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Lontime Local

2 years ago

A practice more concerned with $$ than patient care.

Ramesh Govindan

2 years ago

Dr. Weiner was thorough, pragmatic, and informative and took good care of my two senior cats at their checkup. Would definitely recommend them!

Lydia Ruth Dawson

2 years ago

A bit pricey, but good prompt, no-frills service.

Noe Kamelamela

2 years ago

They have been particularly good during the pandemic: they setup appointments over the internet, and are willing to do curbside service for owners who may be unable to wait inside with other people. Their service with our cats have been impeccable and sensitive.

Angelique Gilbert

2 years ago

We were quoted over $2000 for a procedure to remove some of my cats teeth. They failed to mention his poor teeth condition on his initial visit as well. We took him over to Porter Square Vet and they did about 7 extractions and a cleaning for only $900. They are definitely overcharging here.

Travis Nguyen

2 years ago

They take care of your pet and that's great! One thing to be aware of, they automatically charge 75.98 consultation and exam for every visit. In may we emailed a photo of our dog's tooth to ask for insight, they asked for us to come into the vet in a couple days after. We waited in the rain for almost 15 minutes because they forgot about us. I don't mind this because they were a little busy but any others reading this might want to consider. On a separate visit, we got a booster Bordetella cough vaccine and we thought we would be paying for just a vaccine, and maybe a small service fee. Unfortunately, you still get charged the full 75.98 consultation fee. You will always get charged this fee for any visit and can't opt out of it. Just something to consider when looking for a vet.

Terry Volles

2 years ago

Excellent! The doctor and staff were very nice. I was visiting Cambridge from New York State with my dogs when they became ill. When I called and asked about getting an appointment, I was able to get in the same day. How kind and caring that they welcomed me and my dogs to the practice. The dogs received great care and are now on medicine to deal with the problem. Thank you, Dr. Weiner!

Danielle DeMaio

2 years ago

We have been taking both of our cats here for the past two years (they are 2 and 3, so pretty young and healthy), but we usually get in/out at a speedy rate. Our concerns are always addressed and we've been very happy with this vet!

Diane Willow

2 years ago

Dr Kate is very knowledgeable with an excellent bedside manner,. Extremely competent, she effectively explained her treatment process while creating a very calming and welcoming atmosphere for people and pets.

Goreti Silva

2 years ago

They are very nice and fast

Denise Delphin

2 years ago

The staff were very caring and listened to my concerns. With covid everyone has had to adapt. The questions asked on the form were thorough and left room for explanation if you feel there is more info needed. Dr Kate covered all my concerns and explained everything so it could easily be followed. I would highly recommend.

Brittany Smith

3 years ago

Cambridge Vet Care was the only area vet able to fit my new cat into an emergency next-day appointment and provided a wonderful COVID-Conscious experience. Their commitment to good, holistic care is evident right away and I was impressed with the thoroughness of their advice and treatment options. Absolutely going to continue my cat's care here! Thanks so much!

Juliana Lucena

3 years ago

We took our new puppy here for her first wellness exam and had a great experience. Dr. Kate and the other vet techs were extremely helpful, professional, and kind. The curbside service that they have implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic went very smoothly! The office scheduled our pup's next vaccine appointments very quickly and answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend!

Linda Elizabeth

3 years ago

Dr. Weiner is not my regular vet. Despite this, he agreed to see my sick cat, Theo, in a same day visit when I couldn’t get a timely visit with my regular vet. Dr. Weiner gave Theo some medication at the visit, and some to bring home, and Theo is already much better, and it’s only the next day. Thank-you, Dr. Weiner, from a very worried pet owner.

Torrence Davis

3 years ago

They made this so simple for me. I dropped my bunny off and in 15 minutes they were done. I had been searching everywhere for a vet that groomed rabbits and CVC came through in a huge way. I will recommend everyone to them and keep using their services. They were VERY kind and professional too!

Carly Eden

3 years ago

Doctor Weiner and his staff are such wonderful individuals. When my dog Cody became suddenly ill, seizures and the like we rushed him here. They handled his medical care and unfortunate euthanasia while comforting me and making me feel at ease with his passing. I had Cody for 16 years... And they were still able to give me solace so I was not an uncontrollable wreck.

zizi maktabi

3 years ago

The worst veterinary clinic I have ever been to Dr wiener is self centered, he does not care about animals, he is there for the wallet, charges to much... I don’t recommend this place if you are looking for honest good doctor! I would give him a 0 rating and so does many people!

Shengshuang Zhu

3 years ago

This is the worst experience I've ever had to a pet hospital for three reasons: 1. unreasonably high cost 2. lack of transparency, and 3. rude service and inadequate handling of my cat. 1. unreasonably high cost: the compulsory $69.98 "consultation and/or Exam" is totally unreasonable. Even setting aside whether such a compulsory examination is necessary, there is no verbal or written reports whatsoever of this examination. They basically charged you $70 for NOTHING. The Toxoplasmosis ELSIA test costs $246.84. I have a Ph.D in biological sciences and I perform ELISA everyday in graduate school. I know how much it costs. $246.84 for one blood draw for ELISA is a robbery to say the least. 2. Lack of transparency: to prevent from being charged ridiculous amount of money, we actually called in prior to arrival to ask about the price. We were told that there is no way to get the rough estimate of the cost of Toxoplasmosis test, and was not told at all that there is a compulsory $69.98 "consultation and/or Exam" fee. It seems that the entire process is intentionally made lack of transparency so that they can take advantage of customers by performing the service first and charging you an insane amount. 3. Rude service and inadequate handling of my cat: the lady who sees us at the front is so impatient when I discussed with wife about the bill that she literally throws out our cat in our cat bag and documents without saying nothing. If you want to charge your customers insane amount of money, maybe you don't need to have an angry face. More importantly, when I got back home, I realized there is a huge bruise which somehow turns purple on my cat's leg. I've taken my cat for blood draw and never ever seen such a huge bruise. There is an old saying : without comparison, there will not be judgement. I've been in cat hospital in Chicago and California, and this experience really throws me off. If you care about you pet and your money, stay away from this one.

Mike Iacobucci

3 years ago

I have used a few vets at this point and not only does the "Dr." push extra (unneeded) medicantions, treatments, etc you do not feel like they care about your pet. It is strictly business over here. No explanation as to what is happening …

Mello Rod

3 years ago

WARNING: DO NOT TAKE PET HERE. This clinic is the most unprofessional and rude veterinarian clinic that I’ve experienced in 10 years. They condemned me for my own personal medical condition. This clinic is not worthy of your money nor the health and safety of your pet. They broke the law and my legal team will see this through.

Annie Woronecki

3 years ago

My kitten had a wellness checkup at a different vet less than a month before my visit, and she only needed two booster shots. Having just moved to Cambridge, I decided to take her here to get the boosters. Because of COVID, they took her inside to wait until she could be seen. About 20 minutes later, the doctor came out and listed off the procedures she needed done. I asked for an invoice and they brought it out — it was over $300 and included a $70 consultation/exam fee. I was confused and expressed that I only wanted the two booster shots she needed. When I had called to make the appointment I specifically asked how much this would cost, and they told me the price of the two vaccines (around $67). I was shocked and said that she didn’t need an exam, just the boosters. They told me the exam had already been completed, so I could either leave and pay the $70 exam fee, or I could get the boosters as well. The people who helped me were very nice, but it’s shocking that the exam fee was more than the cost of the boosters (especially considering she had a full exam less than a month ago, which was in her records). They also quoted me $650 to get her spayed, which is higher than anything I’ve seen before. Ultimately very unsatisfied with the cost and lack of transparency during my visit.

Jon Lam

3 years ago

I mean if you want to over spend and be ridiculed then sure!

Danielle Pagano

3 years ago

My cat had a really bad upper respiratory infection, and the vets here always asked that I call and update them on my cat's status several times a week. The woman who works at the front desk is also really nice- she even gave my kitty a …

Amber Behar

4 years ago

Another case were you wish you could put 0 stars. This place is a FRAUD!! I brought in my 2 months old french bulldog desperate to find out what causes …

Shay Hadani

4 years ago

Do yourself a favor and go do a different place that has good doctors and not sales people. If you are about to charge me so much at least show some results.

Roksi F

4 years ago

Always professional, they remember my cat's name and are very kind and friendly. I really trust the care they give here. Dr. Wiener removed almost all of my cat's teeth, which were completely gray and rotten, and ever since my cat has been more energetic and playful, like when we first brought him home. My 14 year old cat is clearly way happier now (more social too). What I also like about CVC, is that they are available to talk in depth about my pet's care, and are concerned about animal wellness in addition to treating ailments. Having a senior cat I put a lot of time and energy into my pet's healthcare, and it's so important to find a veterinarian that supports your animal the way CVC does.

Jamal Mason

4 years ago

I Love everything and everyone affiliated with the Cvc crew. Special and solidified the best care for animals. Lucky to have people that care and go overboard to make sure you are properly and professionally serviced like family. Outstanding. Love you guys.


4 years ago

Best vet visit for a jumpy cat I've ever had. Everyone was very gentle and calm and it made a huge difference. She came home and immediately started playing with the toy the vet gave her.

Ashley Wertman

4 years ago

Listen to the other 1 star reviews. This vet has the personality of a door knob. Does not introduce himself, is cold, unwelcoming and rude. If you feel uncomfortable treating an animal because of their size/breed, I'd rather be told that at the beginning of service than wasting my time and money. I was overcharged for services and now have a 'credit' on my account, at an establishment that I do not plan on returning to. If it wasn't for the lovely ladies in this establishment I doubt that anyone would return. Take your money to a practice that actually cares about all animals regardless of size or breed and will treat your pets as if they were their own.


4 years ago

Very sweet and loving staff, the vet tech was so good with my cat. Dr Wiener seems to have a "bad" reputation if I read the reviews here, but I really don't think he was that cold hearted and unkind. He seemed thorough in his examination, answered my questions with patience, and was overall not an unpleasant doctor at all. He understood that I couldn't just decide on a $2300 procedure and didn't try to push it at all. I had a good experience with this vet and will definitely come back with my cat!

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