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2 years ago

Staff is friendly, price and times are good. Only reason they're getting 1 star is because we were called part way through the work day to pick our boy up because he was bored trying to escape. Well my boyfriend picked him up and they said he's been like that since the start but they wanted to give him a chance, nice I guess...but it's only the 2nd time I've heard of it. I ask EVERYTIME I pick him up and they ALWAYS tell me he's been good so idk what to believe. Sorry but keep your info consistent. I guess it's for the better. Now that I think back I understand why he was bored. Small space, no toys or anything to play with. He's always super thirsty when he gets home like they don't give him any water, and he smells awful.

Megan Klein Hattori

3 years ago

Our dog LOVES other dogs but has a deep fear of people (clinically diagnosed and on meds). This is the only daycare/boarding where he ever has done well with ALL the staff. It's more than that, he walks in and is happy to see them. To me, this speaks so how well they treat the dogs when we aren't there.

Vincent Lawrence

4 years ago

Couldn’t be happier with their daycare services. Been coming here for months and the service is always top notch. They are the best dog handlers you’ll find anywhere. The establishment is very clean and your pooch will always be well attended. I wouldn’t trust anyone else when it comes to my pet.

Yunolia Perez

4 years ago

My Maltese is like family to me. He’s my everything which is why I don’t trust anyone else with his daycare needs. Everyone here it fantastic and they love animals as much as I do.

Robert Y.

4 years ago

The staff has always been friendly with us. My dog absolutely loves going here. I loved having my dog here. Location is very convenient and prices reasonable.

Liz Pena

4 years ago

They took magnificent care of my dog. I needed a reliable boarding service that would simulate the home environment I provide. I’ve had issues putting him in crates before so I wanted to make sure I put him in the best environment. I was not disappointed. They had an entire house ready which was free of crates and cages ready to go. He was well attended throughout his stay and thrived in my absence. They are the best!

Kim LeQuire

4 years ago

I used Boston Dog a few years ago and had the WORST experience. Their website claims that they value safety and only accept certain dogs but they took my dog in without much of an interview. I was guaranteed that my dog would go home with one of the employees to her home overnight (paid extra for this). I came back and went to pick up my dog very early in the morning (before they opened). I watched from a parking lot nearby and realized that in fact my dog did NOT stay overnight at the employee's house. My dog was left in the very HOT building without any supervision. No one stayed in the building with these dogs overnight. The employee got to the building and let each dog who was staying overnight out to pee. But wait, how could this be? They claimed to be so caring and safe with our dogs. I continued to watch and eventually saw my dog come out to pee. When the finally opened I went in and asked the employee who said oh yes your dog was wonderful. I later emailed the owner (who never responded to my email). When I left with my dog she was clearly overheated and was panting. It was a traumatic experience for my dog and for me. I urge anyone who is looking at boarding their dog here not to trust this place especially for overnight boarding. The email I finally received back denied this but I had solid proof that my dog did not stay at someone's home.

Jen Pell

4 years ago

Their veterinary services are amazing. They handled my Dachshund with the upmost care and professionalism. I knew I was in good hands because they partner with the New England Veterinary Group which is world renown. I went to get my dog a vaccine and everything went according to plan. I will certainly be back whenever I need vet services.

Elaine Czarnecki

4 years ago

Our dog Sophie has been going to the Boston Dog in Acton for two years, and we couldn't be happier. Say the words "Boston Dog" and she comes running, ready to go! When we arrive, she runs up their steps - so eager to go play with the other dogs. When we pick her up, she's tired and relaxed - comes home to eat and nap. Jeremy, the manager, is fantastic. His staff is friendly, and they all seem to really love dogs. This is such a great place for Sophie to expend her energy and "get her dog on." Highly recommend.

DR 1844

4 years ago

I’ve become a regular because of how tremendous they are. They take remarkable my Cocker Spaniel. I would never trust anyone else. She can’t wait until she gets her paws into their doors. They always treat me and my pet as if it were our second home. This is the safest place you’ll ever find for your dog.

David Macgillivary

4 years ago

To many dogs. Not enough staff. No play area. Smells

Benny Tejada

4 years ago

My Yorkie gets so excited when I bring him in. He’s made new friends in the daycare and has so much fun socializing with the other animals. I wouldn’t feel safe leaving him under the care of anyone else. He is very well looked after here. I’m very appreciative of all they do!

Ashley Kofax

4 years ago

I have been using Boston Dog Company for doggy daycare for about 3.5 years. The staff are always friendly especially Jeremy he is fantastic. I am writing this review because I recently discovered misconduct by my current employer Wags to Whiskers in Maynard, Mass which has written multiple negative reviews for Boston Dog Company. Basically, I over heard my boss at Wags to Whiskers laughing outside during a smoke break. She was telling her boyfriend that she setup multiple accounts to post negative reviews for Boston Dog in Acton. I had no idea that she was doing this for the past 2 year or so. I have been using Boston Dog's Acton location for over 3 years so I haven't looked at the reviews for over 3 years. Unfortunately, I cannot confront my boss at Wags to Whiskers as I work their currently and have a son at home so I reply on this job. Here is the bottom line the staff are great, my dog is always happy to go there each time I visit. I use daycare 2-3 times per week for over 3 years with no complains. Honestly, I would use them more if money wasn't an issue. Although my dog is my fur baby I have an actually baby at home. Please don't let the multiple negatives reviews written by my boss at Wags to Whiskers discourage you from using Boston Dog. I have worked in the pet industry for over 10-years. I was a dog walker, dog trainer, dog daycare attendant, and now a dog groomer. I know what I am talking about. Boston Dog is great!

Barbara Hirsch

5 years ago

I was shocked by the conditions in this place. Smells worse than a zoo, filthy, unfriendly welcome. The dogs have to relieve themselves indoors hence the smell (no outdoor access). I am very concerned about the sanity of this facility.

Mary Lou Barney

5 years ago

NOT SAFE! My dog boarded there last Memorial Day weekend. She received a deep gash on her face and other injuries when left alone and un-crated in the facility for more than an hour before it opened. It required surgery and many stitches.

Morgan Berg

7 years ago

Terrible service. I've never written a review for a company but feel obligated to tell dog owners NOT TO GO HERE! We started coming in Spring 2016, and the company's "rigorous interview process" was 5mins long where my dog was in a storage room and interacted with 2 different dogs. Our dog is the sweetest, friendliest dog, has never bared his teeth or acted vicious in any way, ever. He was accepted. Every time we brought him to daycare, he comes home smelling like a disgusting farm animal. The disorganized staff could NEVER tell us when our pup had last been taken out to the bathroom (its an indoor facility). He came home with a huge bleeding gash in his side and the staff didn't even notice it. He would come home and drink a full bowl of water as if he hadn't had a sip all day. He never had an issue until 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago our sweet dog was put on "PROBATION" for "anxious barking" as dogs started to be picked up at the end of the day "while all the dogs were sleeping" and that "caused distress to the other dogs." ... They told us if he barks again, he will be kicked out. That is like telling a child they can't cry!!!!! We've used trainers and bark collars and reorienting him when he barks. Our dog hadn't even had his first birthday yet, and while we know he gets anxious occasionally, we couldn't imagine that would cause him to be kicked out. Maybe the staff could distract him, pet him, play with him, or walk him?!?! We brought him once after this where he "had a great day" ....yet when my husband drove all the way to daycare to drop him off this morning, our dog was refused as he was apparently "KICKED OUT." We were never notified of this, verbally or in writing, and now we are left with no plans for our dog today. After all of the disappointments with this company, we are actually glad to not bring our dog there anymore. Would not recommend this place at all.

Robin Talkowski

7 years ago

The staff is friendly and my dog is always excited when she arrives ... a really good sign that she has a good time. Would love it if they also had an outside play area for the dogs.

Sara L.

7 years ago

I have been taking my dog here just a few times a month. He's pretty mellow, doesn't need much exercise, but loves other dogs. The evaluation was thorough snd gave me peace of mind. The staff is always friendly and informed, and their prices are reasonable.

jkumar Bj

8 years ago

The staff has always been friendly with us. My dog absolutely loves going here. I loved having my dog here, hes hyper and loves playing with other dogs for hours, Location is very convenient and prices reasonable.

Kevin Lin

8 years ago

i have sign up for this place for dog because the previous place they will accept any dogs and many of them are aggressive but in here if you want to sign up the will only limited amount of dogs, they will need to determine if they are aggressive, they want dogs that get along with other dogs. So if you want your dog to be in a safe environment then this is the best place to be. Not also that other places charge tremendous amount of money and the service is not worth it.

MX Golden

8 years ago

My dog Charlie has been using a combination of dog daycare, dog boarding, and dog walking from Boston Dog Company from 2011-2013. This is back when I lived in Massachusetts. Since then I have move several times, I have tried many dog daycares in NYC, LA, and Chicago, but honestly I have never found a dog daycare that matched Boston Dog. I remember their staff were super friendly and more importantly knowledgeable. The truth is I should have wrote this review earlier, but life gets in the way. I was recently reminded of how great Boston Dog is when I heard they are currently nominated for best pet care by Scout Magazine. Back in 2011-2013 Boston Dog use to be criticized for their super strict 3-phase evaluation process. Now, I think they have won a few awards for their high standards. My word of advice is if your dog is a friendly and social dog then Boston Dog is the best place to take your dog. However, this is the disclaimer they are well-known to be the strictest dog daycare in the country so if your dog is not social get your dog social then apply. This is an important disclaimer, because they are the “Harvard” of dog daycares and it is well-known they accept and average of 5-10% of dogs they evaluate. I know they get criticism for their strict evaluation process, but the way I look at it dogs are always safe. My dog Charlie actually got injured from various dog daycares he attended. So, I am now more grateful than ever that my Charlie Bear got a chance to attend the now famous Boston Dog. BTW if anyone from Boston Dog is reading this know that Charlie Bear the Labradoodle misses you guys. Even after almost 2 years of being away from Massachusetts, my dog Charlie wags his tail excitedly when I say Boston Dog. I think that speaks more volumes than I could ever say.

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