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Heidi Johnson

2 years ago

The best vet and grooming on cape.

Susanne Novak

2 years ago

My puppy was very sick. He could not stand and abnormal labs. The staff took suck wonderful care of my Nicholas! So grateful ????

jennifer mulroy

2 years ago

I just left this office and after more than 2 years of going here I can say today I am done!!! They tell you one thing one time and change it another they call my son to tell him my dogs appointments they call me to tell me about my son's dog you speak with them on the phone they tell you one thing you go in they tell you another. The way I was just dealt with in this office was so unbelievable this girl was so rude I can't believe she is hired for customer service !! What ever you do get it in writing with this place! Also they put your dogs in cages for hours they are always overbooked this place is definitely in it for the $$ and not the pets

Ann Roderick'Dumaine

2 years ago

This team of veterinarian's Are AWESOME ???? Wonderful place to take your pet to if your pet needs medical care or food & toys and beds for your precious pooch or you cuddley cat they have great stuff for cats and dogs I WOULD RATE BAER PET #1 SINCERELY!!

R Ducharme

2 years ago

Excellent care, friendly staff, and transparent pricing. Brought my pup in for a laceration and the staff were very kind and efficient. The doctor was very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure I understood the procedure and aftercare. Before we left, the follow up appointment was already scheduled. Thanks for making the whole process smooth and pleasant!

Charlie Pearsall

2 years ago

As a business owner I am surprised that this place has any repeat customers. The front staff and the veterinarian are rude and unprofessional. The vet who seems to be in over his head, since he never has time for his clients who unknowingly are being overcharged seems to base most of diagnosis off of assumptions. The only thing he cares about is charging you for as much as he can get away with. He nearly killed our cat and when he was confronted about it his response was congratulations. I’m sure he was embarrassed that a real vet helped our cat when his $600 assumption fell short. But he got his money so that’s all he cares about. Long story short we brought our cat there for about 20 minutes and walked out with a $600 bill that didn’t help our cat. The next day we brought our cat to a real vet because she was still sick she was there for 12 hours and the bill was only $300 something doesn’t add up with this place never come here. Grimy

Southern Hospitality

2 years ago

Amazing! My pup swallowed a toy and my regular vet was closed. They were able to take us in for an emergency visit. (Emergency Vet is 45+min away) The staff was sweet but the vet didn't really have time to talk with me. Overall I will go back and I am so thankful they were there for me!

Harriet Southerland

2 years ago

Today I called about my doxie Olivia who has been a patient for a year along with Elliot another doxie. I explained that Olivia had a tick in her ear that I removed. However she was sahaking hear head and I was concerned. Denise asked if I could come at 10:30. I live in Falmouth so I plan 1/2 hour to arrive on time. I brought her in and she has anxiety. They asked me what ear and I told them. Next I was told for $130 emergency fee they couldn’t schedule an appointment till July no emergency fee. I am so disappointed and like a previous review I will have to go somewhere else!

Jen Rivera

2 years ago

My dog is a client at Caring Hearts and we have the animal care plan. My dog was having tummy trouble and I called to ask for an appointment. My choices were April 28 or I could pay $149 for an emergency visit. I questioned the emergency visit fee as well as the first available appointment being a month away. I decided to call another vet. I was told to give my dog a bland diet and they could see my dog tomorrow without the $149 fee. None of this was offered by my dogs actual vet. Later in the evening I received an email with the terms and conditions of the animal care plan. I sadly thought they were checking on my dog. No they weren’t. They don’t care about my dog they care about the money.

Phillip Besse

3 years ago

Absolutely terrible terrible terrible front office aside from Michelle. Revolving door of girls who work there. You show up on time for an appointment and wait for 20 minutes before being seen. Last year we were called to come in early for our dog’s comprehensive because of a covid cancellation. His shots weren’t covered then because it was early so we paid out of pocket for them and were told to renew his plan and that the shots would be covered next time (this year). Fast forward to this year. The vet’s wife confirmed with us two weeks ago that the shots would be covered today under our plan. When I got there today they told me none of the shots would be covered. Then they said I’d have to pay for three of them and quoted me prices. Then they said the dog was due for five shots but they only do three at a time but that those three are actually covered and I could do the other two at a later date. We checked his records when we got home and it turns out they only did two shots. We called back and Ashley, the girl who quoted me the shots for my dog, told me I declined the shots (which I didn’t) and that she never quoted me the prices (which she did). They were quoted in front of other employees and and I never declined anything. Then she hung up on my wife. We will not be renewing our plan and I urge everyone considering this vet to reconsider unless Dr. Baer cleans up the front office. We love Dr. Baer as a vet and Michelle in the front office is amazing, just the best, but the other front office girls are not worth the frustration and aggravation. Stay away.

Bill Hornick

3 years ago

We've been bringing our dog Doyle here since we got him 7 years ago. Always helpful caring staff. Dr Baer, Terri, Ashley and the rest of the techs are amazing. Thank you so much for caring for our little guy (he's 95lbs of Labrador love) .

Theresa Valente

3 years ago

Beau's first visit to Caring Hearts was very successful. A good Veterinary Clinic, is a treasure. We were quickly put at ease, by the professionalism, knowledge and kindness show to us all.

rebecca winslow

3 years ago

This place is only looking to make money. They recommend and push unnecessary treatment, the vet is always rushed and apathetic to your pet. They're constantly way behind and make you wait for at least 30 minutes past the appt time to even drop your pet off, and they never return phone calls even when it's an emergency. My dog was put under general anesthesia for dental work here and when I came to pick her up and find out how it went (she was still VERY sedated) the vet had left early. There was no vet there in the building in case she had an emergency coming out of GA or even there to answer my questions or give me post anesthesia instructions. I was horrified. My advice: take your beloved pets elsewhere.

Judy Roderick

3 years ago

5 star rating the care of your lovable " child with fur as if they were their own loving pet they are ???? the best veterinary services around the have a food store , friendly staff ! & most importantly a 24 hour vet hospital ! & the vet techs are kind & caring ! As well as doctors Terri & Micheal BAER ! they are trusting & loving ! & are meticulous in explaing the love & care & best options for your pets needs & care for prolonging their life & again most importantly they love & treat your pet as lovingly & professionally as if it were their own loving pet ! Especially with exotic & full bred breeds ! They have everything a real professional hospital has & needs to care for your pet ! & in emergency great location close to home ! Wonderful Wonderful vet staff & doctors & store food staff & grooming staff very descent prices !!! As well ! I would give them 10 stars ********** if i could ! Thank you doctor's TERRI & MICHAEL BEAR & STAFF JUDITH RODERICK ! & FAMILY !!

Don Foose

3 years ago

Make sure you bring your pets here. The staff and the veterinarian, there are amazing. They have great plans to take care of your pets.

Connor Reeve

3 years ago

All of the staff was extremely friendly and very helpful . They always greet me when I go in, much like Norm from Cheers

Amelia Read

4 years ago

The doctor went above and beyond to help my dog.

Briana Vittorini

4 years ago

My 6 week old kitten got sick soon after I brought him home. He wouldn’t eat, he was lethargic and was throwing up. Weighing only 1lb I was scared so I called Dr. Baers office and to my surprise they told me to bring him in even though I didn’t have an appointment and they were booking out for weeks. I dropped my Brody off and as soon i got there I felt better. I felt confident that he was in the best hands and he was going to receive exceptional care. Dr. Baer and his staff called me multiple times throughout the day to update me on my little guy and sent me home with medication for him. Within 24 hours he was feeling great and back to being his lovably spunky self! A huge thank you to Dr. Baer and his amazing, loving, thoughtful and thorough staff! You have my business for the life of my animals! I highly recommend this veterinary center for their professionalism, excellent customer service and above and beyond care!!

Carolyn Formalarie

4 years ago

I don’t approve of drop off dogs. Do the dogs stay in a room by themselves waiting to be seen by the Dr. Doesnt sound like “Caring Hearts”

Charlie Miller

4 years ago

I'm an existing customer getting a new puppy. I needed an appointment to have the puppy looked over and to have a form completed. I have 48hrs to get this done. I was not able to get an appointment, I explained the situation and no flexibility here! So I found a new vet, caring hearts missed out on many years of vet visits and lost a customer. I don't recommend this kind of factory.

Chris Williams

4 years ago

Great experience with my first visit with my puppy.

Deborah McLain

4 years ago

Vet and staff care for each animal with genuine care and concern. Their compassion and love for animals is apparent with every pet they care for. The staff greets you with a smile and greets your pet by name. I have never had a vet I feel more comfortable with than Caring Hearts.

Liam Girouard

4 years ago

We had to euthanize our sweet 13 year old pug today. It was heart wrenching to let her go but I could not have asked for a more compassionate and kind hearted Veternarian and staff to see us through her 17 month battle with cancer. Dr Baer is knowledgeable, professional, down-to-earth, and a loving dog owner himself. He went above and beyond to provide us with top quality care at a reasonable cost and always provided us with our options at every turn. We could not recommend Dr Baer and staff highly enough.

Michael S Olstein, M.D.

4 years ago

I have never written a review before but the incredibly superb care our beloved cat received from Dr. Baer and his staff makes me want to share our experience with other pet owners. Shayna, our 24 year old Himalayan, stopped eating and drinking and became lethargic. She was dying. On the second day we brought her to Dr.Baer. In spite of her having multiple serious medical problems, including kidney failure, Dr. Baer saved her life. After three days in his hospital we were able to bring Shayna back home and, so far, she is doing well. Dr. Baer personally called us twice every day during her hospital stay and his staff continued to check on her condition for days after her discharge. I can sum it up best by repeating what my wife said: “When I get sick I want Dr. Baer to take care of me.” And her doctor is at MGH !

Sharon Ferraro

4 years ago

Always helpful with a smile on their faces

Mike Mazzotta

4 years ago

The McDonald's of veterinary services-- expect dropping of your animal and never getting the chance to interact with anyone besides the receptionist staff, who seem disinterested or incapable of engaging in question and answer. I will not be going back!

Pauli Pendleton

4 years ago

Our cat had an abscessed tooth that went into the bone. Teeth extracted but a long haul with antibiotics and a sick kitty. Dr Baer was caring, thorough in his explanations, and diagnosed something missed by another vet. His staff is great and we have been very happy with the care our cats have received.

Priscilla Hapeman

5 years ago

Dr. Baer and his staff are wonderful. You can feel their genuine love and concern for the well being of animals, they are very accommodating, and never too busy if your pet is in an emergency situation. Dr. Baer is an experienced vet and I am so grateful for all of his attention to my dogs. Caring Hearts Animal Hospital forever has my business. He has proven to be more than capable of complex, life or death procedures - and further, his fees are beyond reasonable (ie: I was given an estimate of $1,500 for a particular procedure last spring at another facility, but I brought my dog to Dr. Baer when his clinic opened that same morning and he performed the procedure for $175... unbelievable cost difference). I cannot praise Dr. Baer and his staff enough.

Corissa Bubenick

5 years ago

I just love the vet and the staff here! They have fit us in for a few unexpected visits and my dog and myself received the best treatment from everyone involved. I wish I could give you guys a 10 star rating!

Gary Cook

5 years ago

My dog loves it here. When I drop him off for boarding, he is pulling at the leash to get in. When I pick him up, he is always happy and tired; goes to sleep within 5 minutes of getting in the car.

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