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Colin McDonald

2 years ago

Great place full of wonderful people. My dog will literally run up to the employees if we see them out on a walk and they are very accommodating with her medical needs.

Chris McCann

2 years ago

Great doggie daycare with an amazing and caring staff. Our seven month old golden has been going for about three months now and she absolutely loves it!

Andrew Culkin

2 years ago

TLDR: Pressure from owner to remove critical reviews before bringing our dog back. We had been taking our dog to Big Dog Walkin' for a while both for some daycare and overnight stays. Everything was fine until I received a call while our dog was at daycare that she was acting a little more "aggressively towards other dogs" than usual. Instead of maybe separating her from the other dogs and letting us know about the issue, they told us the only option was for us to come pick her up during the middle of the day. We got conflicting reports from staff about what happened and we ended up leaving a critical review because we were forced to come pick her up in the middle of a work day. She hadn’t displayed any aggressive tendencies towards dogs in other situations, so we asked for video footage of the day she was sent home. The owner (Ian) told us that he would only send us the footage if we took down the critical review first and that this was “non-negotiable”. It really makes you wonder how many other critical reviews were taken down because of pressure from the owner.

Lauren Watford

3 years ago

Big Dog Walking has come through for me even at the last minute before a trip or vacation and I really appreciate how great they are with my dog. Not sure what id do without them! They are all great dog handlers and my dog is an anxious dog but she always seems excited to walk into BDW.

Courteney Olenzak

3 years ago

We LOVE Big Dog Walking. Our pup, Peanut, is always so excited to go and is scratching at the door to get in every time we pass by. Anytime he sees Ami and Liza his tail wag so hard his whole body wiggles. It absolutely fils my heart to see him so happy. They take such good care of our dog and he always comes home so happy and so sleepy. Everything from their daycare to grooming to the annual pool paw-ty is done with the animals in mind. We are so grateful for BDW.

Christopher abramson

3 years ago

I wish I could rate less than one star, this place ruined my dog. After just a few months of regular daycare and the occasional "slumber party" he obviously prefers going to Big Dog Walkin' over spending time with me! How is it ethical to be so much fun that dogs learn to freakout over phone notifications because it may mean the Big Dog Walkin' "school bus" has arrived. Even more troubling now that we've moved away I've seen results in my search history for walking directions back to Boston. I think Reggie is planning something...

Christian Tooley

3 years ago

Ella and Tessa have been going to Big Dog Walkin’ (BDW) for Day Care and Slumber Parties since we moved to Boston at the end of 2018. I originally only intended Ella to attend because she is very energetic, while Tessa is very timid. However, when the owner of BDW (Ian) did the meet and greet, he told me there is a Little’s Land area for shy dogs. I’m glad that I sign them both up because both Ella and Tessa always get excited for daycare and slumber parties! Even Tessa is excited to run passed the gate to play with the other dogs. The staff is very friendly and are fast at responding to questions to update me on my dogs. Highly recommend!

Adam Harrington

3 years ago

It hurts me to write this review because I really liked Big Dog and bringing my pup there. However, recently I complained about a $35 late charge on a bill I received. I was charged this because I picked my dog up 30 mins after they closed. First off, charging $35 (which is what a full day of daycare costs) for a late fee is absurd. Second off, the kid working the desk told me they closed at 7. So, usually my account is automatically billed. However, the transaction was declined because I only had enough in my account for the daycare. They tried to contact me through the portal (which I rarely check). By the time I realized they added a late fee, it was two months later. I complained about it and they removed it. So instead...they charged me $5 a week for every week the payment was late. In the end, my bill ended up being more than before! I was very upset by this and talked to the supervisor and they were of absolutely no help. I told them the situation and how I was unemployed and couldn't pay this extra charge. They said the owner doesn't issue refunds and the invoice was final. My dog has been coming here for over a year and its said the owner doesn't care about the customers. The only reason this review gets two stars is because the staff is friendly. Reply to the owner: Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow responses to reviews. So, this is a response to the response of the owner. I don’t know how much more clearer I can make card got declined because you tried to overcharge it. In addition, the only reason I have a free day of Daycare is because I referred someone to your business. Don’t make it seem like you’re giving me a free day of daycare for my troubles... People don't be fooled, the owner is not sympathetic. That is all.

Kelly Karakhanyan

4 years ago

We've been using Big Dog Walkin' for doggy day care 2-3 times per week since we adopted our *very playful* lab mix puppy (now over a year ago). Day care has been amazing to help socialize her as well as get out some of her crazy play energy. The hours are also great, 7a-7p. It allows us to drop her off in the morning before we need to leave for work, as well as run a few errands after work before we need to pick her up. The staff are all super friendly and clearly love dogs. It's great to know my fur baby is having a blast with her four and two legged friends! Updated review: It's now been 2.5 years since we've been using BDW, and they've become like a family. Unfortunately we're moving out of town, and we're going to miss the reliable, kind, trustworthy puppy caregivers. They've done some updates, such as extending hours (daycare is now until 8pm) and have weekend hours. It's great seeing a small business grow, and we wish them nothing but great success!

Yvette Kim

4 years ago

Our puppy came back from his first day of daycare with a noticeable wound on his cheek, which turned into a leaking abscess needing vet attention. We mentioned our concerns to them. While they were apologetic, the only excuse they had was that it must have been a small wound at the time that no one noticed and that is why we weren't notified. We won't be bringing back our pup, as they are too negligent for our liking.

Len Trinidad

4 years ago

My dogs used to do their dog walk with them. I paid for 30 mins walk 3-4x a week. My Conceirge informed me that the dog walker would only walk my dogs for less than 10 mins and sometimes even less than 5 mins. I mentioned the owner and Instead of checking with his dog walkers, he said he wanted evidence. I then checked the FOB log with my property management company and I confirmed that there were multiple days when the dog walker came in for less than 10 mins. I informed the owner and he didn’t do anything. Had to find a new dog walking company who has better customer service and takes care of my doggies like their own..

Jenna DeLuca

4 years ago

We had a really bad incident with Big Dog Walking and will not be bringing our dogs back to their facility. Certain members of their staff are extremely inattentive and lack experience with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. Our concerns were addressed to the General Manager named Sarah who was very apologetic but unfortunately the issue was not resolved. I would not recommend.

Queen Cersei

5 years ago

The management staff are very inconsiderate and even though they seem experienced with dog care, they really are not. Very rude and hostile. Would never recommend this disgusting place for anyone who actually cares about their dogs wellbeing. If I could give this place a 0 star review I would.

Nicholas Foley

5 years ago

The best place to take your dog! My 7 month old Goldendoodle LOVES going here. In fact, he is going to go five days a week starting next week. The staff are super friendly, all the dogs seem nice and the location is super convenient.

liam marden

5 years ago

Applied for a job here. Didn't get it. They were very nice people. Obviously took very good care of the dogs. Nice big space dedicated to the dogs. Would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for people who know what they are doing.

Erin Bickford

5 years ago

BDW is the best! They have convenient hours, reasonable prices, and staff members who clearly love dogs. They provide a detailed update on my puppy’s day when I pick her up. I was reluctant to send her to daycare, but the staff at BDW have made me feel so good about my decision. Bailey’s tail wags as soon as she walks in the door at BDW!

Colin Sheehan

5 years ago

An excellent company with supurb management, professionalism, and love for our furry friends. Highly recommend.


5 years ago

Big Dog Walkin’ is like having another family for our dog. Just the moment I mention the owners names my dog gets so excited that he refuses to leave the front door, he will be there looking through the window, waiting for them, when he sees the car arriving he will be in a frenzy state of pure happiness. My dog is 5 years old and it has been cared by them since he was a puppy, when we travel, thats it quite often he will be staying with them, never in all those years, I have had a bad experience with them, the love and care that they give to my dog is to be honest quite incredible, always when we return, I feel happy and very jealous of the attention that my dog gives to Emily and Jake or any of the employees, to put it bluntly, sometimes I wonder if my dog loves them more than he loves me. Thank you guys! You are amazing!

Timothy Letson

6 years ago

They treat my dog great and he comes home every day worn out and happy.

Jeremy Valadez

7 years ago

The folks here are friendly and my pit bull was very calm when we walked in. TIP: The entrance is around the back of the building!

Caitlin Hall

10 years ago

My dog and I both love this place! The staff is professional, experienced and accommodating. I use their walking service everyday, but my pup has also enjoyed daycare and boarding through BDW! Their new space is beautiful, and such a fun place for the dogs to hang out. We love Big Dog Walkin'!

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