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Karina Jaffer

2 years ago

Very organized and nice staff. Huge variety of anything you need for pets

engel Bestijl

2 years ago

So many cute pets! It was overwhelming ????♥️♥️♥️

Fernando Reis

2 years ago

Great service! Good prices and itens variety

Kanrong Yu

2 years ago

We had a blast at the Xmas photo booth. Very caring staffs to clam our puppies and pretty holiday decors. Definitely will be back for shopping more.

Mike Dale

2 years ago

PetSmart seems to have a better approach than Petco and I'll always appreciate that. Examples: live by-the-bag crickets are in an enclosure visible to the public, which increases my confidence in their health. Pets for sale all seem very perky and healthy, which is sadly not a given in some other stores. Their customer service is sometimes slow, but always great when they arrive. I am inclined to blame that slowness on corporate choosing to be understaffed; the workers themselves have always been excellent.

philzie c

2 years ago

Clean store but needs more stock and help. Not enough staff.

Tré-Martell Brooks

2 years ago

Took my puppy here to see Santa. The Santa staff were super friendly with my dog. Santa himself made my dog feel very comfortable as she is weary of strangers.

Laura McGann

2 years ago

Nick the groomer was amazing!!!!

Tim Bucciarelli

2 years ago

A fine big box store for pets. Pretty much anything you want/need for your pet, they'll have or a reasonably close substitute.

Cris Antonio

2 years ago

Our family enjoyed choosing and getting our pet parakeet. The staff are very helpful.

Jay Vychaslav

2 years ago

I walked in the store to get my mom some guppy’s for her birthday and over 60% of the fish were dead I felt really bad for them so I grabbed a few extra fish I acclimate them and they ended up dying in the bag I was given

Robyn Ross

2 years ago

Terrible! They were out of all kinds of cat food. Worst selection ever!

K. L

2 years ago

The associates are helpful. Usually have things I need in stock and quick checkout. The grooming salon is a pain. Theyre super inflexible if you are running a little late. Everything has to be booked ahead of time (including nails) but the company has failed to add everything onto the website. Calls take away time from the groomers doing their job and customers time because it takes forever to get ahold of them. I went in there with a baby in a stroller and two dogs. The groomers just watched me struggle to get the silly door open to the grooming salon and get through it with the stroller and dogs.

Mary D.

2 years ago

17 DOGS IN ONE INDOOR SPACE AT ONE TIME: So disappointed with my experience at Doggy Day Camp in Framingham, because I genuinely like the staff. I received a call from a staff member on Friday stating that my dog was having "behavioral problems", I had to dig deeper, because it has only been the case at PetSmart in Framingham. After asking for specifics about the incidents I learned that "she was overwhelmed when the younger dogs would not leave her alone." I asked how many dogs are together at the same time. 17 Dogs in one space; not shifts of fewer dogs to manage....All at once. That is a management problem.

Seamus Donovan

2 years ago

They are really nice and helpful but there are always dead fish in the tanks.


2 years ago

By far the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AS GROOMERS… I made an appointment for my mothers dog for today that they didn’t even take care off. Wen I spoke to the manager he found it right away and the GROOMERS couldn’t find it for some reason. When the manager asked if she could bring the dog back my mom said no because they had already made her feel so uncomfortable and they spoke to her so bad. After this I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR NO ONE TO BRING THER DOGS( BEST FRIEND). And FOR SURE THEY LOST MY BUSINESS AS WELL. I never put reviews up because I believe you should always give people the benefit of the dough, but after I heard they way they treated her I felt like this is a must. You know who you are groomers ( Alexandra, other groomer with her right now on this shift ) if they treated her like that I can only imagine how they will treat the dogs.

Sum S

2 years ago

1/5 star for grooming staffs, 5/5 stars for the Doggie day camp staffs.

Natacha Gomez

2 years ago

took my dogs to the pet hotel because i had to go away for a few days. gave them simple instruction on how to take care of them and the employees seem to understood my request. paid almost $500 just to come home and found one of my dogs is sick. wont stop throwing up and he has diarrhea. very poor service for that amount of money.

Nick W

2 years ago

Helped my friend with advice

Amit Jagdale

3 years ago

Well stocked store with helpful staff. Pet friendly.

Lorraine Reed

3 years ago

Got everything my pet fishes need

Matthew D'Agostino

3 years ago

**Please consider other options when thinking about a day care for your dog!** We brought our dog here for day care twice a week and almost every time he came back with a scratch a cut or a bruise. It was finally when he literally had to get staples in his side because of how badly another dog bit him. I understand dogs are going to play and get rough but the people who work here are clearly not keeping an eye on your pets. I do not trust these people with my dog and neither should you. Very unprofessional. When they were confronted about my dog having to get staples they BLAMED it on my dog saying he was playing too rough but the other dog didn’t have a scratch on him. My dog doesn’t know better but the people hired to watch him do. I will never bring my dog back here again.

John Roberts

3 years ago

Clean great selection of product and pets would recommend it

Alana Spaetzel

3 years ago

Associates are always helpful and show genuine interest in your pet needs.

Beth Smith

3 years ago

It’s ok I had a alright experience! I would go back to petsmart again

Er Mo

3 years ago

Three stars because the sales associates are always nice to customers. But i feel like giving 0 stars for their aquatic department. We go every week and without fail their aquariums are full of dead fish and creatures. Dead frogs, crabs, snails, bettas. Today the fish were eating other fish and there were 5 dead bettas. I bought a 25 dollar betta out of pity for the filth in which the poor thing was living. This store exists to cater to animal lovers; clean up your act and treat these animals more humanely. ALL the bettas in attached pics are dead.

Joe Hardie

3 years ago

They sell expired pet food, mark it to clear at a reduced price but then then don't actually mark it down at the register ????‍♂️

Robert Annand

3 years ago

Amazing selection of stuff for our dog. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Grooming and doggie daycare on site. Convenient location. What's not to loke!

Tatiana Fletcher

3 years ago

People at PetSmart are always willing to help with recommendations - and there's always someone available!


3 years ago

Quick to get in and out.

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