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Destiny Dest

2 years ago

i was at emergency last saturday with my kitten theo he had PIF dr Joseph Collins was very human with me and my kitten, thank you very much ???? no matter how devastated I am in pain, my theo didn't deserve to suffer he rested???????? thank you again Dr !

Jennifer Long

2 years ago

It’s the admin and manager of admin that earned this poor review. Doctors and nurses were great. With this kind of management I’m gonna need to think twice about continuing with Blue Pearl. The manager was argumentative, use crude language with me, and was very unprofessional. Who needs this with so many competing Services in the area?

Jean Nardone

2 years ago

Kindness, Understanding and Compassion. They are absolutely wonderful <3

Elena R

2 years ago

My dog was in distress in the overnight hours and begging to go outside for hours yet nothing coming out. He ended up sitting there crying in pain at 4AM so I called Mass Vet in Woburn since we live nearby. They were only taking severe cases and referred me to Blue Pearl in Waltham. I called and they said to come by. Twenty minutes later we were in the parking lot and they were getting him in the door. It ended up just being some bad diarrhea and the vet and the other staff were all so kind. They told me on the phone how much it cost to walk in, then made sure I knew the cost of everything along the way. While I hope to not have any more emergencies, I am so glad to know this place exists!

Ariel Li

2 years ago

They razor cut my baby all over his stomach for ultrasound shave. Very unprofessional and careless. Im heartbroken to see my 11 months baby boy just got a rude treat/ hurt at blue pearl - 180 Bear Hill Rd, Waltham, MA 02451. There are blood scab shown all over his chest and gentle stomach the day after the visit. Cut by the razor of shaving. he’s very uncomfortable after leaving the hospital. He’s not eating but keep licking his stomach where he got razor cuts. Please see pictures attached. First day might look like clipper irritation but from day two , the blood scab shows everywhere. Irritation shouldn’t have blood come out! We had an appointment for internal medicines and they need to run the ultrasound test. The physician/technician mentioned they need to shave the hair on his stomach and then after the test they gave us some aloe said he had a little razor burn. We didn’t get the chance to see how bad it was, thought it was just some skin sensitive and redness. However when we got home and saw how it real look like I feel so heartbroken and angry. Especially when saw he’s consistently licking the stomach and I know he feels burn. I can’t imagine how rude they are when they shaving his gentle stomach. I can bear with how ugly they shaved the area but the whole stomach burn? If razor were blunt like that , the hair may got tear off instead of shaved off. That’s even more hurt. Those burns are not life threatened but I believe every dog parent can feel the sore of seeing their baby got this careless treat in hospital. The razor burn may disappear in a week but it never means it’s ok for anyone to be so careless and rude and my baby certainly never deserves this. Dog parents, you never know how they treat your dog when they take away your baby. We were seeking cures but ended up with more hurt from the hospital! An update picture of today morning we can see the blood scab everywhere . I don’t want to imagine my poor baby being force shaved by human, who he always trust 100%. it’s so heartbroken. An update on the third day, every time I put ointment to his belly my heart is broken one more time. I’ve raised a complain to the blue Pearl customer experience team and I’ll try all I can to share this in media.

Mikayla Allain

2 years ago

The team here was amazing with my very fearful German Shepherd mix. He needed an emergency ultrasound today and not only did they get him in very quickly (I know that’s no easy feat since covid!) but Dr. DePaula was incredibly personable and able to ease my mind over the phone. She even was able to perform her exam prior to the ultrasound without sedation (I had told the team before he went in that sedation may be needed) which eased my mind that she moved slow and gently to keep him comfortable. I know many people struggle with the idea of our fur babies going in without us, but I went to Dr. DePaula with a glowing recommendation from my primary DVM, and I was not disappointed!

Shane St Hilaire

2 years ago

At first was skeptical driving out 2hrs from Western Massachusetts, but our aging senior Boxer needed a Ultrasound immediately. They provided great care while she was there, we chose not to leave her there and try taking care of her at home, which as of 10/29 is working well.. She seemed well cared for while there. prepared for the price and we didn't like the receptionist answer to a couple of our follow up calls but....whatever our local vet was decent


2 years ago

This place was good on 2 counts, **totally horrendous** on others. I won't use them again. Positives: they were able to take her via the ER the day I called, and her CBP (bloodwork), X-rays and ultrasound were analyzed and results communicated to me relatively quickly. Now the very, very negative: When I dropped her off, I warned the tech that my kitty was extremely distressed and has a trauma history and consequently would be *very* difficult to handle. The tech was totally unsympathetic (or maybe just overconfident). Unsurprisingly, they later said she had a "very rough" blood draw. "Very rough" = her front legs were rubbed absolutely raw and bruised and she was **limping**--both one foreleg and one back leg--when I picked her up the next day; plus, her CK level was sky high, which they said could be due to "muscle trauma" from their restraint of her during the tests! Also, her cat carrier and she absolutely **reeked of urine**--I don't think they bothered to change the pad the entire time she was there (24 hours). Over decades I've had cats who have needed hospitalization--overnight stays, and I've *never* had a cat come home with urine all over herself and her carrier. Also, during one of the calls I'd asked the vet (or tech, not sure which) if I would get after-care instructions; she laughed and said obviously they'd provide instructions. When I picked her up the tech said there were no instructions!! Also, they told me she'd be ready at 8pm. I was there at 8. It took an hour and a half and the receptionist told me they were "working on the invoice." I'd already paid 3/4s of the bill on the deposit! What invoice takes another hour and a half to "work on"???


2 years ago

Had previously had good experiences here. This time, the doctor who had charge of my cat the first night he was hospitalized seemed set on euthanizing him. After discharge, we were left with 2 pending lab results. I called to get the results and discuss how he was doing. Nine hours later, I called again. The doctor finally called back (during an appointment I told the front desk I would be in), and then immediately left. When I called back 15 minutes later, I was told “she’s gone, and the doctor who is on now says sorry for the phone tag. You can call back tomorrow.” If you’re going to call families back 2 minutes before you leave work, maybe brief the other doctor on staff about the case so they can answer questions. I’ll be going elsewhere from now on.

Nicole Freedman

2 years ago

Our Sasha girl has 2 emergencies within 9 days Both experiences included overnight stays and a surgery. From ER to discharge the communication and explanation of illness and diagnosis was great. Very upfront about cost. I spoke to many doctors and support staff. Everyone was Professional, empathetic and put my mind at ease that our Sasha girl was in wonderful hands. Thank you ❤️

Kristina C

2 years ago

My dog and I had about as good of an experience at BluePearl as you can in an emergency. They were great about communicating the treatment plan and price. Wait times could be communicated a little better but I understand that things can change quickly at a pet ER. When I picked up my dog they let me know they didn't even charge as much as the lower estimate and refunded me a good chunk, which is always nice. Afterwards, they were great about following up with her bandage removal and called several times to check in. Overall, my dog received great care and I never had to feel worried or paranoid about being upsold/overcharged. 5/5 would return, but hope that I never have to ????

Pepper Loop

2 years ago

We called ahead to see if our pet would be a candidate for an emergency visit. I explained the situation and the person I was talking to said that we could bring our pet in any time if we felt we needed to do so. A short time later, we drove to the office and called from outside. We explained the situation again and this time, we were told this does not constitute an emergency, so we need to go elsewhere. I am stunned. After reading many of the other negative reviews, I am glad we did not subject our pet to this place after all.

Casey Palmateer

2 years ago

Our yorkie had an emergency today, they were able to accommodate us the same day. We are grateful, thank you to the amazing front desk team for your kindness and staff. We appreciate you! Our little guy is doing great.

Annie Weiss

2 years ago

The practitioners at Blue Pearl are excellent. I can’t thank them enough for the outstanding treatment and care they have provided to my kitties???????? Thank you for all you do

Steve Perry

2 years ago

It would be wonderful if a place that says it is open 24 hours to answer the phone.. After 15 rings, I think it would be important if it was an emergency to answer the phone..

Thomas Riley

2 years ago

We had a great experience all around. Service, price and care. Staff was very helpful and caring about our cat and his care. They are definitely much more reasonable in price than other veterinarian or pet hospital locations that we've been to In the past. At BluePearl pet hospital My cat's health was their priority. I have never been to a pet hospital like this before that put my pet's health first & price 2nd. We will definitely return to this location and use their services for all our pets..

Bridget McGraw

2 years ago

My dog was there a few weeks ago for a colonoscopy and treatment for IBD, but was given a clean bill of health. Since then his health has decreased dramatically. He actually spent a good portion of the weekend there under observation where they didn’t do much, told us he was fine, sent him home where he got worse, again. We took him to Angell for a second opinion since we weren’t getting anywhere at Blue Pearl. At Angell they did an ultrasound and found a mass in his intestine, again Blue Pearl had told us was fine and just IBD. Angell wanted to do a ct scan but are booked out for a month so we started calling other hospitals. Blue Pearl Waltham told us they didn’t do ct scans at that location, so we called around some more places, and one place we called was Blue Pearl’s Boston location. The person there said “we don’t so ct scans but they absolutely do them at Waltham” So we called Waltham again and again were told they don’t do them *at all*, so we relayed that info we’d gotten from their Boston location…the person on the phone paused and then said “ok well we don’t do them unless you’re an oncology patient” which is not what we were told two other times. There’s a big difference between “we do not do this procedure” and “we don’t do them unless you’re throwing more money at us even though you already have imaging showing a high risk for cancer” To be clear this is an *emergency*, we have imagining showing something is clearly wrong, and the only way they will do a diagnostic test is if they can milk more money out of us and slow down my dog’s urgent need for a CT scan in the process. So now I kind of hate myself for ever bringing him there in the first place since they managed to miss a serious finding and then gaslit us that he was fine when he clearly wasn’t, and then someone in reception repeatedly lied to us about what diagnostic tests are available there. I’d heard this place was all about the money and I wish I’d pushed harder to get his original treatment done at Angell


2 years ago


Dawn Biddiscombe

2 years ago

I had to bring my 12yr old cat in just after midnight tonight for an abscess on her cheek most likely due to a bad tooth. Driving there was a scary experience as she has never in her life been out of the house. Needless to say she was very stressed the entire ride (25mins). I called as soon as I got in the parking lot and informed the receptionist of how bad she was panting. They sent someone right out to get her while I was on hold then came back on the phone and took all of the necessary info. I was told the Dr. would call us soon with an update. The doctor called me after maybe 15mins and explained everything to me! I of course agreed to the price ($400 for a drain of the infection and meds to go home with…NOT BAD AT ALL) I was very pleased with my experience here and if I ever am in need of an emergency again this is where I will be going!! Just wish it wasn’t just an emergency hospital!!! Thank you again Dr. Foyo and the entire staff!!


2 years ago

I had the worst experience of my life be slightly not as horrible because of how great this staff is. My cat unfortunately was too sick to make it but the vets kind words and compassion was really comforting. Despite covid protocols she allowed me and my partner to come in , say goodbye and be with my baby while he transitioned to a better place.


2 years ago

Our 11 yo Beagle Scout was recovering from dental surgery when he began a six hour stretch of vomiting & diarrhea two days post op. We arrived at Blue Pearl at 2am as Scout was crashing quickly with bloody diarrhea & dehydration. The care he received was professional & compassionate. They responded immediately to his needs & happy to say he went home 36 hrs later with a diagnosis of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, & a bill less than the low end quote. The ending could have been much different if not for the expertise of the staff early that morning. They communicated with me often & answered all my questions. We are repeat customers of BP. Our dogs antics brought us to their doors many times. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Marcus Kwong

2 years ago

Please do not rely on the service to print your pet’s paw. I would suggest making the paw print yourself. There is a chance you might be heartbroken. You can see the other review where this is an issue. I decided to put my dog down at this local hospital. I was intrigued by the option to have my dog’s paw printed. I originally wanted to do this myself, but I figured the hospital could do this service for me. I requested 3 paw prints from this hospital. They do offer one free paw print with this service, and I paid for the other 2 prints. I have siblings that wanted prints of our childhood dog. It was painful to put him down, but we trusted this hospital after reading the reviews. 4 days after we put our dog of 17 years down, we received a call to pick up the paw print. Upon receiving the paw print, they only printed 1 mold of my dog’s paw. There was a mistake on the “request”. They refunded me for the other prints, but the damage was done. This was heartbreaking because this was the last physical part of my best friend. We are left with just 1 paw print to share with 3 siblings that do not live in the same state. I spoke to Rachel on 4/22 and she offered memorial items for my dog. I ordered some items and Rachel did not send me a confirmation email or call me for an update. It has been 3 weeks and I still have no idea when the items will arrive. I highly recommend not putting any faith in this service. I do not want other owners to be feeling the way that I did. I regret putting my trust in this hospital.

Cassouki Chouramanis

2 years ago

I've been here for two emergency visits with my chihuahua mix, bruno. The staff is friendly and caring. My dog hates going to the vet and usually freaks out, gets extremely squirmy and needs a muzzle but he's the best I've ever seen with these wonderful humans. He clearly feels safe with them and that's a relief for me. Both times I've come in worried and crying about my pup and leave with peace of mind. Thank you so much!!????????????

Kristin Intelisano

2 years ago

My dog needed an ophthalmologist. He was seen less than one year ago. He was diagnosed with a chronic and recurring problem. Lots of expense and time to establish his care w this specialist. Now the diagnosed problem has recurred. This clinic will not prescribe medication (on the basis he did not experience the acute problem when they saw him only the symptoms). When I requested a call from the doctor I did not receive one. (I was called by someone not his doctor to explain that he can’t be seen until July and they can’t offer help). This is not only terrible, it’s unethical. You cannot expect people to see you, pay you, wait for you... to then be told “sorry not our problem”. My dog is in pain. It’s heartbreaking. Their lack of care is appalling. 4/20/21 update: on Friday I was contacted by this clinic re: my Google review (not by the veterinarian as requested, and not regarding the dog). When it became clear that the sole purpose of this call was to request that I remove the review the call was politely ended. No Rachael, you are not the doctor. And no, I will not remove this feedback (while said pet is still squinting in pain). I’ll unnecessarily reiterate that this dog was seen by a specialist at this location and diagnosed with a chronic problem. When the problem recurred, the vet did not return the requested call and the clinic did nothing (for a highly painful problem). This was not an owner refusing emergency care. This was a clinic outright refusing care to an animal they recently treated and for a known problem. It’s shameful. Stating that they wish my dog well is a ploy to appear professional when their actions run counter. I’ve now had two veterinarians confirm that their “policies and procedures” regarding this situation are anything but caring (or professional).

Janet Lopez

2 years ago

On Sunday, February 21 I brought my 21-year-old cat to blue pearl he had to be put to rest the best decision for him not for me. I was asked if I wanted to paw print I said yes Time passed and I never got a call so I called them looking for his paw print they told me they never submitted my request and of course there’s nothing you can do now they broke my heart one last thing my one last connection is gone. Not a veryGood last impression of blue pearl.

irene karayan

2 years ago

They save my cat twice for serious liver problem this winter . For ever great full . That pet is my lifeline and companion day and night .i am 84 years old and no kids around he his my soulmate . Very organized group , knowledgeable and very caring. The best of the best !

Patrick Murray

3 years ago

Blue Pearl and the entire team were nothing short of fantastic when I took my dog there recently after she got a deep cut on her shoulder. I think most importantly I'm glad they are open 24 hours since I tried a couple animal hospitals closer to me and they all closed around 6/7. Blue Pearl was understanding, compassionate, and kept me updated throughout the night with multiple phone calls and updates on how my dog was doing. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable during a nerve-wracking time. I read some negative reviews mostly from people complaining about price, it's a hospital and would you complain about costs if you had to take a family member to the hospital? They're emergency services and sometimes those get pricey but it's absolutely worth it having the peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands. They were excellent with explaining how she would be feeling the next couple weeks, gave me recommendations that were very clear on the discharge paperwork, and even checked in by phone calls a couple times since she's been home. When I've taken her back for follow ups the parking is packed so clearly many people share my opinion. I would highly recommend Blue Pearl to anyone!

Amy Brodsky

3 years ago

The worst. Please due diligence and read reviews for Waltham and Charlestown. Took my pup here for allergic reaction to a vaccine. She had almost died once and the vet was closing and said out of abundance of caution and based on her symptoms go to the hospital. What transpired was the most unprofessional and over priced experience. - was told 4 times that my puppy was a diva. - when I went to pick her up she was worse than when she went in - when I inquired the tech said “she is MORE than fine and more than stable she was up allll night barking and bothering us while we worked” seriously? And they never took her out she had urine all over her. She is full potty trained. - she then made a wise crack and said “maybe try NOT vaccinating her next time” - they urged me to keep her overnight (1,200 plus) and then told me she didn’t need it. - the manager was CYA. The entire time. Flip and rude. I called HQ to discuss the bill and suddenly the manager called me back immediately and harassed me for calling HQ. - I am so fortunate my pup was not in dire straights like the first time and it was just cost, horrible customer service and another trip to the vet to get on the correct meds. Due diligence.

Peter Bowden

3 years ago

The team at Blue Pearl was amazing! Friendly and helpful on the phone and when we arrived. Great service. We've been to many vets over the years. We were very impressed! Thank you, Blue Pearl!!! Our cat is now home happy and resting.

Dennis Luong

3 years ago

Needed to bring my dog in after she ate some absorbent material in the late evening and they were the closest place that was available for us to be seen. They are taking excellent covid measures and check you in over the phone, take your pet inside, and then call you throughout the whole visit to give you updates on what’s happening, paperwork, etc. Vet was very thorough in explaining what happened and how my dog was reacting to the meds they gave her and then gave great discharge instructions. Everyone I talked to was super nice and friendly, even despite the 10pm check in on a Friday night.

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