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Marney Krupat

2 years ago

Quick, easy to schedule an appointment, great results and great prices!

Angela Reis

2 years ago

The best place ever!!! The groomers are great and the pets are treated with respect and affection!

Plus English

2 years ago

My dog went to all fur love today (her bday) and came home looking gorgeous.... So grateful for the amazing job they do and for caring so much for our pets.

Jasmine Anderson

2 years ago

It was the attitude and customer service. Our dog has been there three times and instead of saying you messed up the pricing, you continue to attempt to debate the bread of my dog and when I asked where there additional services done, because I am trying to understand how the price went from the $50 to the $70, I'm told (in a terrible attitude) that my dog is not a pug. My dog is a sharpi-pug and has always been 50lbs from the day I came there. He is 8yrs old, he didn't change from the first day we began services at your establishment. For future recommendations, the way you handle a situation as such is to say " I'm sorry we messed up the pricing, in the computer we had him as a pug which offset the price. Today we'll charge you the same, as that's our mistake, but for future service said cost will be the price". Opposed to getting and attitude and treating me like a disposable customer. It's not the price that's the issue. It's the disrespect and lack of attention. Not to mention you cut his tail as we indicated we do not wish to have cut. Follow directions and learn custom service skills. Happy holidays.

Jasmine Sheridan

2 years ago

We had our dog groomed here, this was the third time. We will not come back due to Miranda, think that's her name, lack of customer service and attention to detail. We specifically asked her not to cut our dogs tail, it was done anyway. First time we went the prices was $43 second time it was $62 today it was $73. I question why does the price keep going up she told me that they had the wrong size of our dog and that he's bigger. I told her my dog didn't get bigger since the last time I brought him here she seems to have an attitude and told me that that's just the price. I asked if there were any additional services added she indicated no so again I asked why are the prices higher. A more helpful guy than came out and was capable of properly communicating with me the air that occurred and why they so happily chose to cut my dog's tail. I will not be returning as seems as if request cannot be followed and prices are being arbitrarily increased.

Sherry Barry

2 years ago

Love All Fur Love, they do an amazing job. Bailey comes out looking great everytime.

Laura Brown

2 years ago

My Shichon, Marvin, visited All Fur Love for the first time today. He’s a bit of a challenge because he’s very dramatic at the groomers! He was returned to me with the best cut EVER!! He is absolutely gorgeous and smells amazing too!! I will definitely be taking him back!!

Gaurav Baweja

2 years ago

I got my dog (Snoopy) groomed today 8/14/21 . It was not a satisfying experience at all. I had requested that his hair should only be removed halfway & not all of it . The person their told me , he has matting so we need to take off a little more but will not be bald. I was expecting his hair cut half length, but he was absolutely bald . He looks skinny & sick. I was expecting as a grooming place I can trust these guys to make him look clean & cute. Considering he is a goldendoddle he needs to have some hair to give him that look. We have to head over for a vacation tomorrow & taking him along … now he looking like this makes us feel terrible .. rather groomed he seems as if he is sick or had some procedure. My first visit at this place was better but this time it was so sad.

Lana P

2 years ago

The best grooming service my dog ever had! The first time he isn’t stressed out and doesn't shake after grooming. Marquel did me a huge favor and helped me a lot with my difficult situation this morning. I can’t thank her enough! Awesome place! Awesome people! Thank you guys so very much for what you doing ❤️

Matt San Clemente

2 years ago

Was referred here by a few friends saying it was the best in the area. They are incredibly receptive to your preferences and efficient with timing. Our dog consistently is done in a 2.5 hour window and even gets to play in the day care with the other dogs while she waits to be picked up (instead of being put in a crate for an unknown period of time as we've experienced with other places). We were very happy with the care our dog gets here and will return soon!

Michael Hanson

2 years ago

A whole new pup after a was a nail trim. Love them!!

Lauren Meehan

2 years ago

We just brought our Morkie in to be groomed. They did an amazing job. He came out looking so wonderful and smelled amazing. We are so happy we found this place and will definitely be going here from now on. Great service. Our Malcolm looked amazing!

Ron H

2 years ago

Never been there...appears Google is overstepping

Aiden Barry

2 years ago

love this place, they give dogs a fantastic haircut

Pam Oneill

3 years ago

My dog came home looking amazing.

Ginny King

3 years ago

They are awesome! Always friendly, dogs always look good and they enjoy their grooming.

Denis Vrabac (Denny)

3 years ago

When I inquired, especially keeping the title of the business in mind “All Fur Love...”, whether or not they had openings for my Himalayan cat, they replied “NO, we don’t groom cats at all.” ... how is that all fur love? Sounds to me they are prejudice with their unloving response. It’s both myself - the customer, and my pet also being a customer. With that insight I wouldn’t trust what goes on there with their dog grooming process. (Their “Chosen” furs)...... SOME cats need grooming, thus the name of the business is false advertising as well as misleading.

Annabelle Chenoweth

3 years ago

Amazing service and muffin looks awesome.

Kathryn Moreau

3 years ago

Brought my cat in there today. They fit her in easily based on my schedule. She got a lion cut, bath, and nails; and she looked great! She also acted great after too! Her old groomers stopped taking cats a while ago and since then we have been trying to find a groomer that she was comfortable in; and she acted great when we got home today; even more so than her old groomer she used to go to. Just walked around everyone like she was on the "catwalk" and was cuddly, happy, and playful. I was very very happy today with everything. The staff is also very pleasant and nice, and were very organized and safe with their procedures due to the pandemic. Also very fair priced. I could go on! Raskal and I will definitely be going back!

Matt Creedon

3 years ago

Great job decent price and good customer service remembered me personally from before and other drop offs

Valentin Komarovskiy

3 years ago

Brought my Kerry Blue Terrier and specifically pointed out not to cut the muzzle and not to touch the hair on his forehead. I pointed out that it was a Kerry Blue. I came back and my dog was cut as a poodle! I was in shock! Asked the clerk to print out the notes and she did, the note specifically said he was a Kerry Blue and not to touch the hair on his forehead. The groomer had nothing to say except he thought the dog was a poodle. I will never come back to this place and I dont recommend that you do either. Horrible service, no apology no nothing, shame on you!

Yvette Silva

4 years ago

Absolutely awesome groomers! For years I've loved the way they were so friendly & professional! Being going to them for 10 yrs for my past & present furry dogs! Would never consider going anywhere else! Never have to worry about leaving her with them!

William Lane

4 years ago

Dog always looks good coming out of here. They have a hard time following directions. We don't like our dog cut the way most other owners of the breed get them cut, but no matter what we say he gets the classic cut.

Samira Dos Anjos

4 years ago

I went there and the people that work there really take care of your pets

Molly Keogh

4 years ago

Very disappointed in the service. I brought my dog in for a nail trim and grind. The groomer cut my dog's back left and right paw. There was blood all over both paws and they tried to ignore it. I had to bring him back in and did not even get an apology from the groomer. As I was waiting for my dog to be ready, the employee was screaming at the dogs in doggy day care to stop barking. None of the dogs were being taken care of, played with, or being paid any attention to. I won't be back and would not recommend anyone bring their pet here.

Korey Testa

4 years ago

I brought my deaf boxer to have a bath and deshedding one Saturday morning. I gave strict strict instructions to not trim his nails. When I picked him up, all four paws had the nails done so short they actually ruptured the qwik and were bleeding like crazy. I called and questioned them about it, they told me the groomer must’ve forgotten to read the groom notes and did it anyways. I then got a call from the real owner Marquel, who was out on maternity leave, she was the most unhelpful owner I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. It is so incredibly dangerous to not know what exactly your doing while trimming nails. Dogs can die from that and these people seem to care less. I plan on filing a lawsuit against them due to the fact that my dogs rear paws are still bleeding three days later. You’d think they would offer a refund or another way of showing customer service but nope, they laughed at me. My vet said if they were shaved any lower he could have died from blood loss. Please everyone, if you bring your pet to this place, don’t let them near the animals nails. The manager in there even told me that the person doing the first part of the groom, was not experienced and didn’t know how to use the electric nail grinder tool used to shave the nail down. And it’s pretty dirty from the second you walk in the waiting area. I am still so irritated that I brought my dog who was perfectly fine in there, then when I picked him up he was injured. That’s not right and this place should be closed down. The owners can be as nice as pie, but when your hiring inexperienced staff that hurt the animal, being so nice only goes so far. My dog is like my son to me, if the public feels the same about their dog or cat, then do not go to All Fur Love grooming. They should be called All Fur Money because they don’t truly care about their clients or the animals. Good luck everyone!

karenann spender

4 years ago

They are great with my senior pup, he always looks awesome, they treat him with care, love

James Goss

4 years ago

They do a great job grooming our standard poodle.

Greta Telo

4 years ago

Best doggy daycare in Ma

Gordon Goodwin

4 years ago

My dog likes it ????

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