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Arturo Paulino

2 years ago

Went to pick up my puppy today, 3rd time he's gone there for day care and was boarded once for 3 days, and they had him in a room by himself. When asked why I was told "because he is quieter when he is by himself" I said I bring him here to be with other dogs not be secluded like I could understand if he was causing trouble but he's 9.5 months old puppy! Needless to say, I had every Monday booked for the rest of the month and I canceled I will never bring him there again and suggest dog owners who love their dogs to stay away.

Matthew Hamilton

2 years ago

Reviewing as a worker of Camp Canine: I loved working here, everyone on staff is extremely good at what they do, Allison and Colin especially. Dogs are treated very well and even receive personal photoshoots by me if owners request! Great place to board your dogs and/or drop off for the day.

Jennifer Caiola

2 years ago

Great day camp for dogs! Staff are so loving towards the pups. No kennels like other day camps! Boarding offered as well. Reasonable prices

Rebecca Hampton

3 years ago

Rejected a puppy because its a cane corso. Obviously don't know alot and need some education themselves

Caroline Samoiloff

3 years ago

The staff are so kind and friendly, and also very flexible if you need to switch days on relatively short notice. They are always excited to see my dog when I drop her off in the morning, and I love getting the little “report card” at the end of the day. Most importantly, my dog loves it there. Thank you for taking good care of her!

Victoria Mauro

3 years ago

always helpful, love the cameras to creep on my dog

Jaqueline Godden

3 years ago

Couldn’t be more disappointed with this place. They asked me to drop off my dog between 7-7:30 and before 8 they called asking me to pick him up. They couldn’t explain to me why my dog wasn’t a good fit, I asked if he was aggressive, barking or crying and the lady said no. The lady said she could read his body language. I was surprise that she was able to do that in such a small period of time, I also brought up to her attention that the day I was there to see the facility there was a dog that wasn’t part of the big group and the guy who was showing me the place said that was the dog first day, he was nervous and they’ll were trying to make him feel more comfortable first. Also, I read reviews of people that was so grateful for helping them socialize their dog even not working the first time. She told me they are not trainers, but my question is why my dog didn’t have a chance like the others? I asked her why can’t you give a little more time, it’s a new place for him, new people, new dogs. I fill out a 4 page application explaining and talking about him prior to all of this but it was like they never even bother.

Matt G

4 years ago

Love this place. More importantly- my pup loves this place. Plays all day. Sleeps all night. Takes 3 days to recover after his stay there. He knows from 10 min drive away where he is going and gets excited.

Colleen Nasman

4 years ago

Great place to board your dogs or have them go play for the day at daycare. My dogs love playing with the other dogs and going in the pool on a hot day. My dogs come home happy and tired. They also have cameras you can watch and you get a little note about their day when you pick them up. But call ahead because they fill up.


4 years ago

I was skeptical about going to Camp Canine at first because years ago I had another dog that I used to bring there and I don't think they had very good staff (basically untrained high school kids that couldn't be bothered). But I gave it another shot with my new puppy when I heard it was under new ownership and I couldn't be much happier. My opinion now it's that the majority of the staff now not only love being around dogs but also have some level of training to handle the large groups of dogs (especially Allison and Sam). They have a large outdoor play area and I'm happy that they recently updated their cameras so I can now check in on my dog in real time anytime she's there. They keep the place clean, have 12 hour daycare days, decent prices, and discounted rates for Veterans and First Responders. Haven't boarded my dog there yet so I can't comment on that aspect but for doggy daycare, I can tell you that your dog will definitely come home well exercised and tired. The biggest criticism that I may have is that sometimes they get so swamped that they're unable to write their daily report cards; but I can live with that.

Reeve Goodenough

5 years ago

Great staff! Our dog always has a blast and the counselors are awesome with her even though she's a little shy / nervous

Scott Pelletier

5 years ago

Our dog Scout loves it here. She is always exhausted when we pick her up. The staff is friendly and answered all my questions.

russian diamon

5 years ago

It is a bad place to bring any animal


6 years ago

This place is great. My dogs Dallas and Pepper love it there. Wish I could take them every day. :)

darcy d reardon

6 years ago

This place is horrible. They isolate dogs in the back yard. They bark until the staff feels they have been tired out. One dog barked for so long it started eating a fence post. I guess out of anxiety. This is a daily occurence. I heard it's called "the punishment area" for bad dogs. The video cams only show the areas they want you to see. Very bad place. The staff has been unresponsive to the continued abuse of these dogs .

Hannah Padula

7 years ago

I've been a loyal customer to Camp Canine since my dog was a puppy & always had trouble with staff. He has come home with bite marks as well as scratches.. Which have left perminant scarring . I have stopped bringing him to Camp Canine since, but what concerns me most is how unprofessional this company is.. The owner herself called me 3 times just to tell me I owed her fees from a no call/ no show that I never even scheduled . Screamed at me over the phone.. To the point where I thought to myself what kind of place have I been bringing my "child" to . NEVER will I be bringing my dog back to Camp Canine and I suggest you do NOT bring your dog here . All over a 45$ no call no show, which she would've made back in two visits .. Since each day is 30$ . FOOLISH and unprofessional .

Janice Amato

7 years ago

We love Camp Canine. They are always attentive to us and our dog Nadine. Nadine enjoys her camp counselor and the staff and has a lot of fun when she goes to daycare. We've also been very happy with the groomer and Nadine always looks great after a day of beauty. My only criticism would be the dog cameras. I like to check on her and while I can see her I'd like closer shots of her or different yard angles. The facility is clean and I find the owners and staff to be very communicative and receptive.

Rich Giannetta

7 years ago

Great place to place your furbaby for a daycare or overnight

Sherri Hofmann

8 years ago

My crazy rescue puppy / dog failed the first couple of visits to play with his friends. He loves the staff and always comes home zonked out. They have done a wonderful job over the past several months to help me socialize the crazy boy! The staff is amazing!!!! Now he plays with his puppy friends and loves it. Love Camp Canine !!

Chris R

10 years ago

We've taken our dog here from puppyhood to adolescence and out of all the different day care facilities we've tried, this is easily the best. When our dog comes back from the day, he is absolutely ZONKED from all the great exercise he gets in their large outdoor play area. This is probably the biggest difference we've noticed between the other day camps–the amount of exercise our boy gets. They take good care of our dog and he gets lots of attention. He's never come home sick or with worms (unlike a certain chain doggie day care company). We've now been taking our dog here exclusively for the last few years. Can't recommend highly enough!

Martha Ayotte

10 years ago

My dog loves this place! She is so excited to go to camp. They have an expert staff and know my dog by name. They give me a report every day on who my dog played with. Clean and friendly.

Tasha Hilson

10 years ago

I brought my dog here for an "interview" and was immediately unimpressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the lady at the front desk. She was unfriendly and lacked professionalism. My dog is a 37 pound lab mix and is very shy when first meeting other dogs and it does take a few minutes for him to get comfortable and playful. That being said, he goes to a different doggie day camp each week and plays and has lots of fun! He also has a great neighbor dog that he loves to chase around and is a member of a "meet up" group that has many types of dogs - big, small, young, old. The lady at the front desk, took my dog out back for a total of 4 minutes and then came back and told me he was too much of a liability because he snapped at the two dogs she brought in. Not only did I tell her upfront that he is shy at first and takes time to adjust, she told me she was bringing in a dog named 'Molly' that is a very aggressive player....hello, does that make any sense?! At the other two daycares he has attended, the staff has said he is a good dog and that it is normal for a little aggression in the beginning as the dogs get used to their new surroundings and new friends. This lady did not even give him a chance to adjust. I did mention to her on my way out that you can't put two dogs in a room that have never met and expect them to be best friends right away. Perhaps I am just bitter about her "failing" my dog, but I feel that someone who knows dogs and dog behavior would realize you can't expect fun and joyful play in a few minutes of knowing each other. I do feel if she had let my dog adjust to the surroundings before bringing in another dog right away (let alone an "aggressive player"), he would not have been so nervous and defensive. Disappointed.

Cassidy Fechtor

11 years ago

I was going to take my dog here.. until the staff was rude, they were not playing with the dogs, and one girl slender with dark brown hair was smoking a cigarette! The inside is dirty, smells awful, has hair everywhere! Yes, it's a dog place, but they should clean! The prices are too high as well. All around this place is awful, along with their employees!

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