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Amanda Webber

2 years ago

I had to take my pet here to be euthanized. I have to say, they were kind, and allowed me the time I needed. I had options. I was able to have the experience in a peaceful room I was able to bring things with me to make my animals more comfortable like a heated blanket. They gave me a keepsake to bring home of her paw prints and Gave her to me in a casket so I could take her home and bury her with dignity. It is such a painful experience but it could have been so much worse and Angel Waltham made sure that it wasn’t because they helped make sure my cat and I were supported. I recommend going here for any emergency services.

Jonathan Tomer

2 years ago

We took classes here for our newly adopted puppy. Liz and the training team were super helpful in training our puppy and answering all our questions. We were not as prepared as we thought to get our newest family member and we couldn’t have done it without you Liz! Thanks for helping us through the new challenges to become a functioning family!

Chelsea Shafranek

2 years ago

No longer emergency services or 24 hours.

Julianne H

2 years ago

I have generally had good experiences here, and felt like my cat received excellent care overall from Drs Gorman and Ackly. Unfortunately the place appears to be no longer doing any outpatient care‽ I wish I had known that with more warning. Had to go to the Boston ER instead. Judging from the reviews here it sounds like maybe the pandemic overwhelmed the Waltham branch.. Its really unfortunate, they used to be very helpful, and it was closer and less chaotic than Boston.

Betty Boop

2 years ago

I would avoid this vet at all costs. They lie and make it seem like they care about the well being of your pet and that they are there and will keep you aware of costs through out. Their quotes do not match up with services rendered and when you are all said and done you have a vet bill equivalent to a car loan. Then they offer no logical explanation as to why costs are astronomically higher than quoted and reply “we do our best’. This place should be ashamed of the financial burden that they put on families who desperately want to save a loved one.

Michelle Kuhn

2 years ago

Was bringing my cat here for specialty services for 4 months and had great experiences. The doctor was always kind, informative and compassionate. When he went downhill we used their emergency room 3 times and although my cat passed away they did everything they could for him. They were always honest with me about which treatments were most cost effective for our family and I never felt pressured or ripped off. Would 100% go back for future pet emergencies if I had to!

Ricco Mason

2 years ago

We found Angell West to be a great experience in support of our Golden Retriever's allergies. We saw Dr. Painter, a Dermatologist, who was very welcoming and informative. We found the entire staff to be friendly and helpful.

Cat Aguiar

2 years ago

I booked an appointment for my 1 yr old ball python Frida as we thought she had a RI (or possibly) and was a little late as I was commuting from salem MA and they were completely understanding I had my bf call while I was on the way in the Lyft but when I had gotten there a little too late I had to wait about 40 minutes but that’ was ok I don’t mind that at all ! While I was waiting a wonderful vet tech came out took Fridas information and did an intake while we waited. We then met with I believe DR Sullivan the exotics and Avain vet there he was very knowledgeable about ball pythons and told me the one thing I needed to make an adjustment to ! They actually cared about my feelings and what I had to say and my reptilian family member ! I will for sure be back ! Even for just regular care !

Jenny Tang

2 years ago

My hamster is currently hospitalized at the Boston location due to the vets' negligence. I brought him in for rapid breathing and itching, and 8 hours and $260 down the drain later, I'm sent home with medication for his skin. In no way was the cause for his breathing addressed, and I had to bring him into emergency again yesterday to the Boston location, where they put him on oxygen as soon as they saw how labored his breathing was and diagnosed him with a respiratory infection. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 was because the staff was friendly.

Zheng Wei

2 years ago

Only used their pharmacy and it is great.

pamela ledoux

2 years ago

You guys are great! Our Bunny, Simba is doing well and we thank you for everything you did and continue to do!

Kristen Ruffing

2 years ago

I brought my sugar glider here because he randomly started vomiting. He was alert & oriented. Vomiting is a medical emergency for sugar gliders. I paid over $1300 up front to have him hospitalized overnight for tests and treatment. They placed him in a regular room instead of the ICU & didn’t do any tests (that were already paid for). No treatments done related to the issues that were going on. The gave him antibiotics only. After 16hrs of hospitalization, I got a phone call saying , “We’re doing CPR.. He was fine.” HE WAS NOT FINE. He died while hospitalized. They admitted that they never did any tests overnight because “he was fine,” they told me they didn’t know when he died in the cage & THEN they had the nerve to ask me if I still wanted the X-rays, bloodwork, urine & stool samples done after he was deceased. I will never bring another animal here.

Elizabeth Catlin

2 years ago

We brought our elderly 14 year old cat to Angell West today to have her put to sleep because she had over a year plus become progressively confused, didn't know any longer where her litter box was despite our buying a second one, urinating daily in various corners of the house, wandering through the house at night yowling at times, didn't recognize us, stopped purring and has advanced feline dementia. Our cat has been carefully cared for by another vet for her entire life, was worked up extensively by them for urinary problems, liver disease, thyroid problems and infections -- all normal. She has been treated with anti-anxiety medication because of her changing behavior which we have given her for several years. Our mistake was not taking her to her usual vet! The vet at Angell West said she had to have her brain sent to the state because she had bitten us within the past 14 days -- only two times and did not break the skin. I informed the vet that our kitty was up to date on rabies shots. She still insisted that it was the law to send her brain and it would cost much more. Then the vet said that some of her symtoms suggested another diagnosis and said it was required to have a full workup for feline hyperthyroidism! Our kitty has had zero weight loss, diarrhea, swelling of her neck (goiter), excessive eating or increased drinking, or any vomiting. She sleeps a lot and is in no way hyperactive. Plus she has had normal thyroid tests when these problems had been going on for awhile. Sorry to say this but don't take your pet to Angell West.

Andrew Kupiec

2 years ago

If I could give negative stars I would. Wait times are to be expected. That didn't bother me. Issues I have is quality. I shouldn't have to wait 72hours for the Dr to say sorry I'm busy and behind on calls to get results. 24-48 hrs since blood work is usually next day. Dog is having symptoms not being able to walk or stand and not eating. Instead of doing simple to more intricate work they go straight to ultrasound and three can dietary prescription? No follow ups, no calls, no care clearly. I shouldn't have to keep calling, you are the expert. Two days at the local vet x-rays found nails lodged in her stomach and New blood work narrowed down to leukemia. I've could have already been treating her if it wasn't for wasting my time at angels. Thanks for taking my money and time. Another non profit corporate greed of America company who claims to care but doesn't.

vicki cook

2 years ago

I was in from out of state.i cannot describe how professional and competent the staff were.

Megan Welker

2 years ago

The physical therapy branch of Angell West is best in class. They are so good at figuring out what my dog needs, and he is having the time of his life. Which is two birds one stone. He is loving it, and it’s making him better.


3 years ago

They charge you hundred of dollars for a pet release. That's insane.

its noon

3 years ago

They made us pay an exorbitant amount of money and refused to do anything without receiving large sums up front, and didn't even give us information on financial assistance until after we'd already paid. An insane amount of money for very basic testing and services, on top of poor communication and poor care. My pet came home with matted fur and acting completely afraif and unlike himself. Please do yourself a favor and find somewhere better to treat your pet.

G Miranda

3 years ago

Absolutely terrible. My friend's chinchilla went there recently and when he came home his fur was completely matted, they hadn't given him any dust baths, they left plastic in the holding area they had him in (a BIG no no for chinchillas), and he was left visibly shaken. Another thing, they would not release him to my friend until they paid a "pet release fee" of $300. Would not recommend going here AT ALL.


3 years ago

Extremely frustrated trying to reach out to the doctor after ER visits. They did bunch of tests on site but NEVER shared the results. After paying $600, I don't even have a copy of the tests they ran on my cat. I couldn't get a hang on any human unless dialed into the parking lot's line at this location, and the nurse was giving me an attitude. I liked the Angell Boston location, but I am starting to feel that they DO NOT CARE about you nor your animal. So good luck for anyone who decides to continue to go there. Oh did I forgot to mention, they let you pay upfront, and there's no hesitation in charging you big bills. But when you want to ask for medical records, or just a freaking discharge form that's not a template, they will ghost you.

Timmy Pan

3 years ago

I was charged with an outrageous bill for various tests and meds, and in the end they did not cure my pet. I tried another vet and he is cured in one simple appointment for $40, with the medicine being like $10. However, there is an Angell in Brookline, and my one experience with them was excellent. But I would still not go to them for general visits.

Aubrey Zych

3 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about MSPCA-Angell West. I took my dog to the urgent care here after we were both attacked by another dog. From the moment I pulled in the parking lot the staff made me feel 100% confident in their ability to give him the best care. The wait times were not long at all - even with COVID protocols - and the doctor gave me a thorough run through of what to expect throughout the day and in terms of price. If I had gone somewhere else I would’ve walked out with a ~$2k bill. MSPCA did a thorough job for under $500. My dog can be VERY nervous at the vet and is prone to become defensive when examined, but the staff were so loving and caring of him and seemed to really get to know him throughout the day. They took excellent care of my boy and even watched him for several hours after his procedure while I wrapped up at the human urgent care. Along with being excellent vets, their staff is simply compassionate and empathetic to what you’re going through as pet parent with your little one in the hospital. Thank you to Dr. Courtney Peck and everyone at Angell-West for taking excellent care of my boy and giving me peace of mind during a stressful emergency.

wei chen

3 years ago

Bad hospital i take my bird there .first they say there is metal wire in the bird wing.they have to do something that change 12 hundred . But I didn’t find any metal wire . I want bring my bird to other hospital .just after few minutes they bring back my bird they said they already take out wire .chesse they didn’t show me anything any wire .they are lying ???????????????? They don’t have professional ethics!!!!! Don’t go there !!!!.the hospital in Boston 350 s Huntington ave is much much better than it

Abigail Martinez

3 years ago

I made the biggest mistake of bringing my cat to this place and I can see why they’ve gotten such bad reviews. If I could give this review 0 stars I one hundred percent would. My cat was mauled by a neighbors dog like 2 weeks ago and just the exam alone was $170 and had to be paid before even entering the building. I was told he needed surgery the next morning and I needed to make the deposit that same night of something of upwards to $3k. I didn’t have the money then so I opted out of the surgery and went with the option of simple package of what was basically putting a drain on him and them stitching him up plus meds and praying he would get better at home. I ended up paying over $1100 for this. The plan was to go back 5 days after for drain removal and some time after that for stitch removal. I really had hope. I went and they said it wasn’t ready so drive back home and I’m told to come back 2 days after that to get the drains removed and they still weren’t removed. To me he seemed to be doing better, especially morally and I know my cat very well. Only thing was that he wasn’t walking much just yet. Also, he wasn’t eating as much compared to how he was eating before all of this happened but I wasn’t concerned about that. Like I said I know my cat very well. I literally had no indication or anticipated them telling me that he possibly needed 2 additional surgery’s quoted to me at over $10k. One was an exploratory surgery for about $2000+ just so they can check him basically cause he had pus in his wounds. If they found that he needed major surgery that would have cost me to an additional $7k-$10k on top of that. Or my other option was to make the decision to PUT MY CAT TO SLEEP and was given the span of 24 hours. I was bawling my eyes out when the vet told me this because I seriously did not expect that and was excited that he was going to get drains removed and recover home. They really took me by surprise. I didn’t have the money for all of that but I did not believe he needed to be put down. I did my research that day and found a place that took him in early that next morning. Not only did they remove the drains and the stitches but he got his rabies shot and a chip and much better care than this other place for literally $196. The vets weren’t sure why he was stitched up knowing the dog bites could have potentially caused him to get infection. I took him home and was even given a medication to stimulate his eating. That next morning He woke up feeling 100X better and is now walking eating even jumping off my bed all alone. He’s literally almost back to his full self. And to think that they told me he needed to be put to sleep because I couldn’t afford the surgery just baffles me. I don’t recommend anyone going to this place and I pray this doesn’t happen to anyone. I could only imagine how many pets have been unnecessarily put down. I will say, the front desk staff was nice with the process. I understand they’re not the ones who make the decisions of pricing or pet care. But this place is a JOKE.

Alexandra Thomas

3 years ago

The team was so caring and so considerate. Worked very well with the Covid guidelines to make sure we could be there and know exactly what was happening. For an emergency vet, very affordable and I would’ve paid even more for the amount of consideration and love we received. Thank you so much.

Reyansh Kashyap

3 years ago

I don't know any other way to put it, but the managers in charge of hiring certain positions are in "CYA" mode when they mess up, forget about interviews and responding to applicants. I've heard the same from others. Pitiful in terms of professionalism.

Marie, Treece C

3 years ago

If could change my pups primary vet it would be the vet that our Brandi saw this morning. Our pup could not stand on her rear leg and she was showing extreme pain. We brought her in around 11:30 and she was seen right away. When she was done the vet called me and explained everything that was going on, she told me that Brandi had pano in 3 paws, she explained how there heat cycle makes her tired and also explained how and when to consider spaying her. She took her time and explained everything in about 7min then any other vet has ever explained to me before. Thank you so much Dr. Sarah Klein

Mike Connolly

3 years ago

I had a terrible experience at MSPCA-Angell West. I understand that circumstances are difficult with COVID-19, but there was a large lack of communication and professionalism throughout the entire visit. In short, I brought my dog in for an emergency visit due to vomiting. I showed up at 11 (after calling ahead), and they took him in at 11:30am. Visitors were not allowed due to COVID-19. I advised that my dog is very anxious, and I would be staying by the hospital so if they couldn't see him quickly, he could stay with me until they were ready. They advised me it would not be long. 2.5 hours later, I had not heard a word. I finally got a call from them shortly after that, confirming all the information I originally gave about my dog. He had been sitting somewhere inside there for 2.5 hours without being looked at. A half hour later, they called and said he was all set and would be out shortly. 20 minute later, nothing. I called them back, they put me on hold for a while before coming back and saying "oh he actually wasn't all set". Some simple communication in the process would have gone a long way. The lack of sympathy and communication was surprising, and I will never go back here.

Patricia Steinhauer

3 years ago

Dr Ackley and Dr Malikoff are just the best. They take very good care of our elderly cats and dogs. I can't say enough good things about them.

Sam Ciaranca

3 years ago

Our golden retriever was in pain for weeks with a broken toe nail that was regrowing improperly. After two vets told us it was dermatitis, we were at our wit's end. Fortunately, the empathetic and intelligent people at MSPCA-Angell did everything they could to provide us with a consult as soon as possible. They went out of their way to call us, ask how he was doing, and answer any questions after his issue was solved. Would highly recommend these people.

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