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kuntree bred team Great Danes and Rottweilers

2 years ago

Wouldn't go anywhere else for our danes. They are your happiness with all the smiles and professionalism. My place to go for prompt and detailed care.

BJ Lang

2 years ago

So friendly, competent, they cater to us neurotic pet owners' emotions, they fawn over your babies, and do whatever it takes to make your pets comfortable, including treats and cuddles. They are thorough, educate owners, answer questions thoroughly, and make sure your comfortable before you leave. Always a great experience.

Hillary T

2 years ago

Saint Charles Animal Hospital is awesome. We transferred care of our fur babies from another local veterinarian and it is like night and day. So caring and responsive. Also they are very up on new treatments and explain everything very well.

me jones

2 years ago

Dr. Newman is a limb saver I think this veterinarian office is very trustworthy I went to Anne Arundel emergency vet who told me that my puppy needed a $3,000 surgery the next day dr. Newman looked at the same X-rays and said there was nothing wrong with the puppy requiring surgery that he just sprained his leg and it'll take a few days before he put it back spell and it happened just like the doctor said he only charged me for office visit he did x-rays a full exam in the only thing he charged me was like $35 for office visit I paid in a run do $450 for the emergency and Anne Arundel Animal Clinic was still trying to Bilk me out of a $3,000 unnecessary surgery so all in all st-charles Animal Hospital Center is a very good place to take your dog you cat you whatever your pet the people that are welcoming the animals seem to enjoy being there and see dr. Newman

Anthony Simon

2 years ago

The staff here have all been great and take outstanding care for our animals. They also provide boarding and have been recognized by numerous awards for their veterinary service.

Empress PAYNE

2 years ago

They are amazing with animals. They love up on my puppies. The front desk is always warming and friendly

Ian Altman

2 years ago

UPDATE 10/21: 18 months after surgery and you'd never know she ever had an issue. She is a very active dog that runs at top speeds and doesn't even favor one leg over the other. She's "good like new. " We highly recommend Dr. Neuman and S. Charles Animal Hospital based on our experience with our 3-year old dog's CCL surgery. After doing research, we found they they do the modern TTA surgery which is better for active dogs than TPLO or other less-invasive procedures. There were no surprises, other than responsiveness and care beyond our imagination. Costs were transparent (they are not the cheapest), care was sincere, and they never made us feel like we were asking stupid questions (even though we clearly were). They responded to emails faster and more thoroughly than we could have expected. I included video showing her recovery at week 1 (with the cone of shame), and then at week 8 after being allowed to run off-leash. We followed the protocol 100%, and her recovery was rapid and complete. We have our active dog back again. Their facility is over an hour from our home, and if she hurt her other leg (statistically 50% likely), we will certainly bring her back. They provided clear records including a DVD to keep our regular vet informed. If you are wondering if this is the right place to take your loved pet... stop wondering and you and your pet will be happy you brought them to SCAH.

Tungie Bostic

2 years ago

Very concerning and professional. Kane loves all the techs and vets.

Margaret Rice

2 years ago

Called for emergency low food and recieved the best search and advise from the receieptionest. Very Helpful.


2 years ago

I love the doctors and the techs here. I've seen 2 different doctors and brought a cat and a dog. Had a good experience both times.

Annamarie Gregory

2 years ago

After calling eight times in a row, someone finally picked up with hanging up on me. My family just moved to the area and need a new vet anyway, but today, because one of our dogs got (what I suspect) is kennel cough. He coughs so hard he barfs up his food and water. I don’t want him getting dehydrated or worse. Not only is it a “two to three week wait, I just don’t know because I didn’t work this weekend” is what the receptionist said. Then proceeded to rattle off a list of places all the way to Annapolis to take him, I’m in La Plata, but admits she doesn’t know anything about any of them. She’s only been there three months. To which I speak up and tell her that’s not helpful, unprofessional and stupid to recommend places she knows nothing about. Then I hung up in frustration and disgust. If I wanted to take him to the HORRIBLY reviewed emergency places I wouldn’t have called! He needs a new vet, yes, but he needs to keep things down, kennel cough or not.

daniel Wilmington

2 years ago

I have been dealing with them since the beginning of Covid so let's just chalk the sketchy monetary problems up to complications with new coivd policies. They say every visit is only about 30 minutes. The doctor may only see them for 30 minutes but you will be there for AT LEAST AN HOUR or more. Last straw for me was a took my dog in for vaccines, and they claimed she had to have an up to date physical to get them. This makes sense but she was just seen in February for incontinence issues. She shouldn't need a new physical, but, they claim it "expired" in May. The only difference between what they would have done for the physical and her February appointment is a heartworm test. I would have been happy to get that for her but no they won't do that it has to be a physical. Btw they charged about $200 for the physical exam (June, 2020). They said after the appointment for incontinence in February they would call to see if the meds they gave my dog were working and never did. They charged me for flea and tick then claimed 3 weeks later they only charged me for one of the six doses and wanted me to pay for the other 5. They charged $15 and $30 more than the market price for both the meds they gave my dog in February according based on Nationwide Vet insurance pricing. Bottom line they aren't interested in your pets at the end of the day. They need to refocus their facility and forget about the cash.

Danny Carter

2 years ago

Great customer service. The doctor was very helpful for our needs for our dogs. Would highly recommend!

gabriela Richardson

2 years ago

Don’t even bother ,front staff is super rude they’ll have you wait for an hour on a vet , but god forbid you do exactly what they tell you to do when you arrive and call before you go in .lady said let me check—oh, you’re 10 min late and wouldn’t see my dog for his apt . As I’m in front of the office door on the phone with them ! they didn’t care when I told them that I had 2 toddlers in the car or about my sick dog .. (“It’s 12:12 it’s too late now- you’ll have to reschedule “) for my 12:00 apt ! I’ll be looking for another vet Sept 10,2021

Shannon Day

2 years ago

I take both my dog and my cat here and I love how they pay close attention to anything you ask them to look at and that they are quick and take CareCredit.

Alex Barajas

2 years ago

We switched from Banfield to this hospital and so far I'm very impressed. The staff are SUPER awesome and genuinely care about the health of your fur babies. You can go inside now which is nice. Price for care seems about the same as anywhere else.

Barb Horton

2 years ago

Horrible experience. Made my first appointment 11 weeks ago, which was cancelled by the clinic, not even two full days before the appointment. I rescheduled it for the next appointment that was available 3 weeks later. A full 11 weeks from the first call, my pet had his appointment. The reason I was willing to wait so long was to see the specialist that comes to their clinic. The intake call was done in the parking lot of the clinic, with a female vet tech. During the conversation she was condescending and patronizing toward my care of my pet. She made me feel bad about feeding him chicken and rice because he couldn’t tolerate the three different prescription dog foods he had been on previously, as well as several other things she said during the interview, which left me in tears when we hung up. When she came to pick up my pet, to take him inside. I confirmed she was the same person I was just speaking to on the phone, then I explained to her how I felt she treated me, as I was still crying. I explained to her that I was doing what I thought was the right thing for him until his appointment and that I would do whatever I could to make sure he was ok. The tech turned around without saying anything and walked back inside the building. I waited outside for 5 minutes and called the clinic. Someone in the office came to the phone and told me my pet no longer had an appointment and that I was not to return, ever. I asked asked why, and she told me the vet tech told them I was waving my hands in her face and yelling at her and being rude to her, which was a complete lie. I was trying to let her know how she made me feel, without having to get her manager involved, because I thought she was probably unaware how she was behaving was making me feel. I pleaded with the woman on the phone, trying to explain what really happened, but she wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say. She told me to leave the premises or she would call the cops. I was flabbergasted from the unprofessional behavior of both women. In hind site, I SHOULD have escalated the situation immediately. I should have asked for the manager right there on the phone during the initial interview with the tech. I didn’t think it needed to come to that, because I didn’t feel like it was worth her getting into trouble for at the time. However, even if I had complained, it is obvious they would have still acted unprofessionally, and most likely the same outcome would have occurred. I would not go to this clinic, if it were free, or if someone gave me money to go. If they are willing to treat a human this way, who is able to speak about being mistreated, think about how a pet could be treated by the same tech, or office person, when you aren’t around.

Christie Montgomery

2 years ago

Not too long of a wait!

Christopher Lorence

2 years ago

In the middle of the COVID pandemic, our dog injured himself and after a quick consult with the vet, we learned he was suffering from a cruciate ligament rupture (in human terms, a torn ACL). The only fix was surgery and unfortunately, due to the pandemic, surgery dates were backed up for months. After some research, we found Dr. Neuman and his team at the St. Charles Animal Hospital had an opening available and we quickly seized the opportunity. Little did we know the experience would be a memorable one. Dr. Neuman and his team are the ultimate professionals. They fully and completely shared estimated costs, recovery process and the likely end result. From surgery through recovery, the team was thorough, caring and attentive to our pups needs. Our dog is fully recovered and back to normal thanks to Dr. Neuman's skilled surgical hands and brilliant attention to detail. Thank you for the excellent care!


3 years ago

Thank you so much to all of the doctors and staff at St. Charles animal hospital. They were extremely professional and very animal oriented. They treated every animal as if they were a human being treating them with with love and affection and most importantly treating them like their own. I had a last minute surgery for my beloved cat and he was definitely in great hands during the entire procedure alongside daily updates and in depth explanations on what was wrong. They always had a positive attitude towards their job daily and provided a comfortable atmosphere that made me and my wife happy to leave our cat in the hands of this hospital. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Tam H

3 years ago

Words simply cannot express the awesomeness that is St. Charles Animal Hospital! From the first visit with our puppy in August 2020 to our most recent experience (emergency surgery for a blockage in his small intestines), it is clear that they love animals and their compassion is almost palpable. I am near tears thinking about how patient and loving Dr. Davis was during the surgery process. She provided her professional expertise as if my puppy Jemini was her very own. She gave me clear options and took time to answer all my many questions and concerns. Missy, the Vet Tech, just genuinely cared and made me feel so comfortable and reassured each time I handed Jemini to her. I wish I could name everyone there but I can tell you that there has never ever been a negative interaction. Dr. Siskovich is amazing, too! Customer service is extremely important to me and they have it in spades!! People...they called or emailed daily to check in to see how my puppy was/is doing, making any necessary adjustments to ensure he was 100% ok. Honestly, they are a more expensive option in the area but can you really place a price tag on reassurance and complete trust? I tell all my furparents about this clinic/hospital. Oh! And they are the only certified animal hospital in Southern Maryland! I have described them as the Chick fil a of animal hospitals. Lol It is always their pleasure!

Food Consumer

3 years ago

Great family ???? Treat your pet with love here Time& Safety is a must here. Thank you.

Elisha Frank

3 years ago

Took my kitty here.the vet was patient and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend. Will bring back other pets????

Dean Padgett

3 years ago

Great place! Very caring for all animals!

Miss Understood, trap queen

3 years ago

Initially my dog was being seen by Petsmart. When he was diagnosed with bladder stones and needed surgery, they were unable to do it and suggested I go to a local pet hospital. I was referred to this place by a coworker. They were very helpful at the consultation. Due to COVID-19, their process for seeing pets is down to a science. Everything was done with precision mainly from the car. The staff were friendly. The day of surgery was stressful for me and Bishop but Dr. Neuman and staff eased our fears. What was supposed to be a regular routine surgery turned into something more complicated and unexpected. Dr. Neuman called and carefully explained every step to me. They took great care of my baby and the price was affordable! I had to bring my dog back a few days later and the staff helped me. Prior to this I was using Petsmart for my pet insurance (which did not cover this surgery). But after the wonderful treatment we got at SCAH, I canceled our insurance and now drive the 30 miles one way to go see Dr. Neuman. Not only is it cheaper, my dog is happier, healthier and no longer taking medication daily. I highly recommend SCAH.

Louise Marsh

3 years ago

Best vets in the area!

Ashlee Walker

3 years ago

Great doctors, great staff. Highly recommend.

Maisie Keeser

3 years ago

I recently moved back to St. Charles and asked about vet care from friends - St. Charles animal Hospital on KIngshiway was recommended. I found them to be efficient and caring and will return. I also had to cancel my initial appointment because of the hopitalization of my husband and of all the appointment I had to cancel, the Animal Hopsital person I spoke with was the only one who offered a word of sympathy and concern.


3 years ago

Outstanding veterinary care! The doctors and staff at St Charles Animal Hospital are caring, compassionate, and professional. Dr. Neuman has provided excellent care to my two German Shepherd Dogs, and the numerous dogs I have fostered, for over 9 years. He is very patient, thoroughly explaining diagnoses, procedures, and prescriptions, and answering my many questions. When recommending treatment, Dr. Neuman has always provided multiple options, explaining the pros and cons of each, making it a point to tell me if additional testing or lab work was going to provide any more information or benefit to my pet, and referring me to specialty care at another vet, when necessary. It is obvious, Dr. Neuman’s primary concern is the health and well-being of my dogs, and not what he can charge for his services, which is why I trust him with the lives of my furry family members. When I moved three years ago, doubling the distance from my home to St Charles Animal Hospital, I remained a client. Knowing I have such a wonderful team of professionals looking after my fur-babies gives me peace of mind and is well worth the extra travel time.

Mark Coulter

3 years ago

Great veterinarian clinic! The doctors and staff are wonderful.

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