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Lynne Pina

2 years ago

I needed an emergency vet on a Saturday at 6:30pm. The ER was open with no doctor on site. Weekends are not staffed here for weekends. If you have an emergency, it needs to be convenient M-F. The chick at the counter was callous, let me tell her about my emergency and then told me she was closed

Andrew Ozzoly

2 years ago

The grumpy receptionist needs to get another job. the client who pays his salary gets another job, rude.

Paolo Di ciaccio

2 years ago

Bad service...waitef 2 hours and than know that at least another hour because on Saturday evening there is only one doctor....we are talking about an EMERGEGENCY CLINIC that charge you emergency fee.if you are under doctors employees the best way is shutdown. Very BAD management. If you want spend hours in a cold waiting room or small visit room while your pet need assistance you are welcome.

Hannah Borchik

2 years ago

My vet sent my dog to this emergency room for infected welts on her back, paw, and hind legs. When I arrived, I was turned away because her infected welts were “not an emergency” even though my vet sent me here. The nurse was very rude. I was willing to wait their 2-3 hours to get my dog the care she needed. They do not care about your dog’s health.

Alejandra RB

2 years ago

EDIT: Im changing my review from 5 to 2 stars. Whoever does their call desk at night is extremely rude, short and uncaring. I called tonight after my dog ate quite a bit of floss, and I started to explain the situation only to be rudely cut off mid sentence and told they weren’t allowed to give medical advice and if I thought it was an emergency to just bring in my dog. If they can’t give medical advice that’s fine, but there’s no need to be rude especially when it’s late, your regular vet is obviously closed and you’re worried about your dog.

Ila Lama

2 years ago

Really horrible place. Denied me service and said my puppy’s ear infection was not life threatening and important enough to check. So much for a “hospital”. Called three other emergency hospitals who all were shocked by Blue Pearl and told me to come ASAP. Miserable place.

Lisa Peterson

2 years ago

I brought my beautiful 10 year old cat, who they put in ICU for three days. I am not sure how long she has. They gave me medicine but told me take it day by day. Then I brought my dog Eddie; for an ultrasound he was having issues too. I think they are awesome, but for me I cannot spend that outrageous amount of money again.

Matthew Carlino

2 years ago

Do not send your animals here. They extorted my wife with our sick dog for an extra 3k and lied to her about calling our vet. They forced us to keep the dog overnight rather than operating just to keep the dog with them and charge us an additional $1200. It took them 7hours to see the dog on Tuesday. And then they didn't operate until the next day at 4pm. Basically they forced our dog to suffer in a crate for a full day when they knew they needed to operate, just to add more money to the bill. We we called our vet this morning (4 days later) we were informed that blue pearl never reached out to them. We have filed a complaint with the state attorney general's office. These people are monsters

Paula Gonzalez

2 years ago

Hello everyone I just want to say this people in this animal hospital are so amazing. I am so happy of how they took care of my little daisy. God bless you all.. stay safe many blessing too all ????????????????????

Raymie Parker

2 years ago

The Bluepearl was open when I needed at 4:00am, and took care of my dog right away. He was back home within 3 hours. I was scared, bu they kept me calm and explained everything.

Said Cholak

2 years ago

Disgusting workers with the most miserable attitude ever.

Simoni Simonian

2 years ago

The most horrible and traumatizing situation my cat and I have ever had. Terrible. Just avoid this place. They have one with the same name in Waltham and it’s like day and night. Just drive an extra 20 min and take your pet to the Waltham people instead.

Yasmin Ali

2 years ago

My sister brought her puppy for an emergency visit for a horrible infection and they refused care and turned them away because it wasn’t life threatening enough for them to treat. Never did I think an animal would be turned away at a veterinary hospital. I would never recommend this place.

Shelby Tonelli

2 years ago

This was my first experience with a an emergency situation for one of my pets, and I'm so glad that I went to BluePearl for it. My cat was brought in within 10min of arriving there, and we got a call from the doctor within 45min after that. Every single time I called (over the course of 3 days), my call was answered on the first ring. Front desk staff were friendly, understanding, and efficient. The doctors were amazing with communication, and everything they told me (regarding procedure, expected procedure time, recovery time, and cost) from the moment I got there ended up being spot on. They were so compassionate and I would absolutely trust them with my cat again. I highly recommend them if you find yourself in need of an ER vet.

Abbie Mi

2 years ago

Update: Blue Pearl did NOT contact me after I reached out several days ago to the number they provided below. Terrible customer service. AVOID THIS PLACE! The service is HORRIBLE. DON'T GO IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PET BECAUSE THEY DON'T!!! 1. When we called them before we arrived, they NEVER told us that there was a long (several hours') wait. 2. When the front desk person was taking down our info when we arrived, her colleagues were talking very loud (for no reason) that I had to raise my volume quite a lot in order for them to have my pet's info. 3. They won't allow you to go outside and grab breakfast unless one person stays at their facility (so if you go there alone, starving is your only option). Besides, there is no point in staying because the doctor will only call you, not talking to you in person. Why can't I take the call elsewhere??? 4. They told us that because our kitten had food in the morning, they couldn't do the ultrasound, even though we told them FIRST THING when we came here. One staff apologized that there must be some miscommunications. So this is their excuse for operating an emergency room. 5.They held our poor kitten hostage for 4 hours without ANY updates. It was only when we asked at the front desk that they started seeing her. After merely ten minutes they called us and said they couldn't do the ultrasound. This is the ONLY reason we are here. So we waited 4 hours for nothing (but have to pay 200 dollars). 6. When I asked for the direction of bathroom, one of their front desk persons laughed at me. Save yourself some time and money and don't take your precious furbaby here :'(

Angel River

2 years ago

If I could give zero stars I would the lady at the front desk is very ignorant and unprofessional you guys need to do a better with who you hire, the worst service I have ever seen ????

Barry Twomey

2 years ago

I brought my 5 year old cat here who was always healthy, happy and active.He in a short time suddenly became listless, wasn’t eating or drinking , very weak. The vet was very compassionate, humane and honest and told me that Buddy was very sick and had a large mass in his intestines and the prognosis wasn’t good. Instead of talking me into thousands of dollars in futile treatments she advised euthanizing Buddy. I would have spent several thousands in treatment and she dissuaded me from doing so because their wasn’t much hope. That is called compassionate, professionalism. I highly recommend this 24 hour clinic and ER. Everyone there was kind and considerate. With gratitude, Barry Twomey Boston

Colleen George

2 years ago

I’ve been here a few times, each time has been a good experience. Everyone here really cares about my dog and made me feel like she was in good hands.


2 years ago

They are reckless & life endangering. Careless with no regard for the convince or well being of pets & their owners.

Diana Cameron

2 years ago

My first visit and I’ll only give 3 stars. I Took my dog in today for an outpatient ultrasound. From drop off to pick up the service was excellent. Communication was awesome. It wasn’t until after when I got home and I got a link to pay the invoice I had called and spoke to a girl there and asked if I could have a copy of the itemized invoice emailed to me. I felt like I was bothering her. She did email it to me they had the incorrect email so I never received my first one. When I looked at the invoice there was no breakdown on it and I called back and got the same girl. She explained that it stated on the invoice that it was for an abdominal ultrasound. I honestly had no idea. Other places do different things when they break down the service however I thanked her and before I could speak anymore she hung up on me. This is not an impression I want to end with as I may need to continue taking my dog there and now I don’t even feel comfortable dealing with your staff. I’d love to hear from one of your office managers. Thank you

eusaboston eusaboston

2 years ago

Im looking after a corgi and brought him to this place last night . What a horrible customer service . Dog had been vomiting … it was a horrible experience with the rain and all . These people show no compassion or respect ….From the reception to the nurse and doctor . The receptionist was cold and looked like her mind was elsewhere , nurse wouldn’t let me explain the situation in details and got upset when a sick sweet little dog started jumping ( I thought it was a hospital ) extremely unfriendly when I’m wet holding papers and trying to calm him . Also , I paid hundreds of dollars to get a phone call from the doctor, Asked to be given a list of what had been administered and the receptionist sends me an invoice saying it was listed which is a lie and based on other reviews I’m not the only one who’a had this problem . I also had side eyes from staff as a courtesy because I was trying to keep him calm and waiting for my ride . He’s mostly fine now ( thank God ) and I’m also thankful for their help but I have to say that this place needs to improve a lot .

Evan Hempel

2 years ago

They wouldn’t see us because my dog had neurological symptoms and they don’t have a neurologist. I just needed an ER visit. Ended up driving to Angell so I’d recommend others skip this place and go directly there.

Kyle Conroy

2 years ago

We took our cat here 3-4 times and the vets were thorough, caring, and knowledgeable each time. Our visits during the pandemic took about 2-3 hours, but another vet hospital we visited took 6+ hours each time. My only critique is that BluePearl seems to be more expensive than vet hospitals outside the city, but if you can afford it, I recommend it.

Monika T

2 years ago

If I had read all the bad reviews about the place I probably would not have come here but my neighbor had taken her dog here the month prior and she had nothing but good things to say about this place. My experience was actually similar to hers. When I got there they said I would have to wait 3 hours for my dog to be seen but we were in and out within 1 hour. They even gave me all the medication my dog needed prior to his fecal results coming back days later so that I wouldn’t have to come back for them. Also, the cost for my dogs visit was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Overall I am very happy with my experience and would definitely go back.

Riley West V.

2 years ago

Explain why I took my cat here for digestive issues and got my cat back in physical pain in his ribs for the last two weeks, which he's never displayed before and which I suspect is a direct result from whatever they did to my animal when they brought him back for an X-ray. It's been two weeks and he's still crying in pain when he stretches from some kind of injury or tenderness in his ribs. I dont know what they did to my cat but he came out of there with a new issue than what I brought him in for, and it cost me $720.

Bella S

2 years ago

1st experience: front desk did not let my sick baby in for 2 hours with no one else there waiting. Turns out they had their personal dog in and did not want it to catch kennel cough. You are an ER and here to take care of sick dogs. Ridiculous. 2nd experience: dog not better after a week. waited four hours. Rude condescending and money hungry. Nearly $1000 to try to treat kennel cough. Ridiculous. Not sure if I experienced discrimination but will never go back. Felt this was an extraordinarily odd behavior/culture. Animal caregivers and typically so caring. So looked them up and not shocked that French bulldog died at this location due to their negligence and lack of caring for the small creatures they serve. Hope this serves as warning for others that care about their pets.

Payton Huysman

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about BluePearl! I brought my puppy in to induce vomiting after ingesting a raisin. The staff was so kind, answered all my nervous dog-mom questions, and took really good care of my pup. They gave me choices in treatment options and helped me choose the best course of treatment. Cost was very reasonable - less than half of what I thought it was going to be! We were in and out very quickly.

Kael Zebub

2 years ago

Shockingly bad communication. Kept my cat hostage for 6 hours because they “were too busy”. What? She’s been ready to go home for 6 hours but you’re too busy for me to pick her up? Didn’t help, charged a fortune. Don’t even have proper diagnostic tests. Holy hell stressful. Avoid at all costs.

Audra Kilp

2 years ago

I had a very bad experience here a while ago. This time was very different. Everyone was so kind and compassionate. Dr Chartier was supportive and friendly. She quickly figured out my cat’s issue and put him on a treatment plan for his condition. I would definitely recommend this place. I’m glad they hired kinder employees and vets. Thank you

Nidhi Anand

2 years ago

Our dog was really sick tonight so we called to see if we can bring him in to BluePearl. We’ve been here once before and had a decent experience; however, in looking at the bad reviews and wait times from others (and it’s quite natural to ask), we asked whether there was a wait to which the lady rudely responded that they’re an emergency vet and not an “in and out clinic” so she can’t give a wait time. I pressed a few times since our dog was throwing up foam constantly but she kept saying “we’re for emergencies so if an emergency comes in before you, we can’t guarantee anything so we won’t give you an estimate”. Her lack of any sort of compassion or interest was extremely disappointing. She should work elsewhere where she will not deal with clients (whew, I hope this place doesn’t pride itself on customer service)! Also, she asked zero questions about how he’s feeling, how long the symptoms have persisted, etc. We ended calling a different vet and they asked us real questions and even got a vet on the line immediately to speak with us after taking adequate background information. All in all - I guess this isn’t actually a “review” because we didn’t even make it to BluePearl, but others’ review of this place helped us dodge a bullet. Boston has great vets - this just isn’t one of them.

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