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2 years ago

Dr Olga is one of the best vets in this area She has helped my Lucy and Charlie more than I can say The people down there are very Nice and helpful The prices are great and I can't say anything but love for this place

Melissa C

2 years ago

Nice job from luna castillo thank you all of you

Thomas Crowe

2 years ago

Do not go here. I waited 3 weeks for pathology report.Called numerous times for explanation,, no one returned calls or e-mails. In the meantime my pet is suffering. I had to go elsewhere. Not to mention they overcharged me and didn't notice.I' been calling for 3 weeks, no response from is not acceptable. Finally spoke to Lisa in a different office who was very helpful and apologetic for Revere dropping the ball. Needless to say I now go someplace that actually cares about my pet. I have a number of friends who also dropped this clinic for numerous reasons. do yourself a favor and save yourself some heartache and go elsewhere if you care about your pet. bad experience with trying to get answers from doctor.


2 years ago

Love this place, there is always a space there for your pet

Leala Tanous

2 years ago

This place is alright unless you have the patience to deal with a RUDE receptionist who likes to play games on the phone and talk over you when you are speaking. To treat a client like that who’s pet is in need of care is disgusting. Hire a new person to work your front desk!

Hillary Du

2 years ago

ZERO STARS. This place needs to be put out of business for their poor quality of care and bedside manner. There is ZERO respect for any person that walks through the doors. We tried advocating for better treatment of our dog and we received condescending comments and disgusting attitudes from every staff member. Ultimately we left because this is no place we would ever entrust our animal's care to. All of the 1-star reviews can't be lying.

Dianne Tenenbaum

2 years ago

Always great care at great prices

Katie Bates

2 years ago

I read a lot of the reviews on this place because I scheduled an appointment for my dog to get surgery as he has reached the age to get the snip . I was there when they first opened and they were already slammed with people and they were very patient with everyone , including myself answering all of my questions ( even the dumb ones ) . They have a high volume of animals that go in there so imagine the amount of stress they have to deal with . I highly recommend this facility . Your dogs , cats and other family members will be well taken care of by people who sincerely care . I will re-iterate that the comments & reviews had me very wary about this place but I am happy that I have followed through with this location .

Timothy Lombard

2 years ago

Grate place to take care of your animals

Giovanni Tavera

2 years ago

On September 17, I took my pet to have his teeth extracted at 7am…. At 6 pm they call me to pick him up, and they tell me that he has not awakened from the anesthesia, so I speak with the manager “Kerlly”, who in a very rude and rude way tells me that she does not know what time They had operated on my pet and she began to speak in a derogatory and distasteful tone …… I retired outside the clinic and when she came out I asked her her name and she began to insult me ​​on the street in front of the clinic, not caring at all any…. what an unpleasant experience on the part of a manager…. and supposedly where pets are cured …… after I enter the clinic and I ask the other employees if there is someone who can receive a complaint… .. and their attitude was one of fear and certainty… it was clearly seen that they have him fear of that rude manager… I don't recommend going there…. so that the same thing that I do not happen… ..

Sonia Marroquin

2 years ago

Manager name Kerry was very mad and angry screaming at me and my husband when i ask at question in from the other people was waiting in the clinic,very rude person, bad customer service, and then when she left the clinic she was screaming bad words at as outside en the street , she doesn’t have a good quality to be a manager of this place and deal whith customer

Lillian Hegel

2 years ago

The waiting area was a little crammed and it was overcrowded when we went, but once we were called in, the vet techs and the vet were very very thorough! We’ve been to other vets where our dog’s breed was judged, but they were super understanding and kind. They were also transparent, nice, clear, and made us feel comfortable, which is something I usually don’t feel at a vet’s office. I’d come back here for other pet services in the future. Super great people.

Zoila Miranda

2 years ago

Been taking my dog here for years and literally every single visit they jack up the prices. I took him for his yearly check and hopefully some antibiotics to take home for what looked like an infection. I kid you not, bill came out to $946. They add a bunch of stuff without asking you. Whole bunch of vitamins, fish oil, fur coat vitamins, wipes for his teeth, year worth of flea and tick pills, things that i can go and buy at a pet store. I want to bring stuff back but I'm sure they'll come up with something. Never again will I take my pets to this place.

Tania Campos

2 years ago

I got my dogs test results and they never called back to talk about them or what were the next steps.

Jorge Ortiz

2 years ago

They are very rude and expenses.Dont bring your pets.please.Is better in Lynn

Jazmine Santos

2 years ago

The worst place I've ever took my pet even with orders from a animal hospital they refuse to follow and choice to do it their way causing my pet Permanent damage

Yolanda Lopez

2 years ago

they need to be shut down immediately they have poor communication and have little to no respect for their patients or their owners. Not only that they take terrible care of your pet they make them scared and worry them. If i could pick zero stars i would if you love your pet you should not bring them here under any circumstances.

Brian Magee

2 years ago

Go to a different Vet. Don't waste your time and money. Pros............... none Cons........ they leave you waiting for an hour, they try to sell you services you don't need, then force those services on you or they won't perform what you came for. They don't care about your pet, just your money and trying to bleed as much of it from you before actually performing what you came in for. After wasting my time and money at Revere Pet Clinic i had to go to another vet to resolve the issue.

Alisha Andrews

2 years ago

Literally the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had with a vet. I ended up taking my kitten out before they saw him because I was so afraid for him. He was there for his second distemper and the staff asked me FOUR TIMES if he had been there before?! Then they told me he needed his rabies shot which he already has. I asked if they had this paperwork on file from the last time he had been there and the secretary said “Yes.” with no reassurance whatsoever. The lack of professional and organization is TERRIFYING. The customer service is so bad that I’m actually really concerned for any animals in there. Please do not bring your pets here. This place should not be in business. I am contacting the BBB. I wasn’t charged for this visit, I am contacting them only because I believe any animal in this pet clinic is in immense danger.

Jillian Huckle

2 years ago

I just had a conversation with the front desk trying to get my cat in asap, and fortunately I could get in the next day. However, front desk staff (whoever's answering the phone's) were extremely rude and had a disgusting attitude when I asked if my mother had already made an appointment. I wish I had gotten her name but she was very quick to hand the call to someone else who was much nicer. I work with actual human patients every day and that behavior was just absolutely repulsive and that woman should not have the privilege to work front desk with a horrible temper like that. ESPECIALLY to people who are about to come in and spend hundreds of dollars and already have spent hundreds of dollars at this facility. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope to get her name at the upcoming appointment.

Kasia Skolasa

2 years ago

I have been bringing my two pets here for 7 years and every time I left I was mad and disappointed with the customer service and charges for things I never agreed to. I never left because it was close to my house. However enough is enough. I do not recommend this place if you love your pet. Also, when I was waiting for my pets'records I noticed another client waiting for hers. I'm not the only person unhappy with the service

Sean Emmett

2 years ago

Nice & informative about questions I had

Rich Gurska (richlost)

2 years ago

I took my dog in for a possible ear infection, and then they went and also tested her for Lyme disease after I told the doctor that she had and was treated for a Lyme disease a year and a half ago, so she's always going to show that Lyme disease is present. They went and prescribed medicines specifically for the Lyme disease, I told them to take that off the bill I was not going to pay for it. Then a few days later I got a text message from the vet's office asking how my dogs condition was, and they all said that they wanted to see me back in 2 weeks to check the condition and also to check for Lyme disease. After everything that I went through after the first visit I've decided, for now, not to revisit this office.

Victoria Russo

2 years ago

I’m not a person who leaves reviews about anywhere but this place, DO NOT bring your pets here. I’ve had way too many bad experiences with them. The vet is NEVER there and the techs and other people have no idea what they’re doing. They are very unorganized and very unprofessional. I had a kitten in my car who had gotten into something poisonous, foaming at the mouth and barely breathing....I ran to the door no shoes or anything asking for help and got told to hold, and then was told there was no vet on site so no one could do anything, not to mention the fact I was on hold on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get information from them which could’ve saved a lot of time. Luckily I got the kitten to a place in Charlestown and she is now stabilized. This is not the first time I’ve gone there with no vet on site. Avoid this place at all costs....only reason I tried taking the kitten there after my past bad experiences was because it is very close to my house. Never again will I even waste my time.

Pooja Pahwa

2 years ago

Great experience and friendly staff!


2 years ago

If i could choose no stars i would. I called to make an appointment, got here and theres nothing on file. I took time from work to come here and now they wont see my dog till 2pm because theres no Vet onsite. Super rude place and its not the first time they've done this. Horrible customer service.

DYamile Sep

2 years ago

Very poor communication with the vet , rude staff not even warm with the dogs terrible.


2 years ago

Please do not bring your loved ones here or any of the pet clinic locations. The service here is horrible. The techs are very rude and they lose track of information and documents. My pet was misdiagnosed for a breathing condition and was told it was just a hairball or allergies. That didn’t seem right to me at all where my cat looked very uncomfortable and in pain coughing up and wheezing. Based on the lack of professionalism and care I took my cat elsewhere they took corrective actions they ran x rays and found that it was bronchitis and asthma. Please do not bring your loved ones here or any of the pet clinic locations! Take your pets to a vet that will have proper communication and took the right measures to see what is going on. I wish I read the other reviews before wasting my time coming here as I’m not the only that had been misdiagnosed unfortunately.

Victor Chavarria

3 years ago

First and last time i got to this clinic from the moment we get there until we get or dog back first they lost or paper work have no clue if or dog when in or not , when or dog was already inside then we had a appointment but we waited 3 hours and tolls us or dog need lab work for a eye infection and every-time i ask a question they have no clue what was happening or how to answer my question and we finally get our dog back and she SMELLS to URINE and she had a full bath 2 days ago my recommendation don’t bring your dog to this please .

x x

3 years ago

Very disappointed with the service and customer service. When you need to book an appointment they are quick cause they want your money, when you call to get an information they put you on hold forever. NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL

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