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MC Gonzalez

2 years ago

Staff is amazing with our dog. My pup always came home happy and tuckered out.

Christopher Williams

2 years ago

Our pup loves it here! And the staff is amazing!

Brian B.

2 years ago

Beware on grooming estimates. I called and was quoted a $70 estimate (they know my dog by name), and when I showed up for pickup I was charged $85. Decent groom. Will be going elsewhere next time.

Dany Falcon

2 years ago

Worst experience ever. Before you leave your pet in here, please, ask to see the grooming room

Vashist Krishna

2 years ago

As much as I liked Toureen during our first day care and boarding, when she was down there for her second boarding session, she picked up kennel cough and we weren't informed of her picking this up. We would have appreciated a bit of notice confirming this. Displeased at this lack of communication.

Me You

2 years ago

My dog (Duke) loves it there and the stuff is friends and helpful.

Louanne C

2 years ago

Best care for my dog .attentive to animals Been going here for years!

Ana Alexander

2 years ago

Upset that Toureen didn't inform me, and other owners, that our dogs caught kennel cough while there! My dog was given back to me with a hoarse voice and profuse coughing from the moment she got in our car -- telling me that they didn't notice it is not acceptable as we pay well so that our pets are well cared for! I understand that catching something and getting sick is a risk we run however deliberately not being proactive at informing the owners and taking are of our pet/family is not ok!!!

Louisa Carroll

2 years ago

Unbelievable daycare, boarding, and grooming!! My dog gets so excited every time he realizes he is going to daycare!!! He is very well loved by the staff at Toureen and we know we can trust them with any needs that Odin has when he’s with them. We love Toureen!!!!

Drew F

2 years ago

These negative reviews are ridiculous (with the exception of a few who genuinely seemed to have had bad experiences). Don't leave your dog if you can't handle the hazards that come with leaving your dog at a group daycare. They will get scratches and nips and other small issues. It's normal. If your dog behaves differently when it gets home you need to show them that your rules still apply and that they aren't at daycare anymore (younger dogs more so). Most of these bad "reviews" are more about the owner than the facility. This place is great for day care. Haven't done overnight yet.

Ellie Pooya

2 years ago

Although I found the staff very nice, My dog was there from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon and when I picked her up, not only she was not happy but also was super thirsty. She drank two big bowls of water in 5 minutes. I could also feel that she is running a low fever because of dehydration. I called them and talked to the owner( I think) who was a very nice gentleman who just told me he is sorry! This was an expensive boarding with poor service. I will not board my dog there next time and would not recommend it to anyone either.

Lindsay Allyson

2 years ago

I boarded my dachshund here when our usual kennel was booked up for the holiday weekend. I was a little nervous sending him somewhere new as he suffers from separation anxiety and we've had bad experiences with other boarding facilities. My fears immediately subsided when I dropped him off, the staff was so friendly and my pup went right with them without any complaint. When I picked him up he was his usual happy self, the staff member who brought him out was so gentle and kind, I know my pup had a great experience at Toureen!

Pas Sid

2 years ago

I sent my dog here to board for a week and he came back with kennel cough and lost weight. He used to be bubbly and now he is very quiet. He is sneezing and sleeping all the time and he came looking scruffy and dirty. I won’t be sending my dog here again. They didn’t bring back the results needed for the price I paid. They were supposed to send results and photos but never did.

Rachel P

2 years ago

I can't say enough positive things about Toureen. Our dog loved going here for play days and overnight stays. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he would perk up and was ready to get out of the car! The staff is incredible; they knew our dog by name and he obviously loved spending time with them. Additionally, our dog unfortunately had a medical emergency (due to an underlying health condition) while staying over night and the staff handled the situation perfectly. They got him immediate care and contacted us while we were out of town to make us aware. They even called a few days after just to check in on how he was doing. The best grooming, play, and boarding facility we've experienced yet.

Sharon “Lucy” Hill

2 years ago

The BEST! Great loving attention to my puppy Lucy.

Megan Dillon

2 years ago

My dogs love it here. They’re very kind and send me pictures too. ???? wonderful staff.

Jesus Bonilla

2 years ago

Really, Really, Really Professional Place to Be

Ingrid Salciccioli

2 years ago

Best place for my pup. Daycare, boarding, grooming all in one. My dog always comes home tired.

Jessica Suriel

2 years ago

Called to get info on cat grooming. Lady on the phone seemed uninterested in my inquiries. They’re not taking new “clients” since they’re short a groomer but I will not be calling back based off this experience.

A. De Jesus

3 years ago

I recently boarded my dog there for a week. My dog has completely changed since this visit. She has gone from a bubbly, outgoing personality to a meek, and fearful shell. She cries constantly for no apparent reason. Hoards and obsesses over toys like never before. And shakes randomly as if in fear. I have no idea what went on at the day care, but it seems less like she was cared for and more like a short prison sentence. I’m just praying my girl gets back to normal soon. Additionally, I was put on hold every time I called and could hear the receptionist chit chatting from the lobby when she placed me on hold. I also asked for an email to send over the vet records. The email on the business card did not work. When I informed them of this they just asked for a the dates the vaccines were administered. It felt concerning that they were so willing to accept my records verbally but I trusted them as they came recommended. I won’t be so trusting in the future.

courtney coye

3 years ago

very abusive towards my aunts animals- both dogs were nipped and cut and the nails haven’t even been touched - dogs haven’t been the same since they had gotten back from their appointments, if you love your furbabies do no go here !!

Caitlin Ball

3 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Toureen. My dog is very high energy and I work full time. All the stuff have been amazing and my dog is always so happy coming and going.

Meg Nowak

3 years ago

They have always done an excellent job with our dog and cat. We use them for boardong and grooming. We also go to the Veterinarian in the same building.

Andrew Good

3 years ago

Pretty good place for day care and grooming, but if you have an old dog avoid the kennel at all costs for boarding. Our 16 year old stayed for a week last June and never fully recovered from the experience. I provided detailed instructions for care (printed copy) including explicit instructions to keep food and water off the floor as he could not see well. When we returned Doogal had sores on his legs from sitting in water and an eye infection to boot. The vet bill came to over a thousand bucks and he never was able to walk properly after this visit. I mentioned my disappointment and that they should disinfect the kennel to prevent other dogs contracting the same infection to the Toureen crew. Their supervisor simply made excuses (dog old and should not come anymore plus its not an infection its allergies - despite the vet diagnosis). Bottom line if your dog is old you need to board him look elsewhere.

Scott Moulton

3 years ago

The pets seem really happy

M Kelly

3 years ago

0 stars. We took our dog to Toureen for his first post quarantine grooming appointment. Our request for his haircut was simple, a short scissor cut and a paw trim. After 3 hours in grooming, we were given an 80 dollar bill to pay and our back our dog with huge mats behind each of his ears and on his stomach. When we brought this to the attention of the manager, she was quick to blame our dog. When speaking to the owner, his way of diffusing the situation was "how about we give you your money back, and you never come back". I left dumbfounded over the complete unprofessionalism from all levels. We will never return. For reference these pictures were taken of our dog after they groomed him AND re-groomed him. You guessed it- more mats.

Paul Rudolph

3 years ago

From the day I got Dani this was her home away from home and staff is her family. Unfortunately we had moved out of the area. Today, three years later; I called to see if by some small chance they would be able to take her in while I was in my appointment. They said absolutely! They asked me just to provide her updated vaccinations. When I arrived, I called the main number and they immediately answered. I let them know I had arrived and shortly after the gentleman came out to retrieve her. She was excited to see him! They always treat us so great so I am not shocked but if you live in the area, they are the absolute spot to bring your pet!

Peter Fahey

3 years ago

My cat gets her nails cut about every 8 weeks with no complaints

Shelly Ferrari

3 years ago

Been with them for 35 years, with all our pets. In fact, we like them so much, we continued using their services when their location changed.

Tracey Mangham

3 years ago

Wonderful staff that care for our pets

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