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Michael Donohue

2 years ago

The staff is so kind here and it's always clear that they love our pets so much! Thank you from Peaches and Daphne :) you guys are awesome!

Besayda Diaz

2 years ago

I love the people son nice to my call my dog for her name

SoHee Kim

2 years ago

Reasonable payment plans. Most of all, comfortable.

Peter Kole

2 years ago

I have had a similar experience to other recent reviews. We had been going to Banfield for over 8 years with 2 dogs on wellness plans. But now we cannot get them on the phone and if we are lucky we get a call back within 10 days. This has been the norm for the last few months. I have received no communication that puts my pets' health first to let me know that due to larger than normal volumes of patients and/or other constraining factors that Banfield would not be able to render services reliably. During this time period, one of my dogs had a health issue and we needed to be seen to make sure she would be okay. I called repeatedly. I was worried about her. We attempted to make an appointment but due to the aforementioned circumstances, we could not, receiving no communication back for almost two weeks. We ultimately went to another veterinarian. I am extremely disappointed in the sheer lack of professionalism and more than anything, the lack of care and thought for my pets. If only Banfield could return my calls and schedule appointments as consistently as they took my money. Edit - Forgot to add...Banfield is currently making it very difficult to cancel our wellness plans despite presenting them with these circumstances. We were able to be seen by another vet within 48 hours. Save yourself the headache and heartburn and find another vet. They are making it quite clear it's not you or your pet they care about, it's your $.

Licia McLean

2 years ago

Love this place. They are always so polite and professional.

Joshua Denis

2 years ago

For 6 years I was bringing my pup to Banfield and watching the organization, communication and reliability plummet in the Braintree and Newton franchises. We have moved on to a better veterinarian. After two weeks with the new veterinarian I regret not leaving sooner. I no longer have to call the Newton Banfield to ask where my pup’s prescriptions are, why they keep sending them to the wrong pharmacies, why they didn’t call me when something on my account was incorrect…etc. To those that have not yet moved on, but have thought about it…do it. To those that already have moved on…amazing isn’t it?

Chris Brooks

2 years ago

Horrible customer service and grossly incompetent.

Saman Pezeshki

2 years ago

After reading about this place and Banfield as a whole, I would like to warn every pet owner to avoid this location and Banfield as a whole. They come off as very welcoming but when you really need them, they are an absolute no show. Like many chain businesses, focus is on profit and nothing more. Staff are overworked and overwhelmed, they do not listen to anything you say and simply repeat what they want. Like many of the negative reviews stated, this is by all means not a pet hospital. It’s a smaller section at the back of every pet smart and they will do anything to make a few bucks. This was our second year with them and I cancelled my future wellness plans. My puppy was vaccinated or so I was told with something and within a day he was vomiting, diarrhetic and blood in his stool. Multiple calls to get him in for a check up was a no go. They would say someone would call us back but they never did and the next available appointment was a month a away.

Elica Pezeshki

2 years ago

Banfield == scam! They never have any availability. put me on hold for more than half an hour to tell me that I should take my pet to emergency room. Why am I paying monthly fee for "unlimited visits" if I can never bring my pet in?

Phil Petrides

2 years ago

BE CAREFUL. This morning, I took my 8 week old puppy to this Banfield location for her ‘welcome home check-up’ to confirm she’s fully healthy. Before leaving (due to COVID protocols) I explicitly told the tech who checked her in that she had already received her first round of vaccines at 7 weeks, so she should NOT be vaccinated unless I am called first. She assured me that they would “never” do that without my consent. I even left a binder of information that outlined the vaccination timeline for them that was provided when we picked her up. You can imagine my surprise 3 hours later when the Vet called me to tell me she was ready for pickup after receiving “her first round of vaccines.” When I corrected him, he informed me that the notes indicated that she SHOULD be vaccinated and the he was never provided the binder of information that we left behind. He apologized profusely for this mistake but was unable to successfully articulate the potential ramifications of over vaccination. When I arrived to pick her up, I was brought into a room with the Doctor and office manager. Again, the doctor apologized for the mistake and was truly remorseful as he tried to explain the sequence of events that led to this happening. Understanding that they are all likely incredibly overworked, and only human, I was ready to move on from the incident and find a new vet. Then the office manager said that he would be comping our visit, but that he’s confused as to why I would give my consent for the vaccine if I knew she didn’t need it. Confused, both the doctor and I told him that I DIDNT give my consent. He then tried to gaslight me into thinking that I had provided my signature because “he has it on file”- except that was impossible because I had not signed anything with them that morning. Turns out, I was right and they vaccinated her without my consent which they said they would “never” do. This highlighted the danger of going with a larger vet like Banfield. Im left wondering how many other pets will suffer/have suffered because of the negligence exhibited by this location. Luckily, the consequences in my case are not severe, but for a an office with processes/procedures like these, how long will that be the case?

angelica assim

2 years ago

I'm genuinely horrified this place hasn't been shut down- especially after reading people's reviews of similar experiences to mine. I took my healthy kittens there for follow up vaccines and decided to get the wellness plan. I had to drop them off due to Covid protocol and left with explicit instructions to just give the one booster that one kitten needed. I told them DO NOT give either of them anything elective unless I am consulted and I want to talk to the vet about different vax options going forward. I had to leave them there all day which seemed crazy to me. When I picked him up they said to me "we'll see you for (a different) booster in two weeks!" (for just one kitten) and I was truly confused as these were their last shots for another year. Come to find, they over vaccinated one with an optional vaccine I said to NOT do and the other kitten didn't even get his wellness check! Overhearing my conversation with the front desk, a man in scrubs (was he the vet?) came out saying something along the lines of "I don't really know what's going on here but it's really no big deal just don't bring them back" He said this while not even taking a moment to look up from texting on his phone. The audacity and disregard was astounding. Furious, I told them not to sign me up on the wellness plan and I would pay for just that visit and I never want to be contacted again. Not surprised that they continue to charge my account and I have to continuously dispute it. When your animals are family members to you it is horrific to see this kind of treatment from people you are supposed to trust.

Chris Handwerker

2 years ago

My dog was in discomfort for a minor ear issue that I wanted addressed sooner rather than later so I figured I would give Banfield a try instead of waiting for an appointment further out at a regular vet. They had us come in for a 7:30 appointment the next day and I thought "wow, I'm so grateful they could squeeze us in on such short notice"... well as they were taking him to the back the very last thing they mention is "You can come get him between 3 - 4 pm"... I don't know if that's normal for this place but I was not at all comfortable leaving my dog there for 7 - 8 hours with an itchy ear so I took him back. I think wanting to keep him all day is the very first thing they should have mentioned over the phone not mentioned at the last minute! Overall not impressed. I got the sense that they waaaay over book clients here. If you don't have time for me you ought to be upfront about that. I will say the price they quoted for services was very low so if that is your top consideration maybe this place can help you out.


2 years ago

I didn’t have a great experience today at Banfield Vet Hospital in Newton. I had an appointment for my puppy to get what ended up being a single vaccine shot. I had to wait 30 minutes in line before checking in. Once I checked in I was asked to put him on a scale. I may be paranoid, but it seemed dirty and as my puppy isn’t fully vaccinated this didn’t seem like a great idea. He was then taken away and I was told he would be 30 minutes so to wait at the front of the store or get a coffee. At all other vets I have been at (including another Banfield in Natick) you go back in a room to have the consultation. During this time I was called and left a voice mail saying he didn’t need one of the vaccinations. When I tried to call back a message indicated that Banfield was closed! So I had to come back in to the store to provide approval for him getting only one shot (and was told there was something up with the phones in a very unapologetic way). Finally after 40 minutes, and waiting up front most of the time so that the front guy could see me to avoid further time delays, my puppy was finally returned. I had asked for his ears to be checked as he had previously received treatment for an ear infection but there was no mention of that. I don’t know if I came at a busy time, or if they are just understaffed, but overall not a great experience :-(.

Kylie Jensen

2 years ago

I send both of my cats here and I love it! Everyone is so kind to me and my animals! After being so pleased with the service, I actually applied and am now working here as a VA! Everyone is super hard working, and very detail oriented! I’ve never felt so welcomed and valued at a job! Everyone here makes sure each animal is treated with dignity and respect, and enjoys their time here! I really respect my coworkers and would recommend this banfield to everyone!

Jillian Hollis

2 years ago

Don’t bring your dog here if you have any expectations of professionalism. They don’t return your calls, the receptionist tries to answer questions when they aren’t qualified to, and quite frankly not a single doctor here genuinely cares about these pets.

Ruby Lopez

2 years ago

I have bringing my canson for 11 years they are very caring and loving ❤ Thank you banfield

Alexander Lafer

2 years ago

I understand companies have policies but to enforce that you still have to pay once you’ve experienced a loss only adds insult to injury. It’s as if Banfield thinks I’m lying. “We’re so sorry for your loss but we’re still going to charge you for the remainder of your policy or the amount of what services would be, whatever is cheaper”.


2 years ago

They are in the PetSmart...I visited PetSmart...Always a good experience.

Z Tay

2 years ago

this Banfield location tried to charge me $180 to fill out a travel form that the other Banfield location I visited a few days before would have done for free under my wellness plan. this location didn’t bother to call me to let me know of this ridiculous fee until i drove 45 minutes and arrived on location.

sherri tainter

3 years ago

The staff are great. Very nice and polite.

Jonathan Hirons

3 years ago

I brought my dog in to be seen for a yeast infection in her ears which is usually very simple with Merwin Animal Clinic in Allston. After having my dog all day they gave her back with a huge aural hematoma and she was in ton of pain. I called Banfield the following morning in a panic. They offered me the choice of an appointment the following month or to just “go see another doctor”. Now I am in a never ending cycle of emergency pet hospital visits which have become very expensive. Don’t bring your pets here.

Dyan Kelly

3 years ago

I have always had wonderful experiences with bringing my cat, who has developed some different issues as she is now 14. My newest Dr. Brice , solved several issues! She is priceless to this hospital! Giving her service to all of us as she is pregnant during this pandemic that is a huge sacrifice! She prescribed low dose medicine that has totally stopped the incessant scratching around my kitty’s neck and ears. Dr. Brice then treated her ear infection and has completely cured it after only 4 treatments! I am so grateful for all the girls that assist and are at the desk. You have been so wonderfully patient with me and my kitty thank you from the bottom of my heart

Ian Hersmdolf-Placido

3 years ago

Great customer service, friendly staff!

Jessica Reade

3 years ago

This is a dangerous pet hospital, wishing we never went here to begin with. A simple spay nearly cost our puppy's life, we needed emergent repeat surgery a few days after due to an infected abscess around her incision. The front desk and vets were minimally responsive and not concerned about the large amount of swelling, redness and drainage after the surgery. However, they were very proactive when it came to discretely charging for items that had nothing to do with the purpose of the visit. Not a fan of leaving negative reviews but I feel it is important for others to know when their pet is in unsafe hands.

Joseph Goldman

3 years ago

I asked for a written perscription for my pup's heartworm preventative. The vet told me she does not write out prescriptions, that it would have to be called in. I was a bit flumoxed by this as this has never happened before to me at any other vet. Finally after 10 minutes of haggling, she begrudgingly wrote me a prescription for one pill. Of course no online store sells this medicine one pill at a time. The smallest pack is 3 pills with 6 or 12 being the most common. So I ordered at Chewy and then was told that Banfield refused the prescription! Upon calling I was then told that they would only do this prescription (8 to 25lbs) one pill at at a time till the weight was established. Mind you, this is a an 11lb dog with a 13lb mother and a 14lb Sire. But they wouldn't know that because at no point did the vet ask me for this information or even the breed. The only purpose of this policy is to force you to buy the medicine at Banfield at their inflated prices. Also at the appointment, they had to take my Oliver out for his rabies shot. When he was returned, the Vet flippantly said oh we gave him a Pyrantal Pamoate (Deworming) treatment. OK, he very well may have needed it, but you can't just give my dog treatments without telling me first! I didn't get to see any of the examination so I don't know what really went on as they take the dog to the back room. Again very different from any other vet as other vets always did the physical exam in front of me. 80% of the face time with the Vet was trying to get a prescription for Heart worm preventative out of her. Banfield is way too focused on selling it's medicines directly to the customer and it's practices reflect this. Beware any vet that refuses to write out prescriptions, there is a reason for this! I've nver been refused a written prescription before. Both VCA and Angel were very more professional about this. In fact, both Angel and VCA Rotherwood gave me suggestions on where to find prescriptions outside for cheaper and I did not have to face the relentless upselling from Banfeld.

Mary Smith

3 years ago

My cat died from wrong diagnosis

Rebecca Hollander

3 years ago

This place us horrific. Do not take your pet here. They have no idea what they are doing. They frequently forget to check what you ask about. The front desk can not answer any questions. They do drop off appointments and leave your pets on cages for hours. This place should be shut down. Shocking service.

Sam Bea

3 years ago

Do not buy a wellness plan, nor take your pet to ANY Banfield hospital. Sure your initial visit will be good and it’ll pay for vaccines/tests, etc. but when it comes down to the important appointments for example kennel cough, head tremors, or same day needed appointments DO NOT expect this “hospital” To take any of that into concern and help you to get an appointment ASAP. My pup before was having head tremors! and I called 5 LOCATIONS! trying to get an appointment and could not get an appointment. I finally took him to angell west Frantic. Now Unfortunately my pup has text book kennel cough, called and of course to no avail they were unavailable today through to the end of OCTOBER to see him. Kennel cough CAN NOT wait a couple of weeks. Was told call other locations again as they can hear him over the phone honking his lungs out. I can’t depend that they’ll be there for us so I will go elsewhere. Sad

Stay Lean With Irene

3 years ago

I always get very good service when I get here. Staff is always very friendly

Taneasha Thomas

3 years ago

The service is terrible! Find another Banfield pet hospital or an entirely different establishment. They don't return calls, even urgent ones.

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