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Lesley Sullivan

2 years ago

We couldn’t be any happier with American Goldendoodle! When I was searching for a reputable breeder, I called and emailed several different breeders, and American Goldendoodle was the ONLY breeder to take the time to speak with me and answer questions. Not only that, but Denise invited me and my daughter to her home to visit with the pups to make sure they were what we wanted prior to putting down a deposit (the other breeders required hefty deposits to even visit, and none were responsive in answering basic questions). The home and outdoor grounds where the puppies are raised are gorgeous, and it’s obvious that Denise and her team take great care of their dogs with lots of love.

Jaime Cesar

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience getting our puppy at American Goldendoodle! Denise and her staff were so kind and patient with us and let us spend so much time bonding with the puppies. Once we made our decision they gave us all the information and supplies we needed to take our baby girl home. Our puppy is so well behaved and is the perfect addition to our family!

Troy Morrison

2 years ago

Please do not do business with this person. Read the reviews, this is a puppy mill disguised as a legitimate breeder. I do not like to leave negative reviews as I am a business owner myself, but I almost got taken by this person. Things were not right from the start, didn’t know the date the puppies were supposed to be available, didn’t know how many were in the litter, couldn’t give me a picture of the puppies at any point in time. I left a deposit despite feeling a little weird about the transaction. The night I left the deposit she told me the puppies were about 6 1/2 weeks and then one week later called me and told me I needed to pick them up that night, that they were 9 1/2 weeks old. If you care about animals, do not support this. Please, please do not support this. Please share this review with everyone you can.

Kayla Muniz

2 years ago

My family and I have been looking for the perfect pup as a new addition to our family. We were so thankful to have met Denise. As soon as we got to her home she invited us in and was super polite. She asked what gender and type of goldendoodle we were interested in seeing. She made sure we knew all information regarding the type of breed we were looking at, which also included a folder of information. All her pups were so beautifully healthy, confident, playful, and loving, I wish I could’ve taken them all home. We ended up choosing a mini goldendoodle whom our daughter name Cornelius. He is truly the perfect fit and easily matches our energies. Upon leaving, we were given a puppy goodie bag which included a toy, leash, food (both dry and wet), and a collar. I would definitely recommend Denise and her pups if anyones looking.

Patty B

2 years ago

Denise is fabulous. Denise and her staff was generous in their time and gave my family an opportunity to engage with the puppy. She provides valuable tips for taking care of your new family member. Excellent service and professionalism from Denise and staff. We are grateful for our adorable Goldendoodle. Thank you, thank you.


2 years ago

Delighted- We purchased a puppy from Denise at American Goldendoodle last week. Ellen met us, showed us the puppies, she was awesome. She took plenty of time with us, provided education regarding the breed and puppy care, even showed us how to trim his nails and fur, how to brush him and what to use to bathe him. They set us up with everything we needed to bring our pup home and keep him happy and safe. I would not hesitate to get a puppy from Denise. She is very responsive to texts and calls with questions and support. I may just be back in a few months for another wonderful ball of fluff! Thank you American Goldendoodle! We are in love!

m sam

2 years ago

The team was great to work with and very knowledgeable. We were able to spend plenty of time with the pups to make sure we had the right fit for our family. We couldn’t be happier! Max is so sweet ❤️????

Douglas Sohn

2 years ago

Denise and her team were excellent and wonderful with helping us to find and get our new puppy Benji earlier this year. He's been a great dog, happy, healthy. Our whole family has loved our new addition. Thank you Denise!

Caitlin Kelloway

2 years ago

We got this beautiful 2month old boy that we named Mylo from Denise. She was kind and professional helped us out in every way. Our handler was Ellen who was also very kind and amazing took care of us in meeting all the pups. I highly recommend Denise if you are looking for a beautiful golden doodle. My kids are the happiest

Bobby Button

2 years ago

We had the puppy a little over a week, he is about 3 months old. He is a perfect fit for our family. He is so warm and cuddly and it is very obvious that he was well taking care of and loved from the day he was born. He is very responsive to commands and was already piddle pad trained and is almost fully potty trained for outside at this point. It’s easy to tell that for American Golden Doodle it about so much more than puppy sales, and that they love all of there pups and care about the homes they are going too, and they get off on the right paw forward. They whole process was very smooth, and full of love.

Maria Gottshall

2 years ago

Denise is amazing! You can absolutely tell that she is a true professional. We got our medium/mini goldendoodle (now named Scout) from Denise and we could not be more obsessed with our new furry family member! We ended up at American Goldendoodle after watching a co-workers goldendoodles and falling in love with them. My sister-in-law also has a goldendoodle from American Goldendoodle and we thought that she got lucky with a one-in-million pup. Once we figured out that her pup was also from American Goldendoodle--we knew it was NOT a coincidence that all of pups we knew from Denise/American Goldendoodle had one-in-a-million personalities. It was then we knew we had to go there & I called Denise. These pups are just truly the happiest pups, eager to learn, eager to please and ready to LOVE endlessly. Denise makes the entire process easy and stress-FREE with flexible availability & plenty of options for pups. If you want a pup that will love you endlessly & a positive, memorable dog buying experience--you have to go to American Goldendoodle. I promise, you won't regret it. Thank you so much, Denise! Once little Scout is fully trained, we will be back to get her a sibling! :)

Laurie Lautieri

2 years ago

We picked Molly out Of four pups; on January 12,21we are delighted with her. I have had dogs my entire life. Molly is my sixteenth and genuinely one of the best. Molly trained easily, never destructive so devoted, and she is not even seven months old. She had all her commands down within two weeks super smart breed. We love her and could not have asked for a better puppy! I may have to get another!! ????

MariaGabriela Murphy

2 years ago

From beginning to end, Denise was available and very helpful. When we arrived Tina was there to help us. We were given the opportunity to interact with a few puppies until our Boys finally set on our Buddy. We are very happy with our new addition to the family.

stephanie bodor

2 years ago

We had a great experience with American Goldendoode. Our mini goldendoodle is now 6 months old and is doing wonderfully-happy, playful, easily trained. The whole staff was helpful when we picked her up, and they helped us with beginning supplies including the crate, bed, food and some toys. I would recommend this breeder!

Biju Mohan

2 years ago

We started searching for a puppy, in October 2020. Many calls to many pet breeders and others yielded many months of waiting. A casual conversation with my colleague asking me to try out American GoldenDoodle led me to call Denise. Went to her home and there he was a bundle of joy. There are so many joyous emotions when you have a puppy in your arms and he is so curious to know our family. Denise and her team are top-notch preparing us to step by step in understanding the puppy, taking care, and the goodie back. Mind you we started the day we wouldn't get a puppy for the next few years and we ended up bringing him home. So the team gave all that we needed to make him comfortable. The puppy, extremely adorable, cute, and loveable golden doodle who is so loving equally to each member of our household. We set him up in his crate and playpen as Denise said. Before the day ended, we would have called Denise & her staff 10 plus times and all responses had been so prompt, very informative as if we now have an extended family. He slept well without disturbing anyone at night and the next day he was awake. We could keep him in his space and play with him once in a while. They had given us stuffed toys that he used that helped him to adjust so easily. Food, shampoo, diet details, deworming medicines...all so well managed. He's so well-behaved for a 10-week old puppy and so easy to give him a bath. The magic that Denise and the team do to have these bundles of joys to adjust so easily with our homes is phenomenal. I do wish them the very best and recommend them to anyone who's in to get such a bundle of joy. Check out the picture, you'll see.

Rylie Warren

2 years ago

We spoke to Denise on the phone, and a few days later we were invited to her wonderful home to meet the pups! We came home with our handsome Archie, a mini golden doodle and he has made our family whole! Denise supplied us with everything needed for our new guys first few weeks home and educated us on how to care for him. She raises her puppies with such love and care so they have an easy transition in their forever home. We recommend Denise and her pups for anyone looking for their own doodle!

sara mohajer

2 years ago

We have been looking for a long time and came across American Goldendoodles through a friend who has a mini goldendoodle from there. I called Denise. She was very helpful, professional and sweet. We got to visit the puppies two time in less than a week. The environment showed how caring every one is for the dogs and the puppies. Denise and her staff were extremely kind and helpful and made this process a pleasant and memorable experience. During our visits we never felt rushed but just welcomed. We feel grateful with our experience and we definitely recommend Denise.

Tiffany Remillard

2 years ago

We picked up our little guy last weekend. He is simply amazing. Denise assistant Tina was amazing she answered all questions asked was very detailed an made sure we knew what the pup would need. It’s been a week now an it’s like our puppy has been her forever he is the most lovable little thing ever an is great with the kids.


2 years ago

Folks it's a simple thing to do. Ask them if you can meet the mother of the puppies they are selling. I asked this simple question and they stopped communicating with me. They say the puppies are born there and they don't believe in transporting the puppies, etc. Ok so the mom should be there. But she's not. Heck they couldn't even tell me what the puppies looked like (the photos online aren't even theirs I bet). Look at BBB complaints. Don't pay over $4,000 for a puppy from who knows where that they shipped up to MA in who knows what conditions. That's called a puppy mill. They had sheds in the back, catch my drift? Very sad.

Jennifer Lemoine

2 years ago

I had been searching for months for an "hypoallergenic" puppy to adopt. After having absolutely no luck I decided to investigate breeders and applied to a handful. Denise at American Goldendoodle was the only one who replied. I had reached out at the right time. She had three puppies left due to folks who opted to put off their adoptions to the next litter, to go on vacation now that travel bans had been lifted. We met with Tina who was obviously very passionate about her job (and our little guy)! She gave us lots of information, a bag of goodies and confidence before we left. After 24 hours Hamilton has begun to settle in quite nicely, is taking to the harness and leash and loving his walks. His second night was dry as he has already learned to signal when he needs to go out. Super Smart!!! Thank you all for our new love bug and family member!

Dave Crowe

2 years ago

A great experience all around!


3 years ago

I reached out to Denise multiple times, spoke with her daily and every time she said she was busy and would call back in a few minutes but never did. After doing more research, I became worried to get a puppy from her, the reviews say it all to be honest. But after only getting to have a five minute conversation, I opened up to her about why I wanted a dog, to help with my panic attacks and companionship, she was very avoidant after this conversation. I believe Denise was discriminating based on my panic attacks, which dogs have proven to reduce. After reading her glamorous site that is basically just a vanity site for Denise, she talks about how many of her dogs go on to be support animals and service dogs. Which was one of the main reasons I was interested in the puppies she raises. It is heartbreaking when someone makes you feel the way Denise made me and my family feel. I feel for the puppies produced by her, and the people that do get puppies from her, better hope nothing goes wrong, she probably won’t answer the phone.

Jack Bowden

3 years ago

We had a wonderful experience picking out our puppies today. It was so apparent how much Denise loved each and every one of them, the incredible care they had been given, and how much she loved them. Denise gave us explicit instruction on every little detail of how to care and love for these precious babies and sent us home with a huge bag with every thing we need to get started . Our new puppies are so gentle, loving, affectionate, and playful...thank you so much Denise !!

Lorna Kerner

3 years ago

My experience is that I saw American Doodles Website . I was searching for my family. I wanted a dog that would fit into our life. I am so grateful that I found our puppy from that site. Apollo our Dog is a reflection of the Team and Parents also a homey environment. Our new family Puppy Apollo has had a great start . Thank you so much . LLK

Brooke Gutierrez

3 years ago

We are so impressed with American Goldendoodle, as is our Veterinarian. After we visited Denise's home, we have consistently had great communication with her even about our silliest questions. It was great to meet our baby's parents. We can certainly see where she gets her sweet, obedient personality. We enjoy staying in touch with Denise, sharing family milestones and puppy adventures! We highly recommend American Goldendoodle!!

Margaret L

3 years ago

We brought home a puppy last week and are loving her! Thank you to Denise and her team! They were great to deal with. Our puppy has a great disposition and is settling right in! Thank you!!

Tammy MacDonald

3 years ago

We looked and looked and stumbled upon the American Goldendoodles website and loved everything about them and their process for picking our puppy! I sent an application and heard back from Denise within a day and then we spoke …

Marissa Lane

3 years ago

We got our puppy, Benny, in December and he is all we could ask for and more! He’s such a beautiful dog, we get stopped every time we’re out! He is the friendliest gentle giant and training him was a breeze. Highly highly recommend a golden …

Matty Forrest

3 years ago

Called several time and left messages and never got a response after 1 week, so I emailed. I received a email that said sorry I never got back to you, but that she would call me today. Another 10 days go bye and still no response. After …

Pattie Camilli

3 years ago

We brought our puppy home a few weeks ago and are so happy with her. Denise and her team are really great to work with. My husband and I were so impressed.

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