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Elizabeth Knobel

2 years ago

Complete lack of organization and communication. Signed my dog up for board and train and pulled him out the next day. I heard some horror stories and was looking for someone to connect with me and smooth out some questions I had to make me …

Karla Gomez

2 years ago

I was going to register my dog for boarding as well as day school but then found out they treat the dogs poorly! They hit dogs & swear at them when they do not listen. My coworkers daughter got bit & nothing was done. Just swept under the …

Eric Wade

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about my Falco K9 experience. From the moment I met Tyler it has been amazing. What I love most is the community atmosphere. The entire staff has been welcoming and supportive. From my first interaction with Stephan and the time he has taken to teach me about my dog, it has been the best experience. Amy has been so patient with me and the support I get from her is incredible. When I walk through the door and Maverick sees her and Kyle, he is like a puppy all over again. They treat him as if he is their dog and I see that with every dog there. During my last training session I got to meet Shelby for the first time and I was just amazed. Her willingness to take a few moments and talk with me about dogs and share her knowledge was incredible. I am amazed by the entire staff and their willingness to share their knowledge. When you train with Falco K9, you may be with one trainer but you are getting the very best of everyone who works there. It’s a family feeling and makes for the very best dog experience. Thank you to the entire Falco K9 family.

John Marley

2 years ago

Falco K9 and their team, especially Shelby (shout out to Stephan and Kyle), did such an amazing job with our boy Kaiser (5 month old Rottweiler) during a two week board and train session. Shelby sent us photos, videos, and texted us updates …

Kristen Niccoló Lafferty

2 years ago

I was initially hesitant to go to Falco K9, because I didn't fully understand their "style" of training (or what I thought was their style of training). We were sending our dog for a 1 month board and train with a 2 week follow up board and train, so I needed a place that I could put my full trust into. We met with the trainer beforehand, Luc Sullivan. I immediately saw his passion for helping owners and dogs build stronger relationships by teaching the right behaviors. He explained that dogs are pack animals, and they need a leader. Not an alpha, but a LEADER. On my dog's board and train, Luc led a fabulous team of trainers and dog lovers, including Brittany. I knew that asking for pictures and videos would carve into their work time together, so I didn't ask for those, although I did get some throughout the 4 weeks. Even if we may follow our passion, there may be days that wear us out, and we don't feel the fire towards it. I feel like the people at Falco NEVER feel burnt out or tired towards what they do. They all love dogs so much, and make the world a better place by teaching us how to better interact with our puppies to make everyone happy and content. I feel at home when I walk in. All of the staff are always smiling, and you can tell the closeness they have with each other. I have never seen anything quite like it and makes me want to join their team (if I didn't have to train the dogs haha). I think that it is because of this synergy and enthusiasm that radiates before you even step through their door, that we feel like family. I highly recommend Falco K9. I have been through many trainers, and haven't met anyone like Luc before. My dog might even love him more than me! Chelsea is also very professional and adds to the quality that is K9. Thanks for all your hard work Falco K9. I will keep coming back.

Brandy Hopkins

2 years ago

We had a great experience with Falco K9, Shelby was a fantastic trainer, our dog Obie was at a 2 week board and train and has already learned so much! We recommend them to everyone and will continue working with them.

Demi LaPointe

2 years ago

We are so incredibly grateful to have found Falco! Our dog, Murphy, completed on-leash and off-leash Academy training with Paula who was so professional and truly amazing at what she does. Murphy really loved her and learned so many incredible, lifelong skills. You can tell they truly take their time with each pup. We always felt like Murphy was in great hands. They were so great about teaching my husband and me everything we needed to know too so that we could practice at home. Can’t thank them enough!

Elle Daoust

2 years ago

We came to Falco, specifically Shelby, with a concern about our pup (reactive barking). We had our first meeting, gave information, asked and answered questions. We immediately started training with Shelby and noticed results literally the same day after we left! We were able to build on our pups results over the next couple of weeks. Now, walking around our pup receives endless compliments on how well behaved he is, and asking how we got him so well trained!! Our neighbors all have commented on how drastically different our pup is now, from before we started training! He has truly done a 180, from when we came to Falco to now. At this point , he is so good from Shelby’s amazing training, that we’re going to do more fun training and certifications with him! We’re able to take him places and do things with him that I never imagined we could before working with Shelby at Falco!

Joseph Smith

2 years ago

Took our dog to a 2 week board and train to immerse him in some desensitization and behavioral training, after some great sessions with their trainer Luc. The team there was great and very proactive in communicating his progress and the “why” around certain drills and processes, and left us with specific instructions on how to translate it at home to keep it up.

Natalie Benson

2 years ago

I don’t have enough good things to say about Falco! We enrolled our frenchie, Royce, into their academy program and have seen a tremendous improvement in his behavior and our ability to communicate with him. His first few days at Falco, he was a bit nervous as it is a stimulating environment. They were incredibly patient with him and now he jumps out of the car with excitement when we pull up. Paula was awesome to work with and the entire staff is so friendly and welcoming.

Olivia Palazzi

2 years ago

Love all the people that work here, especially my trainer Paula. Her knowledge on dogs and various breeds makes her method of training more meaningful. Not only is Paula great with my reactive German Shepard puppy, but she explains everything to me and does not hesitate to explain if I have questions about something. I highly recommend Falco K9 for all kinds of dogs!

Casey Kowal

2 years ago

Our dog Louis attends day school at Falco and we love sending him there a few times a week! He's always so excited to go to school and we've definitely noticed a positive change in his behavior since starting day school. All of the staff has been great and has answered any questions we've asked.

Brooke Spirio

2 years ago

I send my 11 month old puppy to Falco day school about 2 times a week- and he loves it. They reinforce the training he’s had with our 1:1 sessions and he loves being able to play with all the other dogs. We live in Southie so the crew picks him up and drops him off, which is a huge time saver for me. The team is always super responsive and helpful if there are any schedule issues. I cannot say enough good things about the Falco Day School program!!

Rosie Conner

2 years ago

I started going to Falco K9 back in August of 21, they haven't been able to get rid of me since. ???? I did the 6 week puppy class with Sarah, absolutely amazing. Very hands on and informative. Now my German Shepherd puppy is doing Personal Protection work with Stefan, we both love it and go twice weekly. Well worth it. Great atmosphere and wonderful people whom have a true love and knowledge for the dogs they work with!

Jana Rago

2 years ago

Lukie has been going there since he was a puppy . Love all the trainers and staff & feel very safe leaving lukie there every day ????

Amy Fitzgibbons

2 years ago

Falco K9 has been an amazing resource for our family. Our dog Rosie LOVES their day care. We LOVE the training she's received from them and gets reinforced every day she goes to doggie daycare. Their pick up and drop off service make this a breeze for me. One less worry and a happy and tired pup at the end of the day. Good all around. I recommend all of their amazing team. -Amy (and Rosie)

Caleb Laufer

2 years ago

Stefan is a miracle worker. We moved to the city from a Wisconsin suburb and Nellie was having a difficult time adjusting to city life. In three weeks Nellie went from barking constantly on walks to waiting patiently in Home Depot. Stefan made Nellies transition to the city so enjoyable. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Kisha Wilson

2 years ago

Falcos Day School program is amazing. My pup plays, he trains, he rests and occasionally gets a bath. With pickup and drop off it’s been really great. We also did board and train and did not have a great experience with that though. The trainer we chose was away for some kind of show. Didn’t really keep us updated on our dog’s progress and he honestly didn’t learn as much in two weeks as he could’ve with lore attention. He had a good time but it wasn’t worth the enormous price tag unless you need to train correct bad behaviors or you are doing some sort of speciality protection program. We won’t do another board and train but we love the day school.

Jessica C.

2 years ago

ABUSIVE ENVIRONMENT - Some of you may know that for the last few years, Desmond and I have been loyal clients and a steady source of referrals for Falco K9. It hurts my heart to say anything negative about this facility because not only is it a small, local business in my neighborhood, but also because there are some great people who work there. Within the last six months, however, I’ve grown increasingly concerned for Desmond’s well-being at Falco’s day school. I’m posting this to share why that is because it’s paramount to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Please take some time to read this - with the caveat being that this is not any singular person’s fault - but rather an overall lack of preparation/planning to be able to maintain quality care/supervision when their number of clients increased. Here are major red flags we experienced: ???? Desmond’s body language slowly changed over time from being excited to go to Falco K9 to being afraid and timid. His tail would immediately go between his legs and he would pull away from walking into their space OR from going into their van. ???? On a handful of occasions, Desmond did not come home when he was originally scheduled to be dropped off. For every one of these instances, I called 3 different phone numbers to get in touch with someone who could help - each person I was connected to (when it didn’t go straight to voicemail) said they didn’t know where he was at that time and that they could “take my name and number to get back to me.” Not satisfied with that answer, I then had to reach out via email and through social media to get connected to the manager. ????On a few days, Desmond was brought to their “overflow” space which is located at the Red Dog - .5 miles from their main location. I accidentally learned about this from a newer employee who mentioned it as if it was common knowledge. It was never communicated to me that he was being brought to a space I never saw/spending time with people I never met. ???? I stopped receiving any “Report Cards” about his day and what he learned. Where was he during those days? And - most recently - this video they posted on their IG story. *Filming instead of intervening. “Content” instead of advocacy. Bullying instead of allyship.* So here I am to stand up for my little guy - and for those who have not felt comfortable to come forward with their heart-breaking experiences for fear of retaliation. I am also here to share buried and/or deleted negative reviews of their business. NONE OF THIS IS OK.

Taylor Balletto

2 years ago

Very professional dog trainers that truly want the best not only for you but for your dog to have the best quality life possible. I learned through our sessions how impressionable and adaptive my German Shepherd could be with the right training. In addition to your dog learning commands and movements, you as the owner are also taught proper handling and training techniques to ensure the training sticks. All of the staff are professional, courteous, friendly and incredibly responsive. Would highly recommend to any dog owner.

Michael Morgan

2 years ago

Falco K9 has ALWAYS made room for my two dogs and have treated them both very well. I have peace of mind when they are with Falco K9. Highly recommend!

Joseph Tanner

2 years ago

My wife and I recently brought our one year old golden retriever Opie into Falco K9 after a friend of mine recommended them. I cannot express how helpful and professional everyone was! I originally brought him in for basic obedience/ separation anxiety (another quarantine pup). We went through with the 2 week board and train program. The outcome was unbelievable and we can finally eat dinner in peace! We decided to go ahead with the e-collar program to improve his off leash capabilities and again we’re more than satisfied. A true MUST call if you’re in need in the Boston area.

Hayley Richards

2 years ago

All of my previous (and negative) reviews were deleted. Here to back up all of the other negative experiences and confirm that my two dogs went through a terrible experience both in the board & train and day school. Not a safe environment for your dog - no matter what they say or how they try to delegitimize any other review than 5 stars. Our dogs deserve better.

Georgia Pine K9

2 years ago

As a fellow dog trainer I love working with Falco. Falco is comprised of some of the industries elites and they are nothing short of professional.

Amy Persson

2 years ago

A bit of mixed feelings regarding this business... We had a great experience with Lindsey as a trainer for our dog during board and train! (she no longer works here though). She was easy to work with and able to answer all of our questions and concerns. I can tell she built a strong, positive relationship with our dog as he was always excited to see her! However, we used to send our dog semi-regularly to the day school but started having concerns after reading some other reviews and the publicly available documents of an ongoing court case involving the owner. Things seemed to have changed a lot over the past few months and we will unfortunately have to find a new training/daycare facility.

Marissa Greene

2 years ago

My dog came home extremely sick both times I brought him in. He had to go on antibiotics. When I called the manager to speak with him about the both times my dog went in, he got incredibly defensive and blamed me for my dog getting sick under their care. If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. Extremely unprofessional.

Amanda Crawford

2 years ago

Ever since we started sending Luna to Falco, we've been recommending it to everyone we know! We first sent our pup to their two week training program. The changes we saw in her nearly brought me to tears! She's still her same spunky self, but stays in place for us, listens so much better, and knows how to calm herself down. Now we send Luna to day school, and couldn't be happier with everyone at Falco. A great team full of knowledgeable people who truly care about your dog.

Leo Keefe

2 years ago

Great work is being done there. Great staff also.

Daniel Kessler

2 years ago

Great experience with Falco K9. We saw a previous trainer who led us a bit astray and we were very glad to find this place. We worked with Shelby.

Bob Gibbons

2 years ago

Perfect place for high drive dogs!! My Malinois has truly benifited from our time spent at Falco !! Thank you Stefan, Tyler, and all the staff!!

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