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Samantha Dexter

2 years ago

I've been a volunteer on and off since 2010 and am now a board member. I've adopted 5 greyhounds from this rescue over the years and have had a great experience every time. The kennel has been recently updated and new leadership is in place. The living conditions for the dogs are excellent. I am proud to serve this organization and look forward to many more years of helping dogs to find the loving homes that they deserve.

Buddy Ninn

2 years ago

We adopted a dog that had serious medical issues that were not disclosed to us, they had to know about. Cost of adoption and veterinary bills we can't recover. Be careful ask for current lab results for blood work. I gave them 3 stars because they have other dogs that need homes and they should be adopted.

vex btw

3 years ago

The kennel is clean and the puppies are very Happy with double size homes while they wait for adoption. They do need volunteers for outside cleaning for spring and summer. Go to GHF site. And you can visit on the weekends. The best place.

Sara Maurno (Sara Moves!)

3 years ago

I have nothing but the best experience. The staff and volunteers were professional and responsive and compassionate.

jimmy Williams

3 years ago

Best place to get a big dope

Dale Warren

4 years ago

This organization including the founder, staff and volunteers have given 100% to the protection of the Greyhound breed and it's members. They work tirelessly to care for; educate on behalf of and promote the responsible guardianship of each individual animal. With a long history of responsible care and stewardship of the Greyhound breed; this organization is one of my favorite to date.

S O'Brien

5 years ago

I'm sickened by the treatment of these dogs at Greyhound Friends and the board of director's continual denial of the suffering they caused. Alert: The Public Charities Division of the Mass Attorney General's Office found that Greyhound Friends founder Louise Coleman Louise Coleman breached her fiduciary duty of loyalty to Greyhound Friends through the misuse of charitable funds and that the Greyhound Friends Board of Directors failed to “ensure management and operational decisions were made in the best interest of the organization.

stacy hayes-geer

5 years ago

I wish I could give this zero stars... Please do not support this (currently closed) shelter. One only has to google Greyhound & friends to find out that they've been shut down for unsanitary conditions & for neglecting animals. …

Stephen Bass

5 years ago

There is no question that GHFs places many dogs and luckily some have found great homes. however it has come to light that the not so lucky dogs are left without the proper vet care and the dogs are left to languish for months and even years. This place is over crowded. some dogs are left in bathrooms, some are left in the offices, and some are left in very small crates in the back room off the kitchen. Many local Rescues have had to step in and remove these unlucky dogs because they were not getting the help and basic enrichment they so desperately needed. Local Rescues should not have to rescue dogs already in a rescue. The State has closed them down in the past and has just closed them down again. There is currently a criminal complaint filed against the Director, Ms. Colemen for animal cruelty. Just please do a Google news search before you go. Edit as of 3/15/17 there seems to be a push for positive reviews on this company's Facebook page started by contract driver Mr. Rich Hunt. (You can see his request on their Facebook page) Hence you may see an influx of new reviews. This is not about those successful adoptions. This is about the back room dogs being neglected. Again a simple google search will shed some light on their practices. ** update the former director was forced by the state to pay back $40,000.00 for using donations meant for the dogs on personal expenses. Talk about violating the trust of generous people who gave thinking it would help the dogs.

Mary H-S

6 years ago

Our family adopted 2 wonderful Greyhounds from GHFs. Our first, Gambino, was adopted in 2005 and he was fresh off the track of Wonderland. Gambino was 5 yrs. old when the track released him to Greyhound Friends-he won a lot of races, that …

Ann Edmonds Haley

6 years ago

Over the years, I have adopted 4 greyhounds from Louise Coleman at Greyhound Friends. The most recent one I adopted, Happy, helps by walking with me and helping me with my balance and my mobility. Louise is a wonderful person, these …

Anne Murphy

6 years ago

I have adopted four wonderful greyhounds from Greyhound Friends. The staff are wonderful and the kennel is always organized and clean. My dogs have been the loves of my life and I cannot thank GF enough for bringing them into my life. Absolutely fantastic!

Beth Malloy

6 years ago

This rescue received a cease and desist from the state of MA 2/17, the town of Hopkinton pulled their kennel license. Louise Coleman is being brought up on animal abuse and neglect charges. Dogs were warehouse here sometimes for years on …

wendy scott

6 years ago

amazing......we have supported long after our beloved adoptee passed at 12+ because of the work that this dedicated and wonderful woman (with her army) has done! It takes a village to be this successful and save so many dogs but I learned …

Tom F.

6 years ago

Compassionate and caring, and passionate about finding homes for this lovable gentle breed.

Sarah McLarney

6 years ago

We adopted a dog from GHF four years ago. The management worked with us to match us with the perfect dog. We have since gone back several times to visit and also attend the events. They love and care for all of the dogs and take the time to ensure each dog is matched with the perfect family.

Richard Hunt

6 years ago

I volunteered at Greyhound Friends in 2016 . I found the facility to be very clean and safe, the staff to be attentive to the needs of each dog, and the organization having a tradition of matching a dog with the right adopter.

Rebecca Carlson

6 years ago

I've always admired the grit and determination of the founder, Louise Coleman, to the cause of Greyhound rescue. She has helped stop the cruel sport of dog racing in our area. Greyhound Friends takes in discarded/retired/dumped greyhounds and finds forever homes for them. I adoptedy my Haley from GF and I can say this is a top notch rescue with a lot of heart. They are a no-kill rescue. Their volunteers are wonderful too!

patricia klee

6 years ago

I have been a volunteer for 2 years as a result in searching for support after adopting my first greyhound from a Southern rescue group. In addition 2 months ago I adopted the sweetest 2 year old greyhound from Greyhound Friends. After learning more about the organization I started volunteering because I was totally impressed with the staff and the facility itself. I strongly recommend GHF for those looking for support of a greyhound of their own. The staff will help you find the appropriate hound for your home and lifestyle. Remember Greyhounds as ex-racers are very unique and the average shelter will not be able to provide them with the unique care and shelter that they need.

Pam Whittemore

6 years ago

We adopted our sweet boy Brett last May 2016 , Louise and her staff were wonderful , Brett was in perfect health , Thank You GHF for all you do!!!

michael King

6 years ago

Greyhound Friends is an amazing clean facility that truly cares about their placements. Since 2010, we have adopted 3 Special needs, older Greyhounds that we know would not have been even considered as a worthy placement by any other …

Christine G

6 years ago

I had adopted a Lurcher, which is a Greyhound cross breed. He was a lovely majestic dog. His history consisted of two prior failed adoptions. He had been at GHF for an extended period of time. The group had concerns & were debating euthanizing him. I'm glad they didn't he was such a jewel of a dog. I'm glad I had him.

Lisa Leger

6 years ago

I have adopted 2 dogs from Louise at Greyhound Friends, including my current family member Flash. The care and love all the staff has shown every time I've visited is significant. They love every dog and take the time to match dog and owner perfectly. I can't say enough, any dog that finds itself at Greyhound Friends is in most loving hands.


6 years ago

Greyhound friends is a wonderful rescue. They do a wonderful job finding homes for rescued greyhounds and hounds. Clean kennel and superb staff ! So happy I found my greyhound here :)

Craig Waterman

6 years ago

My wife Rebecca wrote a review about a year ago. This is a follow-up. We adopted such a loving boy from this place. Louise is a good woman who doesn't just try to find a home for these dogs. She vets people, which is why you find the disgruntled reviews below. People think you show up, pick a dog and go home. No that's not what's going to happen. She takes her responsibility seriously, she loves these dogs, she wants them to go to good homes. She wants to see true dedicated owners take care of these dogs like responsible adults. Unfortunately, not everyone has that determination to adopt these gracious animals. So if you go here with a half hearted commitment to adopt chances are she will see through it. If that's the case don't be upset when she says no. We've gone to GHF a few times with Smarty and she always comments on his well behaved demeanor. The cages were always well kept and presentable. We've actually seen Vets there twice, and they always give helpful advice. Louise will facilitate adoption to good homes, not perfect but good. We are extremely glad Louise is the way she is, why put them in bad homes only to have them returned?

Eileen Moyer

6 years ago

Have adopted greyhounds from Greyhound Friends for 20 years. Also volunteer every week. The staff is welcoming & the dogs well cared for & loved.

Ellen Cooley

6 years ago

When my husband and I wanted to adopt a greyhound last fall, we visited Greyhound Friends. The manager took the time to review our application and talk with us to get to know us and our home/lifestyle in order to match us with the right dog for us. She introduced us to a couple of dogs and we were able to spend as much time as we wanted with them in the kennel's large open yard. A perfect match was made and we brought home a wonderful, lovable, silly, greyhound! The manager also provided us with guidance/information in care specific to the greyhounds, answered any questions we had, and even loaned us a crate to help settle the dog into his new home. When we have returned to Greyhound Friend's for periodically to visit, our greyhound is always excited to return, “rooing" (which means he’s happy) out the window as we turn down the driveway. The manager always greets Albert by name and he is delighted to see her, other staff/volunteers and fellow hounds. The manager and staff are always willing to help or give recommendations anytime we have a question or concern.

greg maclean

6 years ago

Have rescued 5 greyhounds over 20+ years. This is a loving and very well run organization!

guy leger

6 years ago

Worked with GHF for over 20 years and they are nothing but the best!

Kirsten McCarthy

6 years ago

My family has adopted 4 greyhounds from Greyhound Friends over the past 18 years. We love that GHF takes the time to get to know us, know our normal daily routine, know what type of environment we would be bringing a dog home to before they even let us talk about what, if any, dog would be a good fit for our family. When we adopted our first greyhound, Hope, they made it easy for us to know what we needed to tell our vet. All her paperwork came in a folder and they also went over it all with us before we left. We also received a handful of follow up phone calls from Greyhound Friends after we brought Hope home to make sure everything was going well and to see if we had any questions. It was such a WONDERFUL experience that after we lost Hope we went back and have adopted 3 more from Greyhound Friends. Each experience has been the same. Wonderful, very complete, very enjoyable. You can tell they truly care about each and every single dog and want to make sure they go to the right home. The kennels are always clean, the dogs are very well cared for and loved. I can not say enough wonderful things about Greyhound Friends. They are the BEST!

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