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linda holmes

2 years ago

We adopted max(king) in June he is a sweet boy now 9months old , neutered but keep the rebate as a donation we love our boy. He loves the snow in vt and the beach.

Null Null

2 years ago

Adopted our dog in 2015 from Schultz’s and had an amazing experience. Reasonable adoption requirements, friendly staff, fair adoption fee to support the great work that this place does.

Niki C

2 years ago

They clearly love and care about the dogs. I appreciate their transparency about the good and challenges of each animal

Kerry Demers

2 years ago

Got my love, Jolene, a beautiful dog! Very responsible organization!

Justin Friel

2 years ago

Justin, Thank you for your explanation. Unfortunately, our policy does not allow us to adopt to families with children under 5 years of age. We have had too many situations where the dog has been returned to us for a multitude of reasons with small children. And while I realize this could be a case of a few bad apples ruining it for everyone, I do hope you can understand our policy and position. We encourage you to reach back out to us when your daughter is a few years older. Martha Really, Martha? Because I have a child I can’t rescue a dog? Keep on doing “the Lords work”. What’s worse, I’m not the only one on here posting as much.

Jessica Barry

2 years ago

We adopted our pup from Shultz's and so glad we did. They take the time to really match dogs to people, that the adopters lifestyle fits for the dog they are interested in and that it works for the family and the dog. Everyone there really had the best interest of the pups at heart.

ceena robie

2 years ago

We have a beautiful rescue from Shultz guest house. ❤

K Murphy

2 years ago

Not sure why I got denied on my application for a puppy, considering I WORK FROM HOME and have summers off.... they said that my work schedule is unacceptable “for a rescue dog, much less a puppy.” That’s a load of BS and frankly a little rude. Also, the email that I received was kind of condescending and unprofessional. I’ve been approved by multiple other (better) shelters that I’ve decided to go with instead. My application for the other shelters was accepted by them immediately, and their employees are much more professional. I’m sure this place takes good care of their animals, but it doesn’t make sense to me why I was denied. I read other reviews on here of people who work from home, like myself, getting denied. Makes no sense. If they won’t even accept an application from someone who works FROM HOME, then what kind of people are they adopting to?? For those of you who have also been denied for silly reasons like I was, don’t worry! There are plenty of other places that are much more accepting! Keep trying!

S.A. Roy

2 years ago

I never did apply as I planned but from reading all about them inc reviews and pix I think they are great. So many local hv no dogs.. In dedham ma. Had some really cute puos and young small dogs. Medium to big dogs are a plenty.

Pamela Teed

3 years ago

Great place to adopt your forever fur baby.

Zach Houle

3 years ago

We adopted one of the pups and i liked There method that they put you in a big cage And bring a dog in one by one and thats how we met our pup.

Swamp Yankee

3 years ago

After contacting many rescues these folks the only ones to respond to us. They made the process of adopting a dog easy. We love our dog(Allison). Thank you!

scott habeeb

3 years ago

This is the good work in society that we should all admire.

adam joffe

3 years ago

Doing great things. Hudson has been awesome

Amy S

3 years ago

I read the reviews about these people being judgmental prior to the application process and ignored them but my goodness they were spot on. I put in an application to adopt here with my partner. They asked me for times that I could come visit along with some questions about our working hours. When I responded they immediately wrote back saying that we are not in a stable enough living and working situation to adopt a dog because we live in an apartment and are students (which they described as ‘minimal full time work’). To clarify, I am a PhD candidate in neuroscience which means I work in a research lab full time for money. Then they proceeded to tell me to wait until we are settled in full time positions “both of you” they say until we adopt a puppy. However, if my partner has the ability to be home now, is that not an ideal time to get a puppy so it can be properly trained and ease into more time alone at home? I think they care a lot about where the dogs go (which is great) and I can understand what worried them, which I would have been happy to address, but the way they insinuated that we are immature and unstable students was so unbelievably rude (and inaccurate) that I have no desire to attempt to clarify this with them.

Colleen Sargent

3 years ago

Allison is right at home here

cp pk

3 years ago

Couldn't find a better place to adopt!

Daniel Kessler

3 years ago

Amazing people, amazing dogs. They treat their animals with love and respect. A fantastic rescue for all interested!

Denny Grant

3 years ago

I was rejected because they didn't take time to properly research us. We just lost are dog that we took care of for years when we he was 100% blind. We have a invisible fence on almost 2 acres. We work for our selfs and can take the puppies with us to work every day. What are we missing. Never called to ask us

Eric Gemperline

3 years ago

Insanely rude via communicating email. Very arduous adoption process. Set up to meet a dog which involved cancelation of appointments and time of off work for the family, they let the dog be adopted before I could see it. Then they went on to lecture me that you can't judge a dog by a picture in a patronizing tone. Judging by other reviews, I doubt they were going to inform me instead opting for a bait and switch technique. It is obvious that the organization spends a lot of time around dogs, and perhaps they have forgotten how to act human.

Jessica Wenig

3 years ago

We had an amazing experience at Shultz’s. They put in the time to get to know us and make sure that we and the pup were the right match for each other. We appreciated their vetting process to make sure their pups don’t go to just any home. They were polite, professional, clean, and all of the dogs we met seemed well cared for and happy. We’ll be going back to the guest house for any future adoptions.

K Fishman

3 years ago

Just be warned: They don’t thoroughly read their applications and they will black list you for any little detail that in their mind is not right. The way they set up their adoption process is backwards since you can’t discuss or meet staff in person unless you fill out an application. They expect you to literally be home every day and not have a job away from home or be able to drive home multiple times in the day to see the dog - they also don’t care if you say you’ll pay for a dog walker service or doggie day care while you’re at work. I’m glad I was steered away from this place - I would rather go to an adoption center that works with you to find the right addition for your home not judges you and berates you for not being good enough in their eyes. Update: we were approved for a puppy at a different adoption agency in Massachusetts immediately after! We couldn’t be happier and I’m so glad we did not go through this place.

Karen Bernard

3 years ago

An amazing group if people that goes above and beyond. A blessing for the pups!

Kathleen Hughes

3 years ago

I'm sure they are very kind to their animals, and I appreciate their dedication to finding the right homes, but they would not even consider an individual who has a job (despite working from home) as an adopter. No reference checks, no additional information requested, just a no after 3 months of waiting. Plenty of single adults, with history of caring for dogs, are perfectly capable of providing the love and care for dogs and are deeply aware of the responsibility that comes with it.


3 years ago

I'm sure they are very kind to their animals and care very much and I appreciate their pet find right homes, but they would not even consider an individual who does not have any appointment with the vet ( Since I don't have pets now I don't have a vet or any pet info to make an appointment with any vets) As I would like to follow up and talk with them saying if I can visit and working with vet to make an appointment, the shelter just rejected me saying my info not confirmable at all. As a single adult, with the passion of caring for dogs, am perfectly capable of providing the love and care for dogs and are deeply aware of the responsibility that comes with it, I feel really surprised and would say this one is the most picky shelter I have ever worked with!

Mary D.

3 years ago

I had never heard of Shultz Guest House until March 2020 when I filled out an extensive application only to be informed via a curt email that I do not have the time to adopt a puppy at this time. Their judgemental and narrow viewpoint was unreasonable, illogical and unprofessional.

Michele D

3 years ago

Number one priority is the care of the dogs - both before they are adopted and afterwards. It’s not about just finding homes here — it’s about finding the right homes- so to minimize any risk of wrongful placement and the impact that could have on a dog- that has already been rescued at least once. Families that cannot meet the requirements to attend a meet n greet are not permitted to have a meet n greet. Requirements ensure that there is no question that it is the right family, the right family dynamic, that it is it safe for both the dog and each member of the household family. Dogs and people interact differently with one another. Dog meets with existing household dogs are necessary to ensure that the dogs get along ok - this includes witnessing positive interaction, ensuring that another dog in the home is not going to be stressing out a senior dog by the energy and relentlessness of a young puppy, for example. This benefits both the dog being adopted and the current family dog. These are excellent protocols for meet n greets and if families disagree with their importance, then then really don’t understand what this agency is doing.

Phil DiCarlo

3 years ago

Wow! What’s not to love about this place. We just adopted a puppy. Charlie formerly Gibson. The dogs are so well cared for and the place is just incredible. We went in looking at a few specific dogs but left with one we were not originally considering. Just a great place, I highly recommend them if looking for a pup.

Cassandra Hudson

4 years ago

I haven't been there but I do follow them. What they do for these babies are truly a blessing

Charles Westling

4 years ago

Going thur the process of adopting a dog. My wife was filling out the application completely and honestly. They where very rude on replying back when they had a few questions about the application. In a strong way they communicated as if my wife was not intelligent. Very unpleased she had to be the one to fill out the application. Due to my service in military and being busy during normal working hours and her always being home. Just a shamed we where trying to adopt a dog to find a forever home , instead we got rude disrespectful feedback thur the e-mail process.

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