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2 years ago

10000 love for tail waggerz. They love all breeds and always have the animals best interest in mind. My dog always come back tired and happy. We have been boarding for 6+ years Thank you!

Nir Melamoud

2 years ago

Guys, I want to tell you a story about a really bad customer experience. My wife took my dog to Tail Waggers pet care on California st, for grooming, they told her it will be short, but failed to tell her they want to do medical shave, which was not needed according to the vet. When we came to pick her up, we were in shock, how they made that decision without talking to us. I sent a text and call, the owner called me back and offer me a refund - it was 99$ so not cheap. I Waited a week, nothing happen, I sent a text again, no answer, I waited another week, nothing, I called and left a message and the day after I received an angry call from the owner " i talked to my people, they did their job, you won't get a refund, that's it, don't call or text us again" and he hang up the phone in my face Again I'm in shock, we can agree or disagree if they did something right or wrong, we can agree to disagree on a refund, but promise a refund do nothing, and call me with such anger, switching your decision and hanging up in my face is unacceptable, that's not how a business should treat customers if they want to survive. I will never go to these guys not for daycare not for grooming, I think such behavior needed harsh response from the market, I will execute such a response by telling my story and of course, never give them a dime.


2 years ago

We absolutely love Tail Waggerz for grooming! Our dogs cut is always what we ask for. We always feel at ease leaving our dog with them because you can tell they truly care!

Ben Reimann

2 years ago

Fast service, reasonably priced, and great result. Definitely going back.

Katie Handon

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our “only child” to Tail Waggerz for three years now and are so happy with them. We’ve done daycare, overnight boarding, and nail trimmings - they’re so good with him.

t millz

2 years ago

I worked for them for 2 weeks and was late by 4 minutes on day they fired me and they refused to pay me what they owed me

Debra Zirman

2 years ago

I was really excited to come here, very poor experience! I just read the response from Tail Wagerz and it appears that they are mixing me up with someone else. I have no issues with vaccinations for pets, it's important for the safety of all and I agree 100%. It's unprofessional and dishonest for the owner to make up a story of why someone left a bad review to mislead others reading the review.

Elaina Pires

2 years ago

We’ve been bringing our 7 month old Labradoodle Stella to Tail Waggerz for almost 3 months now for day care, she’s been going since she completed her vaccines as a puppy. Stella was a playful but shy girl when we first got her, and I’m so glad we brought her to Tail Waggerz early on. Now she loves playing with other dogs, is so sociable and fun at the park, and has gained so much confidence. She warmed up quickly there and now she jumps out of the car and runs through the doors to go in. We’re always greeted with excitement and she always comes home happy and tired. I love knowing that she’s well taken care of while we’re at work or on a trip. I also love that you can purchase packages to save a little money and can decide morning-of if you want to drop-off that day. Not having to reserve daycare ahead of time is so helpful for someone like me who’s work schedule is always changing. Thank you everyone at Tail Waggerz!

Annie Pepanyan

2 years ago

I was excited to try out a new grooming salon as my dog’s former groomer had to leave her job due to a back injury. After hearing great things about this place, I decided to give it a try. First off, the application process to just get your dog GROOMED is long, tedious and absolutely unnecessary. I had my vet fax over her vaccine records, as they told me to do. When it was all finished and approved, days later, I was finally able to book a grooming appointment for my dog. I told them I needed it ASAP as she was getting spayed in a few weeks. They were able to get me an appointment 2 weeks out, which was great. I took what I could get. Only a few days before my appointment, mid-week, they texted me, informing me that my dog needs her bordetella vaccine aka kennel cough. Have I heard of this vaccine? No. I do not take my dog to daycare, nor to dog parks. So it’s fair to say, this was not a necessary vaccine for my dog. She is up to date on everything else that is REQUIRED by her vet. So anyways, they tell me, on a Wednesday, that she needs her vaccine before that Monday which is when he grooming appointment was set for. They tell me to call my vet to see if they can squeeze me in, of course, they cannot, given such short notice and them being understaffed. It is nearly impossible to get an appointment at a vet nowadays, and at a groomer too. This company knew for over a WEEK that my dog needed this vaccine but due to their incompetence, only decided to tell me a few days before. As someone who works full time and is in school full time as well as well as being a caretaker to TWO vulnerable individuals, how on earth do they expect me to get this done for them in the next 2 days. Safe to say I am GLAD I am not a customer to them and never will be. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else— maybe even a PetSmart honestly. I’ve had zero issues there!

Kaitlyn O'Driscoll

2 years ago

we love bringing our Goldendoodle, Mack, to daycare here and also highly recommend grooming as well! they always fit us in and do such a great job. our dog absolutely loves daycare - we can hardly open the gate fast enough to let him in every week ????

Craig Whitaker

2 years ago

Tail Waggerz is the best. We take our golden there and are never disappointed with the results.

Eduardo Mace

2 years ago

Excellent pet care, great service and prime location with lots of parking

Talin Khachadourian

3 years ago

Friendly very nice stuff love it ????????????

Mike Jones

3 years ago

Poorly run daycare. Workers abuse/neglect your animals. I wouldn't trust Joe or Robyn to watch my dog ever abd neither should you.

Alex Langston

3 years ago

Our 6mo Golden's love this place, always want to run from the car into the place. Also a great place to get dog treats

Eddie V (EdV2)

4 years ago

After having a horrible experience at another place with my pup, I ended up speaking to the owner, Robin, before I decided to take my Misty here. She was amazing with me on the phone and showed how passionate she was about animals and dogs. I took the chance and my little girl LOVES it here!! She is always super excited and races to the door whenever I take her there and is EXHAUSTED by the time I pick her up after work. Absolutely everything I wanted for her. I couldn't be happier. And they go above and beyond in so many ways. Take your dog, or even your tiny puppy (mine started to come here at 12 weeks) here. They'll have a blast.

Irit Feldman

4 years ago

My dog has been going here for 1.5 years and they have socialized him to be the friendliest!

Jane Doe

4 years ago

Best doggie daycare I've found. Love that they get so much outdoor open play time, not kept in cages and have so much space indoors and out to play! Robyn the owner makes dog safety and welfare a priority, and the staff truly cares!

Jessica Walsh

4 years ago

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my stinky Kenny! .. TW is a true Godsend and we are so lucky to have them! ... The staff are particularly outstanding as compared to any alternative - it is such a privilege to be a TW client! Five Paws!!!

Laura Gimby

4 years ago

These guys are well organized pros. Staff are friendly; they always greet me AND my dog warmly, and Indy always comes home relaxed and contented.

Nicholas Getz

4 years ago

Friendly staff, did a great job of trimming my dog's nails for only $10!

Suzanne Pratt

4 years ago

My Gunthar Absolutely Loves Tail Waggerz Everyone There Is Just WONDERFUL????????????

Carly Stewart Vernon

5 years ago

I’ve been bringing my girl to Tailwaggerz for over a year. She drags me to the door, she can’t get in fast enough! She especially loves to greet Joe. All the employees are friendly and welcoming. Plus, Summer pools in the heat! She comes home exhausted and so so happy each time. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Leah L

5 years ago

​​ ​​I've been bringing my 11 month old pup here for almost two months - several times a week - for daycare. And it's been great so far! The daycare's operating hours are good and I love that they offer extended hours until 9pm. All the staff members seemed to have learned her name within 2 weeks, and there are a lot of dogs! She's been going through her teenage phase recently (potty issues all of a sudden), but the staff were always willing to talk to me about it when I had questions and actually nice about it. We'll be traveling in August for about 10 days so I'll be using their boarding service then too. And I honestly love that they upload photos of the dogs. Seeing my pup in one of the photos really makes my day. Hopefully they could do it more often, but so far, so good!

Mal Cole

5 years ago

I'm sure from reading other reviews that some dogs and owners have a great fit. My dog needed a nailclip and admittedly he is tough to clip. The groomer sort of looked at him and assumed he was going to be a problem. I told the groomer that he was a tough nut. My dog was back out in five minutes and I was told that I would have to bring him back tomorrow when two groomers were there. That was totally fine, but it left a bad taste in my mouth and now I take my dog somewhere else.

Mojospapi Mikospapi

5 years ago

Mimi loves this place. Many happy pups here. Staff is very professional and grooming is top notch

Eunjung Jee

6 years ago

I was there today to give my dog (<20 lbs) a haircut. I made an appointment ahead and arrived on the dot. There was another dog who arrived at the same time with me. I was told that it will be done in 3 hours or earlier. So I called to see if she is done after 3 hours, I was told that it would take extra 30 mins. I had to wait another 30 mins in the waiting room. Just be aware that your dog's haircut may take 3 hours and 30 mins when you make appointments and be there on the dot. I would never go back because I know other places where it'd only take an hour and a half, which I believe less stressful for both my dog and myself.

matthew starr

6 years ago

Great place. People take great care of my dog.

Jacob Berezin

7 years ago

We really like this place. They were really accommodating and friendly. We needed a last minute place and all we had to due was bring him immunization forms. The best part is your first day is free!!!

Andrew Bernstein

7 years ago

Great sweet people. My dog loved it. Came home a tired camper

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