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Mary Lukas

2 years ago

Someone told me about an awesome rescue place unlike your usual shelter. I had some leftover cat stuff to donate, so I dropped by and checked them out. I was greeted with cheerfulness, very upbeat! I liked the atmosphere, the warmth and energy so much, I became a volunteer to be part of this wonderful group. Also, after I took a tour and training, I saw how well run they are and the animals are calm and well cared for. I decided to adopt a beautiful white cat. And it's been the best $25 (adoption fee) I've ever spent! So when it comes to shelters, I hit the jackpot. Got an awesome cat and a great cause to contribute my time and energy to. they are truly dedicated and you will get a great quality pet!

Thomas Leon

2 years ago

We had an excellent experience


2 years ago

Very caring they work hard to place the dogs in healthy environments

Trina Kurzyniec

2 years ago

This place is amazing. They rescue from high kill shelters to give the animals a second chance. After filling out an application and finding a match, the staff was nice enough to stay after hours so we could meet our potential new addition. Kane was such a sweet dog, hoping to have him soon.

Maxx Lackie

2 years ago

Its in the middle of nowhere, but they have a lot of dogs and are getting a lot more. Check them out!

Lou Costello

2 years ago

An incredible rescue focusing on resorting dogs to good health and finding them good parents set in a huge, well appointed building . There work extends to taking in animals from women who have to live in transitional housing.

Diane Merian

2 years ago

My husband and I are looking to adopt a dog and have found the people at I Heart Dogs Rescue very loving and caring to the animals in their care and the people looking to adopt.

Justine Dearth

2 years ago

Attended their adoption event today, it was great! Adopt DON'T Shop!!! There are plenty of wonderful animals that need furever homes!!! Hoping that Bella or Donna will call my home their furever home!!! ❤????❤????

Matty Midway

2 years ago

This place and what they do are amazing. If you're looking to adopt, check them out on PetFinder. You won't be disappointed if you decide to adopt from here. The paperwork they provide is great and they even send you home with food to acclimate your new animal with the food you'll be using at home. Thank you so much, ladies!

Lunar Eclipse

2 years ago

Adopted our pup from here. Friendly staff. Good experience.

Mary Jo Samples

2 years ago

Tried several times to adopt. First they strung us along for two weeks. Then decided the dod was not for us. Went back the next week found a dog , of course after the run around, found a better home. Very mad won't go there again or recommend it.

Sathya Dev

2 years ago

This was the first experience for our family in adopting a dog. From what we heard from our friends we thought it would be a long and difficult experience to go through. We wanted to try with I Heart due to a good reference from a friend. When we actually started the process, it went very quick from one step to the next. Nora was so helpful with every step giving us all the detailed instructions to go through. We were able to complete the whole process within a week. We are glad to have found and brought home a lovely dog.


2 years ago

Very unprofessional and unorganized....its a real shame

Edward C. Duncan

2 years ago

BEWARE! BEFORE YOU CONSIDER ADOPTION OR DONATIONS PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THROUGH ALL OF THE REVIEWS. DO NOT BE DRAWN IN WITH THE CRAFTY MARKETING SKILLS THAT ARE ATTACHED TO THIS BUSINESS AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE DEMENORS AND CHARACTER FLAWS WITHIN THIS BUSINESS AND THE APPLIÇATION PROCESS. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A BUSINESS ...DISCRIMINATION, DISCRIMINATION. Myself,along with my family gave careful consideration taking over a year to finally decide that rather purchase a puppy we would instead adopt from a local rescue. I have volunteered for over 6 years with LeaderDog for the blind raising 5 Labrador Retrievers , and 1 German Shepherd for this program taking on a few puppies with more than average needs all for one year each in the obedient training phase of their development but because I happen to have a past which includes a Non-violent record I was denied the privalege of adoption from this business. My suggestion would be to place this information in your website so that time is not waisted. And a question would be your business probably would not have a problem excepting donations from someone that has a felony on their past record correct ? I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT ALL OF THESE REVIEWS ARE READ PRIOR TO ANYONE CONSIDERING ADOPTING OR DONATING FINANCIALLY TO THIS BUSINESS. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A BUSINESS.

Elizabeth Raggett

2 years ago

We adopted our baby from here, and I have to say these are a group of folks who have it together. They work as a unified team, are all friendly and professional. The rescue put thought into preparing us before and after the adoption. I am so grateful for the love and care they showed our baby and us. They don't just find homes for the animals in their care; they work to ensure a happy life for them as well.

Jessica Archer

2 years ago

I cannot recommend I Heart Dogs enough. We had some health concerns about our dog before we adopted him. The rescue allowed us to take him to our personal vet for a second opinion. The rest of the adoption process went super smooth and everyone was great to work with.

Anthony “Tony” Marcetti

2 years ago

They expect you to jump through hoops like a circus animal just to even get on the list for an adoption this place is a joke. Their animals are going to stay in those cases and I feel sorry for those poor animals!


2 years ago

To everyone who says “no yard, no dog” I am here to contest that saying. I was able to adopt my beloved Pixie and I live in an apartment. I love the fact that the people who work here really do care about the welfare of the animals. My adoption counselor was Debbie and she was very candid about the medical history of my boy. She did everything she could and made herself available until I was able to bring my sweetheart home. I am so grateful for the team at I Heart Dogs for bringing our family together... I really love my baby...there was no better match for our family!

Patty Poirier

2 years ago

I adopted Enzo three weeks ago today. I heart dog rescue was very thorough in screening through an interview and home visit to make sure all was safe for the dog—I was greatfull for the suggestions for making a couple changes to make things safer for Enzo. The process was quick and everyone involved there was so helpful and nice. Enzo is a great dog—thanks to I heart Rescue.

Tammy Stalter

2 years ago

Worst experience I have ever had at any shelter in the United states. They were cold, heartless, and knew nothing about the dogs. Their staff couldn't answer any of my questions, when I could get ahold of anyone. The front part of the shelter was filthy, I could just imagine what the back where the dogs are held looks like. I would never go back to this place, nor would I recommend this place. That is a shame because every animal deserves a home.

Deje Steel

2 years ago

Unable to contact anyone to rescue a dog. I want to see if there is one there for me.

R. Herman

2 years ago

An organization that truly cares about having their animals find their forever homes. Compassionate and concerned about the prospective families and the perfect matches. A relief to know they are helping all those creatures depending on them.

Ashley S

2 years ago

Inquired about a dog here and they told me I'm too far away. Cindy was rather rude to be about their policy as well. I understand the policy is there for a reason, but I would like to know why. After asking for the reasoning, all I got was "there's several reasons why, but I'm not going to tell you". You'd think they'd make it easier to adopt dogs who are just sitting in a shelter looking for homes.

Christina Novak

2 years ago

I write this 5 months after having a great experience through the adoption process. The dog we recieved has a whole slew of health issues. Now I know they cannot guarantee anything but our vet told us that any reputable vet should have foreseen these issues and warned any prospective owner. I'm sure they didn't disclose to keep him "adoptable". First of all all signs point to our dog being 7-10 yrs old not 4. Second our dog had a very serious heart murmur. So serious in fact that our vet warned us that he could go into heart failure at any time. This did happen just 2 months after we adopted him. Now we have a sick dog who is on 3 different medications. He likely has 1-2 years left at the most and we have been told that if it's a valve issues he could die at any moment. Not sure they'd allow it but I'd request to take any pet to your own vet before taking it on to verify health status.

John Seabrooks

2 years ago

Very friendly very clean personnel knows exactly what their doing

kim gierthy

2 years ago

Love this rescue! We are adopting a pair of older doggies whose owner died!???? Can't wait to pick them up and take them to their forever home!???? I would definitely recommend this rescue!????

Miranda Dawson

3 years ago

I did not have a pleasant experience with this rescue. My fiance and I were very interested in a dog, we drove out to an adoption event to meet her and fell in love. I was just over 3 months pregnant so we wanted to be sure she would behave with small children. Everything seemed to go well and we applied for her. We were disappointed as we were denied and told this particular dog would not be a good match for us because she may not do well with children, even though we were told before that she would. They asked us to come to the rescue to pick out a different dog that would be a better match, so we did and set up a meeting. We got a call after leaving and were told that we would not be approved to adopt a dog because of my pregnancy. I personally don't agree with that, but I can understand their reasons for it. What bothers me is that my fiance and I met people from the rescue twice, and nobody mentioned it could be an issue. We were even told to come back to the shelter to pick out another dog, which turned out to be a waste of our time since they already didn't plan on adopting to us. I just wish they would have been open with us from the beginning or said something in person before having us go out of our way driving out there again. I would recommend going elsewhere.

Shavon Ross

3 years ago

Me and my family love them. We found our fur baby and my children loves her. We are even thinking about adopting again in the future

Melinda Haner

3 years ago

We love our little Olive (formerly ChaCha) so much. We couldn’t be more happy with how I Heart Dogs Rescue and Animal Haven worked quickly and carefully to place Olive in our home. I Heart Dogs went above and beyond to ensure Olive was a good fit for our family of five, including one child under the age of 8 and a senior dog. I Heart Dogs truly cares about the long term safety and security of the animals they place. Our little Olive is a perfect fit! Thank you so much for all that you do!

Margaret Andrick

3 years ago

Friendly staff and can see the employees really care about the animals.

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