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Jared Santurri

2 years ago

I wish I had more to go off of for this review. When I bring my dogs somewhere for boarding, it's nice to get some kind of update to know that they're doing okay and/or to know if they liked going there. I received no updates about my two dogs. There were no pictures/videos posted of my dogs (granted it was Christmas eve and Christmas day but posting a few pictures doesn't take long...). I emailed asking for an update on how they did for their first time and received no reply. Someone else picked the dogs up for me and was told they did fine. Many reviews state that Brian and his staff do things well at CBS, but due to the lack of communication, I have no idea what my dogs did while in their care. And for me, that's enough to not return or recommend them. I think it's important to make an informed decision when bringing your dogs somewhere for boarding or training. Before you decide on bringing your dogs here, head over to their Facebook reviews. I wish I had seen those prior to bringing my dogs there. Some unsettling reviews and many people would not recommend them. I know some people exaggerate, but there's more than just one bad review.

Liz Ryan

2 years ago

I wish there was an option to give Canine Behavioral Services more than 5 stars! CBS saved our relationship with our dog Moose. At 9 months old Moose had severe separation anxiety. He was a pandemic dog who was use to being with us all the time because we didn’t really have anywhere to go. When it came time to leave him he would bark for hours in his crate (much to the dismay of our neighbors). His anxiety got progressively worse and left him constantly barking if he was separated from us by a closed door or a gate in the house. At the time I was 6 months pregnant and ready to loose my mind. How could I have a sleeping baby and a giant barking dog in the same house? I looked into a lot of local trainers and wasn’t sold on anything they told me. When I reached out most just sent me a generic email back quoting dog training basics that had nothing to do with our separation anxiety issue. Brian and his team came to our rescue. Even before deciding to send Moose to the 30 day Canine Behavior Training program Brian was in contact with me multiple times via email. He discussed his training tactics in depth, answered all of my questions and instilled confidence in me that Moose would be in good hands and become the best dog he could be by the end of the training. We sent Moose to the 30 day Canine Behavioral Training program and even though I cried the whole way home I knew Moose was in good hands. We watched Moose’s progress through pictures and videos on their Facebook page as well as stayed in email contact. When Brian brought Moose home to us we were amazed. Brian spent a few hours with us teaching us how to handle and continue to train Moose and let him know that now we are in charge. We now had a dog that would rest quietly in his crate and willing go in for a treat. Brian taught us how to “loose leash” walk with Moose meaning I could now walk him without all 80lbs of him dragging pregnant me down the road. Brian left us with training instructions and was available to us for training and behavior questions that we came across in the process. Moose did great at home with us and continues to improve. During our follow up in home session with Brian we learned even more techniques to further train Moose as he learns new tricks and good behaviors. I’m sure most people’s hesitation for enrolling their dog in this type of training is the cost but for us it was worth every penny to now have a great relationship with our dog that will last his lifetime. On top of the amazing training Brian and his team also were so accommodating when we went to the hospital to have a baby. Since no one ever knows when a baby will arrive they allowed us to change our reservation and extend it when we spent a few extra days in the hospital without any issue or worry about Moose. We knew he was being well taken care of while we were gone. We plan to continue to use the boarding and training services at Canine Behavioral Services for Moose and when it comes time to add another puppy to our family we will start training with Canine Behavioral Services right away. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family!

Kathy D

2 years ago

Brian, I just wanted to say "Thank you" again for all that you have done for Bandit. I spent 2 months researching dog trainers for Bandit, I soon realized that he needed intense training on a daily basis. I did not know how to handle his aggression. There were trainers that were unwilling to take Bandit on as a client. Bandit is a rescue dog out of TN, what I do know for certain he lacked socialization since he was 8 weeks old (he is now 6 1/2 years old). Brian was willing to take him on as a client. More importantly, his methodology focuses on the cause of the bad behavior not just eradicating it. The other thing I wanted to mention Bandit was to return home on November 2nd, but Brian determined he needed more time. He also took Bandit to live in his home for the next 5 weeks for more intense training. He returned home on December 8th. This additional training was included at no extra cost. It may seem expensive but when you breakdown the time and effort Brian and his staff apply to each dog it is insignificant. The rewards far exceed the cost. There is a calmness at his facility that is sensed by the dog. I had brought Bandit to another training facility for a consult it was a challenge to get him in the building but at Canine Behavioral Services he calmly walked in and went with the manager and never looked back at my husband or myself. We knew at that point we made the right decision for Bandit. I have been following all of the protocols instituted at Canine Behavioral Services and Bandit is doing well at home. I know we have a long road ahead but the results I have seen in the past four days are remarkable. Brian is amazing the way he handles dogs, he makes a connection with them that I have never seen before. Before you make decision on training for your dog inquire about the methodology the trainer uses. Please keep in mind an animal behaviorist not only trains the dog but also trains the owner. Bandit is on his way to be the best dog he can be!

Mark Wilson

2 years ago

Dogs seemed to have a good time. Golden retriever got a nice trim.


2 years ago

Excellent trainer and training staff! Brian helped train our happy, anxious, and ill mannered lab chow mix as well as her owners. She is now polite and a joy to walk and entertain with! Thank you CBS!!

Michael Northrup

2 years ago

I believe the program designed and executed by Canine Behavioral Services Inc. was both effective and efficient for our puppy. It is a thinking outside the box approach that requires as much motivation, training, and effort, from not only the dog but the owners as well. If you really want to enjoy and build a lasting loving relationship with your pets, I would highly recommend this training for you and your pet but strap yourself in as anything worth doing right will take extraordinary effort but it's well worth the ride. GO DOGS AND PEOPLE TOO!!!

Richard Nocera

2 years ago

Canine Behavioral Services arrived on time to pick up 2 dogs for bathing. We chatted about my German Shepherd Dog, Gunny's, weight at 125 pounds. Gunny had always been big, even as a puppy. And he was lazy! CBS' Brian Manning explained that the weight issue would be a problem later in his life and was affecting him now albeit being lazy. Brian invited Gunny to stay at CBS for 2 months. When Gunny returned, he was not only 20 pounds lighter and more energetic, but was more well behaved on the leash. Brian and his staff work tirelessly for the health and wellness of our dog(s). Working around my schedule, CBS makes regular housecalls for continued training at an affordable price. I would recommend Canine Behavioral Services to anyone whose dog is overweight, out of control, jumps, digs, has socialization problems, problems walking on leash, etc. Rich Nocera Hope Valley, RI

Carol Cotoni

2 years ago

They were amazing they helped make make my dog who is scared of tile floors unscared of tile floors and I am excited now that he can walk on tile and I can take him anywhere

Perri Levine

3 years ago

I sent my dog(s) for PCT Level 1 training from Oct 2020-Jan 2021. My experience with Brian and the entire Canine Behavioral services team over the past few months has been nothing short of amazing! My dog Benny, a 3 year old retriever mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation and diagnosed with global fear and anxiety went to Canine Behavioral Services for Pack cohesion training level 1, where he was there for the in patient behavioral rehabilitation and then was joined at the end by our other pup Moby. Benny is an extremely loving dog with very severe behavioral issues that included excessive accidents in the house, and absolute refusal to go outside and nonstop shaking whenever he encountered someone new. He also struggled greatly with other dogs and in the two years I had him I never once, not even at crowded dog parks, saw him engage in play with another dog. Brian extended Benny’s stay twice, once when it was clear that he could benefit from additional training and once due to bad weather on a previously scheduled travel day. Benny stayed with the pack for 10 weeks instead of 6, at no additional cost to me. Canine Behavioral Services is not a magical solution to our problems that is going to return a perfectly normal and behaved dog at the end of the program. Helping your dog to become more calm and balanced requires a large commitment of time and patience from the humans involved as well, and Brian is explicit and upfront about this every step of the way. I’m sure there are other trainers out there who have programs comparable to Brians, however one thing you won’t find other places is how clear and upfront Brian is. He responds super quickly to all emails and responses are always extensive and clearly well thought out. He’ll answer what you may view as a simple question with a multiple paragraph response to make sure that you understand fully. Brian is not going to sugar coat anything and for me it was a huge plus to know that I was getting completely accurate non embellished information about my dogs progress. This attitude might not be for everyone but Brian was upfront about his communication style and it was one of the reasons that I specifically chose his program for my dog. For the first time in two years I have been able to see my dog play with other dogs and enjoy being outside. I have also been able to take him on walks for miles each day, and before he went to Brian I was lucky if I could walk him 5 feet. Benny still has problems but he is leaps and bounds above what he was before the program. I don’t know what the future holds in regards to my ability to provide my dog the support and environment that he needs to thrive, but I do know that I would send him back to Brian and his team in a heartbeat.

Kathleen Smith

3 years ago

Working with Brian and Canine Behavioral Services was the best decision we made when we adopted our puppy, Bailey!!! I knew that it was important for us to be on the same page when training our new dog but we didn’t know how. Brian came to our home and worked with all of us, training us to give Bailey the best start. He spoke to and worked directly with our 8 year old son, teaching him what to do and not to do with Bailey. We also sent Bailey to the 2 week puppy training offered by CBS. We could tell how much Bailey learned as soon as she returned home. I highly recommend Brian and his staff at CBS!!!

Jason P Vieira

3 years ago

It was back in 2015 that I first contacted Brian at Canine Behavioral Services to work with our new Cavachon puppy named Emma. We got Emma as a 12-week old runt of the litter and after a few weeks it became very clear that we needed some professional assistance to get Emma going in the right direction. From housebreaking to crate training, leash walking, nuisance barking, and submissive urination, Emma was afraid of everything and it was pretty challenging to figure out how to help his little 7lb cutie with the skills that we have. This is when I found Brian and contacted him for help. Emma spent some time with Brian and his staff and was boarded a few times when we went on vacation. The transformation this dog made under Brian’s care and instruction was nothing less than remarkable. By following through on Brian’s re-homing training, Emma has become the amazing dog we knew she would. She is a model leash walker, unafraid of other dogs, never exits a door without be told she can, doesn’t jump on guests, the furniture or anything she’s not invited on. When she wants your attention, she will sit and look at you, waiting patiently for you to acknowledge her. She’s the best, and based on this experience I knew If we ever got another dog I would be reaching out to Brian for his guidance once again. That day came in December when we rescued our newest family member name Ivory. Ivory, a shepherd lab mix, was rescued from Alabama and is about 9 months old. We rescued her on November 28, 2020 and by December 1st I knew this gentle, nervous girl needed the help Canine Behavioral Services could provide. Ivory was insecure and afraid of everything. She wouldn’t leave the house. Getting her to go outside to go to the bathroom was an act of frustration. Using treats and all the positivity in the world wouldn’t get her to budge. On a leash, she would plop herself down and put on the breaks. She wouldn’t move. I’d have to lift her up and carry her to the backyard, so at that point I reached out to Brian and scheduled a board and train because I knew that Brian and the staff would provide the right guidance and environment for Ivory to find balance and begin to thrive. I dropped her off on December 9, carrying her out of the car and by her re-homing session on December 23rd a calmer, more confident dog was reunited with us. As guilty as you might feel dropping your dog off for two-weeks or more, when you get them back you realize you made the right decision and wish you would have done it sooner. Brian is extremely thorough and thoughtful in replying to your emails and the daily updates with pictures on the company website and Facebook gives you a peek into the progress your dog is making. The day he brought Ivory back, he spent two whole hours training us to help Ivory continue on with her progress. He also followed the training up with a detailed email of what we went over, the things to continue to work on with Ivory as well as a .pdf so we could print it out and refer to it daily. I will tell you, she’s a different dog today than she was the day we dropped her off. She’s walking on a leash, going to the door when she needs to go to the bathroom, she’s no longer pacing and whining, she’s crate trained, an angel in the car, and she gets along great with the new dogs she’s been interacting with. We just need to make sure we continue on with her education as outlined by Brian so that Ivory can be the be a happy, balanced dog that can thrive in any environment. Today, I have a house with two amazing and well-behaved dogs that probably wouldn’t have been possible if it were left solely to me. I believe in Brian, his training philosophy, and every one of the staff there. Brian has a unique ability to connect with these dogs and has now helped me twice. If you’re in a situation where you’re looking for help too, please don’t hesitate to reach this location. I’m sure you’ll be as pleased and grateful as my family I are!

Caitlin Simmons Wood

3 years ago

Brian and the trainers at Canine Behavioral Services helped our 3.5 year old chihuahua mix, Charlie become a more balanced dog while helping us become the owners that Charlie needed us to be. Charlie is a rescue from Tennessee and we do not know his background. Charlie was approximately two years old when we welcomed him into our home, and even though he loved us and we loved him, he was extremely fearful of our family, friends, and other dogs. His behavior created some awkward situations. He would bark incessantly at people or attempt to nip if people got too close to him. We had hoped that he’d eventually warm up to friends and family or “grow out” of his behavior, but that never happened. He was so scared. We had tried in-home training sessions with another trainer, who helped, but we soon realized that Charlie needed more time and expertise than we could provide him on our own. After chatting with friends who had success with Canine Behavioral Services, we knew it was time to make the commitment and help Charlie. Charlie was enrolled in the In-Patient Rehab/Pack Cohesion program (our 7.5 year old toy poodle mix, Pia, joined him for the final two weeks). Brian’s trainers and the pack have truly help Charlie become a more confident, balanced dog. We still have work to do with him as his owners, but CBSI has laid the foundation. We’ve been putting in the work at home and Charlie continues to show great progress. Charlie is calmer and less reactive. When he sees triggers in his environment on walks, he is able to re-focus once we implement the tricks Brian has taught us. Our friends, family, and neighbors have all noticed a positive change in Charlie and we couldn’t be happier. We cannot stress enough how beneficial the education CBSI provided us as owners. Before this experience, we admittedly were sending Charlie mixed signals of what we wanted from him. We wanted to help him, but didn’t know how. The trainers and the Pack at CBSI worked with Charlie and boosted his confidence (Ricky is his favorite)! Brian told us exactly what Charlie needed from us as owners and how to provide that. If you you believe that your dog deserves to be happy, secure, and balanced, Brian and the team at Canine Behavioral Services will help you and your best pal reach that goal. The knowledge they provide will make you and your dog a better pack at home! Cait & Steve Johnston, RI

Brian Morris

3 years ago

My 20 month old male, neutered Great Dane named Dalvin spent 8 weeks at Canine Behavioral Services with Brian and his staff. Before going there he would not come on command, was super resource aggressive when grabbing something he did not want to give up, was growling and showing his teeth and eventually lunging at me, my son and wife. He would not sit before going outside, he would not sit before being served his food, would jump on people coming in through the door whether us or strangers, climbed all over the furniture. All of that is gone. He sits before I place his food down, sits before going out a door, sits and does not come for a treat unless told to COME, no more pulling while being walked. He actually walked side by side with my neighbors dog on a walk for a half mile without even giving him any attention after an introduction. Does not take me for a walk, I walk him. I never ever thought I would get back such a well balanced, relaxed dog like I got back after 8 weeks. Brian spent 3 hours at my home with a rehome session training me, my wife, daughter and son how to react and act towards Dalvin in certain situations. No more couch time, no roaming the home or counter surfing (well, sometimes but immediately corrected) he is either in his crate, outside running around, being trained in home or on his bed. I can't thank Brian enough, I would have paid double if I knew Dalvin was going to come back this well trained. Do not go anywhere else. Thank you Brian and your staff at Canine Behavioral Services !!!!!!

Allison Haines

3 years ago

My puppy Harper is turning 1 year old this month. I decided to get her in March 2020 after many, many years of having a household without a dog. We wanted a well behaved dog and she seemed to be doing ok for the most part but there were some behaviors that we just couldn’t get under control by ourselves. We needed some help. My husband knew a couple of people who trained dogs, one of them being Brian. We contacted someone else first and had one session with them. There were a couple of things that the trainer mentioned doing that I wasn’t crazy about. So, I decided to review Brian’s website and I really liked the philosophy. Harper was having some difficulties with jumping, play biting, barking and resource guarding. We started with the 2 week puppy manners board and train program. It was hard sending her away for 2 weeks when I had just gotten her. But, we did it and felt that she came back a calmer pup. Brian spent 2 hours training us to work with her when he brought her home. We felt that we were off to a good start. We drifted some in our training with Harper and recently had a refresher session with Brian to keep us on the right path. He is upfront and honest with his communication keeping your dog’s needs in the forefront. Harper also attends doggy daycare twice a week. I feel happy and relaxed knowing that when Harper is at daycare she is well taken care of and is having fun. I love seeing the pictures of the pups on the face book page. I have had many dogs over the years and thought that getting a new puppy wouldn’t be that difficult. It was a challenge and I haven’t always done everything correct, so I am thankful that I have had the guidance and support of Brian and all his staff at CBS to help Harper become a well behaved and well balanced dog. I look forward to Brian staying involved with Harper and us knowing that he will always be there to help if we need him. Happy dog owner and client Allison Haines

Lisa Smith

3 years ago

The time Brian at Canine Behavioral Services has taken with me and my goldendoodle puppy, Lucy, couldn't have been better spent (or more appreciated). Brian was just as wonderful with my Lucy as he was working with me. I feel like he heard my cry for HELP working with my puppy. Brian treated me like family and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. I love Lucy but she's like a toddler whose language I still don't speak. Brian has been responsive to my questions (LOTS of them) and patient when I don't quite remember. He's remained so positive even when I'm feeling frustrated. I have a traumatic brain injury so I don't learn as easily and it can take a lot of repetition. For me, learning something new is a slow, difficult process. I feel like Brian is as dedicated and committed as I am to making this training relationship successful. I didn't feel pressured and really enjoyed our training together. I'm so impressed he didn't 'ditch' me after the 2 week training - I know I have his support and that means so much. I'm looking forward to growing alongside Lucy so we both have the best experience as she settles into her new home.

Mara Martinelli

3 years ago

Blue and Molly both spent a seven-night sleepover at CBS. Blue lights up once he sees his buddies, and he gets to play and run all he wants. Molly has been diagnosed with a chronic disease that makes it difficult for her to eat and drink and she is taking medications. I emailed CBS before making a reservation to be sure they would be willing to take Molly because of her issues. If CBS couldn’t take Molly, we would have canceled our trip because we won’t leave Blue or Molly anywhere else. CBS welcomed Molly with open arms and she did wonderfully while she was there. CBS has so many things you can add to your pups’ stay (e.g., walks, baths, training). Response to emails and/or phone calls is almost immediate. You get pictures and updates while they are there. Sending your buddies there for play, sleepovers, training is a complete no-brainer. Mara

Mary Launt

3 years ago

Very accommodating, very clean and beautiful property

Sharareh Gharib

4 years ago

Brian Manning was recommended to us by our dog trainer at he time. She told us that Zeus is too much for her after he bit her. We were running out of time with our very aggressive and very anxious beautiful 2 year old rescued German Shepherd, Zeus. Neither my son nor I were willing to give up. My husband at the time, had enough of it, Zeus either had to behave or go back to the shelter. After months of training and a couple of thousands of dollars spent on in house and out of the house training we were at the end of our rope. We tried everything, from Tufts to local classes. Nothing worked. We agreed to give Canine Behavioral Services a shot before we make a decision. Thank god we did. I can write a book about how Brian changed zeus’s Life and as a result our lives. In a nutshell, Brian Manning saved my dog’s life. He taught us how to lead and be a pack leader. He taught Zeus to trust his humans. If it weren’t for Brian, Zeus would not have lived to be 12 years old. He trusted 6 humans in his life and Brian was one of them. He tolerated a few others. When we travelled , CBS was the only place I trusted that my Zeus would be safe and other dogs and humans would be safe in Zeus’s presence. Brian has a very special gift of connecting with dogs. He gets them, he is a true dog leader. I wish we had met Brian sooner but I know that Zeus lived his life’s potential thanks to Brian and now runs free in dog’s heaven. He crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2017.

Nicole Capalbo

4 years ago

We have been using the services of Brian and Canine Behavioral Services Inc for well over a year now . They have always been excellent with our very active Belgian Malinois “Luna”. She was very successful in Canine Manners Camp and I don’t know what we would have done without their help! She now visits them for Family Style Sleepover and gets a nice refresher. We appreciate and trust this fine group of people taking care of our very special girl!

Nick Kishfy

4 years ago

Brian has been incredible in helping us understand our dog's behavior and giving us the tools to help her be a good girl!

Mary Anne Creto

4 years ago

Daisy has been boarding and training at Canine Behavioral Services since she was a pup and we couldn't be happier! She completed the Puppy Manners program and returned home a much calmer and balanced dog. She now boards at CBS when we are away and gets a little refresher course with each visit. We love that she is so comfortable going to stay at CBS with Brian, his wonderful team, and of course, the Pack!

Joan Gardiner

4 years ago

I know that our dog loves staying with Brian and his pack because when I take out the plastic bag that I put her food in, she starts wagging her tail and whimpering. She does the same thing when she recognizes where we are going. Then when one of the employees come to the car to get her, our dog starts pulling them to get inside so she can join the other dogs and start playing. If she didn’t show these signs of excitement, I would know she doesn’t like it. Since Brian and his workers let the dogs interact, I think it is good for our dog’s temperament plus when she gets home, she’s exhausted and sleeps for at least a day.

Jakob Caldwell

4 years ago

Very good customer service when I went with my aunt to pick up her dog! Meg was very sweet and helpful with us!

Dino Pacelli

4 years ago

We love CBS! Our dog Chuck has been boarding with Canine Behavioral Services for four years. We first began utilizing their services four years ago when our other dog, Spencer, was enrolled in the in-patient rehab program. They helped him with his problems with aggression and helped us to create a calm environment for both Spencer and Chuck. Even though we sadly lost Spencer last year, we still will ALWAYS choose the boarding services at CBS for Chuck. They have been incredible with Chuck, and very accommodating of his dietary and medical needs, of which he has a few! On top of that, Chuck gains more and more confidence every time he boards with CBS, becoming a far less anxious dog than he once was in the past. He benefits greatly from socializing with the pack as well as other dogs in boarding and training programs. The team at CBS has truly created a great program that cares about helping dogs and their owners maintain a loving, balanced home.

Christine Grady

4 years ago

Absolutely the best! We introduced a puppy to our 3 dog home and the fur began flying. We found Brian at CBS, Inc. and had them “committed” what a difference upon their return. Our puppy had no impulse control before and now she is so much better and so are we. We will continue to use all the tools Brian gave us along with the head start training he did to made our home a peaceful pack once again. Many sleepover for Jill in her future.

Cassandra Brown

4 years ago

What a short but unpleasant experience. I couldn't get past the owners arrogance and rudeness on the phone. Not the kind of energy that I would want around my shy dog. After getting some feedback from others, I'm glad I trusted my gut.

Brian O'neill

4 years ago

I would highly recommend Brian and his team for helping your dog. Our adopted coonhound, Rosco had shown some aggressive behavior towards myself and was a bit of a bully with other dogs. He had also become very reactive to our neighbors …

Wendy Bruce

5 years ago

Sorry in good faith I must comment here even though my experience with Brian was 2 years ago. I am writing so that people will know this was done in front of me and do not want to think about what would have occurred if I had left my dog …


5 years ago

Brian and his team have been working with my dog, Elmo, and myself for years, beginning with when Elmo was much younger, had some serious fear aggression issues, and I lived about 2 hours away. With Brian's help, Elmo has come a very long way and he is the only person I'll trust Elmo with when I'm away and can't bring him with me. Elmo always comes home happy and healthy and now that I have a new puppy, I fully intend on bringing her to stay with Brian and his team as well. I can't say enough about these folks. They're incredibly accommodating and provide great care for dogs.

Katie Gagne

5 years ago

Brian and his team helped my dog and I restore peace and balance in our lives. I had reached out to CBS a few months prior to enrolling my dog with their in-patient services and was able to speak to Brian on the phone before committing. …

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