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Taylor Newsome

2 years ago

I took my dog here for spinal surgery. I’m so grateful that I came here. I never felt pushed to get a procedure. In fact he said I could take my dog home or only if I wanted to, I could leave him there over night to see if he truly does need the surgery. I ended up leaving him there since it was just easier on me. And yes he did need the surgery which we got squared away the next day. The place is expensive, but they are a specialized practice with a specialized doctor. It’s not your typical vet office. Animals are getting rehabbed and getting surgery here. Just like with humans the specialized stuff is expensive, but we have insurance. Anyway, Dr. Schueler knows what he is talking about. Very friendly as well and cares for your dog as if it’s your own. Never did I feel he was rude nor was his staff. His staff was extremely friendly and also treated my dog as if he was theirs as well. I asked tons of questions and got the info I needed along with papers on what to do after discharge. They’re always available if you need to talk to the doctor too. Not a bad experience for what it was.

Ashley McBeth

2 years ago

Great customer service. They spoke with me in detail about my new dog and what I need to do for him. We're happy to do follow up calls as needed. Prescribed meds to help with his problem and overall I felt gave me a good foundation of knowledge to care for him.

zack zeigler

2 years ago

Basically same as other 1 star reviews. unprofessional, unhappy, short exam, not much help after turning down the $4,000 spinal tap. If you care about your pet, I'd find another vet


2 years ago

This vet was rude and had no bedside manners. He didn't introduce himself and instead immediately asked if I had him on speaker phone, which I was about to tell him I did because my husband was outside due to Covid restrictions. (I was setting it up when the vet walked in and was telling my husband "I'll put you on speaker" .) I explained to him what brought us in and what medications we had our dog on. His physical exam was a total of about 2 minutes and he didn't explain it at all, which one would think he would since I just presented him with my partially paralyzed pet who he might have been performing surgery on later. After the short exam, he just launched into talking about surgery, after he went on and on. I asked him what he thought the surgical outcome would be. I added that I thought he didn't do the test for deep nerves. He then became very rude and told me that he had, but insisted that he do it again so that he could "show me". He told me that he doesn't appreciate my comment and that he takes his job very seriously. A normal person might have said, "Oh, yes, I did test it when I was holding his paw" instead of acting like a Neanderthal. He then tested my dog again, this time when the dog showed signs of feeling the pain and yelped, the vet then proceeded to say that he "normally doesn't like to hurt dogs" but since I insisted he show me and since I accused him of not doing his job, he had to hurt my dog. He then upped the rudeness by getting into a staring contest with me - I was very angry at his treatment of me and my dog, and I really couldn't believe that this man who claims to be a professional was behaving in this way. Granted, I participated, but I'm dealing with the trauma of our beloved pet being paralyzed and potentially needing surgery. When my husband tried talking to him over speaker phone - while standing just feet outside the ground floor window where he could see the entire room, the vet actually told my husband he couldn't talk because he was "having a moment" with me (the staring contest). His idea of an exam was NOTHING. We could have done it over the phone, quite honestly. The general exam at my regular vet's office was more thorough. We sat outside for probably an hour trying to decide what the best course of action for us and our pet was. We opted for not doing the surgery, though honestly, if Ronald Schueler had been a better person, we might have gone forward with it. Nobody should ever go to Ronald Schueler. He treats people terribly and was rude to his staff as well. I'm considering changing my regular vet as well just because they recommended him.

Jenna Wagnon

2 years ago

Take a good look at reading these reviews before deciding to go here! Dr. Schueler was rude and not personable at all!!! Our dog was examined in less than 10 minutes and we were told it was either a slipped disc or stroke. (Dont’t know how he would know this without an MRI to make sure)Told us we had two options, $10,000 surgery (not including MRI) or conversation management at home. Thank goodness we chose conservative management while I called around to other neurologist (which by the way when I said I went to Ronald schueler, a lot of the ones I called said they were not a fan either). We found another amazing neurologist who is significantly cheaper. Seems like Dr. Schueler is just in it for money and doesn’t truly care about the animals and their families.

OV Maddox

3 years ago

Been meaning to write this since summer 2020. Saw this doctor twice and found the office lacking. Despite being well into COVID they did not seem to have gotten organized to do business. Doctor met patients in parking lot but seemed to not have any type of established order. No shade, no place to sit but expected us to wait in the car, regardless. No one including the doctor seemed to take responsibility for anything. Each time bills were more than verbal quotes I was given and the office manager said it was in the paperwork provided at the time of scheduling. I never received paperwork prior to appointments. When I pointed out she rescheduled the appointment she said I should have gotten it when I originally scheduled. On the last visit I left the dog for a test and was charged a fee for him being there. explained I was not told that in advance. Office manager refused to credit it and doctor refused to discuss it. Office manager had rude abrupt manner that I found most unpleasant. Do NOT recommend this office for anything. Have found a caring pet neurologist elsewhere who has provided excellent care for my furbaby and has seizures under control. much more considerate treatment for both my furbaby and me.

Nicole Gallardo

3 years ago

Everyone was so wonderful to my family and my dog Rocco of course. I was highly emotional and they did not judge me or act like I was overreacting. They figured out what was wrong with my sweet boy and taking the proper steps to get him healthy again! It’s been 4 months on this journey and I am so thankful for everything!!

Kelly Baker

3 years ago

We took our dog to see Ronald Schueler after our vet prescribed seizure medication for our dog. I saw several bad reviews between google and other sources so I was hesitant because I wanted better answers than I was getting from my vet. We went in the middle of the shut down so we were not able to go into the office with our dog. The whole process was so smooth they came out to the car and talked with us. Took our dog in and performed an exam. Dr Schueler and a vet tech came back out to the car to have another conversation with us. He was friendly and informative. The exam was $195 which is a bit higher than I expected, but he is a specialist and when you go to the doctor you pay more for a specialist. We were not pushed into other more expensive procedures or visits. I spoke with another person who also sees Dr Schueler and he has been able to call him in the middle of the night when his dog has gone to the ER for seizures. If we have to we will be back to see Dr Schueler to continue treatment of our dog's epilepsy.

Avery Smith

3 years ago

I called and made an appointment here letting them know I had an emergency and my cat needed to be seen right away (sudden onset of not being able to walk). I had called several other places and they all were booked several weeks out. The woman on the phone was very kind and understanding and was able to book me in for the next day. I decided to give it a try despite all the negative reviews because of the emergent situation. I brought my cat in and they took him back (I waited in the car due to COVID). About 10 minutes later the vet comes out and said he had a hard time examining my cat because of his fractious behavior. My cat can get a little grouchy, but my primary care vet has NEVER had an issue handling him if they go slow and at his pace. So I assume he received only a very limited exam, under 10 minutes. The doctor came out and talked about all the options. He gave the impression they’d work with me on cost and make it affordable. He wanted to run titers, do a spinal tap, and an MRI. The tech then came back out with the estimate. Almost $5000!! Not including the MRI!!! Half of the items on the bill were tests that my primary vet had already ran including xrays, a urinalysis, bloodwork, toxoplasmosis test, and an FIV/FELV test, to name a few. This was obvious on his vet records. When I asked if I could have the repeat testing removed from the bill, I was told it was a whole package and they needed to be done because the doctor wanted to test spinal fluid rather than blood. Okay, but you definitely don’t need spinal fluid for xrays or a urinalysis. I told her I had $1000 on hand today to be able to spend and they essentially told me it was all or nothing and I needed to put down at least half the money to move forward. At the end of the visit, I was charged $270. For what, exactly? An exam that they didn’t do because my cat was “aggressive?” 15 minutes of their time? I am appalled and disgusted. This guy is clearly only interested in money. You can see the giant mansion on the hill behind the practice where he lives. And here I am making $14 an hour getting together all the money in my savings account to try to save my cat and there is no sympathy. I see now why they were able to fit me in so fast - no one is going here. I made an appointment elsewhere. I hope it’s not too late for my cat.

Darrell Asper

4 years ago

Super knowledgeable guy, and very easy to get a appointment with, staff was very friendly aswell, oh and thorough which if your dog is to the point they need to go there that's exactly what you want. He worked wonders with our boxer, so far and that's the best you can ask for. Oh and he cares about the animals he treats, we were even told to check in daily so he knows, so I can't thank them enough.

Mary Kohler

4 years ago

Great visit. Was so happy when Dr S. didn’t try to spend tons of money on a procedure that he deemed “not necessary” yet. It was appreciated and most appropriate! My pup is doing well!

Karen Fisher

4 years ago

We saw Dr. Schueler today for our boy Finn. Finn slipped 2 discs in his back over the weekend and we were told by another neurologist in MD that he needed surgery immediately. We were quoted a price of just under $14,000.00. A friend of mine had used Dr. Schueler in the past and recommended we try him. The office was able to get us in quickly and after our visit today we have some really great news with hope. He is confident that Finn has a very good chance of fully recovering without surgery but if surgery might be needed in the future (if this issue become chronic/reoccurring) we have time to plan accordingly and start saving...oh, and our quote fro Dr. Schueler is no where near $14,000.00. We have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks and look forward to continuing Finn’s recovery with Dr. Schueler.

Jacquelyn Jones

4 years ago

We were sent here for an emergency MRI after the emergency vet diagnosed our dog with either a brain tumor or a stroke. He examined her, diagnosed her with a severe inner ear infection, told us we didn’t need an MRI, put her under a quick acting anesthesia, did a deep cleaning on her ears, put her on antibiotics for six weeks & we were in our way. Our dog is difficult to examine (he wasn’t scared of her at all) & inner ear infections are frequently misdiagnosed as brain tumors or strokes. Because he was able to do a thorough exam & a good diagnosis he saved her life. The emergency vet had been clear that Bella’s long term prognosis was probably not good and we should start preparing for the end. That was about five years ago. She’s made a full recovery & I couldn’t be more grateful.

Deborah Carroll

4 years ago

Dr. Schueler is one of the best doctors. He was the only vet that could give us an answer, and perform a procedure for our dog. Our dog healed quickly, and she was so happy. He performed several different procedures on our dog. He is always upfront and honest with the outcome, but he is very optimistic. His staff even took the time to text us pictures of our pup when she had to stay the night after surgery. Our dog loves him and his staff, and so do we!

Lois Alston

5 years ago

Our family was forwarded to Dr Schueler on Monday July 30, 2018 after our 4 year old pug mix, Rico had complications with epilepsy. It was a horrible experience I hope to help others avoid by posting this review. …

Kelli Mckeever

5 years ago

I can't thank Dr. Schuler enough for giving my beloved Teddy another 3 years of life on earth. He and his staff were dedicated to the animals in their care. I would recommend his hospital to anyone who wants nothing but the best for their fur babies.

Brandy Onken

5 years ago

Rudest person I have ever met. Not just rudest veterinarian, but person in general. Spent $195 to speak with the vet for less than 10min. I would ask questions and it was as if I was speaking a different language. I asked him how much an Spinal Tap would be vs an MRI, his response, “I don’t know.” Like you can’t even give me an estimate, your response is going to be I don’t know. He would stare at me like I was crazy. My dog was seeing a vet in another state and they were wonderful and had an alternative treatment plan for us before we couldn’t afford a $6095 procedure. This vet had no alternative treatment plan. Basically, if you can’t afford this I can’t help your pet. I should have listened to everyone when they said he was rude and to go to another vet neurologist. Spent $195 for nothing and will be going elsewhere to get he procedure done. Do not go see him.

Jaydon Kauffman

6 years ago

My nanny and pappy took Sadonna a min pin to dr in 2015 when she could not walk or get up , they operated on a cal apse daughter vartabre in her neck . Now you would not any thing was ever wrong with her. She is as good as now we love you Dr. and staff.

Jules Katz

6 years ago

Unable to give zero stars or I would. The Dr. may be magnificent but would absolutely not recommend for rehab. They sell you a bill of goods and don’t provide the service. I paid for laser and rehab ( swimming sessions ) for my dog. …

Kelly Shaw

6 years ago

Extremely caring and very thorough.

melanie breech

6 years ago

Dr Schueler is our hero ! Thank you so much for saving Chase's life. Chase belongs to my daughter Christy however I am his grandmother and we share custody of our beloved dog. When he became sick we were told he had to be put down, I refused to accept this and needed answers. Thank God you and your beautiful caring family were there to help all of us. Words can not express how grateful we are to you and all of your wonderful staff especially Chase. Thank you all so very much ! God Bless you all, Melanie Breech

Michele Jacobs

6 years ago

Would give zero stars if I could. Took our dog there who was beginning to have signs of neurological issues. When the Dr came into the room he never introduced himself, shook my hand, or made eye contact. The entire exam he kept typing on his computer and talking out loud but never stopped to explain anything. He examined the dog and kept muttering about how bad the dog was and how affected he was, out loud, despite our obvious concern over the situation. The entire time he was unsympathetic to us never taking time to talk to us and make eye contact but went on about all the expensive testing he wanted to do while typing into the computer. Without looking up from his computer, he said "Ok you are gonna have to tell me what you want to do here". He kept having his tech print off "estimates" for me to read and sign if I agreed. I felt like I was at a car dealership. We wound up leaving our dog there two nights, despite feeling reluctant, because he was so sick that we had to do something. After he was discharged, he got worse. I called them to explain the issues and when they wanted me to come back, I explained to the tech how we were treated the first time and that I was not wanting to run right over there which was a 1 hour drive for us. We made the decision to watch the dog overnight. I called again the next day and left a message, feeling like I needed to bring him back because he was getting worse. I got a call from a woman who wanted to address my concerns about the dog and also that she had heard I had told the tech about the first visit. She proceeded to tell me how brilliant the doctor was and tell me about all his accreditations etc. She asked me if our visit had been an after hours visit, or on a Friday, or at the end of the day? Why would you ask that? Is it OK to be rude and uncaring at those times? Our visit was on a Monday at 12:30 pm. She said that his poor bedside manner was because he was using his brilliant brain to think about what to do for our dog. Turns out that she was his WIFE and despite me wanting to bring my dog back in to get re-looked at, she said that we could not come back there. Because I did not feel that he had a good bedside manner, she refused to let me come back there and said she would give me a list of other vet neurologists to call. When I said I felt that it was important for continuity since he already knew what was going on, she still said I could not bring my dog back there. Wow!

Doug Bradley

7 years ago

Very knowledgeable and an excellent Practitioner! Takes time to answer all your questions. Great staff! I would highly recommend his services.

Jennifer Kovacsi Graf

9 years ago

PET LOVERS BEWARE! I was squeezed in very quickly for an emergency visit for my cat, Jasper by what I thought was a caring, friendly, state-of-the art vet practice. They were seemingly kind to start, and truly very sweet and gentle with …

Monika Hoerner

9 years ago

My first visit last week was outstanding - a very friendly, absolutely professional veterinary technician (Norma) took care of my dog and me. I am glad that Dr. Schueler has the possibility to do an MRI in his hospital, although his prices went up way too high. Today we came to recheck my dog's blood pressure; unfriendly, unprofessional (really, flip flops are appropriate to wear at work - especially when you work with animals????) and somewhat arrogant veterinary technician took my dog back into the treatment area. She came back to tell me that my dog's blood pressure was normal; the whole blood pressure reading took only a few minutes; for ONE SINGLE blood pressure reading I was charged with $ 75!!!!! Dr. Schueler did not even talk to me! ONE SINGLE blood pressure reading - $ 75. Seriously???? Who can afford this??? Dr. Schueler might have a lot of experience, his diagnostic is probably very good, but to pay so much money, I wanted to be treated nicer and after paying $3400,-- last week, that one blood pressure reading should have been included.

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