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Christopher Butler

2 years ago

Have been going to this kennel for years. Pretty much everyone knows my dog and he greats them with no issue. The last time I drop him off before going out of town a guy I have never seen is there. He seems flustered and an uneasy. He tried to leash my dog and he barked at him. He then accused my dog of attacking him and proceeded to tell others the same thing. He was quickly corrected by my wife who came in next to drop off our cat. When I returned the woman who was there informed me that I needed to retrieve my dog from the back myself. Clearly because this guy was giving my dog a bad name. I have never once received a negative report about my dog in all the years he has been there. I won’t be back. Just lost my business. Get this guy training or don’t let him near peoples animals!

Pamela Jones

2 years ago

Nice crew. Dog has came home happy every time

Kevin Zarnoch

2 years ago

I sent both my dogs here while we were away on vacation. One of my dogs is overly nervous, always anxious. They handled them both perfectly. Loved everything about my experience and will be recommending them to everyone and using them in future. Thanks!

Hilary Dudley

2 years ago

We left our boopys here for 6 days, left bones, and asked that they give her a bath while she’s there. When we picked her up she had a horrible cold, ate like she hasn’t ate since we dropped her off, and smelt worse than she did when we dropped her off. We also noticed patches on her skin were lighter than others (we have no idea what this means). I don’t believe they even bathed her and charged me for it let alone traumatized our dog. Pay the extra few bucks, there’s a reason this place is this cheap. Will absolutely never be back

Tatiana Hill

2 years ago

We left our yorkie there for a week and when we went to pick him up, it was pretty seamless. By the time he came back home with us, we noticed that he was acting extremely weird and found him bleeding under his neck and near his legs. We tried to call and see what happened but they’ve been avoiding us. Now we are having to take him to the vet and get him checked out… DO NOT TRUST THEM

Pranvera Kola

2 years ago

Maureen is the best. We love her and Brody ,our boy loves her too.????????????


2 years ago

I love Brian's Kennels. Brian and team have a clear love and full knowledge of dogs. They know what they are looking at when interacting with the dogs' parents, too. My Iggy trusts them. I do too. I really do appreciate them.

Kathy Campbell

2 years ago

I have a Cavalier puppy I told him what I wanted done which they didn't do I told them what I didn't want done and they did it I did not care for what they did at all to the dog would never go back there

Kathryn Reilly

3 years ago

Brian's Kennels were great! Very easy boarding service with playtime for an additional $10 per day. They even sent me a video of my dog playing while I was away so I would know how she was doing and gave me a summary of how she fared when I picked her up.

Brenda Parkman

3 years ago

Nice they took care my cat's misty\ reese

Ari's life

4 years ago

I have taken my pets here on numerous occasions over the years, and I KNOW the staff, and owner there and I KNOW for them it's not just about making money or railing in a new customer. They REALLY, REALLY CARE SO MUCH!!! Stop in and you will see first hand, it's a wonderful experience!

Bryan Detwiller

4 years ago

Nice place, nice people, grooming services are pretty good

Nora Ingle

4 years ago

My partner and I both have extremely hectic work schedules and I have brought Kendall here on numerous occasions, even last minute sometimes to stay and they are always super flexible and friendly. They always know Kendalls name, which is really nice, because you can tell that they care about the pups who stay there. It is affordable and easy going, which we love. It isn't fancy but it is the perfect place for our dog. Highly recommend and the cost compared to many of the other surrounding kennels is amazing!

Caryn Papish

4 years ago

I've been bringing my dog here for almost 3 years now. They have always been able to accommodate my last minute requests when i have a sudden work trip come up. The best part, my dog gets excited to be there, she hates most people and she sees the folks that work at brian's and runs up to give them kisses. i would definitely recommend them and i am not always the most trusting of people with my dog.

Gregory Anderson

4 years ago

Im not impressed with the place at all...they throw your dog in a kennel and feed him...unfortunately my dog lost weight and his food disappeared, so what happened to the food if my dog barely ate. And im not convinced they gave my dog his meds at all. For a place that provides dog training the staff seem fearful and judgmental about the bully dog had a severly stressful stay seems like you have to know someone to get good service

Heather Cesinger, M.Ed.

4 years ago

Nice people. No problems for my 2 cats.

Joseph Dunn

4 years ago

Reasonable prices and everyone who works there loves the dogs.

Morgan Daerr

5 years ago

Staff is always friendly and you can usually count on getting a last minute reservation if something comes up, but the last 2 times my dog has stayed here, he has come home covered in his own urine and feces. This leads me to believe that he is not being let out frequently enough, or for a long enough duration of time to relieve himself. It is clear to me now that the reason behind the staff asking if we would like to have him groomed before coming home, is to get paid to clean him up from the poor care he has received. Will not be back.

Bill Davis

5 years ago

Not a big fan of the service. We left our dog there for four nights recently. His paws and stomach were covered in dog poop. Another time before his lower half was damp with pee. These kind of things happen with dogs, I understand but he never finds himself with in similar situations. I would hope the care and attention the dogs could be a bit better. We will not be bacl

Chris Soares

5 years ago

I've been taking my Persian cats here for years and have always been satisfied. They are always accommodating, professional, and reasonably priced.

Miho Parmelee

6 years ago

The owner and his staff take a great care of my dog! We have been taking our dog to this kennel for years. They are also flexible about our requests. Thank you so much for taking good care of our precious princess!!

Barbara Nicotera

6 years ago

Mishmo LOVES Brians AKA Marshall❤❤

No Scott

7 years ago

Our dog wasn't in a majorly bad way but our bag of dogfood was scarcely touched (should have been given more than three cups from it) and the dogs were sitting there in the dark. They also didn't give our dog her medicine which was kind of a bigger deal. We are absolutely not taking our dog back there.

Karl Kjono

7 years ago

Dog have a clean space, its warm, and they also have their own dog run. Fairly priced

Alice Nelson

7 years ago

My dog loves coming here. The staff are friendly and remember us.

Brenda Richardson

8 years ago

The service is dependable, everyone is very communicative, and all the walkers I've met have just been lovely people. Highly recommend to Brian’s Kennels Training & Quality Grooming

Jert Minad

11 years ago

Aloysius LOVES going here. We don't have to feel guilty when we go away and board him because he's so happy to stay there. The staff is great, and they have a vet on the premises so we don't have to worry if any issues arise while we are gone. We know he is well taken care of. They'll also groom him if we need it. When we go to drop Aloysius off he drags us inside. It makes it so much easier to board him because we know he's happy.

Jub Ren

11 years ago

Big fan of this kennel. They are always very accomodating for my dog but the main reason why I like it here is that my dog actually seems to like it here. I bring him to Brian's every time I go out of town. I don't bring him regularly, but they know my puppy by name. Also, the prices here are very reasonable. The storefront of this place is old, but that's not a bad thing because they take care of dogs well.

June Opp

11 years ago

Excellent service, great staff. We've been bringing our puggle Brady to Brian's Kennels and we are very comfortable leaving him here. We also get his nails filed while he stays.

Risa “Ya” Lonne

11 years ago

Although I personally do not have a dog, my roommate boards her dog here frequently and I've helped her by picking him up/dropping him off. The staff are very nice and accommodating. Despite the many animals they must see every day they know my roommate's dog by name and seem so welcoming. It's always traumatic for a dog to be kenneled but despite how happy the dog is to see familiar faces again, he never seems upset or scared by being there. They will also groom your dog while he stays there and they do a great job at that too. He goes in smelly and flat and comes out fluffy and brilliantly white and scented. I've heard only positive things from other people I know who just go there for grooming as well and it's also easy to find since it's right off 93. Highly recommended!

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