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Sameer Nagpal

2 years ago

Excellent - loving and caring staff. My baby Beagle Vincent loves to go to Wagtime every time - both for day care and the boarding. The team really loves him and takes care of him. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a dog day care and boarding facility Team- Thank you so much for such wonderful services.

Aaron Caola

2 years ago

Cannot say enough good things about the staff, the facility, and their user friendly website. I think my dog likes being at Wagtime more than he likes being home with me. Thank you guys for your exceptional services.

John Priest

2 years ago

great staff that worked with us to make our dog comfortable. recommend to anyone looking for a great dog daycare facility.

Ava Floyd

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful with our Yorkie, he always returns cheerful and exhausted

Mark Hounslow

2 years ago

More than me, it is my dog that loves this place. He has been going for 11 years and still gets excited in the morning when we tell him her is going to school.

Magda Granger

3 years ago

My dog Raven is obsessed with her Wagtime friends (human and dogs alike!) She gets to run around all day (loooots of energy to burn!), then comes home well exercised, confident and very happy. Usually falls asleep on the ride home (and we're only 15 minutes away)! The staff is super responsive, very professional and experienced, and truly love what they do! It's a great feeling, knowing they legitimately get excited to see my dog when I drop her off (or they're just great actors:p) Best daycare ever, I could not recommend it enough! Thank you, Wagtime!❤

W Belec

3 years ago

For nearly the entire year of 2020, Mark's dog-loving team at Wagtime provided absolutely incredible daycare services for our "grandson", a 3-year old, very friendly, high energy, 60-lb, male husky named Blue. They greeted him every day he arrived with open arms and at days end, I retrieved a floppy and extremely happy pooch. Their facility is top shelf offering several large, safely enclosed play areas for our four legged friends. From Blue's very first day to his last, they paired him up with a great group of dogs on every visit. They know how to lovingly care for our friends and they truly became part of Blue's family during his time there. In December of this past year, Blue and his family moved out west which was emotional on his last day at Wagtime. We will certainly be returning to Wagtime soon with a new addition to the family knowing that he will receive the very professional and loving care of the Wagtime team at a very well organized and clean facility. A very heartfelt thank you to all at Wagtime for all you'd done for Blue and our family in 2020.

Andria Rose

3 years ago

What would we do without WAGTIME?!!!! We would definitely not be able to go anywhere! We don’t trust our beloved pups to just anyone! One of our dogs is an English bulldog, and the staff at WAGTIME give her the extra attention and special care that we count on! Both our dogs actually skip into the building and greet each staff member with nothing but excitement and love! This place is great and you can count on them for either doggie daycare or overnight stays! We use them for everything! They have such a passion for dogs and it clearly shows. They’re everything you’re looking for!

Tiffanie Trieger

3 years ago

An incident happened with our dog there (read Courtney Trieger’s review for full story) Long story short, our dog bit an employee and didn’t break skin. We were not informed of ANY issues (that they claim were ongoing) until the day we were called and she was asked to not return. They apparently don’t think it’s important to tell you if your dog has been having issues. Every time at pickup they would say “We love your dog. She’s so great.” Blah blah blah. It must have been lip service to take our money. The strangest part of this whole ordeal is that two days after the incident happened, we brought our dog to the vet to report what happened and she was fully evaluated for aggression. We had to wait in our car because of COVID guidelines, so just as with doggy day care, we weren’t there. Our dog was brought in alone. The vet said our dog did not show one OUNCE of aggression. She did a series of tests and tried to provoke our dog and put her in and out of a crate multiple times and she said aggression is NOT her response to fear. Her response is to shut down, not to react. Our vet suspects that something else happened to her there and we too, are now convinced that something happened that they are not telling us. Too bad there are no cameras there to prove what did or didn’t happen. We have still decided to put our dog into private one-on-one training and the trainer that has been working with her didn’t believe us when we told her that she bit someone. She immediately said “Are you sure they had the right dog? She has let me do anything I want to her during training and she doesn’t even really know me yet.” I find it very odd that two people both tried to get her to react and she didn’t show them one sign of anything alarming. These are people who also work with dogs every single day and know what aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, etc, look like. I am not here to disprove their claims, I am just providing details about our experience and stating facts from our dog’s two evaluations from two separate professionals after the “incident”. And as responsible dog owners, we just caution others to be careful. In response to the owner’s reply to my spouse in the previous review, it feels as though you deflected everything that occurred and took ZERO responsibility for lack of communication with us.This should be a teaching lesson. It is so important, especially with “snipping” or any other forms of concerning dog behavior, no matter the age, that the dog owners should be informed. This was a chain of unfortunate repeated events over 5 months that led up to that moment. If we were in the loop, we could’ve continued to “work with Finley” at home. I hope everyone that was involved with this at your facility uses this as a teaching moment. I sure have learned a lesson.

Paula Toomey

3 years ago

Shoeless Joe loves coming here! We can’t drive by without him whining!!! Thank you, Wagtine!

courtney trieger

3 years ago

To make it short snd simple do NOT send young dogs here if you expect good communication to know how your dog is doIng. It seems they will just keep collecting your money while knowing your dog is stressed and not enjoying being there until there is an incident at their facility. Read more for details: I have been holding off on writing this review because I will admit I was extremely angry with wagtime, however the anger has worn off. I had been sending my 10 month old puppy to wagtime for 4 months, 2 days a week. From that time I was under the assumption my dog was doing great there and enjoyed being there very much. That was until 2 weeks ago when I found my pup had bit one of the employees. When I picked up my pup, the employee came out and explained what happened. She said that my pup is always snappy when it comes time to come out of the crate and that she normally just “lets her do her thing” and today the pup had turned around and bit her. The pup did NOT break skin, which I am thankful for that, but was still upset that my dog bit her as my dog has never shown any type of aggression. They told me that everyone was on edge and nervous around my dog and that she was no longer welcome. I respect their decision as I understand they need to keep their employees safe. As I drove home that’s when I became angry. Why was this the first time I am being told my dog gets snappy when it’s time to come out of the crate? Why I did I receive the call at 10:45AM telling me it happened when they were trying to get her out of the crate when I was under the impression crate time was 11:30AM-2:30PM? I spoke to the manager of the facility and she said she was just as upset to find out that ALL of the employees had witness this type of behavior by my pup and that no one addressed it with her or me THE OWNER. I expressed that as a doggy daycare that is concerning that non of the employees took the time to tell me that so that I could further address the situation with my pup. She then went on to tell me “in all fairness my employees were trying to work with the pup and train her” that then made me even more angry. If you are trying to train my pup then why was I informed so that I could continue the training. Had they actually taken time to speak to me I could have also informed that that my dog uses her crate as a safe space when she’s feeling stressed or anxious while here at home. My pup is no longer attending daycare and seems much happier, she is in personal training to build her confidence.

Andrew Montgomery

3 years ago

Just had the chance to have my Greyhound spend the day here, and just wanted to say how pleased I was with Wagtime. They were super attentive to my dog and made sure he had a wonderful day. My boy needs a little extra attention and they did such a fantastic job with him. He is now home exhausted from his time there. I look forward to bringing Dutch back to see some friends and know he's in great hands. Highly recommend if you need a doggie day care

Wendy Kane

4 years ago

My rescue dog has been going to Wagtime (formerly Linda's Doggie Playland) for over a decade and we couldn't have had a more positive experience (10 stars!). My pup absolutely loves going to Wagtime for daycare and gets so excited on the drive over. The Wagtime team is made up of dog lovers & whisperers who truly connect with and love every pup there. When I'm at work, I know that my dog is happily playing, eating, napping, exercising and socializing with other dogs & her extended human family members. I also board my pup when traveling and know that she is in good hands with lots of love and hugs while I'm away. The Wagtime team knows my dog's needs & moods and are attentive and communicative. I am so appreciative of them for taking such excellent care of my pup, giving her years of happiness, love & support; and, for giving me a worry-free experience. I highly recommend Wagtime!

Pat Kuehne

4 years ago

We love Wagtime, not only do they take such great care of our Winnie, they are also wonderful people! Thank you Mark, Mary, Tut, Thomas, Em, Holly and the whole team! PK, Ashland.

Mike Pickwick

4 years ago

Ginger loves her doggie daycare!

Michael Johnson

4 years ago

Great spot to board your best friend. They really take care to treat your dogs right and keep them safe.

Maureen Porter

4 years ago

Brought my dog there for a week last summer. The dog I picked up was not the happy, smiling dog I left there. She did not look at me, her tail jung between her legs. They said it was because they have a stone area for dogs to run and it bothered our dogs feet so they kenneled her all the time- and that she drooled all the time - yes so much so her tags all rusted. Took several weeks before my dog was anywhere near her usual self. Also heard one of their workers swearing at the dogs in the area on pick up.

Mark “RoadCrew046” M

4 years ago

We have been taking our Black Lab here for many years, even before it was Wagtime. The people there are fantastic and treat the dogs as if they were their own. Highly recommended.

Julie d

4 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about the staff here. They’ve been so accommodating and helpful through my hectic travel schedule, and treats my dog as one of their own familt members. He gets so excited when we pull in.

Kathryn Murphy

5 years ago

We have been bringing our dog to Wagtime (formerly Linda’s) ever since adopting her almost 2 years ago. We have always been happy with the level of care that she is given. The staff is amazing and treat the dogs like their own. We can’t say enough about the people at Wagtime and the love and attention they give to the dogs. Our dog enjoys her time there and always comes home happy and tired. We are so happy we found Wagtime!

Marilyn Goldberg

5 years ago

My dog and I are very satisfied clients of Wag Time (formerly Linda's Doggy Playland). I started with Linda's, approximately 17 years ago and have continued with Wag Time. I recently had surgery and had to board my dog for many weeks which was very difficult (missed her terribly). During this time Wag Time was kind enough to send me photos of my dog playing outside. It comforted me knowing she was happy in her environment. The care and compassion shown to my dog has definitely helped my recovery. I am so grateful to the owners and staff who are a dedicated and loving team.

Ed “LindyDad”

6 years ago

14 years of taking my dog there, never a problem. Nice people who love dogs

Jim Kunz

6 years ago

Great people and wonderful facility. Daycare and boarding is top notch.

Kristen Pearson

6 years ago

Linda's is the best!! They care deeply about all of the dogs and treat them as their own. It is a very structured environment for dogs and the business runs like a well oiled machine. I would not send my dog anywhere else- he absolutely loves it there!

Rob Baker

6 years ago

Our dog goes here once a week. He loves it! His social skills with other dogs have greatly improved. Thanks Linda!

Janet Webster

9 years ago

My Labrador, Lucy has been going to Linda's for almost 10 years! I can't say enough about the quality of the care, attention and love Lucy receives from all their staff. Lucy goes to doggy daycare a few days a week and also enjoys doggy hotel whenever I go away. She is happy each time I drop her off and sometimes reluctant to go home!! I never worry about her when she is at Linda's. The facility may not be new & fancy like some of the doggy daycares out there. But the care and devotion is beyond compare!! Check this daycare out! You won't be disappointed. :)

Mary Ellen Thompson

9 years ago

I have been a very happy customer of Linda's for over 15 years. My dogs have gone every day and love every minute of it. The staff is always friendly and clearly love dogs. One of my dogs had health problems and it was always a relief to me to know that she was being watched all day. Linda's called me a few times to let me know she was off a bit and I should make an appointment with the vet. In every case they were right. I trust them completely and cannot imagine taking my dogs anywhere else. I have boarded them when I've gone away, which is stressful for me, but the dogs have never even looked back when I've dropped them off, they're so happy to be there. The dogs are thrilled. They are outside almost all day, get a ton of exercise and are just so happy and healthy. I couldn't be more pleased with Linda's.

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