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Reviews: Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan (Madison Heights)

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Chelc Bartlebaugh

2 years ago

We adopted a sweet kitty from here a few weeks ago and had a grear experience. I initially applied for a certain cat online but they called to inform me that car would not be a good fit (i have young children) so my son and I went in and picked one out that was perfecf for our family. The entire experience was great. My son really enjoyed spending time in the cat room and we are love our new furry friend.

Demi K

2 years ago

We adopted the sweetest little pup today. The staff was kind, informative and hard working. What a wonderful place. Thank you.

Dennis Johnson

2 years ago

The young man behind the counter was rude and short with me

Mildred R

2 years ago

Do not recommend this facility to adopt any animals . I however do recommend Michigan Humane society not Animal Welfare Society .

Riley Bishop

2 years ago

If I could give 0 stars I would. I knew after reading the reviews the chances of getting the dog who’s pictures I fell in love with would be slim to none. Me and my bf had sent in two separate applications which we never heard back from so we had to call everyday, just to rudely be told our application was denied and that they weren’t going to “go through why because there’s many reasons as to why we shouldn’t be able to adopt a dog from here”. It’s like they don’t want the animals to find homes. Very rude interaction from the man over the phone we talked to as he most definitely didn’t even check our application as it took him less then a second to “check” before rudely saying denied and saying we shouldn’t be able to adopt an animal and when we asked why he replied with okay bye after abruptly hanging up the phone. I feel horrible for the animals here and I’ll most definitely be researching who I need to get ahold of to either find out why or if we even did get denied or to get this place shut down or the animals some help. None of those animals will have a home for Christmas and it’s just sad. Pet finder told us we were a strong match for the puppy we applied for as well. All so sad and confusing. Horrible experience. I’d recommend never coming here or applying to adopt because you’ll be left heartbroken and feeling disrespected as we filled out the absolute longest most unnecessary application in the world. Why do they need to know the pets I’ve had in the last 20 years? Just ridiculous but I’ll be making some calls about how to help the animals most definitely. So sad and disappointing. I wonder who even runs this establishment and If they know they’re employees treat people interested in their pets. Sick. This place most definitely will not be around much longer.

Becky Mitchell

2 years ago

Shouldn't even give one star! I went there seeking help with a stray cat that needed medical attention. I've never had people be so rude to me! It seems they have children running this place! If I had read all the other reviews I would have never gone there in the first place! I feel very bad for the animals that are caged there. Somebody needs to shut this place down!!! And the little twerp I talked to there has a very punchable face! So I had to leave!!

Lexi Bailey

2 years ago

They dont take advice! theres an asian lady with a trailblazer trying to get your customers animals but when we went to warn them the punk in there just turned around to get himself a drink and will not accept stays in need not a good place to go to if you actually care!!


2 years ago

This is where my wife and I adopted our sweet boy Oscar. Everyone here is super nice and informative.


2 years ago

Great staff, doing great work!!


2 years ago

Terrible place. Wouldn't approve us getting a cat. Only allowed 3 cats in your home? We will never go back here again. Terrible service and rude!!!!!

Kim Travis

2 years ago

Great food and everyone was so curtious and and nice for our memorial. If you need a hall this one is it.

Susan Giasson

2 years ago

Our pup came from here. The caring staff provided history on her and timely safe meeting spots. So many homeless pets! Come visit and find your new friend.

Diane Zinicki

2 years ago

Very disappointed they don’t do well with updating you on what they are waiting for turned out they had to talk to house owner and never said anything to me about it I could have went to my office and spoke to them about it had I known.

Briana Brown

2 years ago

Terrible experience! I applied to adopt a dog from this shelter and never heard back from anyone. I called and the person over the phone was very polite. I asked them for the status of the application and she told me it was denied. I asked why it was denied and was told the board doesn't give reasons. So now I am left questioning if myself or my family are not good enough to adopt from there or did they feel the dog wouldn't fit in my family. The communication skills are lacking here. I am very disappointed.

Elizabeth Tokar

2 years ago

They truly care about their animals.

Autumn Jordan

2 years ago

Hi. I am a Family member of a person who tried adopting one ad they got denied!! The person who tried to adopt are really good people!!! They don't know what giving a dog or cat a good home means!

Albert Speier

3 years ago

Excellent establishment people are carrying that work there and give their hard-earned time to protect our babies God bless everybody

Annabel Yeung

3 years ago

I’ve just come around to leaving a review now. But this place lacks employees that have manners. I came in pre covid trying to adopt a furever fur baby and I get questioned about my age. If I was 21 yet and if I should be here without a legal guardian. I would not have mind if the lady at the front desk wasn’t rude af giving me an attitude. FYI I’m almost 30. Don’t treat me like a kid. Then she proceeded to ask if I had any pets before. I said yes, I had a dog in the past. She asked about history. I said she passed due to getting sick. Before I even told her from what, she said “well we don’t want someone like you adopting from us.” Thanks for the rudeness front desk lady. My dog passed from cancer. Needless to say I walked out feeling belittled and adopted a furever family member at another shelter who was a little bit more sympathetic and KIND to potential adopters.

Erica Sneath

3 years ago

I’ve never encountered a more rude, heartless experience with animal rescue workers.

Shirley Davis

3 years ago

Edon was very knowledgeable n has made our family happy once again

Mike Durrant

3 years ago

I adopted "Willie" from AWS, and it was a GREAT experience, start to finish! They do their due diligence in making sure the animal gets placed with a responsible owner (Calling Vet Refrences) and I LOVE that they do! The staff was Helpful, and caring. Will adopt again!

Molly LaPonsa

3 years ago

They have their own building, very easy to find, on John R rd. North of 11 mile. The building is on the East side of John R. It is painted Red & Black. The cats are in the first room plus a common room to sit with free roaming cats. They also have 2 rooms with dogs in kennels. They also take in orphaned animals from other states in need. They really care for their critters.M-59

Nicole Phillips

3 years ago

Terrible experience here they were so rude to me and my children. They were so excited about getting their first pet and the lady there snubbed us and practically shooed us out of the building and she wouldn’t let us pet any of the animals. We put in an application and they made it sound like they didn’t want to give us a pet. These people shouldn’t be working there they have terrible people skills and after looking at the other reviews it looks like they don’t like adopting pets to good homes either.

Noelle Mayer

3 years ago

About 5 years ago our family adopted a pit bull boxer mix, the AWS is a very nice shelter and I just wanted to share these pictures to see how much our puppy has grown.

Riley Marie

3 years ago

I don't understand why my family's application was denied. There were two reasons saying that we shouldn't leave our animals alone for 7+ hours a day. I'm sorry but how do you expect us to be able to financially provide for the animal if we can't leave them alone? Secondly, we were denied for not getting heartworm preventative through our vet. We were also told that Heartgard is not a heartworm preventative, which is false, so in their eyes we don't care about the animals.

Tasha Christensen

3 years ago

Wonderful people doing wonderful things. Facility is clean and bright. Volunteers were fabulous! Appreciated being able to come in to view pets outside of an "event". We adopted a pair of lovely sweet and adorable dogs from AWS. the volunteers were able to give us insight into their personalities, habits and we could tell they had formed a bond with the dogs. Wish we could take them all home with us.

Teri Bahr

3 years ago

Dirty, stinks, unprofessional rude staff, application form is a joke, doesn't ask relevant questions.

Tasha Kaiser

3 years ago

This shelter truly loves and cares for the animals that come through, and are committed to providing the best homes possible. I have recently adopted a kitten from here, and am so glad! He has made the best addition to our family. His care was carefully explained and a card for VCA was provided for a free initial exam! Some questions had come up afterwards, and the staff were still helpful when I called! They were flexible with my schedule when making an appointment to pick up the cat. He came from a very clean environment and was obviously well fed and cared for! While I have no complaints, after looking at other comments for this establishment I hope that people understand that 1. it is Michigan state law to have your pets neutered and spayed, so if you do not it is understandable to have your application denied, 2. you cannot base your pet decision on 'bedside manner' - I would rather have a heart surgeon that is rude than an immensely nice doctor with less success. Everyone has their days and if you are really looking to rescue a pet you should be patient and put their needs first.

Sean Leslie

3 years ago

I filled out app and didn't hear back from them for almost a week as they didn't want people to call up as they were overwhelmed with applications. I was rather eager so I decided to call and ended up talking to Michelle. She was super nice and understanding and went out of her way to review my app and speak with the board about adoption. Long story short, the following day I met the dog I wanted and ended up taking her home that day! My experience was friendly and quick. Thank you AWS!

Susan Ravas

3 years ago

We adopted our new puppy today and I couldn’t be happier! It’s very apparent that our puppy, as well as all the animals there, are well cared for. She’s a happy, healthy little girl. Thank you Animal Welfare Society for all you do. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a new furry family member.

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Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan, Michigan, Madison Heights

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