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Aurora Starfire

2 years ago

I received terrible service from this veterinary hospital. Brought my dog after she was attacked by another dog in critical condition didn't have much time to stay and they said they could help me and had me sign everything before I had to leave. Two hours later I get a phone call saying they didn't stich her up or help her in anyway other than take xrays in which they misread and sent me to a completely different hospital and still sent me home with a heafty bill even after nothing was stitched up. I wouldn't recommend this veterinary hospital to anyone.

Alisha Miller

2 years ago

This place is amazing my dog had a emergency on marathon Monday they took her right in and did such an amazing job I appreciate them

Nancy LaRue

2 years ago

The best staff and Doctors you could ever ask for!

Raquel Santiago

2 years ago

The staff is really nice. The vets work with you and keep you on the loop of things. They follow up with you.

Thomas Josie

2 years ago

Great with the animals, fair & honest

Jennifer Caiola

2 years ago

Review is for vet section only! Staff are great, caring/loving/patience with all animals! Still following covid guidelines

Julia Caruso

2 years ago

I will say that the vets are very kind and gentle with the animals, but they never have appointments. Ever. And not just for annual appointments. In emergency situations they never make time for your pet. We have 2 dogs and a cat and we’ve had to bring each of them at least once to the emergency vet (resulting in extremely high costs for what ends up being nothing too serious) and we have never been able to get an urgent issue treated at our own vet! I feel that is extremely unacceptable. When I called another local vet they at least suggested I bring my cat in and see if the doctor can see her between appointments. Why can’t this place at least do that?

Jim “Jimbo” BURKE

2 years ago

Great place to care for your pets....ours loved them..

Steven Yoo

2 years ago

They take such great loving care of our dog. Really professional and prompt

John Coutinho

2 years ago

My first ever experience at a vet where they advocated for less testing saving me money. There were no indications of lime so they said "save your money your dog is fine"... I highly recommend this group. Very trustworthy.

Pat P

2 years ago

This covid bs of not allowing pet owners in is ridiculous! Not in the best interest of pets....

Marlee B (Mariah)

3 years ago

Great, kind employees. Very loving and gentle with animals and patient with uneducated owners.

Helene Botzer

3 years ago

Amazing compassionate and skilled professionals. Highly recommended!

Allison Kunze

3 years ago

The whole experience was great, especially for a new dog owner with a special boy (my dog is deaf). They were totally cool with taking a bag of his favorite treats to make sure it was a positive experience, and he had a great time. Got his vaccine, the vet talked to me about all the important stuff for his puppy health, and then out he came, in just 30 minutes! Highly recommend.

Aggie Kadra

3 years ago

Loved it, everyone is so kind to my fur baby.

Vinod Kumar

3 years ago

We take our pup here from the time we got him, when he was 6 weeks. They care about your pet and don’t try to sell things that are not needed. David Schwarz is great and very knowledgeable.

Anastas Dancha

3 years ago

Rude staff. When I called to inquire about gastrointestinal ultrasound cost, the person I spoke to refused to provide it, and hanged up. I've attempted to explained that I need to make a decision about an a clinic for the procedure, and cost is an important factor - to no avail In response to the review response: As I've mentioned, I need to know the cost, or a least a range for the cost of the ultrasound before coming in. If you'd like to fix any future misunderstandings, post a menu with cost of procedures you are able to perform on your website. It's the same problem as with "human" Healthcare, no available information about cost of the procedures, until you owe the hospital. Saying "have a nice day" before hanging up does not make it alright.

Cameron Beers

3 years ago

Ive returned to straight up say that this place is terrible. Their attitude and lack of accuracy on my cats diagnosis has made me and my family switch vets. This started back in May or so when our cat started to lose weight rapidly, and could not seem to keep down any food. Obviously concerned, we brought him here for a diagnosis. After some bloodwork and various tests, the vet told us that it was a hyper thyroid, potentially caused by cancer, and we put him on an oral medication that cost around $100 a pack, and a high calorie gel that we had to order online. Overall we easily spent around $900-$1000 on medication. From here, things went downhill. Our cat was not improving, and his weight was fluctuating from between 6 and 9 pounds rapidly. Upon our first attempt to bring out cat to the vet, we happened to run around 5-10 minutes late, my mother being a very busy woman who helps run a business. They were extremely upset, proceeded to give us an attitude, and forced us to reschedule. The second time we attempted to bring out cat back to them, we waited outside, arriving thirty minutes prior our appointment. We sat in the car until it was 45 minutes past out appointment time, desperately trying to get someone on the phone to let them know we had arrived, only to get a "Caller not available" error over the phone. After which, someone finally came out, apologized for the wait, AND FORCED US TO RESCHEDULE AGAIN. We finally, FINALLY got into an appointment on our third try, only for them to tell us THAT IT WASN'T A HYPER ThYROID OR CANCER AT ALL. We spent all that money, and all that time, and all that headache, just for it to be all pointless. My mom, obviously furious, called the next to request documentation that we would need to bring to a new vet, to which the person on the phone responded (in quite a rude tone) "So, your changing vets then?" My mom responded Yes, and she IMMEDIATELY hung up. DO NOT GO HERE. These people are rude and clearly incapable of properly diagnosing animals, and need to get their systems in order. This kind of behavior would not fly at a hospital, a pet hospital should not be an exception. We have since taken our cat to a new vet, and are awaiting testing, however the vet was able to ON THE FIRST VISIT confirm that is was not a hyper thyroid, and that his vomiting and increased kidney levels were likely due to his age. They also believe that he may have contracted a parasite, since he was an outdoor cat before getting sick.

Chris Paribello

3 years ago

A great animal hospital. They're caring, responsive, and quick. I've been happy with my switch to here.

Eduardo Pires

3 years ago

They really care for our loved ones

Gregg Lentoni

3 years ago

Year after year, day in and day out they continue to provide excellent care for our shelties. We've been clients since 2003. We have never been disappointed with the care they provide. Keep up the good work!

Jim Pownell

3 years ago

Curbside service they come to your car to pick up the your animal. they call you on the phone to talk about how the animals doing and then take the animal in to do an exam they call you after the exam and bring the animal out and you're good to go. Great service

Kathryn Hulick Gargolinski

3 years ago

We have had great experiences with the staff and doctors at Ashland Animal Hospital! They're always very caring and knowledgeable. They adjusted very well to the Covid-19 restrictions. During our recent visit we waited in the car while they took our dog inside for her check-up. Everything went smoothly.

Lin Richard

3 years ago

Had to take my cat for an emergency visit. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone in need of veterinary services. Fees charged were very reasonable.

Rick Robinson

3 years ago

Always a pleasure to come here very happy helpful staff. Even our cat doesn't mind going here. [ well not to much]

Sarah DiBiase Johnson

3 years ago

I love Ashland Animal Hospital so much that when I moved 35 minutes away I still continue to take my dog here. I have had a great experience with all the vets but Dr. Davis is by far my favorite. They have treated my animals for 10 years and whenever there is an issue they fix it. They are also very compassionate and will check in to see if the treatment plan they have prescribed is effective.

Steve Potochniak

3 years ago

They take amazing caution when certain dogs / breeds that do not get along.

Thais Araujo

3 years ago

they’re great, always took good care of my @bolttheexplorer !!!

Kristyn Caserta

4 years ago

Always treat my fur babies with care. They ARE pricey in comparison to some other places but unfortunately are the closest and most conveniently located spot. So 4 stars only because the prices are TOO high.

Matt Crocker

4 years ago

Such nice people and they love our cats!! ????

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