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Destanni Byron

2 years ago

I originally started coming to this vet for my rabbit and from the beginning they always treated her like she was their own. From there on as I got more animals naturally all my animals started to go to them and my pets absolutely love going to the vet. My dogs now run inside and whine and make a whole ruckus to see their favorite vets and receptionists. I love how they always give different options when it comes to the care of your animals. They make the stress of going to the vet disappear. Amazing!!!!!

Blasting Through Bell's Palsy blast bells

2 years ago

The worst vet establishment ever medical neglect and discrimination

Lisa Markham

2 years ago

I can't say enough about this team. I lucked out when I brought my 2 older dogs here. I've never experienced such skilled and personal care for my animals. We've had a rough year; oral surgeries, ear infection, serious cut leg wound. Dr. Hezekiah, Jessica, and the whole team have taken such good care of us. I am so thankful and recommend them to anyone who will listen!

Debi Ardon

2 years ago

We are so thankful to All Creatures, Dr. Hezekiah and Patty. Our cat Twinkie had been sick, and even though we are not clients of All Creatures, we got an appointment within a few days. We were expecting to have to put her down. Dr. Hezekiah explained all our options to us and she was so respectful of our emotions. The team at All Creatures did everything they could to make sure that not only Twinkie was comfortable, but that we were too. They took such good care of Twinkie, it was if they had known her her whole life. Thank you for everything today. ~Debi & Ken Ardon

Marissa Pacheco

3 years ago

It was my first time going here and both the vet tech and doctor were very kind and helpful. They were very responsive and I’m very satisfied with this vet. I’m very happy I choose this one for my kitten!

Sabrina Faia

3 years ago

Thanks for rejecting me and my dying pet “All creatures” .... I arrived at All creatures today in salem with my bearded dragon who appeared to be in crucial condition (another vet used this term to describe him), I called to let them know I was outside and asked if they had a vet to see my beardie or atleast tell me what could be going on with him. They told me they had no one available to see him until next week without even asking me what his symptoms were or why we were trying to get in to see a doctor. They did not show any sort of care for him and eventually my called failed because of their location so I tried to go in the building to finish my conversation. A women walked out, stopped me in my tracks and told me I’m not allowed to go inside so she turned around and locked the door on me and asked if I could “hold on a sec” while she went to speak to some man in a truck. My Beardie was in desperate need of emergency care and I did not have time to wait. Luckily The veterinary Emergency group was able to help him and refer us to Angel animal medical center in Jamaica plain. No thanks to all creatures.

Matthew LaMothe

3 years ago

Great docs who really care about your pet

Neal Spellman

3 years ago

Took my cat here after I got her from a shelter. Was told she was incredibly sick and wouldn't last long after a blood test, only to bring her in again and get told it was a "mistake" and that now she appeared to be stressed, so they wanted to start her on medication immediately to calm her down. EDIT: My initial review had this marked as "poor quality", but I'll now include it "not professional" because I did not agree to have any private details of my pet's record disclosed. Yet the business, without inquiring for consent, shared private details about my pet's visits. You're welcome to justify what happened and disagree, but do not use any private details in your responses. Yeah, I never looked back here after that. The cat was never stressed and everything was fine when I went to a new vet.

Wendy Atwood

3 years ago

So caring. They go above and beyond.

Walter Zarenko

3 years ago

It's been a over a year we need some more medicine for our cat. They tell us they can't give us any and we can't get a visit for 3 weeks. How about giving us some to get through to the appointment. Poor service the animals should come first!

Sarah Hurtado

3 years ago

Great staff, everyone is very friendly. The vet is knowlegeable. I bring my cockatiel there. It is clean and usually doesn't take very long to get in and out.

Samantha Leighton

3 years ago

I took my hedgehog Frankee here for a check up and the staff could not have been any kinder. They adored Frankee and took great care of him. The people who work here are all so clearly animal lovers and take great pride in their jobs. I will be bringing my pets here for check ups more in the future.

Bud Jennings

3 years ago

You'd need to sit down and get a cup of coffee to read all I have to say about the wonderful people at All Creatures. To be brief: the front desk professionals, the vet techs, and our veterinarian (Dr. Welch) redefine excellent care. They handle big and small issues with immeasurable compassion and expertise, and each person we've dealt with clearly wants to help both the pet and the people who love them. This place offers nothing but high-quality veterinary service. My partner and I might be "helicopter" pet parents and no doubt would tax any other clinic's patience. But no matter how many (and there are many) questions we have, we get fast answers and never feel rushed. It should be mentioned that every person working there seems to be genuinely happy in their job. That says a lot about the workplace culture and the clear devotion to their clients.

D Harviston

3 years ago

My first visit for a check-up and DNA test went so well. Great staff and care...It's not the easiest to find an avian vet. 100% transparency with pricing. I highly recommend! Thanks to all the Staff.

Heather Amodeo

3 years ago

Very poor customer service Extremely disappointed I have been taking my animals here for the last six years and all the money I have spent when I actually needed my sick dog to be seen They screwed up the appointment and said she could no longer be seen or I could sit and wait I mad the appointment six hours in advance I easily could have taken her somewhere else!!’ There screw up and the dog pays the price Would never recommend!!’nnn

Jamie Saxonis

3 years ago

Dr. Sarah Dixon is incredible! She is so kind and has helped my ferret, Linguini, so much these past few months. She always answered my calls and emails immediately and was very knowledgeable. Dr. Dixon made me feel like Linguini and I were in good hands. When I had to put him down not long ago, she was very patient, sincere and compassionate. I recommend her 100%. If you see this, Dr. Dixon, thank you so much. I just received your note and the paw print; it was beautiful.

Jordan Chouinard

3 years ago

This is the hospital that took such good care for my hamster Oreo who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr.Welch took such great care of my Oreo and I can’t thank you enough.

Lynn Donovan

4 years ago

I have 4 Kitties and All creatures provide them with the best care. I can be relieved to know that my furbabies are well taken care of and cared for! I highly recommend All creatures for your furry family members. Dr. H and Dr. Dixon are amazing with them!

Carlota Chartier-Coates

4 years ago

If you wish to have your precious pet cremated, this is it.

Amy Daigle

4 years ago

All Creatures is the best vet practice I've ever been too. I'm a long term exotic owner and finding a vet that actually cares for them is difficult! I've been to many vets where staff actually looked disgusted when I brought in pet rats, but everyone at All Creatures is so kind and even tells me how cute they think rats are. And it's not just rats-- I've seen it with all sorts of exotics including reptiles! All Creatures can be a bit on the pricier side as it is an AAHA accredited practice. For exotics, I haven't had any problems with their pricing at all, but if you have a dog or a cat I truly recommend having pet insurance to help balance off the cost! Overall, the staff at All Creatures is incredible. Everyone has been so professional and kind even on their off days. I recommend it to anyone with exotic pets because you know you'll be getting the care that they truly need.

Alicha D

4 years ago

Thw people who work there are always friendly and efficient.

Christine Allen

4 years ago

Friendly staff care about ur animals

Iliana Argüello

4 years ago

They were really good to my dog. Staff was nice, knowledgable and gentle. I'm very happy I went there, and I will continue taking my awesome, handsome, toy Australian Shepherd dog to All Creatures Veterinary Hospital!

J Fox

4 years ago

They had a board at the door welcoming my kitten for her first checkup. Enough said

Jack Nessen

4 years ago

Amazing vets and vet techs!

Jerry Zanni

4 years ago

Brought my sick rabbit in today on an emergency visit. After trying other places they were the first to say "how soon can you bring him in". I was very impressed with the professional and caring attitude I experienced. From the moment i walked through the door i knew I had found the best. After taking the rabbit they kept me informed of what was happening and kept me updated. Dr. Cassandra Welch was fantastic with her concern and knowledge of rabbits. Her assistant Annie was also very helpful with post op instructions. They took their time to be sure things were done right and I appreciate that. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for great care and service.

Jess Fritz

4 years ago

Great staff! Very nice facility, well managed. AAHA certified, which means regular inspections. Website is really useful. Very happy.

Jessica Parsons

4 years ago

Very clean and friendly, good environment and very nice staff

John Cyzon

4 years ago

The entire team at All Creatures is amazing. I would highly recommend them, we bring both our cat and dog and they love it there. Dr. Burba is great.

Henry Coats

4 years ago

I had just gotten a new puppy. I was looking for a local veterinarian. I was told all creatures was good. I knew the first time would be costly. I had already decided not to neuter my puppy. The vets assistant ask me about it. I told her I didn’t want to neuter the puppy. I’ve had over 6 puppies in my life and am very responsible for them. She kept going on, finally asked her to stop. The vet then came in , the assistant informed her of my decision, she started in on neutering. I almost lost it. She saw that the finally stopped. I had the puppy chipped the the shots started before any discussions , I stopped her and informed her as I required her to explain everything she was doing. She became annoyed. I just stood the with the puppy in my arms until she did. Ended up getting all necessary shots before she started with a few unnecessary one at this stage. Anyway, I went to pay the bill. I was reviewing it when they tried to rush for payment. I am formed the receptionist that I wanted to review the bill to see exactly what I was paying for. They were billing me for an appointment charge which I was told prior that it was included in the overall cost. Long story short. I will never go back there and I will never recommend anyone bring their pet there as they try to charge you for every thing that they can and get away it. So today I received a letter from Dr. Elizabeth Bradt, it goes “While All Creature Veterinarian Hospital staff and doctors provide the highest standard of care for both our patients and their owners, occasionally Problems in this relationships do occur. My staff and I gave your pet XXXX, The best care possible and he backed it in a professional manner at all times. However we must terminate our relationship with you. The best care possible and he backed it in a professional manner at all times. However we must terminate our relationship with. After considerable thought, I regret I must tell you take your pet to another veterinarian for medical care. When you find a new veterinarian will gladly send records to the appropriate doctor. I believe this is in the best interest of all parties involved “ Dr.Elizabeth Bradt. Hmmm, the relationship ended the moment I walked out your door. A relationship involved more that one date. She’s rude, pushy and full of herself. Their only concern is to see how much money you’re willing to dish out. She will insult you I trying to push other treatments including purchasing pet insurance on you, telling you that you only have a short time to get it. When I know I can get it on a fully grown dog as long as their in good medical health. I will inform everyone I know not to go their. But, there is a choice. A free clinic in Boston on Mass Ave. Merwin vet. Clinic my puppies second round of shots were only $35. They do ask for donations if you can afford it. The staff is great, no agenda to push. No talking down to you. Just really great people and really great treatment. I recommend it too all. Help them stay in business. So they can continue their work. Truly helping the owners and their pets. Say no to Dr. Bradt.

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