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Alyssa Zatir

2 years ago

My husband and I frantically brought our 1 year old lab in yesterday morning due to kennel cough and the people working here were SO helpful and understanding. They were in great spirits so our pup wasn't nervous at all going in. They gave us a call from inside to give us an update and when the price for xrays was a scary number, they were nice enough to understand we needed to talk it over first. We didn't feel pressured or rushed and our pup came and went happy as a clam. Thank you, everyone who was working that day! Hopefully we won't need their services any time soon but if we ever do, we will definitely be bringing our pup here.


2 years ago

They took very good care of us and our dog Cali. Thank you.

Joseph Kavanagh

2 years ago

This place is just as professional as you would expect from a hospital for humans. It might cost you an arm and a leg but you'll get the best care you can get for your pet. They saved my cats life. The doctors and staff were all very kind to me and my pet despite being incredibly busy. There's a serious shortage of Vets right now so please be patient with them.

Rebecca Gramlich

2 years ago

Excellent facility. Dr. Zuckerman fixed my Staffordshire's knee after a bad procedure from another veterinarian. Could not be happier.

Clint Johnson

2 years ago

Theses people are predatory, I explained to the assistant that I wanted to get a second estimate for removing a tumor. Dr. Beaver spent maybe 3 minutes with my dog (not an exaggeration) quoted me $2800. I declined and was sent a bulk for $240. They are very desperate people.

Coreen Moore

2 years ago

Had an excellent experience although we had to put Smurff down. Our mothers dog was visiting and had a tussle with a ground hog and lost. Cape Cod Vets was very response and caring (a little expensive) but for emergency services well worth it

Ruthless Charmant

2 years ago

Pros: 24/7 care, able to evaluate, able to prescribe and provided necessary medication. Receptionist is kind on the telephone. Cons: long waits (justified as they are quite busy), miscommunication between the staff is obvious, pricing is a surprise (there is no discussion or price structure) and unjustified, competency is not apparent, professionalism is lacking. First (and last) visit: called ahead and arrived with my dog who had a laceration on her upper leg that was bleeding profusely. On the way there I bandaged it, kept her still and as calm as possible to avoid an elevated heart rate. Triage took the dog with no explanation and she was was placed in a room where she proceeded to bark for about 10 minutes. Her barking was quite audible in the waiting area.This was particularly frustrating given the effort I had just expended. Shortly after the barking ceased the vet appeared for the consultation. The discussion was very helpful as she was able to evaluate the severity of the wound. She noted that given how busy they were treatment would not take place for approximately four hours though the procedure was a quick one. We agreed the best approach was that the wound would be bandaged and I would take the dog to her primary veterinarian in the morning. The veterinarian said she would bandage the wound, and give her some prescriptions. When the dog returned to the waiting room over an hour later, the bandage on her leg extended the length of her leg but was completely below the laceration. So the wound was more exposed than it was when she arrived at the hospital and she was still bleeding. While I waited to pay the bill, I requested materials so that I could cover the wound - just to get her home and stop the bleeding. The vet tech implied that I had refused care -which was not true. The tech had not been present during the consult with the vet and her attitude was quite startling. It also did not address the issue of the exposed wound in the waiting room. At that point I noted that I would not be paying the $75 bandaging charge, as the bandage was not covering wound and requested that it be removed from the bill.The staff said they could not remove the charge and the veterinarian would have to review it. The Veterinarian then came out to the waiting room, and began removing the bandage on the floor of the waiting room. Once the bandage was removed, she noted that keeping a bandage on that location would be difficult and that she would like to close the wound. I noted that I'd like to take the dog home and asked for tape and clean gauze to cover the wound. The vet obliged and noted that she did not have the authority to remove the $75 bandaging charge from the bill; she requested that I discuss it with staff in the morning and said she would leave a note for them. After a 3 hour visit I bandaged the dog in the parking lot. The procedure was completed the following day at the local vet in under 25 minutes. There has been no follow up from the Veterninary Specialist office regarding the charge or the visit. The convenience of having the dog seen immediately was definitely outweighed by the duration of the visit, the staffs attitude and the cost.

Ted Peris

2 years ago

They almost killed my dog, 6 hours later they charge me $756.98, I had to take my dog to another hospital to save him, The manager of this place , She is such a terrible person. 2 weeks later I got my money back $756.98 I am not finished with them yet ,,, I I will make sure the manager will be fired.

A. C.D

2 years ago

Save your pet and go anywhere but here! I didn’t even want to leave 1 star because they don’t even deserve that! I rushed my puppy here after he bit into an asthma inhaler pump and was so sick. You would think that since it is an emergency vet hospital, they had doctors who would know what to do and are equipped to handle such ordeals but sadly that is not the case. I get there and they had me call a poison control hotline (which charged me $75) to give them direction on how they should treat my dog! While sitting on hold with poison control, a vet tech tells me the doctor could give my dog a catheter to check his electrolytes which would cost $500-$700. I declined and said I’m not agreeing to anything until I speak with the doctor and I want to hear what poison control says since I just paid them to tell your doctor what to do! Poison control kept us on hold for over 2 hours, meanwhile my dog was sitting there in distress! I finally tell the doctor I’m leaving and taking my dog elsewhere because this is ridiculous and her response is “Well you declined the IV which cld have put fluids in him to help flush the poison. We can’t control when the poison control center picks up the call but it usually picks up around 45 mins and not this long.” First off, I was never offered an IV for fluids- I was offered a catheter for some strange reason to check electrolytes without any explanation on why that would be beneficial! Secondly, if they knew that an IV would help but they believed I declined it, why wouldn’t they at least offer a bowl of water to get some fluid in my dog?!! Third, I just paid a hotline to get a solution on how to care for my dog so obviously I want to see what they say! Also, the fact that they think it is ok to sit on hold between 45 minutes to 2 hours while an animal is sick is mind boggling! An animal could die within that time! If you aren’t confident and don’t know what to do, you should have a back-up contact number, maybe call another vet or someone else that can give you direction! I went there for help and medical attention for my dog and he got nothing! We sat in a room while their front desk sat on hold with a hotline! They never did anything to help ease my poor dog yet they made sure to charge me $218! Clearly this place only cares about money and not an animal’s well being! Oh and p.s. the poison control hotline that they are taking medical advice from has many complaints, horrible reviews, and a rating of only 2 stars. Pathetic.

Jim Cassady

2 years ago

Good service nice people saved my dogs life. Told to come in for staple removal and they basically are making it hard to get there told we would have to wait several hours better to call our vet. Sad way to end a good experience

Brittney Decker

3 years ago

When my fur baby tore his CCL, I was extremely worried about finding a doctor that would be able to get him back to his old ball chasing self. Dr. Beaver and his team were extremely knowledgeable (take home packet answered every question I could have ever thought of) and responsive. Cooper was able to run and play like his old self after about 3 months. I would recommend Dr. Beaver to anyone seeking an orthopedic surgeon for their pet.

Chris S

3 years ago

Brought our 10 month old cat in due to mobility issues in hind legs. They came out to get him car side at 4 pm, said we will contact you within a couple hours. Told us 4 times that they are extremely busy which is completely understandable. 2/12 hours went by and we still didn’t get a phone call with any type of update. We decided to call and suggest that he may have come in contact with a plant while outside but just throwing ideas out. We received a phone call within 15 minutes after calling them. The doctor told us “ he won’t let anyone touch him, he’s just really mad and backs away”. Also said “it’s not a neurological issue since he’s 10 months old”. After 4 1/2 hours we decided to go pick him up since nothing has been diagnosed or even been done at this point. Upon picking him up at 8 pm, they handed him over and my girlfriend opened the door immediately to the crate to find he was covered in his own urine. Called back extremely frustrated and was told “he must have done that on the way home”, we were still in front of the building when noticing the urine. The discharge sheet says 5 things it might be, but strongly believe “it’s a neurological issue”. So now we paid about $220 to have our poor little kitty traumatized, still not diagnosed other than a list of things that anyone can look up on the internet. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had to deal with and is still ongoing due to the lack of help from the “professionals” at CCVS.


3 years ago

Unbelievably unresponsive. With no other animals waiting the process took three hours for a simple exam. The doctor was knowledgeable bit the staff was incompetent.

Tammy Murphy

3 years ago

Couldn't get a appointment anywhere for my dog for a puncture in paw pad. Called Cape Cod Veterinary got her right in they were wonderful and took great care of her. Their the best..

Wendy Wilkerson

3 years ago

Took good care of my kitty who needed surgery but was told a different amount 4 times. Surgeon said 3200 to 3300 at preop appointment (nothing in writting), at drop off told I had to pay 75% upfront for an estimate of 3200 to 3500 (argued high end number and was told they would check with the surgeon) given a receipt that, finally, had a written estimate but it was 3200 to 3400. Tried to pay before pick up and was told I only owed 614.... no one was free to take my payment so waited to pay at pickup. Daughter went to pick her up for me and was charged 1116!.... called and was told they have no idea how I was given the wrong amount... Pretty sure I was told that by the same person who gave me "the wrong"amount. Very frustrating! Update: CCVS has called me since and explained how they dropped the ball in not getting me a written quote from the beginning. They have also appoligiezed for how things were handled after. So I've changed my rating from 2 to 3 stars. My advice is to make sure you have a written quote before leaving the parking lot.

Amanda Campbell

3 years ago

I am so thankful for the staff here. My pups primary vet was rude, and quite mean when my mom called to see what we should do regarding my pup skylar. As a registered nurse, I get they’re busy but customer service especially when dealing with people and pets is imperative. Luckily they made a great recommendation to cape cod animal hospital in buzzards bay. They took such good care of my pup, called with updates and encouraged me to call anytime to check in on her. I did call a couple times to check in and everyone was so nice - i was nervous I’d be annoying them but they kept encouraging me to call anytime. Skylar is now home and healing comfortably and when she walked out of the hospital I knew she was so cared for. Every staff member, vet nurse and doctor I spoke to was amazing. I would gladly take my dogs here anytime - and have thought of switching both my beagles routine care to cape cod.

Beth S

3 years ago

Our dog had a seizure the other day. The vet said to bring her here, but we absolutely refused. The last time we went here, our dog, Abby, died. She is not under my name. No, I will NOT call you to discuss this with you. She got cut while getting her nails done. It wouldn't stop bleeding, so we brought her here. They did a full exam on her and told us that she was fine and we could bring her home. She died in our living room 2 days later. I would never bring another animal here for anything.


3 years ago

Not happy. I've been trying for two days getting fluid bags for my dog. They're slacking, don't call back and the attitude. Unacceptable. For two days now. What's the problem and attitude.

Andrew Hackett

3 years ago

While on vacation in Bourne our King Charles Cavalier became very ill and was unable to keep any food or water down. After several phone conversations we decided it was best to take him in to be seen. Our worst nightmare was discovered after an ultrasound, that revealed fabric tangled in his lower intestines. Charlie would need immediate surgery to remove the blockage. The doctors and nurses took the time to carefully explain what would happen, best case, worst case and costs. They were calm, patient and overly caring. We knew we had no choice but to agree to the surgery and we waiting all afternoon for their call. The medical team was able to remove the blockage through his tummy and Charlie did great. As I type this, Charlie is on my lap in day 3 of recovery. He is perky, eating and pooping properly. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the staff at the clinic. Charlie means the world to us and we are so thankful he was in your care during this awful time. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Andy and Kim.

Jared Wise

3 years ago

Handled my Cat with professionalism and kindness amongst a slew of emergency cases. Hardworking, Kind individuals who will do everything they can. $$$

James vrooman

3 years ago

There are so many people to thank that saved our dog (Penny) She was extremely Ill and needed emergency surgery. The team of surgeons, nurses and front desk people are very professional and caring. Penny is doing great and we are so glad Cape Cod Vet. Specialists were there to save Penny. Even after surgery they kept in touch and was there to help with any questions. THANK YOU! Woof Woof from Penny.

Jae Heller

3 years ago

My 15.5 yr old Pomeranian pup is currently being treated here and the team is doing an amazing job. I have gone here in the past for emergency situations and the docs have always taken the time to answer my questions and provide the best course for action/treatment. They truly care about the animal and the person, and have patience with my always panicked blubbering. My dog Kodi is a son to me and I’m praying he will pull through. he is being treated for pneumonia and kidney issues, the staff has been great in keeping me updated and explaining each step they are taking to get my senior pup back to healthy. When i brought him in last night with labored breathing I assumed it was the end and related to his heart - they took him in immediately and assessed the situation. They took time to explain and reexplain everything. Turns out the issue isn’t heart related and although he does has several issues going on there is hope. He was put into a comfortable oxygen area where he looked thankful and comfy. Today has shown some improvement. The news has been positive and although he’s not out of the weeds yet I am praying strong and have faith in the CC team. Yes, the cost as with all medical procedures and hospitalizations can run high, but it is on par with other vets and emergency care - and it’s good to know he is getting the highest quality care. They do not push unnecessary treatments or exams - they recommend all possible routes one can go with the case and what they would recommend the best course for treatment. I very much recommend the team and facility. And thank you for all they have done and continue to do for my Kodi in the past and currently as I write this. ????

Emilio Morales

3 years ago

Great service they took care of my 2 month old puppy very well.

Elaine Vercellone

3 years ago

Did not seem welcoming. I called to request a certain dr. The answer was" no he doesnt do anything but surgery. Sorry we cant help you... Click.." she could have recommended another dr from thei staff for what i needed. There were other drs there. Very rude.

Christopher Parker

3 years ago

I could not speak more highly of our experience here. We came in last month with our 14 y/o Boston Terrier. He had become ill over the days prior and seemed to be getting worse. We walked in and they took him right in. After some testing it seemed as if it was going to be time to say goodbye to my friend. We were blown away by the service and how accommodating everyone was during this difficult time. As difficult as the decision was we were happy that we came here and wanted to express our appreciation to the staff. Thank you for making an extremely difficult day a little more bearable.

Chris Lancaster

3 years ago

These guys take great care of our pets. Pleasant staff and a nice facility.

Bonnie Scott

3 years ago

They were so loving and professional and available to my injured puppy. I highly recommend them.

Betty Sarafian

3 years ago

i would recomend them highly

Steve Cantalupo

3 years ago

Very happy with the service I received. Needed a very serious surgery for my 10 month old pup.. so thankful I had this resource so close by.. would of traveled thousands of miles for services like I received here. The appointment and surgery were VERY expensive but there's only so much you can expect.. you have to pay for great service and your dog is your family. Thank you Dr Kosich and staff.

Sheri Buitenhuys

3 years ago

Teddy is well taken care of everytime we need to go. We personally just Love Dr. Beaver. He has been Teddy's surgeon for two big surgeries (ACL and Amputated his left 2nd digit And about a 2-3" mass on his groin), and we are very happy with his work! Again, thank you for Dr. Beaver and his Techs!

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