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Adrienne Lamb

2 years ago

Bailey has been going to the daily stroll for a few months now and I can tell she loves it! Britney especially has been amazing! Day 1 at day care bailey remembered Britney from when she had her first grooming appointment. Britney was there and you could tell it was instant connection!

Zoe Michas

2 years ago

My puppy loves going to daycare at The Daily Stroll! He gets very excited to go and play with his friends and he comes home nice and sleepy after. I also really appreciate that they take the dogs for long walks each time they are there, plus the daycare services are very affordable! The facilities are very clean and the staff are nice and friendly, especially Britney who goes above and beyond to give my puppy love! He is always eager to see her and she is very kind to him and gives me updates on how he did at the end of each day. I love picking him up and seeing him hanging out on one of the many couches! The Daily Stroll has been a saving grace for me and my energetic puppy!

Sarah Jackson

2 years ago

My pup loves going to daily stroll and practically bolts from the car to see if Britney is there! She is amazing with the dogs and make you feel like they are safe and taken care of with extra love!

Jennifer Pena

2 years ago

My dog has been going to the daily stroll for daycare 5 days a week for 3 years. My dog is so excited to go to daycare every day. All of the employees clearly love dogs and make my baby happy. My dog is especially in love with Britney. I have been very satisfied with their service and know my baby is in good hands.

Brenna Foley

2 years ago

My dog Molly loves going to the Daily Stroll! She is so excited every time I drop her off. The staff is so friendly and it shows that they really care about the dogs that attend!

Adam Feingold

2 years ago

We have really enjoyed taking our dog, Storm to The Daily Stroll for the past couple of years! The staff is very attentive and welcoming! Want to give a special shout out to Brittney and her awesome care for our dog!

Joel Diaz

2 years ago

Had a billing issue with them that they fixed.

Dan Pessalano

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog to Daily Stroll for almost two years. These folks take such good care of my rescue dog Emma. I don’t trust many folks with my dog. Helicopter parent if you will. I don’t worry about my dog at all while I’m at work. My dog absolutely loves Britney. She’s a dog whisperer and I always request her for boarding when I go on weekend trips. The nightly Instagram story recap is also a cool way to see some pics of your pup at day care. Highly recommend.

Brittany Herrick

2 years ago

Brittney is reliable and has been available for drop off earlier than 7 some mornings when I have planned ahead which has been helpful getting to work on time.

Becca Scalzo

2 years ago

The Daily Stroll has been so great to our pup! Very friendly staff. We feel very good when Tito boards with the team. Britney has been especially great, sending sweet photos during home boarding and providing lots of love and playtime during daycare!

Amber Wang

2 years ago

We have been sending our dog to daycare here for over a year. Very flexible and convenient. Britney is awesome and always gives us great updates about how our pups day was!

Helen Hsia

2 years ago

Our pup has been going to The Daily Stroll for ~1.5 years and, without fail, she still gets so excited whenever she realizes it's a daycare day. As the owner of a slightly anxious dog, I appreciate the care the staff (especially Britney) puts into organizing the pups into compatible walking/playing groups. Plus they do such a great job with grooming and boarding. Great experience all around :)

James Brown

2 years ago

I have been using the Daily Stroll for the last 4 months with our new puppy and they have been great. When we show up for pick up or drop off Britney and all the staff greet us with a smile and know all the dogs by name. Our puppy also loves the grooming staff and has stayed for boarding. I cannot say enough great things.

Jesse Poganik

2 years ago

Our dog Petunia has been going to the Daily Stroll for about a year and a half and she absolutely loves it. The staff, especially Britney (Petunia’s favorite!), are so attentive and it’s so clear from all the pictures they post on Instagram every day that they really care about the dogs and have a great time with them every day. Petunia also loved going home with Britney for a weekend when we used TDS’s boarding service. Petunia also loves her Saturdays with Emma! Petunia always comes home exhausted after having fun at TDS. The different locations and other services offered (boarding, grooming) also make TDS very convenient. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a daycare/boarding company!!

Roger B

2 years ago

DS is great. Everyone is caring and helpful. Britney, in particular, is exceptional--truly a star. Thanks for being their for Charlotte.

Erica Weinstein

2 years ago

We love The Daily Stroll! Sunny has the best time when I send her to daycare. She plays ALL day and comes home exhausted. Brittany and Bryan are wonderful! So glad I found TDS!

Britney Marenna

2 years ago

The Daily Stroll is amazing! I was able to adopt my dog through their adoption program. All of the staff and foster families do an amazing job with the animals while getting them ready to be adopted. My dog attends all 3 locations and loves them all. She always comes home tired and happy after a long day of play. Britney in particular is so great with my dog. I can see how much she genuinely cares for the animals and the effort she puts into making each day there great.

Gregory Woods

2 years ago

Phenomenal experience over the past year with TDS. My pup lil' Rhubarb can be a handful, but they have expertly cared for her during weekdays and occasionally over the weekend. The staff is kind, communicative, and willing to bend over backwards to provide quality doggy-daycare. A special shoutout to Britney, who has become Ruby's best friend. Britney goes above and beyond for Ruby and clearly has Ruby's development in mind (ie reinforces certain behaviors we are working on at home, shares +/- from the day with me, etc). Cannot say enough -- TDS and Britney have been lifesavers for us!

Seth Corkin

2 years ago

We've used the Daily Stroll for daycare and grooming for our dog since Jan 2021 and have had a great experience with them. Our dog goes to daycare at the 405 Harvard St which is for smaller dogs (we appreciate they split them up by size). We think he prefers the people to the other dogs since he greets the staff as if they're family - particularly Britney, who is awesome! We know he's in good hands when she's there. It's also super convenient when he has grooming appointments as the groomers are just down the block and they coordinate taking him to/from his appointment. Great solution if you're local!

mani dhingra

2 years ago

TDS is our dog’s second home. My fiancé and I have never seen Aja more excited than when we open the doors into TDS and we have never seen more happily exhausted than when we pick her up (see evidence below)! Their facilities are extremely clean and the dogs are able to play in a safe environment. The TDS staff is extremely courteous and often provide a detailed summary at the end of the day about how our pup did and if there is anything to be wary of. Special shout-outs to Britney, Bryn and Katie for being Aja’s biggest fans! Overall, this was the daycare of our dreams for our pup!

Cullen Roberts

2 years ago

The Daily Stroll is just the best. As a two-doctor family, we need a doggy daycare that can pick up and drop off our bubba every day. They do that and so much more, taking the dogs to parks, on walks, and let-outs multiple times a day. And when we both have to work on the weekend they’ll even have employees bring our dog home with them for the night. Britney, Liz, and Amber all take care of our little guy like he’s their own, and the same is true for all of the employees. One time our guy’s back started hurting causing him to limp. They called me to let me know right away and then even stayed late after closing to stay with him until I could get home from the hospital. I could go on. They’re like family to us at this point.

Jennifer Perez

2 years ago

The Daily Stroll has been outstanding for our young pup. We searched around a few places in town when we were looking for daycare options, and landed at The Daily Stroll after a wonderful first visit with Brittany at the 405 Harvard Street location. We love that the location is for small dogs, and we couldn't be happier with our experience with The Daily Stroll. Our pup Annie runs towards the door when we arrive in the morning -- it's easy to see that the staff treat Annie and the other dogs like their own, with lots of love and attention. I also like that Annie gets to go on daily walks with the staff. The experience has helped her socialize and grow into a confident pup. Annie comes home at the end of the day happy and tired. We are so grateful for everyone at The Daily Stroll for making daycare safe, flexible, fun, and an overall great experience for Annie and our family.

Samantha Bayuk

2 years ago

As you can see from their response to my initial review, they don’t take accountability. They don’t offer any video evidence of what happened. They don’t think communication of an incident should be given after a certain time. And they constantly target people who leave negative reviews and shirk responsibility for what happened. Let their poor responses to feedback speak for itself. Go somewhere that will take accountability and offer support when something happens instead of shirt responsibility, attack your character (like I’ve seen on other reviews), and stop responding to you (which I know they’ve done to other dog parents whose pups have come home injured with no explanation). And let it be known that the response to my OP was almost word for word what Bryn sent me in an unprofessional email filled with emojis when I’m addressing her about a serious situation that occurred without telling me about it. Not to mention, blaming the dog for being a rough player, when their job is literally to watch and care for every dog there is unacceptable. Not to mention, as I advised Bryn via my response email, my dog has been to MULTIPLE daycares because we have moved around a lot, and never once had the amount of issues that we have had from TDS, and she also started coming home more anxious after TDS and sometimes not wanting to go through the gates at all. It’s clear that something is going wrong here consistently and the company refuses to rectify it. I complained about the girl in question who didn’t tell me about the incident before they made her manager because she lifted a dog square off the ground by its harness after it jumped over a gate, and yet still they kept her employed and put her in charge of a location. They don’t care about your dogs. They care about expanding their locations before ensuring they can properly care for the dogs already in their care. (Also for fill disclosure I couldn’t edit my OP so I’ve had to write a new response this way.)

Julie Nashawaty

2 years ago

I found out the hard way that this company doesn’t care about the dogs they watch. I’m sick about it. Please don’t bring your baby here.

Jane Doe

2 years ago

Do not send your dog here. My dog was injured multiple times here and only once was I notified. I’ve seen staff mistreat the dogs (physically) and they have a habit of screaming and yelling at the dogs for barking (including the owner, Bryn). Even if you look at their responses to low ratings on here, you see they retaliate and muddy the name of people who provide honest reviews about the horrible things that go on there. They are not accountable and my dog isn’t the only one I know of who has been injured to the point of needing extensive and costly veterinary services - both long and short term - after attending daycare here. Please don’t send your dog here. There are so many other options in the area, do your research and choose another business who actually cares about how your furbabies are treated. This has been a nightmare.

Alexia Bee

2 years ago

Awesome company for all your doggy needs! ????????????????‍????

Sue Karant

2 years ago

I wish I had found these groomers sooner.

Olivia Salomone

2 years ago

My dog has never looked better than when he gets groomed here! The price is so affordable and they’ve never kept him longer than an hour. Favorite grooming place!!

Jess Desmond

2 years ago

My friend takes her dog there so I took my puppy - she absolutely loved it and played so hard she slept for the entire next day! They also made sure she went outside regularly so she kept her house training!

Tyler Reaves

2 years ago

There is no one I would trust my dog (or cat) to more than owner Bryn Ambrose. She positively radiates love for all the animals in her care. I am so happy to see her business expanding. This is a singularly excellent care service.

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