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Janice Malvesti

2 years ago

This visit everyone was kind and professional. I find taking my cat Mellow to the veterinarian is more stressful for me then a doctor's visit for myself! My other cat handles it well but poor Mellow she hates it. Everyone was very kind to her and to me. Dr. Peterson is always professional and very compassionate. Dawn impressed me by answering all my questions she's so smart and informative and calmed me. And Megan was so patient when comforting me. I don't know the name of the tech who took the cat in and later returned her but she is always so nice and gentle with my Mellow. And most of all thank you for offering evening hours. I hope someday we will be able to go inside with our animals but I understand the current situation. ❤❤


2 years ago

My Shiba Inu, Kai, had some eye issue and they got me in same day! I do not remember the name of the tech but her and Dr. McVicker were great(Kai is not the friendliest when visiting a doctor!). Very understanding and explained everything really well. Came here approx. 7 years ago before moving out of state and now came back to the same great experience. Prices are reasonable and what you should expect. 10/10 recommended.

K Morris

2 years ago

Unfortunately, COVID has happened and our pup was not happy to have visits without myself or husband. We understood this for a while and took her for Victory Visits at Willard for a few months, but with no end in sight the Victory Visits were a waste of money, especially needing to come every three weeks, so we stopped. We delayed her appointment until she was able to have someone accompany her and my husband brought her today and was not allowed in. There was no heads up that their policy had back tracked. I understand we are trying to be safe, but I think there are safety measures that can be taken for staff and patients. My dog had to suffer in the vet alone, because we were not notified that one of their staff was positive and someone could not accompany my pup. There are some animals that can handle these appointments on their own and curbside can work for them. That is great. For the animals that can't, there are simple criteria that can be utilized to determine appropriateness for someone to accompany their pet: Wear a mask. Have you traveled? Are you vaccinated? Have you had an exposure? Do you have an outstanding test pending? Symptoms? These questions can help the facility to determine who/who cannot attend appointments or if an appointment needs to be delayed. As someone who works in healthcare, this works in a lot of facilities where the patients are not animals. I have switched her care to VCA which is allowing visitors and hopefully will have criteria to allow/not allow pups and a visitor as I said, curbside is very helpful for some people/animals, but is not for everyone.

Mark Hanakovic

2 years ago

Jamie has been Kathy Sue's vet since she was a puppy. We absolutely love. Kathy actually smiles when she sees here and she loves Angela.

Nicole Joyce

2 years ago

We have been taking our Dogs here for over 20 years. They are very reliable and excellent with animals.

Rachel Johnson

2 years ago

I just moved and I needed a place to take my 16 year old cat. I was happy about how fast they got me scheduled, the price definitely is comparable to what I was paying in Delaware and what I have paid in the past in Maine and Maryland. I am happy to found him a vet who understands his care. The technician, Cassidy, was very nice and knowledgeable and explained everything they were going to do. Dr.Gravell talked in depth about his appointment findings (bc of COVID restrictions you can’t go in) and made me comfortable. Later, I received an in-depth email about his blood work results. I highly recommend them.

Andrea E

2 years ago

I love the doctors and staff at Willard but struggle to get regular appointments, emergency care is non-existent and prices are very very high. I’ve had years of amazing vet care at the various places I’ve lived and while the staff is lovely and knowledgeable, the service itself isn’t great. I spend much more time at VCA paying for emergency services than my own vet office.


2 years ago

Dr. McVicker and the staff at Willard gave my Georgie exceptional care today. He loves his visits.

Shannon Davis

2 years ago

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the staff requests that patrons stay in their cars during appointments, and they come out the back door to give report at the end of the appointment. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Very happy I made the choice to take my kitty here!

Gina Guglielmi

2 years ago

I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and love ALL the doctors at Willard. They have helped me with all my pets. So compassionate and are always willing to educate you on your pets health needs. I will not go anywhere else for basic care.

Alisson Boyko

2 years ago

We love Willard Vet Clinic! We came to them as first time dog owners and we're very happy with them. Dr. Peterson has been amazing. We are moving from Quincy but will come back for appointments at Willard.

Laura Doherty

2 years ago


Laura Fietz

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our now 11 year old cat here for years since we first came to Quincy and honestly even if we lived further we’d make the drive. Always super thorough, courteous, and easy. And our old man definitely doesn’t make it easy on them but they are wonderful and super patient!

Bolu Boli

2 years ago

We had gone to this clinic a few times before the new veterinary doctor apparently started. Huge change. A roughly $200 standard visit with standard meds was now $400, went from 20 minutes to nearly 2 hours because they must have been way overbooked, and they couldn’t even provide the maintenance care we specifically requested. Our dog is very very good with people and they were not able to trim his long nails claiming it was because we weren’t there. Maybe there were too many other dogs around or maybe the vet/ staff just can’t calm the animals properly. They recommended bringing him back sedated!!. We already went at the onset of covid with the previous vet and it was fine. Apparently this is what this vet is recommending to everyone based on the other reviews. Very upsetting. Very annoyed with how incompetent this doctor was.. If they aren’t able to calm the animal what kind of vet is it? Useless.

Clover Gem

2 years ago

This is the best vet I have ever taken an animal to. We’ve been bringing our cat here for the last year, and she always receives quality treatment. My favorite part is being able to TEXT the office if I have questions! They are super responsive and timely. As a worry wart of a pet owner, it’s been a life saver. They are affordable and friendly.

Mark Cimino

2 years ago

I wish I had made this move years ago. Your staff is awesome and the way everything was discussed and explained was very helpful.

Becca Ricciardi

3 years ago

Being a first time pet owner in December , I was a bit nervous about my cat going into the vet by himself without me being there, but the staff at Willard vet quickly reassured me that he is in good hands, and boy were they right! The vet and technician we spoke to were kind, patient, and answered all our questions. You can tell the staff there have a passion for helping animals, I won’t be going anywhere else for future pet card but Willard Vet!

Julianna Oates

3 years ago

We've been taking our dog to Willard for about a year and a half and have been absolutely thrilled with the team. Our dog practically runs towards the vet when we get there, she likes the staff so much! They are always responsive, kind, and easy to work with. They have an app that allows for texting which has come in very handy when we just have a quick pet question. Time and time again they've gone above and beyond to help us when we forget to re fill a medication, or have a tricky schedule. We went in once right before COVID hit, and since then we've not been able to go in with our dog, but none the less we feel completely comfortable and are 100% sure that they are taking the best care possible of our dog. We are completely happy with Willard Clinic and recommend it to all our friends!

Drew Croke

3 years ago

The people are very nice, knowledgeable, and pretty quick to respond. But the prices can be outrageous. My dog needed some teeth removed and they estimated that the price would be $2,000-4,000, but every other place I looked at said they’d do it for $2,000 at most. Moral of the story: try to get second opinions and look for a better price if possible. But they are competent vets if price is the same

bo yan

3 years ago

Everything is good but be careful they would like to do the vaccines if you dont confirm with them regarding the prices and the vaccine items. They will not inform you the estimate price before vet gives your dog vaccine.

Ali Nolin

3 years ago

Dr. Gravelle and her team have been wonderful overall.

Dan Macdonald

3 years ago

I have a 10 month old Patterdale Terrier. She is a small (20 lb) very strong willed, high energy, high drive dog. Willard vet was unable to provide Rosie with care and suggested that I put her on anti anxiety medication. Rosie does not need anti anxiety medication. I would suggest looking elsewhere if you have a high drive, working breed. Rosie is a Patterdale from farm lines that is a beast but also great if just ask her to be! Takes a few basic commands and she follows through. Also, for those that don’t know that breed it’s like having a Malinios and a velociraptor trapped in a tiny body. Medication to make her be a version of herself that she’s not!?!?? Also, why would you say “keep trying to hug her”. SHE DOESNT WANT TO be hugged!! She’s under a year! ????????????????????????????????

J Fulton

3 years ago

Wouldn’t really know about them. Called multiple times and sent emails to set up appointments for my new puppy. Never heard back. But couldn’t wait.

Riley Stefano

3 years ago

We had an amazing first appointment experience at Willard and were so impressed with the fluidity of the process of getting our pup Bear checked in during COVID without any human interaction. Shout out to the entire team, and Dr. McVicker for being on top of everything and having a great process in place for communication and contact-free appointments.


3 years ago

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job keeping our furr-kids safe, keeping your clients safe and keeping your staff safe!! I know that both Tate and Ralph are getting the best care they can at Willard Veterinary Clinic!!

Rebecca Hickman

3 years ago

We LOVE Willard Veterinary Clinic almost as much as our dog does! Every member of the staff there go above and beyond to provide a comfortable, helpful experience. They are the best vet clinic I've ever experienced. ❤️????


3 years ago

Over the past 9 years I have had an excellent experience with this vet clinic. My aging Pekingese dog was very stressed from a move across the country and Dr. Sarah Lentini and the entire clinic staff (office staff and vet techs) did a FANTASTIC job of handling and assessing my dog's current state of health as well as providing encouragement and guidance for me in dealing with how to get him more stabilized in a new environment. He is at least 15 years old now, maybe 16, and he has several health issues (he was a rescue so we're not sure of the age). Their hours are well extended for all sorts of work schedules. When tests have been done, I always receive informative and helpful followup calls. They provide access to an online pharmacy which is very helpful since this both reduces costs of medication as well as provides convenience since I'm a fulltime Grandma and can't do lots of errands with a 2 year old child. I think the prices at this clinic are VERY reasonable based on my experience with several other pets that I have treated over several years for all sorts of issues in other places I've lived. I especially appreciate how the Willard Vet doctors interpret the clinical importance of treatment/non-treatment outcomes for me as a layman. It's worth it to me to have the assurance that I'm helping my faithful companion to get the best medical care available.


3 years ago

Everyone on the team couldn't have been more helpful. The drop off and pick up went smoothly and Dr Pearson gave a very thorough explanation of Leo's appointment. Willard Veterinary Clinic is consistently wonderful to work with.

Melissa Luoma

3 years ago

best of the best. dr. Mcvickers and the amazing staff cared so compassionately for my new puppy and also helped me though all of my new parent anxieties. Can’t recommend them enough! Thank you Willard vet clinic!

Megan O'Driscoll

3 years ago

We had used this vet for about 2 years and everything was fine until Covid and not being allowed inside. My dog is not a fan of the vet, but they made us come back in 3 different times for her annual (after heavily medicating her for the 3rd visit) and then was told she needed to be sedated (not an aggressive dog, just scared). They barely spent any time with her or let her relax, just came back out within 5 or 10 minutes every time saying they just couldn't do it, she's too anxious. I wasn't comfortable sedating her for what should be a quick annual visit, so I took her to a new vet today and explained the situation and they did everything they needed to and were patient with her and said she was great. Always get a second opinion!

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