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mike Fick

2 years ago

This is the last penny I will ever spend at SVC. Upon arrival I called the number on the door after 4 attempts I get someone on the phone ok they are busy I get it. I told them I was here for the appointment and I asked if I can bring the cat in or will they be out to get her. I was told by the secretary to come in. The second I walked in I was treated like I just broke into the place. (Covid policy) The DR rudely asked if I called the receptionist of corse I did there is a sign on the door asking to call and they said to come in. Maybe a miscommunication but they way the DR conducted herself is pitiful. I’m a business owner myself and In the service industry I would never act like that to a client that’s been a paying customer for 16 years. What a joke

Matthew DeHart

2 years ago

A great vet! I was able to get a same day appointment for my cat. The staff was nice and explained everything to me thoroughly. Their prices are very reasonable.

Lois Bittinger

2 years ago

They take very good care of our Princess

Bill Lakenan

2 years ago

Great service and caring staff, but a little pricey.

K. Peters

2 years ago

We came in when Dr. Holmcomb was a new vet, we appreciated her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. We really hope to work with her again next time we bring in our pet. Thank u to the reception staff for answering all my questions about medication and food products!

Kevin Krisoff

2 years ago

I am very displeased with my services at Sykesville Vet Hospital. My wife took our 13 y/o cat in with a consistent coughing issue she was experiencing for 3+ days... After having x-rays, bloodwork, and an exam done (~$700 later) all we left with was 5 days worth of antibiotics. I confided in another Veterinary professional who told me I should have been given at least 2 wks worth of antibiotics. I called back the next day to request bloodwork results and the Dr told me they weren’t in yet. I called again the next day... same thing. I ended up speaking to a Vet Tech who told me bloodwork shouldn’t take more than 2 days tops. I never heard back from Dr. Colewell with the results. I tried to make a follow-up appointment as our cat’s condition only worsened and the customer service rep told me she would ask the Dr if I could be seen as a “day emergency” to which the Dr replied “go to the Carroll Animal Emergency Center”. Our cat never made it there, she died on the way. I’m discouraged and disheartened. We have been going to Sykesville Vet for at least 4 years and will never go back.

Eric Campos

3 years ago

Dr. Colwell and the Sykesville Veterinary Clinic team are amazing. She and her techs – particularly Hannah, who usually assists us – do an excellent job treating and assessing our guinea pigs, and her sound medical guidance consistently works to great effect. We recently got a new male pig who had dry and cracked skin/feet. Following Dr. Colwell’s guidance on treating our other pigs’ dryness issues, we saw his feet improve in about two days – very fast. But what I really want to emphasize is the level of skill, attention, empathy, and dedication she and her wonderful staff display. We got this same pig, a male, neutered at a different location since Dr. Colwell doesn’t perform the surgery. He underwent a baseline check there and was neutered a week later. His operation went well - but this other vet prescribed way too many medications all at once, and he developed a bad reaction with diarrhea. He wouldn’t eat or drink. We had him rechecked by the same vet, and they did pull him back from the meds and prescribed a dietary supplement which yielded some improvement, but I insisted that we see if Dr. Colwell would give us a second opinion. We were very concerned about him. Kathy, Dr. Colwell’s wonderful front desk aid, listened to me and took amazing notes to report to Dr. Colwell. She also had my pig’s data sent over to her from the other vet. Even though she was busy, Dr. Colwell called us back and took the time to give us some alternate advice and walk us through getting him to recover – which he has been. She was extremely patient and thorough. She also agreed to take on his treatment and checkups following the surgery. This level of dedication saves lives and is a gift to animals and people. My wife and I highly recommend this awesome team.

Roger Knippenburg

3 years ago

I will never go back to this Veterinarian again. When she called to discuss my dog’s bloodwork results, she was rushed, inconsiderate, and rude. She wouldn’t listen to my questions/concerns and acted as though she just wanted off the phone. The reception staff are lovely and kind-hearted, as well as the vet techs. With current curb-side service, they’ve been informative and patient. They answer questions thoroughly and make sure I’m a happy pet-owner when I leave. I sure hope Dr. Colwell doesn’t treat her staff the way she treats her clients.

Bridget Cook

3 years ago

staff is super friendly and the dr. is great with my rats; I like how she is able to run most of the needed diagnostics (such as fine needle aspiratio of a tumor, for example) right there in office and give me the results right away. they're also very accommodating with their appointments, they've worked with me several times when I had limited availability or needed an urgent appointment. prices are also pretty reasonable.


3 years ago

my girlfriends dog was 12 years old. she came into the vet place with minor dog health issues. and they did not tell her that they were euthonizing her dog. im sure you may have a lawsuit on your hands shortly.


3 years ago

A small intimate practice with very friendly staff. I love the attention given to all of their furry patients.

Betsy Atkinson

3 years ago

Great provider and lovely staff.

hope ruch

3 years ago

Friendly and supportive staff and team. Great experience with our guinnea pig. Thank you for all you do.

Hope Seymour

3 years ago

The Dr in there new alot more them like feather tails and scales did about rabbits

Ian Livensparger

3 years ago

Sykesville vet is a great vet, they took good care of my cat when he had a recent checkup.

Jennifer Williams

3 years ago

Great at end of life services

Marnita Grant

3 years ago

I love Dr. Caldwell and her staff. They are amazing.

Nws W

3 years ago

I find them relatively reasonable with good customer service, easy to schedule and in this environment they have their process down pat.

Victoria McCool

3 years ago

The staff and doctors are AMAZING! Always so nice even when it gets crazy busy. Thank you!

Angelas Fudge and More, LLC

4 years ago

Absolutely the best place. Loving personable staff that take the time to know you personally as well as your pet. Been coming here for over 10 years. No other place for me. Highly recommend.


4 years ago

Very long wait times, extremely overpriced, very cramped, old office. We have had a pet with unique concerns for whom they ultimately were of no assistance, yet still charged extremely high prices for their “diagnostics”. Much of the clientele seem to have no control over their animals making the waiting room very unpleasant, for both you and your pet. There are much better vet clinics in the sykesville area, we are much happier after switching to summit.

Charlotte Connolly

4 years ago

Great staff and great doctor

Chris Card

4 years ago

We have really appreciated all of the care you have provided our dog Clementine, keeping her happy and healthy throughout the years. We are especially grateful for the most recent special care & attention that were given to her by everyone there, providing us with highly appreciated additional time to spend with her! Thank you!!

Chrissy Woodall

4 years ago

My husband and I truly believe that Dr. Colwell saved our dogs life. During his annual physical, she discovered a very small mass in our dog that otherwise would not have been found unless she did a thorough exam. This mass turned out to be an extremely aggressive cancerous tumor that if not found when she did, could have been fatal. She and her staff assisted us in getting our dog swift and excellent care, at this time his prognosis is great and we can't thank them enough!!! -Chrissy Woodall

Jeffrey Greer

4 years ago

We were at our wits end due to our previous vet who we have been using for years decided to not respond. We have an older dog but I saw a postcard from Sykesville Vet that they make house calls. They were very accommodating and then come to find out that our previous in home vet did not let us know of the issues our dog was going thru with allergies so we were not treating her properly. Thanks to the doctor at Sykesville vet now we are on track to have our dog feel much better at this time of year. Truly appreciate the quick appointment and the kindness and clarity in explaining what needs to be done. Today our big love of 150lbs is feeling much better all thanks to your service. Thank you again and see you again for her follow up!!

John Napp

4 years ago

We've taken our dog to this clinic since she was a puppy and our prior dog was treated there for many years as well. Could not be more satisfied with the level of service from Dr Colwell and her staff is considerate and competent.

Joy Roberts

4 years ago

Both the vet and the staff were very friendly!

Melissa Bell

4 years ago

I stopped in to buy dog food, and they were willing to give Zoey a flu shot without an appointment. It saved me a trip!

shanamaye Downs

5 years ago

Great experience and sweet staff! They suggested I wait for kitty blood work for when it will be on is tight with a big family and I appreciate the honesty so cat can still have proper treatment but not at everyday pricing. Thank you! Also...they were not just tolerant but very kind to my kids. Made it a great experience!

Adrienne Smith

5 years ago

Staff was nice enough, and vet had good rapport with our dog, but the room wasn't cleaned between animals (they took the previous one out directly as we came in), and wasn't super clean to begin with (grimy door moulding and floors that need replacing). Neither the techs nor the vet did much of an exam for our problem visit (our previous vet always did), and then they expressed her anal glands and sprayed her with "good" (see:not) smelling stuff without asking about either and the vet gave her rawhide (which we never give our dogs) without asking. We had a shots appointment for our other dog, but have cancelled. This is not the place for us.

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