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Heather Moore

2 years ago

My name is Moonpie. I am a blind puppy rescue from Texas. My mommy took me to Soggy Doggy for a full spa day. I think my picture says more than I can say on here. My older, but smaller brother has been going to Soggy Doggy for over a year. He tells me he leads our parents right to the door, he just loves it so much that when our parents say, "Soggy Doggy Time," he almost pees with excitement and runs out the door. The ladies at Soggy Doggy thinks I am a dream boat. My brother thinks different! I overheard my parents praise Soggy Doggy ever since I arrived from a kill shelter in Texas. I am so excited to visit next month and next month and next month .......... Love, Moonpie Moore

mitali mohanan

2 years ago

Love this place! They treat our crazy pup with so much love and care.. we started to put him in daycare while we lived in norwood and now we live and hour away and still drive once in a while to board him here!

Joseph Marinaro

2 years ago

Longhorns is the best place for steak, great service, great prices, friendly service.

Shannon Stiles

3 years ago

Best pet experience ever! This place knows dogs, loves dogs, and treats them like their own. I can’t say enough good things about the entire staff. They really understand how to make a fun and safe experience for dogs. We live on the South Shore and drive 40 minutes to Canton for daycare and boarding. That’s how worth it they are. Here are some details: we have two very large dogs, just a year old. They are energetic and a lot to manage. The staff got to know their personalities almost immediately and make accommodations to treat them as if they were at home. Each staff person knows every dog’s needs like this, and their names. Even when there are 20 dogs in their facility, they know each one and observe their play and cater to their needs. We don’t do day care every day, so we didn’t really expect to be well known the first month we started taking the dogs there. But they do their homework. Our dogs were part of the pack immediately. It is clear that their facility is clean, the dogs are given direct attention and oversight. Our dogs NEVER smell like that doggie day care smell that is common. Never. Not sure how they do it! Both the day care and overnight experience has been outstanding. We have tried a few other places, and are currently unsatisfied with our vet too, and were resigned to thinking the pet experience in MA is just mediocre. Then we found Paws in Play. They are the gold standard for dog care. My final note: my husband and I work from home. We don’t need doggie day care. We were initially in search of a boarding facility for future vacations. But we take them here frequently for day care now because the social experience has improved our young pups’ behavior around other dogs as well as people. Such a special place!

Richard Hillis

3 years ago

They care for my dog. He's always to go there. They did some free training.

Ken Mastrangelo

3 years ago

My mason loves it there!!!

Bonnie Bousquet

3 years ago

Today was my dog's first day back to Paws in Play in five months, as I was no longer making my hour-long work commute to Canton. As much as I exercised him throughout the five months, nothing can compare to his exhaustion from your thank you for creating changes to your facility's policies so you can remain open during covid! During these past five months finding a comparable doggie daycare in close proximity to where I live as opposed to work was challenging, if not impossible. I have come to the realization that finding a doggie daycare that offers outdoor space, optional crating (because if we wanted our dog's crated we would just leave them at home...right?), and reasonable prices should not be taken for granted! Not to mention this is the only facility that my dog willingly jumps out of the car to attend. Thank you!

Erin Rosin

4 years ago

My dog has been a patron for years and years here. They do such an amazing job with any of the services they offer. Love that my dog comes home good and tired after playing ;)

Levence Eitsay

4 years ago

Imagine you have a 3yr old. Your searching for daycares he/she can attend. After extensive on-line research and reading reviews, you settle on a place Paws in Play. You make the appt for the live interview, to see if your 3yr old dog is a good fit for the daycare and if the daycare is good fit for your 3yr old dog. You walk in and everything looks ok. Your stopped at the front desk. The play area where your 3yr old will spend all of his days cannot be seen. After all your questions are answered and your feeling comfortable leaving your 3yr old at the daycare, you ask what you think would be a common question. When can I set up a time to view the area where my 3yr old will be for the next 8hrs, 3x per day? The area I'm paying for? You’re then directed to go online and look at Facebook pics of the area.... I did that, but seeing the Statue of Liberty on a Facebook post is not quite the same as seeing her in person. And personally I’m just not comfortable leaving my 3yr old in a place that will not allow anyone EVER to see the space they are paying for. Suspect. Paws in Play has a policy that no owner can view the play area, EVER. Not off-peak time, not at closing, not before opening, not even Holidays. All of which I offered as possible viewing times. Suspect. Why you ask? They say to protect the dogs. Ok. Why do the dogs need protection from Humans? Paws in Play interview their dogs. I assume the dogs they accept are socialized to interact with not only each other but other humans? I wouldn’t take my dog to a dog park if I knew he bit other dogs or humans. Ok policy is policy. I asked the owner if he would be willing to call me at a time where there are NO dogs at the daycare for me to view the space. And he still refused. Referred me to Facebook. Suspect. This policy and the owners refusal to accommodate what I believe is a reasonable request, while still honoring the spirit of the policy got me way too suspicious about what was back there in the play area where my dog would be. The possible condition of the area. I couldn’t in good conscious leave my 3yr old at Area 51. Suspect. I would caution anyone who is thinking about Paws in Play. Anyone considering this daycare for their loved one would have to answer the question. How could you trust a daycare that forbids you to EVER see the space in person that 1. You are paying for. 2. That your leaving your loved one for days and hours. Are we putting our loved ones in Fort Knox? What is so bad back there that you don’t want anyone to see? Suspect. As a business owner myself, I shared with the owner that I had called 6 other daycares just to see if this policy was common in that line of business. What I found? All 6 understood not letting the public in the area when there are a “ton” of dogs. But to not EVER be able to tour the facility? Even after hours “sounded weird”. The owner harshly replied “I don’t care what other people think” And from that reply it also appears that Paws in Play struggles with professionalism as well. Suspect. Sorry, I just don’t trust Paws in Play. My dog is my child. I could never leave him in a space that the owner is adamant with me NEVER seeing.. Suspect.

Grace Zenga

4 years ago

My dog loves this place!! Excellent staff and care.

Faith Eutsay

4 years ago

Paws in Play is suspect. They don't allow you to see the space where your dog will be all day. Not after hours, Not holidays, Not before they open. Not after they close...Why? Read the Yelp reviews b4 choosing Paws in Play. Google reviews don't tell the whole story. For some strange reason they don't want you to see something in the dogs play space.

Ariel Margolis

4 years ago

Great caring and safe place for pup's. My 3 love it there!

Jillian and Doug Kaplan

5 years ago

I have asked multiple times to have my dogs leashed to and from the car when they are picked up and dropped off for day care. I don't believe this is an unreasonable request as I live on a busy street. Yesterday I happened to be home when the dogs got dropped off. I heard the person dropping the dogs off screaming at the dogs outside. They once again did not leash them and they ran into the middle of the street and nearly got hit by a car. I saw the car stopped in the middle of the road to avoid hitting them he said they 'jumped out of the car' before he could leash them. But he didn't even have a leash on him so I have a hard time believing he had any intention. I had been using these services for 5+ years but I can no longer do so as I am concerned for my dogs safety.

Kat Marie

5 years ago

My dog always comes back tired and happy and they love him there! The grooming is great too

Luke Adams

5 years ago

Needed a quick nail trimming for Scooby dio. Got right in.

Nancy Sarnowitz

5 years ago

Love this place people are great they love my Abby!!!

Rick Palumbo

5 years ago

Had to move recently, and boy do we miss this place. Sadly i can only find an indoor day care where I am at. Miss you guys, thanks for a great 4 years with us. If we move back to Mass, you will be seeing us again.

Hugh Donnelly

5 years ago

My pal Brewer loves this place. They take real good care of him, and he always comes home exhausted. I think he likes it better than home.

Frank Krol

5 years ago

This place is a great place Raven came home clean did not smell . The people are great so if you need a place do go there . I owned my grooming shop for 50 years was real scared to leave her I remember cleaning customers dogs after they went to other kennels . Again great place.

Alexandra Thompson

6 years ago

Always take exceptional care of our pups. And the pups come home tired as can be! They hear the word "daycare" and go nuts.

Jessy Billman

6 years ago

Love this place. The staff are knowledgeable and clearly care about the dogs. My dog adores everyone here...he's excited to go in and comes out happy. Reasonable rates. Highly recommend.

Melissa Nordgren

6 years ago

Reasonable Rates, Great flexibility. My pups love it and sleep like babies when they come home.

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