoyable to see how happy it makes the pups. 10/10 recommend Dogology University!

Megan Wieloch

2 years ago

I found Dogology University when I was searching for a dog trainer for my 2 year old lab, Hercules. He had shown some signs of resource guarding, was scared of people (especially men), and was lacking confidence overall. The first day we met Matt and Ashaleena, I knew Hercules would be in good hands. We met with a few other trainers, but none compared to Dogology. Hercules learned SO much from them. His focus is incredible. The first day Hercules met Matt he wouldn’t take any food from him or go near him, but by the end, Hercules was completely comfortable with Matt and walking up to strangers (men!) without fear! I’ve seen such a change in his confidence. Knowing life isn’t as scary anymore for Hercules is one of the best things to come out of this training. The obedience and focus makes life a lot easier too. Hercules hasn’t shown any signs of resource guarding since training, but Dogology gave us the tools to handle any issues that may come up. I love that they educate the owners as well as the dogs.

The Kapowski's Saved By The Beat

2 years ago

Dogology has been amazing! This is the first time I have put a puppy in boarding school and Dogology has gone beyond my expectations. They have been extremely hands on with my pup but also providing feedback for myself as the handler. This has been a great experience from day one. Just in one week, my puppies behaviors have changed and much more disciplined. I can't wait until the 4 week course is over because we have a different puppy when started. Great Job Dogology and look forward to the group classes in the future!

Christine Vaughan

2 years ago

We are so happy that we found this crew! They worked with our skittish (stubborn) street dog and helped him to become a calm and balanced boy. He is truly a happier pooch, and is a goofy love nugget that we are grateful to have in our lives. Thank you for your hard work!

Jordan Zerbst

2 years ago

We have used dogology university for training with both our dogs. Matt and Ashaleena are both knowledgeable and fun to work with. Even if you try to throw them a curveball they always have an answer. I will never take my dogs anywhere else. I have enjoyed working with them immensely.

Sarah Lemieux

2 years ago

I can’t even express how impressed we are with Dogology!! They took our two monster pups, one being deaf, and turned them into the family dogs we hoped to have. Our pups were just so happy, excited and out of control. They knew simple commands but we needed more and Dogology went above and beyond for them. Even now, well after their training, I can call for questions or helpful tips. I highly recommend Dogology whether you have a brand new pup or an old dog who wants to learn new tricks, trust me... they can! We felt like we would get no where with our deaf boy and we’d just have to “deal” with him but Dogology gave us the sweetest little rascal who actually responds and listens to us!! I’m beyond thankful for Dogology and all they’ve done for our family!!

Amanda Baker

2 years ago

Dogology University was great! We had our boy ruger in the group puppy class and are so happy with everything. He is doing so much better! I am so thankful for them. And ruger loves them and gets SO EXCITED to see them.

Julie Spellman

2 years ago

Matthew and Ashaleena are wonderful and make training easy to understand with a positive reinforcement approach. They work with you one on one within the group session teaching basic commends and good socialization behaviors. One of the …

Maria Ropek

2 years ago

We participated in the 8 week group training and from start to finish had an amazing experience. Milo is 6 so a little older to be going through training but after the first class I could already begin to see a difference. 10/10 recommend!

Nour Mansour

2 years ago

Oh where do I even start. Our Dolly is a DOLL because of Ashaleena and Matt. Not a day passes by where these two don’t treat her like their own dog, and we couldn’t be happier and more safe leaving our little puppy than with these two. Dolly attends their daycare and attended their 8 week puppy class as well. There has been a HUGE transformation seen daily with Dolly, as well as with us at home. We’ve learned through them how to be better with our pup, and we continue to learn everyday with them. I highly recommend Dogology’s daycare services as well as their 8 week class if you really want trustworthy people around your dog whom you’ll know will care and actually connect well enough with your pup to teach them and watch them progress. So thank you to the both of you, many times.

Samuel Machi

2 years ago

Bode, my wife, and I participated in the 8 week virtual Dogology U course. Over those 8 weeks, this little firecracker of a puppy with a seemingly endless supply of energy has learned some commands, some manners, and how to focus. More importantly, my wife and I have learned how to better understand his needs, desires, and motivations. This has allowed us to effectively train out unwanted behaviors while being fun for us and Bode. Matt also brings enough experience and enthusiasm to confidently respond to questions and concerns with advice that I've found to be extremely effective each time. I highly recommend Dogology U to anyone who has adopted a dog. They are flexible and knowledgeable and will ensure that you get the maximum value for their service.

Shelly Neddo

2 years ago

Matt and Ashaleena were great to work with. They’re very professional and very knowledgeable. Communication was great. I have an 11 month old lab. He didn’t listen. He jumped on people and walking him was a nightmare. After working with Matt and Ashaleena Gunner is a completely different dog. Walking him is a breeze and it’s actually enjoyable. This was one of my main concerns. I would say that they exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Dogology University to anyone who is looking for any type of training. They cover it all.

Aaron Rosen

3 years ago

I would be weary of trusting my dog with this company. While they seam very passionate and promise results with their service, they cannot and will not promise your dog(s) will be safe in their care. …

Ashley Banach

3 years ago

Hello although I didn’t not have a puppy at Dogology University but they became friends and I see how they are as a family and how they are with dogs and it’s amazing!!! I defiantly recommend everyone to Matt and his work!!!!

Jason Ley

3 years ago

They are amazing people who know how to effectively train your dog to be a better part of the family. They also do a fantastic job at training the family how to control their dog and make the home environment more pleasant.

Lawrence McLaughlin

3 years ago

We took our dog Arlo (8 month old Jack Russell/mix) to Dogology University for the 4 week training section, and we could not be happier! I would recommend Matt & Ashleena to anyone looking for help training there dog. My dog Arlo is a very …

Jill Chagnon

3 years ago

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. I have a 5 month old puppy that I had some behavior concerns. I registered her in the 4 week puppy group class. Within 2 weeks of class I could see such a difference in her. Matt and Ashaleena …

Tad Begley

4 years ago

Matt’s a real one when it come to training. Or good boy needs to go back sooner than later.

Amber Thomas

4 years ago

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Dogology University and trainer Matthew Lamarand working with my two puppies. He first worked with my then 4-month old Newfypoo puppy and the turnaround in her obedience has been …

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