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Jill Rusk

2 years ago

We went to the VNA Roberts Animal Hospital when my dog got sick while we were on vacation. The staff was professional, accommodating and friendly. They diagnosed my dog quickly and even gave us a military discount. The office was clean. I highly recommend this veterinary clinic!

Kristina Jacobson

2 years ago

The staff here is AMAZING! My puppy eneded up sick about 2weeks after bringing him home. They got us right in, took the time to go over his treatment plan with me, and were so compassionate and professional. I unfortunately now live in FL so we are no longer able to go to this office. I wish I could say I have had this same experience at the VCA here in FL but it's been the complete opposite. Due to this I felt the need to share how truly wonderful the staff is here at VCA Roberts. Maeko & I miss coming in to this office so much these days! Even on my scary visit when Maeko was sick your staff provided such excellent service and made me feel calm knowing he was in such great, caring hands. Thank you for everything during the first 4-5yrs of Maeko's life! You truly go above and beyond and for that we are grateful ???? ????

Colleen Gorman

2 years ago

I had an appointment at 7:30 and didn’t get seen til 9pm. I’m not sure what the point of making an appointment was then, I should’ve just walked in.

no wey

2 years ago

they killed my dog by giving him the wrong medicine. he later died, now we go to scituate animao hospital! they have better service and treat your dog with astronomical care.

Alexandra Doten

2 years ago

VCA Roberts was extremely empathetic, kind, and skilled through a traumatic situation with my dog. They treated him quickly and successfully and I am so grateful to them. The entire staff from the front desk, to the vet techs, and veterinarians were truly so comforting, helpful, and professional. I am so grateful to this practice for helping my dog and I.

Debbi W.

2 years ago

Some things are better left unsaid. Would never take my pets back here

Kim Reed

2 years ago

We just lost our dog of 12 years. I can not say enough about how compassionate and caring the vca staff was! They truly care about animals! So nice and so caring to my son! This dog became my oldest sons dog after we could not have two dogs! Thank you Robert’s, your staff is awesome and you are best around! Thank you!

Noe Eraklis

2 years ago

Didn’t diagnose my dog with the right sickness ended up taking him somewhere else and we had to put him down today. No knowledge what so ever refused to x-ray him.

Kate Hearn

2 years ago

We have had both our dogs with VCA for years and have had great care by VCA for them. Everyone there is always pleasant and responsive. We recently had to put one of our dogs down due to cancer. The thought of it was so overwhelming and saddening it was hard to manage. The team at VCA guided us through the whole process and every single person we dealt with was so kind, caring and compassionate. No one rushing us at any point and always genuinely reassuring us. I can't say enough good things about them and way they treated our family (humans and pets alike). Thank you to the entire staff at VCA Hanover.

Rosemary Shobbrook

2 years ago

My cat had a medical emergency after 6pm on a Friday so no other vets were open. I was able to quickly get her an appointment and they took care of her until I was able to bring her to her regular vet. Everyone was kind and responsive to my questions: I was very worried for my cat but thanks to VCA Roberts she was quickly seen. The only thing is they won’t let you inside due to covid.

Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell

3 years ago

Dr. Dyment prescribed medication for my dog Lola. After a few days Lola's issue seemed to be worsening. One minute on Google proved that Dyment had provided a dosage WAY ABOVE the recommended dosage. The drug Gabapentan, at this dosage, was resulting in Lola falling and being unable to move. The Dr. had stated that the biggest risk to Lola is her falling and breaking a limb. Then she prescribes a dosage twice the recommended amount, resulting in her falling more often. After dropping the dose to an 1/8th of what the Dr. initially prescribed , Lola has improved greatly. I suggest you avoid this Vet.

Michael M

3 years ago

One of the reasons I made this place my go to vet for my dog was because they had emergency services. I just had a Emergency situation and tried to bring my dog there only to be turned away because they don’t have the staffing for emergency services because of the pandemic. First off they should tell everyone of their clients this so that if something happens your aren’t scrambling looking for a vet to take care of your pet. Second how much sense does cutting emergency services make because of Covid. If anything shouldn’t that be the one thing you are open for. Doesn’t make any sense

Jason MacDonald

3 years ago

Dr. Murphy is experienced, kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable. She is Rosco's primary veterinarian. She will calm him down if he seems excited prior to any test or vaccination. Dr. Murphy gets to know your pet over time and will treat them as if it was her own. She will make specific recommendations to help improve their overall health and will go over costs prior to administering any test or vaccinations. I noticed some negative reviews due to a bad experience. My wife and I are extremely satisfied and gratified with Dr. Murphy. VCA Roberts Animal Hospital - Hanover Mass. location

caitlin humphrey

3 years ago

I've never been so impressed by a vet staff! Great communication. My dog fears every building but this is the one building he will walk in proudly even after an injury to his toe forcing him to leave in a splint. That alone speaks volumes for me that my dog is that happy and comfortable here. Couldn't be happier or more relieved to of found this VCA. Thank you to all you do! Dr. Simpson is the best!!

Anna Osgood

3 years ago

Very insensitive and brought me to tears. They had no referrals and were zero help on what I had to do next for my dog. They just handed me medication and gave me terrible news with no other option. I went and did research to find another vet that could help me to get a second opinion. I got nothing but great news from the vet at Angell and I’m glad we didn’t wait or listen to them because our emergency was time sensitive. The customer service was awful at this VCA.


4 years ago

The employees are very nice, but the place is small so it reeks of dirty dog. In the past I’ve been able to drop off a urine sample at the vet, but this vet refused to accept it and wanted to put a needle in my dogs bladder to the tune of $250. I won’t take my dog here again, I now go to a vet that will accept the sample I bring without trying to gouge me and without hurting my dog.

Sidney Sullivan

4 years ago

I brought my cat there a few times and the doctors are so nice. The wait is never long and they dont charge you as high as some other vets. I love bringing my cat here and like watching the vets because I would like to be one someday.

Peter Housos

4 years ago

Terrible experience with Roberts! My pup was experiencing toxicity symptoms. The vet led me to believe she was knowledgeable on toxicity but she was clearly unaware that a Positive THC test result could in fact be from human medications that can result in false positives -not just marijuana. I’ve always thought this place was in desperate need of a make over. It’s drab and quite depressing -the grounds are unkept as well. Oh Gerry-Trupanion returned my money as I payed 2 deductibles!- ha. Bottom line Rudy is doing great which is all I really care about—-that’s a curious statement from a “negligent” dad! Gerry don’t try to deflect this story as you know nothing about the other incident— Again I say look around there are much better places to go to for quality care.

Robin Agricola

5 years ago

I was traveling abroad when my dog became ill. My dog sitter, unable to get in touch with my usual vet, brought him into the VCA Roberts Animal Hospital for emergency care. The symptoms, as described in the VCA's report, included hind leg pain alternating between both legs and a high fever (102º). He was diagnosed with a sprain or a slipped disc and, without any blood work or x-rays, sent home with painkillers. I returned from my travels and immediately called my vet to discuss the situation. I asked the VCA to fax him the paperwork. Based only on the information in the report, my vet said he thought my dog had a blood illness, probably tick borne. Sure enough, with a simple blood test, my vet confirmed that my dog was positive for two different blood diseases. I am appalled that Dr. Martinez at the VCA didn't even think to test my dog—apparently the symptoms alone were very indicative of a tick-related blood illness. The fact that my dog had a fever was completely overlooked. I wouldn't send a house plant in to be treated at this place. Careless! My dog should have been on medication days ago. Instead, he was on useless painkillers until I could bring him to my vet...someone who actually cares and knows what he's doing. *** EDIT 8/18/18. Gerry, the manager, reached out to discuss the incident with me, almost immediately after I left the above review. She said she would follow-up with Dr. Martinez and ask why the proper treatment protocols were not followed. That was the last I heard from her. I reached out to her personally, via email, a few weeks later to follow-up on the response. Just a horrible experience, from a veterinary perspective and a service perspective.

Pete Cargill

5 years ago

Great staff and they truly care, especially Dr. Moses. And their ER location in Weymouth is great too! Honest! Can't always say that about clinics.

Susan Yeager

6 years ago

stopped going here years ago but wanted an euthansia at home and was referred by Weymouth VCA who called on my behalf since I did therapy with the weymouth office. Was told that I would be called right back at 1 in the afternoon after checking some of the drs, I called back at 4 and the person left for the day. I left another message that night and got a return call at 2 the next day and she didn't even know why I was calling her....really??? I was going to go back to this vet if they accommodated me but I guess I was right to switch 10+ years ago

Kim Hamilton

6 years ago

I what to be a animals Secutary and do paper work for the animals

Kalyn A

6 years ago

Dont tell someone they have an appointment at 8pm and take the dog in at 9:30pm. People have lives and jobs and school to attend to in the morning. This will be costing me a lot of money for sitting and waiting around for two and a half hours to finally go home. Why tell us we cant come in the next day either, its my life my dog and i can make my own decision. This place is surely a disappointment and dont suggest coming here if you are in a rush.

Joe Berkeley

7 years ago

In December of 2013, my Labrador retriever was diagnosed with terminal heart disease. Dr. Moses made the diagnosis, recommended medication, and gave me tips on how to make the most of the situation. I was given an estimate of my dog's lifespan, which could be around six months. I am pleased to report to you that my dog lived for 36 months after the diagnosis. The team at VCA Roberts did a great job caring for my dog and when he reached the end of the line they relieved his pain with a great deal of compassion and dignity.

Sara C

8 years ago

My dog Jojo had an abscess on her face and I took her in for an emergency visit. The staff were so kind to her, and clearly really cared about her. The vet was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, didn't push unnecessary procedures on us, and was so nice to Jojo as well. I really liked that they asked me for my help with her, instead of running her off to a back room where she would be by herself with them (that always freaks me out). The cost was a little high, but they were very upfront about what the charges would be. They could have tacked on other procedures (and I wouldn't have known any better) but they didn't because they cared more about her well being than money. I will definitely be returning for my urgent care visits!

ThatFat OldSon

8 years ago

Are they good vets? Yes. Is their first priority your pets health? No. They go out of their way to find ways to make you pay them more. They make excuses as to why you need to come in for yet another appointment. The people who answer the phones have no idea what they're talking about which inevitably leads to more appointments, and more money out of your pocket. I would only go to them in an emergency, otherwise, find someone who cares about your pets, not about your $$$.

Sandy Lioy

9 years ago

Yes, Vet's, ALL Vet's are a bit pricey, but Robert's has taken loving car of all my animals, see us through times when money was scarce, and when we were in 4H, raising bunnies who were prone to accidents. My cat is now 17 years young, well cared for, acts silly and sometimes kittenish. Roberts is always CLEAN, helpful and above all, understanding, sympathetic and kind to us and our Lucy. I highly recommend Roberts and sincerely thank their staff for everything they have done for us in the past and the future.

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